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  1. See? He likes my base. I think you guys can call the competition already!
  2. @Wravis SG: Crash CRASH-15210 A crashed spaceship!
  3. Does this mean us goobers with two globals can submit twice? Asking for a friend...
  4. The Miracles would like to participate if we can still sign up.
  5. Electric Blast does bad damage but can drain endurance well IF paired with Energy? I'd say it deserves its bad rep still.
  6. I've been training my whole life for this moment... Imgur <--- Album of already existing assets that aren't available in the builder for whatever reason. Please. Windows. Windows that aren't the ugly blue warehouse grids. And paintings of various sizes and designs. Pretty please?
  7. Dropping: Large Litmus Poultice Hamfist Heartswell Emerge Resistant Awaken Boring Spray Paint Preach Hoar Quasar Woman Lubricant
  8. For sale, starting at the low, low price of free! Message @wravis or @jibily and I'll drop a name if you want it. Yearbook Logbook Scrapbook Notebook Blackbook Thesaurus
  9. And the final graffiti for the first round of the scavenger hunt is done! Bad Kitty!
  10. Pshawsome job by Pshaw! We have a winner! 🥳🥳🥳 Congratulations Pshaw, and thank you everyone who participated! I will endeavor to get all the graffiti done in a timely manner!
  11. Another ne'er-do-well tagged the wall!
  12. Another prize is complete! Don't forget that the BIG contest is currently running! Details on the first post!
  13. They're both me! I just build that base on the @jibily account!
  14. dibs on 11-11:20 @jibily will give the tour on Captain Goodtimes
  15. The first two prizes are finished!
  16. Oh, yes! Previous winners may participate!
  17. MONDAY!MONDAY! MONDAY! OCTOBER 26th! 26th! 26th! At 8PM EST! THE BIG ONE! BIG ONE! BIG ONE! TEN YELLOW DUCKIES! I will be hiding 10 duckies in the Funplex! The first person to find and post a screenshot of ALL TEN DUCKIES can pick a message, a name done with greater detail, greater length, a different location, or a SG passcode promotion! This graffiti will be larger and/or more elaborate, or in a special, different location away from all the normie graffiti! Subject to my approval. Terms and conditions apply. Please read the rules for more details! RULES: - Take screenshots of
  18. Cabin-8752 will be closed to the public October 22nd for a wedding! I apologize for any inconvenience. But not really because there are plenty of other awesome bases you can use!
  19. CONGRATULATIONS INK WITCH ON FINDING THE FINAL DUCKY! I've already removed the found duckies, because I plan on... The Big One! More details to follow, soon.
  20. Kinetic Velocity and Lightbloom have located the blue and orange duckies! Only one remains!
  21. Fixed it, thaaanks! Claire Darling has found the grey ducky and saved the pizzeria! Don't Blink found the white ducky!
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