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  1. I have a character, Lance duLac, that is the direct descendant of Lancelot from the Arthurian Legends. I'm looking for anyone that is playing either a descendant, or someone from the legends. (( Dual Sword and Willpower Scrapper. ))
  2. I'm basing him off of Constantine so sorcery makes sense for him to have.
  3. Holds Burning Having fun Based off of Constantine from Arrowverse / DC
  4. Hello CoH Hive Mind. I have a toon I am working on that is a Dark / Fire Dom. I'd like to keep the Sorcery as part of the concept. Any thoughts on builds?
  5. Good morning collective hive-mind. I'm looking for a two good builds using Dual Blades One with Fire Aura One with SR What tricks do you have up your sleeves or in your hats?
  6. ... Making a deal is what he does best ...
  7. Everlasting. 🙂 I could recreate him on other servers as well
  8. Awwww ... I only did what seemed right. And should you be interested ...
  9. I have to say that the RP on Everlasting has been wonderful. So many diverse and wonderful backgrounds all melding together to become a huge underlying storyline along with the main one. Thank you all. Should you see any of my characters, please do not hesitate to do any RP. Thank you all for inspiring me again.
  10. You have my attention. I can do a Dark/Dark Dom, Scrap, Tank, Brute, etc. This looks like it will be fun.
  11. Also ... Quiet Rob is based off of Silent Bob, which I used to CosPlay as. I thought it would be fun to have him in Paragon and get powers. If you remember seeing him from Live, please stop on by.
  12. I think I have a toon on there. @Quiet Rob is my global.
  13. Hello all! Looking for some contacts that would have made a deal with a Rumpelstiltskin type character. Details can be private. Character description from CoH below: Name: Robert Goldstein Age: Unknown Race: Unknown Skills: Notary, Law, Contracts, Loop-holes, Tax Breaks, Mystic Studies, Magical Runes, Ancient History It's been said that there are few people who know how to wheel and deal throughout the Rogue Isles and Paragon, but one name seems to almost always come up: Mr. Goldstein. Need a Lawyer? Need help with a contract? Need to get a hex removed? You can go to Mr. Goldstein. All contracts will work and come true. ... However ... Everything comes at a Price. ((Adult Male at the Helm. Adult Themes will come out)) (Based on Rumplestiltskin from books and TV) [OOC] - Dagger is made of an unknown mystic alloy - When he speaks, it's with a slight English accent - His aura is mystical, but ancient ... and seems to be growing - Feel free to recognize him (( If you'd like to have struck a deal with him or would like to strike a deal, send a tell and we can work on details. )) Always looking for those that would like to make this epic and fun.
  14. Home again and ready to have fun
  15. All downloaded and characters made on a few servers. Where is everyone? Who wants a connection? And what stories can we create within the CoH landscape together? Light RP Heavy RP Just hanging out Let’s have fun. I’m in the US and in CST (Currently it’s 7:37am on Sunday) Heroes Assemble!
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