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  1. Probably because of the rumor that the cake is a lie....
  2. Not sure I can top the Cyclops but try this on for size (as it were). Make sure your graphic settings are dialed up to maximum, then go to Steel Canyon. Go pay a visit the big statue at Blyde Square. (Feel free to /em batsmash Positron while you're there, just on general principle.) Head south along the road to somewhere between the first and second set of traffic lights, then turn around to face north (and hence facing towards the statue). Then tell me what it looks like. Go ahead, I'll wait.
  3. One word, Marine X, just one word.... Nemesis.
  4. C'mon, they're running for Mayor of Paragon City, not Chicago. 😛
  5. Just thinking aloud here.... but what if picking Rage gave you two buttons instead of one (kinda like how Swap Ammo gives you three)? You have have Rage (standard click, non-stackable, no crash or penalty) and you have Double Rage (toggle, decent cool-down, high end-cost, boosts Damage even further like a second stack of Rage but comes with a Def/DamRes penalty). Then you can have your usual Rage while stomping around and yet have some extra oomph if you need it, but you will pay a price for it. (You might be able to mitigate the End cost of the toggle, but the hit to Defense and Damage Resistance is going to be felt regardless.) Just a thought. YMMV.
  6. The track for Devil's Coat Tails is J17_faded.ogg Source: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Music
  7. Pretty sure they have scheduled maintenance underway at the moment.
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