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  1. I mentioned this because I know some people like to change power effects so they can see their character, and this can be an easier to process visual cue with all of the effects flying around and different environments. As to @ZemX, it's true that most often Hidden status and stealthed state will coincide when using the Hide power, but there are exceptions (placate, ATO procs). It is nice to rely on external factors for verification in order to avoid potential confusion, and the stealth radius attribute does the trick. As for placate, you may find it useful when solo if
  2. Hidden and stealth are separate things, though the hide power generates both. If you want to easily know when you are actively stealthed, monitor stealth radius in you combat attributes. A quote from the wiki that may be helpful: " Despite the rather misleading name, the Hidden status only means that the Stalker is poised to deliver stronger or more reliable critical hits. Hidden mode and Stealth aren't directly linked, although they often occur together. A Stalker can be Hidden even if an enemy has enough Perception to see him. Stalkers have two ways to
  3. That is correct! This is true of all procs.
  4. Glue arrow is a great power, and takes both an energy and fire damage proc. I like to pack it full of every damage proc myself. It usually lights my slick for me.
  5. Definitely agree on scrappers and other ats with mez protection. However, the knockback resistance it provides turns one kb protection IO into basically full knockback immunity for Squishies. This could be of use to even /fire or /dark scrappers. I do love me some in combat maneuverability, but like you say, not really worth the end cost on a scrapper unless the blue stuff isn't even close to an issue.
  6. I appreciate your viewpoint, Myshkin, and again agree that Seekers could use a buff. However, alpha absorption is not entirely irrelevant for defense softcap, depending on how you got there. For example, my Traps/ doubled down on defense, and does not have an epic resist shield, instead going for incarnate softcap with FFG up using scorpion shield. If I am relying only on my defense, and have fairly nominal resists otherwise (just tough in this case along with sundry bonuses), alpha absorption becomes very important when solo against higher level mobs. Poison trap is,
  7. One additional note - the only thing I didn't like about my TA/A at first was managing so many click powers. This was the character that finally got me to start using alt+key rather than just shift+key around my wasd for quick access. You definitely want to figure out a comfortable keybind strategy to have these powers easily accessible for optimal performance.
  8. Stone ice was my personal choice for ungranite stoner, and I love it. Extra bonus of being able to match theme with crystal options. If I weren't on mobile I'd link you the build, but you'll see it if searching other stone threads. Edit for @tripthicket. I pulled up the build. It's been a while since I've iterated on it, so I imagine there may be small optimizations to make, but it does good work. /Ice is super strong. You basically have footstomp with a better damage type, a great cone aoe (frost is amazing on tankers) , and one of the best tanker single target
  9. Pretty much what @Dark Dove said, but I actually like glue arrow, especially for solo work. Without glue arrow, mobs can get a bit unruly when oil slick isn't up. This allows you to unload your aoe rotation more reliably against tough spawns when something else isn't holding them in place.
  10. Great point! That would be really neat. I imagine there are some out there who like using it in its current form, so I'm not sure how important keeping the spirit of the cottage rule alive here would be.
  11. The melee powers in savage are very good, and you should be able to survive melee just fine between your controls, defenses, and the power of singularity. If you are going ranged focus, I think /savage is basically wasted. One of the most compelling reasons to choose it is savage leap, which brings you leaping right into melee.
  12. That seems obvious to me now! Apologies.
  13. Lift is actually pretty decent damage when slotted up and attacking something with gravity distortion applied. Personally I have it as a set mule primarily, but I do use it often enough to appreciate the enhancement. What you do here depends on how you value ranged IO bonuses, and how tight the the build is otherwise. I'm not sure from your comment if you already understood this, but lift is not a root. It is a knock up with slightly delayed damage, and bonus damage when attacking something with gravity distortion applied. The soft control is actually pretty nice. I don
  14. I feel like one of the biggest issues here is that Telekinesis is so wonky and underpowered. I would say that this power used to be the set's "signature" power back when it could do crazy things, and it is still a really unique tool. If TK were buffed in some way to make it more powerful/reliable/sustainable, the downsides of Mass Confusion would be less of an issue. At that point, I would lump MC into the overall issue of "long cooldown aoe controls that have sort of silly high recharge compared to other powers."
  15. Here's a vote for Shield/SM! Super fun, and even more teleporty action than /Electric. Ultimately, whatever best serves the theme of the powers you want to dish out.
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