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  1. It does have a fast animation and exists in the secondary, making it infinitely better than thunderclap. I actually like it okay on my kin/dark. One more purple set to slot as well.
  2. I have been running my iteration of the build, and am really pleased with proccy Enflame so far! Currently I have a little damage slotting and two procs in it. Not yet fully set, but it still burns things down very handily. With this basic slotting (only level 19 so far), it burns down an even con minion in ~8-10 seconds all by itself, which is totally decent considering its low animation investment on a team or with a pet. I think it is a legitimately useful supplement to passive aoe damage on a dominator.
  3. I don't think you are losing your mind - I have a distinct memory of float text back when they implemented it. Evidently it hasn't been there for a while, which makes sense - too much clutter! Either that or we have a shared delusion.
  4. I really liked the concept here, and thought I'd share my own iteration of the build. I'm not saying it achieves all of the goals set out by @HachiMan2015, but it serves my playstyle. The slotting and power choice advice was quite helpful! Dominators are a bit of foreign territory for me. My permadom window is a bit tighter, which isn't ideal. If I am off, I'd love to know! I've also lost a very meaningful amount of ranged defense, though S/L is still very similar. I really like the idea of using Power Up as a sort of opener - buff your defense for the Alpha and da
  5. Seconding @Dark Dove here. Trick arrow may be more in line with your expectations, as you don't have to fiddle with double aoe splashing the tiny radius of envenom to maximize output. TA is just super strong now, and is equally great solo as well. Fire and forget debuffs with quick animations all around, and even a good buff in the emp arrow now. Poison may be easier to wedge in thematically if you don't envision a bow user. I love poison too, but it has more dud powers overall.
  6. This is my experience as well. Water Jet is sort of your "big punch" like Blaze or Bitter ice Blast, but it doesn't fit the role quite as well in a few ways. Even procced out, it all feels a bit "mushy" as you say. For this reason, I advise really investing your best frankenslotting (acc/damHO, Purple Damage IO) and highest quality damage procs in Water Jet, and spending your tidal power on spewing it back to back. Dehydrate can be turned into a good puncher as well, as it has the -defense proc capabilities. I prefer to maximize this element rather than rel
  7. @Sovera So I did hop on and run through a few basic scenarios. I went even con just for direct comparison, though certainly the usefulness of some of these powers scales with harder content. This was just a simple +0/8 simple outdoor S/L map. I ran +4/8 as well just to refresh myself on any special troubles there, and the experience was basically the same - it just took a bit longer to blast things down. I tried running without hurricane as you are, and it was a big old mess. I can definitely see where you would feel like you are just sort of throwing peas i
  8. I will try to unplug my expectations and give it a go later!
  9. From reading your playstyle responses, I'm not certain you are using optimal tactics to leverage your powers, @Sovera. Can you tell me how you usually approach a fresh spawn? Lightning storm does more than 1/10th of an even con minion's hp, though it certainly isn't one shotting them. The purple damage proc also makes a big difference. If you position it above the crowd after dropping freezing rain, it does a great job helping keep mobs knocked down in place and will consistently hit multiple targets. It also chews bosses up and almost completely neutralizes their damag
  10. If you are indeed running 4X /Rads, RI may not really come into play much. In this case, Choking Cloud actually comes into its own. 4 Rads running this will passively lock down any group just by waltzing in - no animation time required, no need to worry about whether the power is recharged. Just walk in and blast away. You can even be stacking holds for damage and more mag on big targets like AVs, and keep them locked down during vulnerable windows. Don't get me wrong - I love RI. I felt the particular synergies of multiple Rads was worth calling attention to. You will
  11. Thank you for catching that! I have much less scrapper experience than tank, so had it a bit in mind that Scrapper = no taunt aura. In that case, I actually think I would edge towards Scrapper for any armor set that includes a taunt aura. I suppose the common element between these powers (invincibility, evolving armor, against all odds) is that they are autohit and require enemies in range for their buffs to work. It makes a bit of sense that they would taunt even on scrapper - otherwise you would often get only marginal benefit from them as defensive powers
  12. Scrapper Pros: Scrappers have the most optimal version of claws altogether. Spin is especially a bit overtuned compared to similar pbaoes. Crits! Tanker Pros: Durability (obvious, I know!) More freedom in slotting/proccing attacks, as you have less need to shore up defenses. Most importantly - things don't run away constantly! I would love my little Claws/Fire scrapper if his alpha didn't cause mobs to flee to the winds. I suppose I could grab provoke, but a Tanker gets to hold them in place just by existing. Correction - there are a few Scrapper armor
  13. Because Burn actually has good proc chances for the initial power drop, and can be a regular part of both aoe and ST rotations. Auras have bad proc rates for this, and will not consistently apply to a single target.
  14. I hadn't considered the context of invuln/ here. You're right - the proc would be much better in invincibility. For other primaries, I still think it's worth dropping the proc in Blood thirst, even if it is not as ideal as a regular build-up power.
  15. Ninja has the right idea here! I do think blood thirst is useful though, even with it's longish animation. It's not only a good place for gaussian proc, but also wipes exhausted state and puts you at max stacks. This is very helpful for maintaining stacks after a spend, or doing back to back buffed flurries.
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