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  1. And after judgement nukes then we nerf blaster nukes, right? I personally find that for the fun of myself or others nukes, judgement or something else, are better if restrained by myself or my team members. That solution, if nukes bother you that much, requires no implementation, no restriction and no modification of gameplay mechanics that other people already enjoy. As an addition to that, nobody forces you to play level 50 and incarnate content, there are plenty of lower level story arcs, task forces and content to be played. I think a better "solution" to the issue would be to allow people to exemplar down without necessarily joining a task force or entering an Ouroboros flashback. So one can exemplar down to 44 and you get rid of all incarnate stuff.
  2. Initial contact with the contact Crow: later → latter
  3. Happened to me too very recently.
  4. Some ranged powers however do work on Scrappers and Stalkers that take them from their epic pools, so perhaps blast sets might not be that incompatible with shield as one might think. Still, some is not all, but never the less it's a start.
  5. Anti-Matter arc in Neutropolis, part 5, mission intro: know → now
  6. What are your primary and secondary? And what is your build in general? Did you take key epic pool powers such as the snipes? Other than that, people mincing stuff fast, especially on 8 people teams, is not something that affects just stalkers.
  7. I did not so much suggest more damage per se, but more AoE functionality. Right now from a sheer mechanical perspective there are few reasons to go for a Scrapper over a Stalker when they have access to the same AoE, like on a savage/invulnerability or a street justice/energy combo. Improving Scrapper AoE functionality compared to Stalkers seems reasonable, especially given that Scrappers, unlike Stalkers, do not have control on their criticals.
  8. One of the salient differences between scrapper and stalker versions of powersets, with a few exceptions related to gimmicks, is that Scrappers tend to be better equipped with AoE dealing powers. Given the insistence on AoE of a relevant portion of the playerbase, a viable way to make Scrappers more relevant could be, in my opinion, to increase their ability to deal damage in comparison to Stalkers and Brutes. In a way, making them similar or closer to Tankers for what pertains AoE (range and maybe caps?). This way Scrappers could become more appealing for the purpose of AoE melee damage, compared to Stalkers which are their sister Archetype. This is an idea I picked up on Discord during a discussion that analyzed the opposition Stalker vs Scrapper.
  9. Wow, that's really impressive Shardwarrior!
  10. Shadowstar's mission: Rescue Altered Umbra, the other half of Shadowcatcher Clue: A strangely inscribed crystal "This inscribed crystal has a single point of light deep within it's perfectly carved surface." it's → its
  11. If the goal is to have aoe defence on them by level 20, then the switch with quickness will not work, as sentinels and stalkers get it at level 28. It would mostly serve scrappers. I would personally look at the other auto defence powers, especially agile for stalkers and dodge for sentinels, which are not needed so desperately and so early on a melee and ranged class respectively.
  12. Son italiano anch'io anche se di solito gioco su Everlasting. In sti giorni tutti a casa a giocare, eh? 😛
  13. Could be nice if they had a variant of swap ammo to change the debuff of the blast.
  14. I suspect Flashfreeze might be affected as well.
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