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  1. I proposed the same thing a month or so ago. Cannot agree more.
  2. We could definitely use a few more crafting tables around Paragon and the Isles. And beyond.
  3. I didn't know there was such issue, but yeah, seems a pretty logical idea.
  4. Fire manipulation receives ring of fire, that can keep a single enemy in place to enjoy the hot feet. Without much hassle this can be used on two enemies, since it recharges quite fast. If one is really focused on using hot feet for damage, and I really wonder why a blaster needs to do that when 99% of their damage powers do MUCH more damage than hot feet, Mu mastery for blasters has electrifying fences which is an AoE immobilize. Some of the other patron pools also have decent AoE immobilize powers. So the options to work around the fear effect are already there and available, while at the same time the damage is so negligible that nerfing away the fear effect, the only feature that makes the power actually worth taking at the moment, seems quite frankly unnecessary.
  5. 100% support for this. Same story for NPC costume parts, I would rather have a part that clips than not having that part. So, here, I would rather have an emote even without transition than not have it.
  6. I actually like the fear effect in hot feet. It is awesome to take the pressure off you, sending opponents away. At the same time, if one wants to keep them close there are various solutions, immobilize and hold among the most effective, to avoid the scatter. Removing the fear effect would simply reduce the complexity and nuance of using the power, nerfing it in several situations, only to cater to a single playstyle. No, thanks.
  7. Pretty good proposal. Even without any particular reason I got bored of leaping through Grandville doing paper missions, it would have made a nice change to go, say, to Saint Martial for once.
  8. To be fair, also the other stalker powersets that have similar gimmicks, such as staff and savage melee, do not get that combo advantage. Staff does not have build-up in the regular version so it's not a good comparison, but savage melee does get blood frenzy stacks through blood thirst. I am not saying it should not be changed, what I want to highlight is that it would be odd to create such a disparity, and that the current situation reflects a general trend among stalker powersets.
  9. Funny we have been writing this at the same time. 🙂 Temp powers are pretty much fair game, and permanent versions of them would be more than welcome. Including cosmetical ones. In some cases there would be balance issues, such as for jet pack powers making fly obsolete, but that can certainly be worked out. But after all, nobody in this thread had really expressed any hostility to have unlockables that are not costume parts.
  10. This reply is not structured as the rational and thoughtful argument your proposal (desperately) needs. Even setting that aside, however, how do unlockable costume parts, in this case sword skins, achieve that better, not in this case than badges, but than temporary powers? What if your character is a controller who cannot use sword skins in their costume? What if they have a melee archetype but they have savage melee or warmace? A temporary power that allows a character to use a sword, a particular kind of sword, would achieve this in a much better way. It would not be tied to a costume or to a powerset and it could be used along with different swords and weapons, including those that have no powerset to go with, such as single-handed guns. Cosmetically there would be no difference, your character still holds a cool sword they gained, but it would be much better logistically due to how weapon skins work in this game. Any other argument?
  11. And by page 13 it would be high time if you provided a rational explanation for why they are so. Sorry to break it to you, but until you do that your arguments will be pretty much void. In these pages they have been thoroughly demolished, and all you have been doing was simply repeating them ad nauseam, merely ignoring the criticism moved against them. But that criticism is still there and your arguments are in tatters, completely worthless by now, because you spectacularly failed to support them in any meaningful way. Badges just aren't as good as costumes. In fact they are better in every possible way. Until you come up for a reasoned, clear and thorough explanation for why this is not the case, and since you have proven incapable of doing so in 13 pages I am frankly not holding my breath for that to happen, your proposal is going to remain devoid of any foundation.
  12. Then I recommend you read at least some of the pages of the discussion, in order to get a better picture of OP's intentions, as they are not really clear from their first post or from the title. In general you can already find everything on page one, and after page 4 there is little additional input to be found, just in case you do not feel like checking every post. To sum up about badges, they are the most common counterargument provided to OP, and to another like-minded poster, as well as the most efficient comparison of efficient, abundant and varied unlockable content already present in the server. At this point they have failed to provide a well reasoned answer to why some thousands of badges do not satisfy their need for drive to play the game in the same way a single hat or sword skin does. To their credit, they have already settled to restrict only a handful of new costume parts to being locked by completing some content, but still the majority of people in this thread, myself included, has expressed a negative view of this idea for various reasons (mostly concerning being against any form of restriction to creative freedom).
  13. Just to be clear, by page 10, this discussion is not about badges. OP made it crystal clear the thing he primarily cares about are unlockable costume parts. Those are the "things that mean something". All the rest is not even remotely on the same level according to their posts.
  14. But so does a badge. It makes you stand out, check, makes you show commitment, sometimes a big commitment, check. I fail to see any difference as far as the social element is concerned. Or rather I see the difference, and it's that badges will always be superior in that regard. Even from the simple point of view of sheer quantity. Currently there are no unlockable costume parts on Homecoming. Even if the developers listen to your proposal and implement some of them, you will not get anything more than a few scraps. And once you have unlocked those hypothetical parts, bye bye the drive to unlock stuff. It's up to you how and where you choose to play. But on Homecoming it seems highly unlikely you will ever get a significant amount of unlockable costume parts, if any at all. Unlockable permanent costume changes might be another matter, but you have not showed that much appreciation for that idea so far, or for any other idea that does not involve the triad of costume parts, powersets and archetypes. The very same triad that distinguishes Homecoming from most of the other servers. So, tough luck there.
  15. In general on my level 50 I get tip missions from killing arachnoids or circle of thorns in Grandville. After I kill some 20, sometimes a few more, it's unlikely I do not yet have a tip. Might be interesting to see the result you get from the same experiment. If you are blueside I think you can do the same in Peregrine island, or you can switch to vigilante at Null the Gull, in Pocket D, and go to do same in Grandville.
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