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  1. Two suggestions that I feel would really help. 1.) Create an account wide badge that enables access to Cimerora with any character. Maybe after you have completed the Cim arc like 3 - 5 times or something, or even just once. Having 60+ characters it is really annoying when I am playing one and I try to join an ITF only to realize I haven't run the arc. 2.) Sorting options for the character selection screen. Maybe with two layers, sort first by and sort second by, that way you could sort by archetype and level, or by level and then by name. If not two layers, just one
  2. Thanks for the tips! Anyone care to share their build?
  3. So, I've been leveling a Dark/Dark Controller, and thus far it has been amazing. However, I am struggling figuring out how to build it? It seem like there are too many powers that need too many slots to be as effective as they should be, and there are too many that are worth taking. I was planning on trying to keep Shadowy Binds just as a damage dealer due to quick containment of bosses and it's quick recharge. I've already skipped Living Shadows, which I would like to take at some point. I struggled with taking Heart of Darkness or Shadow Field at 30. Pretty sure I am going to go Fire for my
  4. 1.) Is it possible to increase the size of the bubbles on the Chat window for the different channels such as team, sg, broadcast, etc? I find the window and chat text sizes to be fine, but I cannot tell the buttons apart from each other with out pressing my face against the screen. 2.) Is is possible to somehow lock the tray numbers for power trays? I hate it when I am in combat and I accidentally click the arrows and change which tray is displayed for that row, and then I have to (usually in a panic) click back to the right tray.
  5. I use a mouse that has two buttons on the side, I mapped them to target next and previous and it works fine until I move to another zone or enter a map. Once that happens the controls revert. I have saved the controls to the default file, and when I open options and load from the default file the controls return back to how I had them set. So I know they are saved. Is this a known issue, is there a work around, am I doing something wrong?
  6. Has anyone had success in getting switchable graphics working with Homecoming? If so how. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E560 with switchable Radeon R7 M370 and have not had any success in getting the game to use the M370 GPU. I've already tried adding the executibles for cityofheroes.exe and tequila.exe as high performance profiles, but it still uses the Intel integrated graphics.
  7. Looks like I just had to delete the tequilalog.xml file and relaunch.
  8. Regardless of what I do, I get the error Tequila has stopped working. My system crashed on launch of Tequila and I have gotten that message since.
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