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  1. I don't have the edgelord chops to argue toe to toe with any of you (this has been a highly entertaining thread for me by the way), but... I can posit a good strong role for my Sentinel: combat commander. If you want a wider field of view than that given by running a melee build, AND you want to avoid the embarasment of chewing pavement multiple times during a mission, OR you just want to hoverblast from medium range with complete confidence, then the Sentinel becomes a strong choice. In Guild Wars 2 world v. world battles the combat commander for a given s
  2. I want to say that first off, I love the careful consideration the OP has clearly given to all points of view here. This is a great start. I'd like to advocate for something that works well for me. I was attracted initially to redside RP and had to come up with some way to cope with the occasional hostile comment delivered in an SG environment. /ignore isn't really an option when others are commenting and riffing on RP they may see as merely "spicy" or "edgy". So what I found helpful was to say, using the tag for added emphasis: "(OOC: I'm sorry, but I'm not comfor
  3. @Bentley Berkeley @Zolgar Thanks for the support. To be honest, when I played 8 years ago I didn't do RP at all really. I was surprised when Homecoming came in - suddenly I discovered an appetite for it! It's no biggie, really, that my first two SGs were ungood experiences. Two months of learning the ropes is not unreasonable. BUT now I'd like to take things to the next level. Bentley I was very impressed with your commitment to game lore when we met that day in Atlas, and I'm sorry I had to log suddenly when it came time for a meal - my ride was waiting downstairs. You have
  4. Feel like some light reading? Here's an amusing Discord conversation I had with a redside SG co-leader. The occasion was my proposal, in general chat, that we do something to make the group more friendly towards female recruits. I was the SG's recruiter at the time. This is posted in support of MetaVileTerror's Rule One. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. July 25, 2019 Feminist Last Thursday at 8:17 PM Okay. So what's with all the open hostility? Why are you this angry? MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:25 PM I feel similarly to others in
  5. Hey I have my main in Chaos United and I'm loving it. Great job BlastLord! But I also have two alts who are seeking the heavier RP experience - sparring, GM'ed events, all day talkathons. Both alts were officers in redside SGs until recently. The problem? Toxic IC posts. Players who'd run up to me out of nowhere and tell me I was a terrible person who should never have been made an officer. Players who, after I greeted them for the very first time, told me I should offer everyone in the SG a blowjob. In each case they insisted that because those comments were IC I had no right
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