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  1. I think the issue is one of semantics youre looking at it froma numnbers standpoint rather then a fluff standpoint. the ""Damage"" isnt or neednt necessarily be actual physical harm applied to the mobs you could have a damage secondary that does subdual damage or the like. the use of less then or non lethal options. Combined with debuffs and or controls to take targets into custody with out or with minimal harm to them. A rad blast need not be a blast of radiation persay it could be a blast of Bio energy that distupts the targets system (ie causing HP damage) which renders the target unconcious (aka defeated) safely for capture and incarceration. other powers could have similar design ethos behind them
  2. Been complimented on my running of various TFs helpiing to keep them running smoothly. Been told my tanking was the reason one PC came back to the game Was complimented on my Dark Dark tanker basically keeping a Citdel TF alive by herding entire council rooms was complimented on my Kheldian play both PB and WS during seperate manticore TFs
  3. Rose and Spark did appear in the COH Comics as part of the Korean team led by Foreshadow. fighting off the Circle or BP if I recall correctly.
  4. Let me add to this Fire Fire blasters have the most aoes in the game the combo of Fire and Ice Rain and Blizzard with fireball and firebreath is AOE DESTRUCTION,
  5. For me only real change I see as a need for regen is making IH a toggle again. that was the core of regens power the massive healing once you got to a certain point
  6. Unuscone of the acolytes was a good example of an energy melee characrter
  7. Fire Fire Fire Blaster because sometimes you really need to bring the rain Dark Dark Dark Defender something really is watching from the shadows Warmace regen brute just one of the most viscerally satisfying powersets in the game TriForm PB and WS the dynamic action of the two power sets is a rush to play Fire Rad Fire controller when you need something debuffed and dying in short order nothing says it like FLAMING MONKEYS
  8. Ohai new friend , you bring the donuts?
  9. I have no bloody idea and because its easier to carry snacks in ooooooo snacks *hop out of drivers seat and go get snacks*
  10. *Hops in rv* *revs engine* ROAD TRIPPP!!!! *piles the ktitehs into the RV takes off wif squeal of tires * *kittehs bounce around in back of RV* *RV boucnes down the road*
  11. my personal understanding is that the fastet attacks are archery's 1-2 and neutrino beam from rad blast all three have very fast animations and hit practically before the animation has finished
  12. Scrappers are pure damage beasts. especially when it comes to focus on a single target aka scrapper lock,. a brute needs to have as much agro as possible to max out fury where they can indeed do impressive damage. but Scrappers can with their crit hit mechanic out pace nearly any class outside of a blaster, and blasters can match that with easy aoes. Brutes do however get a serious increase in resistances over scrappers so they have the ability most often to survive the initial retaliation a bit better then scrappers.
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