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  1. Pulled together a 'budget' build that shows how powerful Bio is. This uses no superiors, no purples, no winter sets at all. You have to remember that Bio is a true layered set, resistances are not the be all-end all for this. Bio features mid to high defense, mid to high resists and huge regen, plus an absorb shield. You won't get hit too often, and when you do it won't be too much, and it has to break through an absorb, and then regenerates you back up very fast. Also keep in mind the Tanker ATO gives a chance for +resist all, and in combat for a bit you'll typically be at ~+11% higher
  2. Mind: Mass Confusion, level 32, Targeted AOE (range 80), 240s base recharge, 37.25s base duration Electric: Synaptic Overload, level 26, Ranged Chain AOE (range 80), 60s base recharge, 27.94s base duration Ice: Arctic Air, level 6, Toggle PBAoE, No recharge, 3.7s base duration Plant: (I assume you meant plant when you said Wind? There's no Wind Control) Seeds of Confusion, level 8, Cone AE (Range 50, 60 degree arc), 60s base recharge, 37.25s base duration Mind comes latest in the sets but is very good, you'll need a lot of recharge to have it
  3. Managed to gather up enough cash (using the character you helped me plan a build out for!) to do this as you laid it out, with all the IO sets along the way. Hot damn this is a fun combo. Just solo'd Synapse at x6 without a problem (well, until the king, needed to go buy some envenomed daggers to finish that off) at level 30. Very much enjoying this, thanks for the detailed write up!
  4. I run a Rad/Ice tank as my primary character and love it. Ice Melee is very good, it never has huge individual hits but Frozen Touch and Frost both are very fast dots that do great damage, and Frozen Aura is all that Foot Stomp greatness but with ice. Ice Patch is such an amazing survival tool and goes well with it all. Rad is very strong, and Ice Patch does a lot for cover the tiny holes to psi and ice when needed. Should be ever bit as good on a brute, though Frost will be slightly less impressive.
  5. 120 degree cones are so nice, so I'd struggle to not take Power Crash. It's really fun when you hit stuff essentially standing to your side when attacking something in front of you (because of the way hit boxes overlap with the cones).
  6. Much appreciated to you both! I did a respec this morning, sticky pretty close to Sovena's path, moving a few things around (I like to keep taunt early for exemplar stuff) but the IO set changes look good, gets that much better mix I was hoping for. I've managed to purchase about 50% of the sets, 100M doesn't go as far as I remembered ha. Keeping yours saved Warpact incase I find I need a bigger boost to survival.
  7. Just came back to CoH from 2019, had a level 50 RA/IM that was in a decent starting point that I've been enjoying playing, and want to sink some actual influence into. I've been reading through lots of threads here and looking at slotting advice for both sets, though never the two together. I've come up with the below build, and would appreciate other's expertise! I've combined a lot of Sovera's advice from other threads here 😃 I'm hitting these numbers without the +resistance from Might of the Tanker (though actually running tough, and with incarnates on), so a bit of overkill. De
  8. Same for me. I got level 22 in a TF, tried to level, it sort of worked, but then it kicked me out of the level up screen. I waited until the TF ended, logged out, back in, and I leveled up... 21->23->22->24->25->26.
  9. I had an /Ice stalker and really enjoyed it. On its whole, the defense isn't as easy to hit caps as on SR or EA, but very doable, and you end up capped on ice resist without even trying! Which is helpful for all 3 enemies that use ice? Your def debuff resist is close to what EA has, so at danger of a cascade failure but not too bad. Chilling Embrace is great and I think very undervalued, providing constant -recharge, -speed and -damage to everything both helps your defense go further and support the team as a whole. Icy Bastion is amazing though, one of the best T9s for armor sets going. 30 se
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