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  1. Ive got multiple Bale Fires and Pandas across all the servers
  2. A meg mason style contact at the main gate that gives radio style missions to hunt or go here or do that. for the hunts the mission auto exemps you to the top level for the hunt to insure you have a fight on your hands
  3. My condolences for the loss and my warmest wishes for her family and friends
  4. to quote a wise soul Some men just want to watch the world burn
  5. As I personally have 7 different versions of my Character Bale Fire for each variation fo Fire based AT and powerset as well as a similar number of Pandas all dark powers and ATs and am contemplating more the answer to that would be a resounding no
  6. lets see I have Grahn a former arachnos spy who was caught in one of Positrons experiments and turned into a city wrecking monster before being mostly depowered and put in the zig in cold storage Dark Shrike is a former Longbow agent who went freelance hero Black mask is a legacy hero whose grandfather worked with the original Freedom Phalanx Panda is an escaped Arachnos assassin who became a hero Bale Fire comes from a world of magic where the circle of thorns were techno terrorists
  7. catsi563

    Pet Names

    Thugs named after various canines Dingo Hyena Jackal Hellhound Coyote and DireWolf f Ninja no names to keep the mystery and make the image of an endless ninja army Robots various greek god names based on war aspects Athena Ares Fury class drones Demons various demonic names mercs various GI joe inspired codenames Beasts bit a fantasy Disney theme names
  8. ive always taken it but for me its a damage dealer used to keep the damage flowing while i control the rest good finisher too on low health targets
  9. catsi563


    Ohai new friend you bring teh donuts?
  10. For me personally you have to remember that the answer is playstyle. A corruptor is whats known as an OFFENDER an Offensive Defender where a defender focuses on buffing and healing or debuffing and such THEN attacking to support as needed. A corruptor focuses on ATTACK as the best form of defense. They use their ranged attacks to set up the debuffs or if theyre a healer (empath Pain) or the like heal to support the team while looking for weak targets to blast with scourge Playing a corruptor means you have to be patient look for offensive opportunities to strike so that you maximize your attacks damage while using your support abilities to maximun effect
  11. catsi563

    Battle Ax?

    I have an Ice Axe tank and shes absolutely brutal Axe is a stronger set IMO then people tend to give it credit for, like DD says above it does play a bit like war mace its abit slow on the draw and end heavy but it hits like a truck . its also got 2 solid AOEs on it Axe also pairs well with pretty much any of the armor sets so youve got a glut of choices to use with it
  12. For me every character has 3 stamina with performance shifter and 3 health with numinas it works nicely for balance and effect
  13. In my personal experience i had an Shield SS tank who was 35 and climbing when shutdown occurred and she was very solid the shield meant she could hang in the melee easy enough and SS always hits hard so yeah It paired really well very good synergy no worries about redraw or anthing and all the powers work well. I can definitely recoomend it heck i need to remake her when i have the chance
  14. For me personally Ive taken a D3 tanks and scrapper all the way to the top and 2 Invuln SS tanks and an SS Invuln brute up a ways SS is never a bad combo with Invuln and invuln works well with Mace and Axe Dark is end hungry but works well with nearly any power primary but dark mellee as its partner is where it shines
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