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  1. I shall give you all al lovely couplet. The yellow duck is snickering between the sign and the flickering.
  2. Totally fine with me! Yellow Duckie Hunt sponsored by VileTerror.
  3. It has been found, but by someone who already claimed another duck! It is findable. One ducky left!
  4. Two duckies remain! Yellow and green remain elusive so far!
  5. Red TwoDee Orange Vile Terror Yellow Green @siouxsie Blue Baudin Purple Flamekissed and Skyrocket Black El D White Easter Bunny! Grey Pshaw/twentysix Duckies left: 1 Hint for the yellow duckie: The yellow duck is snickering between the sign and the flickering.
  6. What's going on everybody? It's your boy Wravis back again with another video Hello again, friends! I will be opening a new base to the public soon! This time in picturesque Brickstown. Come bask in the sights, smells, and sounds of everyone's favorite multi-layered zone! Upside Park is a public recreation area built in scenic Brickstown. It features tennis courts, batting cages, a skate park, basketball court, and much much more! All situated on top of the breathtaking Downside Gardens. There is plenty of fresh, blank surface area that is pretty boring to look at.
  7. The Castaway badge marker in Cascade Archipelago is floating over the surface.
  8. Releasing some names because I grabbed some names and feel like a hoarder. Airlord Caution Earthlord Fingerguns Hopespring Lightlord Neurostorm Perplexer Promiseland Shade-Thrower Shadowthrower Springboard
  9. I don't see the point of barring people from entering again if they've made an entirely new base. It's a lot of work. Especially if they didn't win top prize.
  10. "Bases that have previously won may not be entered again."
  11. Congratulations to everyone who won! Especially Spirit, who is a big goober and didn't think she would win even though everyone else knew she would. You deserved the top prize! 🥳
  12. Pretty sure Ferrera and Blushield would be the best options for messaging.
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