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  1. The only possibly argument I could make against plant/kin is that its pet is ranged, and will thus benefit less reliably from fulcrum shift. Plant is strong enough with all its other tricks that it is not a major issue. Plant/Storm would more reliably leverage the pet, and of course Storm is more amazing than ever these days. Since it's a controller, both sets will solo reasonably well late levels. Both Storm and Kin are top tier support sets in general - just pick what you are inspired to play!
  2. Most any solid traps build that chases ranged and/or S/L softcap is going to give you a solid soloer, regardless of secondary. You will have to translate the set bonuses accordingly for AR if you want to have a strong build. For example, don't take a Traps build that chases resistance and melee defense and combine it with an /AR build that is chasing Ranged defense. You will end up with a piddling amount of both and waste your set potential. Traps overall has a lot of built-in soloability, before you even taken other factors into account. You have strong base defense, mez protection, an alpha breaker, and other distractions to keep the mobs busy. Here is my own Traps/Beam for reference. I have S/L/E incarnate softcap defense (and more), with a heavy focus on extra damage with procs in my secondary. Honestly, if you have FFG and Scorp Shield in your build, you have a lot of freedom for how you build for solo content, as those two basically take care of most of your defensive needs by themselves. A neat trick that Nemu showed me is slotting the Decimation buildup proc in Seeker Drones. It pops really reliably when you cast the drones, letting you basically use them as a buildup in addition to their normal utility. This is especially helpful in Assault Rifle, which has no Aim equivalent.
  3. Do you simply mean that you want to do appreciable damage and have time to do it while defending? Rad would actually suit that just fine, as Coyote mentioned. Every power is of equal benefit to both you and your team, and it gives you both ample time to blast as well as damage multipliers in the form of -res and +dam. It is the all-around easy peasy satisfying Defender in a box. Dark is very similar in feel/performance here as well. If you want your primary to maximize your blasts, and still be a good team benefit, Kinetics is great. I recommended steering clear of storm, traps, TA, and time because they require either significant setup/animation time for their powers, are constantly click click clicking primary powers to do the things they excel at, or simply want all of your slots, leaving little to empower your secondary. From the context here, it may seem that ally buff oriented sets like Empathy are not in line either. Based on what I understand, my shortlist would be Rad, Dark, Poison, and possibly Kin or Nature (I have less experience with the combat flow of nature myself). As to the secondaries: What is powerful on a blaster is still quite good on a defender, but there are some sets that bump up for a few factors. Procability. Blasters of course do way more base damage, but procs do the same damage on any AT. Sets which offer additional damage or -res proc options help bridge the gap for Defender damage. Ice, Dark, and rad all benefit from this, bumping them up in relative strength. Pistols is actually awesome here too, beyond its baseline greatness in general. Important secondary effects. Secondary effects on Blasters are largely ignorable, or a happy bonus. There are a few Defender blast sets where the heavily increased Defender values are very meaningful. Dark Blast - you can stack very significant -tohit from your blasts alone. This generally works well with a more ranged focused primary, as your aoes are cones. On many sets, it is also very useful to have an aoe immob to keep mobs tight for debuffs. Dark pit can also be strong to stack disorients with things like Oppressive Gloom (epic), thunderclap (storm), and several others. Sonic blast - Every blast debuffs a whopping -20% res for Defenders, and every one stacks with itself and others. You can do outstanding ST damage, and lay down valuable damage amplification for your team while blasting. Weaker sets: Every blast set is at least okay. Psy is a little slow, has awkward aoes, and will meet a very high variation of resistance (stopped by bots, but cuts through a lot of mob tier 9) Electrical Blast is still a low-performer as on Blasters. Pure Energy damage is nice, and its probably not as bad as people complain. Sapping is marginally more viable on a Defender, as the value is higher, but still an overall poor way to control a mob. Assault Rifle. I don't know first-hand, but I never see any Defender run AR. Maybe it's fine? There is some procability here. You can probably make something strong with it if you like the concept.
  4. Forcefield is the classic example here, as your primary is almost completely passive. It doesn't add any special synergy to your blasting though, just safety that demands no attention. Sonic is similar, but has a few active powers and does help with damage. Poison is a solid choice. Your primary debuffs are passive or quick recharge/application. Open with envenom and enfeeble, blast away. You will be melee centric though, as the other lynchpins, vg and pgt, are both pbaoe. Kinetics is awesome for blasting, but actually a fairly busy set. It's mission is more blasty than most though, so if you want to live in the fray and do damage, it will reward you well. Ta, time, storm, traps, are probably primaries to avoid for your stated preference. This speaks nothing of their other excellent qualities of course.
  5. The st feels at least ok these days with quicksnipes being part of the regular attack chain. Great point about the multiple pulses, Carroto. Throw in a two or three damage procs and x-ray is solid enough. The fact that -def opens up two more damage procs and achilles really helps pick up the slack. Neutrino bolt is unfortunately a sad shell of its former buzzsaw glory.
  6. It does help a little with the formula. I haven't made a rad blast build in a while, so I don't have one at hand. It isn't always perfect, but I mostly rely on mids to estimate damage totals with procs, as it is usually accurate. I can say that I've given electron haze a chance several times and always dropped it. Neutron Bomb, on the other hand, is easy to use at any range and has a high target cap. I like it overall. Darkir's kintank thread is a great resource in general, and you may find a rad blast build in there. As always, there will likely be a firm trade-off between defensive ios and reaching beyond the damage cap with procs. One thing worth considering on a kin is that it is easier to forego some base damage enhancement in pursuit of set totals, and kin itself is not slot hungry at all. This gives you more to throw at maximizing Rad's potential.
  7. Rad kin won't be slow, but like most blast sets, it is definitely lower than fire. It has some nice proc opportunities to help make up for this, anda little handy Mez in its tier 3. Kin and rad are a classic combo - you won't go wrong. Rad's fastest aoe is irradiate, which is pbaoe, and plays well with scourge. If you want to move fast, you'll find yourself living a lot in melee, so should build accordingly for defense. The nuke is of course great, though the other two aoes are slow to activate.
  8. Lightning clap is pretty, but way too slow to be very effective. You could go dark epic and stack with oppressive gloom, depending on how much you like using hurricane. Neutrino bolt is ok but not optimal. For me it just comes down to whether it makes sense thematically for my character to shoot lasers out of their eyes. You may find yourself busy enough with storm powers that the aoes, snipe, and cosmic are all you have time for in most battles anyhow. The heal is not something to be relied upon, but I usually pick it up at some point as a mule with occasional utility. There again I don't usually go fighting pool on my stormies, so you may be shorter on picks. It's definitely skippable. I like to throw the preventative medicine proc in it. I mostly use it to unstun folks who use wakies, or to buff a tank against carnie end drain and the like. Rad's best standard aoe is irradiate, so you are somewhat pushed away from heavy hurricane usage. You do have two other okay aoes to make up the difference of course, but both put you in longish animations. I think you'll find it to be a very successful combo either way! Rad and storm both have a lot of interesting proc opportunities to really crank damage if you are open to sacrificing some io defense potential and leaning more on hurricane. Hurricane is super strong and I enjoy it, but not everyone enjoys the dynamic involved in managing its repel, as well as the visual obstruction.
  9. Rad/mace for sure! Mace is my favorite tanker secondary, and rad covers everything I could ever want in a primary. Crunch rip crunch. I had a blast with my bio/ss, who is also my badger and a close runner-up. I have plenty more I enjoy. I think the only one that ever made me go "bluh" is my elec/tw. Powerful, but, I just don't vibe with TW.
  10. Bio can still reach important resist caps with work, especially in larger crowds, and provides basically every possible layer of mitigation beyond that. You may not get easy out of the box def or resist cap, but you get a solid typed defense baseline, resists to everything, huge absorb shield, strong regen, and a strong heal. Even the next runner up in the game of "how many types of protection do you have" only has three or four of those. You have at least three built in "oh crap" buttons. Bio is definitely an active set if you are interested in more than its offensive bonuses. This gives you a number of ways to capitalize on defensive bonuses, and also makes you a more optimal recipient of defensive buffs of any stripe. Just a little nudge and you are capped on anything. This is or course looking it at only from the defensive pov. End management and offensive tools are the special spice.
  11. @Nemu I wanted to thank you for your suggestion on the buildup proc in Seekers. It works really well! I had struggled dropping aim for tactics in this build, but this little maneuver lets Seekers double as on-demand buildup for my nuke as well, giving the power a whole new life. I wonder if it has a chance to proc for each seeker - so far it fires super reliably. Great tip for any traps players.
  12. Thank you for the build, Nemu. I definitely recognize that yours is an overall more survivable route. Proc damage focus is definitely a baseline goal for this build though. I'd love to choose an epic resist shield and still achieve my goals, but it looks like there is no secret compromise to get there without more traditional slotting. I am not on desktop to access mids right now, but I don't recall the option to put ranged sets in seekers. Buildup proc would be a great use if you can though! This may be a good option for my flex slot. I actually like seekers well enough, especially when exemplaring. Later on I can just dive in to most spawns, but an alpha breaker can come in handy. Since they double up on debuffs, they are not a bad emergency mitigator in higher content as well. I do agree they could use a buff. In theory trip mine would be good to supplement the weakish beam aoe, but it's just too slow for me.
  13. @beradicalI got a chance to look at your build in mids. You definitely aren't afraid to take it apart and reassemble! You mentioned making this into two builds - I assume this is geared specifically towards big-game hunting. It is indeed very specialized. If you are now running Ageless, do you still need the extra endredux in EF? You could steal that slot, switch the base slot in RA to Preventative medicine heal/rech, and add the PM proc as second slot. This caps your Smash/Lethal resist, which is running a little short now. The PM proc is also very powerful defensively. Tactics would also be a good slot to steal from. The HO cytoskeleton enhanced++ gives pretty much the same tohit enhancement alongside solid endredux for just one slot. You could drop it into tough with a 5th unbreakable guard to pump your psi resist even further. I like your slotting of Dreadful Wail - you've really cranked the damage up with procs and still built good set value for your mission. It does look like you really emphasized psionic resist in this iteration as well. I hit 50 with mine, and have finally settled on my 100% complete build. As I mentioned earlier, I aim towards a build I will be happy with solo and on teams. The biggest functional difference I see here is that your procced nuke does way more damage than mine. I still have two really strong punch ST powers, retain my standard aoe, and the defender ATO procs are in powers that will see proper use. My final build is softcapped ranged, 36 melee defense. Melee is not a big deal most of the time, as choking cloud does its work and I have a great hold to supplement. Thank you for the great back and forth on this - it has really helped me refine this build to where it is now.
  14. Very solid time. I wonder how low you could get it with assault active. I messed around with power usage in game and pretended I didn't have scream for a session. Very rarely did I find myself needing it as a filler, so I took your advice and dropped. This really opened up the build, and let me shore up a few compromises I had made, as well as pick up assault. You are right about shout too. Keeping it instead of screech. It recharges more quickly, so I can maintain a good chain without scream.
  15. This limitation only applies to procs. If you enhance the accuracy of a pet power, no matter what class of enhancer you use, everything within that would benefit from accuracy is improved.
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