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  1. The Impeded Swiftness proc fires on a lot of Dire Wolf’s attacks! Definitely worth the one slot for it.
  2. Beast/Cold makes for a very forgiving first MM. The /Cold side gives your pets (and team) massive survivability. You really only need to learn to debuff priority targets with Ifrigidate/Benumb. Lategame with IOs you can turn it into a buzzsaw with procs: Ifrigidate can take Debuff and Slow damage procs and turns into a serious blast power with reliable damage (3 damage procs for 210 possible damage per shot). Maxing pet DPS is all about using the procs that affect the highest number of their attacks. Accuracy Debuff proc on Lions only affects one attack they use infreq
  3. MechaStreisand better give a badge when Robert Smith defeats her.
  4. I just wish there was SOMETHING done with them! I remember being pumped to hit my first 50 back on Live, swam out to Monster Island, and quickly realized the Monsters were just kinda there. Nothing unique about them in the meta. Elite Bosses are better rewarding. Monsters take far longer to drop and usually require a team. If they’re rebuilding Hazard Zones with missions I’m all for it. But they should still look at the generic Monsters! They’re way out of alignment with every other effort/reward in the game. Which is a shame! We need more b
  5. We have DE Monsters all over the Hive and a few islands in Peregrine, and almost no one ever does anything with them. There is currently no point in fighting them. Smaller mobs are much faster to fight, drop the same rewards, and can be soloed by most builds. So what I would suggest is give the generic Monsters a chance to guaranteed drop something that only they will. Make them level-scale like Event mobs to avoid 50s hunting low level Monsters. For argument’s sake have them drop one Enhancement Salvage. Make the drop list be Converter, Unslot
  6. @Shenanigunner, yeah that’s the odd part about when it occurs. Literally everything but the 1 thru 0 keys work fine. Mouse is fine, letter keybinds are fine, manually clicking the powers activates them fine... This may just be a me thing: I’ve an Asus ROG Strix i7 laptop for my gaming rig. Lord knows how Asus rigged the keyboard to function.
  7. Thanks @Ura Hero, I have a hunch that was it. For the heck of it I went digging in Focus Assist and discovered it is not set to “On” in “When I’m playing a game” by default. Turned it on and set everything to “Alarms Only”. I also culled the weak in my Notification’s list: I’ve only left on AutoPlay, Focus assist, and Security and Maintenance. I’ll muck about this holiday weekend and see if it recurs, but I have a hunch it was that.
  8. Got a lot of swans here in Europe, and same deal as geese. “They’re so pretty!” Yeah. 15 meters away. You get close to those beaksnakes and they turn into Linda Blair from The Exorcist.
  9. Basically the above. My searching the net and forums seems to point to Win10 as the culprit, in that it randomly “focuses” on a program. System Alerts or some crap, maybe. I thought I’d killed all those. When it does this while I’m fullscreen in CoH, it makes my entire number row unresponsive. This really sucks when it happens midfight. Hitting Windows key and then “refocusing” on the CoH application does fix this but it’s not an ideal resolution. Anyone with a fix they’ve found? I’m assuming I’ve gotta gut something like Windows Account Cont
  10. “He has a wife, you know... Incontinentia... Incontinentia Buttocks!” In all seriousness there is a bit of LFG trolling that I’ve noticed of late, but it’s quickly put on blast and the offender ignored/shouted down. Some people live a troglodytic existence of tendies and hentai, is all. This hobby and genre of ours both tend to attract the socially awkward, myself included. But! It’s also a huge force for change. Learning to successfully socialize in cooperative games like this can and does translate into real-world experience. Eventually eve
  11. Forgot to mention this, but I HIGHLY recommend you get the Kinetic Melee sound mod that is part of the COH Modder tool. COH Modder is simple enough that even an old fart like me could figure it out with no issue. It’s got something for everybody; I highly recommend the Sonic, Pistols, and Beam Rifle sound mods too. COH Modder has a link here in the Tools, Utilities, & Downloads subforum.
  12. What Interface are ya running, if I might ask? That’s a super important part of AV killing, as DPS is only half the battle. The other big factor is managing AV regen with the temp power Envenomed Daggers and/or Degenerative Interface. Against AVs with huge health, the -HP on Degenerative makes a big difference in the AVs health pool (which regen is calculated off of). You’re gonna need a T3 Degenerative Interface or better to really start hosing AVs and Pylons.
  13. Yeah, I had little luck with Hemorrhage too... Even procced it just wasn’t hitting like a Tank nuke should. One or two ticks and the team’s killed my target before I did anything meaningful to it. But! Alternating charge attacks is totally viable. Charge in with one, then charge again after being buffed by Against. It’s a variant of the Charge/Rage/Foot Stomp trash clearing, but you can also stagger charges to move about faster. Either /Elec or /Savage work!
  14. Shield/ is great on Tanks. It’s very easy to hit 45% Defense to Melee/Ranged/Defense with a few IO’s and Combat Jump. Grant Cover is a significant buff (18% to all) to anyone within 15 feet of you. And Shield Charge hits hard, even on a Tank. Martial Arts pairs well with Shield/, and Super Strength is a common choice as well. MA has Storm Kick to stack Defense, and Super has Rage to buff your Shield Charges. Shield/Super Strength feels a bit like easy mode, honestly. Even with SOs you’ll be oneshotting or twoshotting minions with Sh
  15. Should work fine with any primary! Combat Teleport I’ve got bound on a mouse thumb button, and Fold Space to my “T” key. I know @Infinitum has a lot of fancier binds for Combat Port, he’d be the guy to ask! And yeah, the Mids thing is a pain. I have the beta installed that shows some i27 stuff so it may break the Data Link.
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