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  1. The one place where being able to get missions regardless of level, and it auto-scaling, is the most useful? Praetoria. Playing all of the Resistance or Loyalist arcs(and most of them are good enough for you to want to) would get you past 20 by a longshot.
  2. The way non-IO enhancements work honestly bothers me, and always did. I get equipment becoming redundant because you find better stuff as you go. But its as was already said; leveling up should always feel like an upgrade. Not you suddenly getting much weaker because you out-leveled your enhancements. If I go into some other game and get some random piece of equipment, when I level up past it it doesn't suddenly become useless; its just that I'm gonna want to switch because everything I can find is better. Basically, I think enhancements should never be -completely- out-leveled. Once slotted, they should always provide -some- benefit, down to a minimum value of slightly less than a level-10 IO. Or, even better, you can throw more enhancements in of unique/custom types like the 5 we got back in the going rogue era and we now get from P2W; ones that provide a unique benefit and, while not as good as SOs, are never out-leveled. Maybe throw in unique enhancement rewards. You fight through all of the Atlas Park new arcs? You get an 'Arbiter's Helmet' enhancement; a defense/resistance buff/endurance reduction that doesn't get out-leveled, or an 'Arbiter's Mace' enhancement, a Damage/Accuracy clone of the existing ones. You could easily make piles of these that tie into existing arcs and stories. That arc that lets you acquire a heroine's source of power? Could net you a +damage/+energy damage 4/minute proc enhancement instead of a temp power. Basically... anything you stick in that isn't completely useless after a few level-ups.
  3. T1: This is a fairly sub-par ability. Corruptors would feel bad they had to take it, Defenders would skip it. Perhaps tacking on some energy damage over time, or a stun effect if you have static; or making it chain to other enemies if you have it. T2: Needs to be more consistent about who it heals; and to heal you, as well, before chaining to anyone else. Honestly, this is the case for most of these sorts of abilities. You're probably going to spam this one just enough to keep you maxed out on static for buffing purposes. I think I'm going to cut it off here. This set, if released as-is, would have some momentary popularity for being new, but is frankly just not that useful. Two of these guys would be less effective, solo or in team, than a single kinetic, dark, or time. Either it needs its endurance drain jacked up enormously to the point that Shock essentially acts as a stun by making a minion or LT completely endurance free for a few seconds, or honestly it just needs to be reworked from the ground up.
  4. Honestly, I'd love it if all of the pool powers and the most basic offensive powers of the various sets were all at roughly the same level when you played a given AT so that your thematic choice would not lead to a significant decrease in effectiveness. If it were entirely up to me, I'd go through all of the pool powers and primaries, pick the couple that had the best performance, and then normalize all the rest to that level. I don't think thats what the homecoming team is going for, however; and if you leave this powerset as-is without augmenting others, that will be the only attack power out of the sets that gets used due to effectiveness reasons. So yes... I'd prefer the others be buffed, primarily with a shorter casting time.
  5. 1: Injection: Liked. Very useful to go along with a patron pool pet or troller/dom pet, or an ally in groups. 2: Dart: Honestly, its a bit -too- good, even with the slightly higher end cost. The animation is a bit sub-par; as someone else already said, using the dart animation from widows as an alternate option would be a great choice to make this look better and I would love that as an option here. Its damage is only slightly better than the competition, but its animation time is half, as well as of a less resisted damage type; while I would only take the other two sets attack powers for style's sake, this dart would be a viable part of the attack chain for some characters(Especially MMs; many MMs starter attacks are weaker than this). This is the only attack power between the three sets I would take and use regularly as-is, even with the bad animation... which, unfortunately, probably means it needs to be nerfed a bit. 3: Speed of Sound: The greatest weakness of super-speed murdered and done away with; by a zero activation time teleport built-in. Unlike the super-jump clone that seems simply superior to superjump, there are actually downsides here in the lack of stealth, but this is a great alternative to super-speed and I can easily see each being a good option for different builds. 4: Corrosive Vial: The damage is good enough for me to use it and take it, better than many epic alternatives, while the recharge is long enough to keep it out of my attack chains. Decent. 5: Adrenal Booster: Not incredible, but highly useful buff; like a mid-grade build-everything-up. Useful in almost every situation, and would definitely take it and slot it for recharge. Overall; this is a well-built set I could easily see myself taking, and unlike the competition, actually having a use for everything in it on some of my characters. If you leave it the way it is, its probably the set I'll take on any character I'm not specifically building a theme on.
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