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  1. Teleport in comparison and in my experience to Super Jump and Flight and Super speed is a good travel power but a bit mixed in utility flight slowest of the 4 but the most utility and mobility of all of them not having to worry about gravity unless you get - flyed or run out of end is a handy thing and with a couple flight speeds it zooms along as a good pace and lets face it its THE iconic comic book power super speed ostenisbly the fastest of the 4 has a minor stealth component but has no vertical game forcing one to use a jet pack temp power or take a power like hover or super leap which could be used for something else and runs into the issuie of having to weave in and out of traffic buildings trees its a nightmare in perez or TV if you arent practiced with it Super leap a great power and one of the fastest in its own way only limits are it has a veritcal ceiling unlike flight or teleport and like all things that go up it must come down its the only travel power where you actually take damage jsut by using it Teleport is actually in practice the Fastest of the powers if you bind it right and set it up with ranges. it covers wide distances pretty darned fast can go end of zone to end of zone with no maneuvers needed but as others said its not much utility in combat save for short jumps which even with a bind are a pain and it eats end fast if toggles are running still it has the only zone to zone power in game in its pool so theres that all told as others said its your prefernce so go with what you think your character would have for teleport i reccomend binding the power to P for sake of ease you press P the reticle appears activate the power and repeat for fast travel P click BAMF P click BAMF
  2. me thinks theres something wrong with this mutation power i used
  3. few ideas running around the old noggin currentlw working a Staff Ninja Scrapper, Sonic Sonic blaster would be next most likely from there skies the limit
  4. /holdtorch may we meet again in that place where no shadows fall
  5. Also the trainers in Steel Indy and FF offer quests to add a new costime slot and a free token to your character
  6. Tte Radio is also fairly low key villainy and a lot of fun
  7. As i understand it you have two current combo systems theres the build a combo system that Street justice and Staff water blaster uses where you build a combo level up and then Finish it and the 1-2 =3 4 or 5 combo which Dual Blades and savage melee uses where you use 1 then 2 and on three use a big hitter the two may seem similar but there are minor differences for example water has 3-4 moves which build Tidal pressure the combo mechanic. once you hit 2-3 of that you activate a finisher move which consumes all stacks and provides an additional benefit depending on the level such as additional smashing or fire damage SJ uses a similar system where you build up combo levels 1-3 with finish moves consuming them Dual blades uses the other variant where you dont build up combo levels but you do a combination of moves so you use move 1 then move #2 which lets you activat Combo # 3 the big smackaroo or you hit move 1 and Move 4 which allows you to combo #5 the slightly bigger smackdown so in each case theres a similar base mechanic of build up to execution once you learn each one youre in good shape
  8. well admittedly limited information here Torchbearer is the OG server the very first one so many people have their mains and have a lot of characters there it was at least as far as i know the highest population server Indomitable is another high pop server that is popular Excelcior is a low pop server but still gets good teams going Everlasting is one of the more popular servers and I beliieve it is the defacto Role Play server Reunion is the ""official"" Euro server and has a low population but still plays well, So really you cant go wrong with any or all of them. ive got characters on all 5 servers and 50s on at least 3 of them so pick one and hop into Paragon city as a personal reccomendation id go Torch or Indom for a start to get going and then expand to a new one when youre ready so you can play on all 5 as needed
  9. yeah basically its the same as kiting in a sense and you dont often have a choice, one example is the Honoree in Mender Ramiels arc. the guy hits so hard in melee that he can actually stun a Dwarf form kheldian which is nigh impossible. only way my PB beat him was to kite him around while blasting in nova and human form and staying out of range long enough for my heals and high powered defense clicks to be ready before i renegaged in melee my Fire Fire FIre blaster had to run for her life taking psionic blasts all the time
  10. Speed runs on various TFs absolutely drives me nuts and irritates me no end, On my way to the mission door when BAM mission complete No XP from in mission no xp reward for the mission thanks for playing. At least wait till veryones inside or make some effortt to recall everyone to the mission taking into account some people have longer load times then others Also people who hare off deep into the mission and wipe the last room out while agroeing every thing and sundry between it so when i get into the mission i find the team scattered all over the map and a bunch of pissed off minions running everywhere. Im looking at you first mission of the ITF Failure to clean up mobs before rushing off as if the faster you finish the mission the bigger exp bonus you get which leaves some teammates vulnerable if they stop to rest its a game slow down and enjoy the polygons Im glad youre fire spines brute can solo Lord Recluse with just his brawl skill more power to you. but the rest of us actually want to at least enjoy the ambiance and click our power tray on occasion
  11. Ohai new friend, you bring teh donuts?
  12. meh Im old school capes and tights a few new modern aesthetics here and there but SIlver age wih a mix of steel agae all the way
  13. Remande both Bale Fire and Panda in all their variations
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