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  1. LOL so happy to serve as your Muse, Bill I hope he lives in epic times doing epic things and eventually finding TP for his bunghole
  2. just a little snark over my misstep, nothing major Bill, an nothing at all that you said Sir
  3. SO, if I have filtered down most of what I am hearing in these responses, its strictly the metagame aspect that i am seeing, and it is still a viable survivable solo build to stray from the BS pool, not necessarily effective for farming, I can feel confident I will be effective and still use other pools?
  4. I understand the need thematically but from a game standpoint, it would appear at least from what I am seeing in the forums, there is nothing but followers.(or infiltrators) of Black Scorpion, why bother with anything else
  5. I am so glad we were able to stay on topic and not digress into silly insults and things like that, definitely shows the maturity of our community
  6. I have an EM Scrapp Based on Iron Fist, feels like I am watching dbz with the wind up animations so long to complete the chain. really needs a rework I agree My apologies you are completely correct of course, my mistake I have a character so themed, obvoiusly not that AT I will respectfully withdraw
  7. ty for the build help were you not to be crossing the villain hero line for whatever reason, what hero pool would you take to replace scorpion shield
  8. anyone have a decent build for this combo I feel like there should be more synergy between the sets
  9. looking for some guidance, love the play style but am finding myself swapping face plants more often than walking on the backs of the fallen thanks for your help
  10. My little fireplug of a dwarven scrapper, need build help his hearts in the right place.... well until combat that is then it tends to be ruptured and scattered about the streets Help The Taciturn with build advice
  11. Concept[t build for a Voodoo Priest turned Lycanthrope anyone got a good build appreciate it
  12. looked llike a workable combination and I feel I could be a real team contributor and even a solo threat given the proper build love some input thanks
  13. looking to run this it looked fun any good builds out there thanks
  14. been eating alot of ferrocrete need build help thanks
  15. Trying this out any tips or build pointers would be great thanks
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