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  1. Katana is going to work very well with any secondary set. If you're specifically looking for a synergy around Divine Avalanche, I'd say the sweet spot for that is a set that has some defense to lethal/melee, but struggles to hit soft cap, which Bio and Willpower and to an extent Dark Armor offer. Invulnerability as well. (All of those can hit the softcap with heavy IO investment, but DA would give options specifically for lethal/melee). But then the argument can be easily made that layering on a bit of defense to any of the pure resists sets works well too. And then, as discussed i
  2. You certainly won't need the defense from DA once fully built up with SR, but it'll help on the journey to that point. SR is more than capable of hitting the softcap on its own, and yes without weave as well (with tanker values its possible to hit incarnate softcaps with SR without weave!) The only things Weave and/or DA would do is potentially let you ignore set bonuses that grant defense and focus on other things. The SR powers alone with basic slotting you end up at roughly 30% defense to the three positions, a bit higher depending how close into ED you go on each power. Add in Hover/CJ and
  3. Oysterhead


    Power Transfer Chance to Heal really shines in passive powers (stamina, etc) over active. With its PPM it turns into very, very impressive regen, but if you aren't getting every possible activation of that then it gets less impressive fast. 2 of them slotted in passives on an SR or Inv character + panacea/numinas/preventive/absorb proc is enough to keep you going indefinitely, I imagine Ice would be similar, But yea I'd not put it into Energy Absorption.
  4. I've been using it, I'd say its well worth taking. A targeted AoE with that big a radius (radius 9 with the tanker buff) will very consistently hit everything, the damage isn't amazing but even without procs its equal to Shadow Punch but against 10+ things at once. The occasional ability to fear a single annoying Lt, or honestly stack it and fear a boss, is just a bonus now.
  5. No comments on the build as its all outside my wheelhouse, but for this... Update your mids 😃 It went up to a couple of weeks ago and matches i27 page 2 now, including replacing afterburner with Evasive Maneuvers, and the other recent travel power pool changes. If you haven't already since this post!
  6. Oh I just thought of one other thing, you'll probably really want a KB->KD slotted into Shockwave. Its one of my favorite powers in the game with that, and supremely annoying without it. In the various tests of scrapper primary power, they had to split Claws into Claws that that slotted and Claws without, because it had a such a large impact on overall clear speed when things aren't flying all over the place.
  7. My experience with claws is on a scrapper, but my thoughts reading through your build... Follow Up seems way underslotted to me and taken far too late. You'll want to use that constantly from the first level its available, it is a decent enough attack on its own (while its damage per activation is lower, its damage per animation is only 10% under Strike), and has a lot of proc potential, I'd say 5-6 slots easy, but its really the corner stone of Claws as you can maintain two stacks of it. I know the +dmg is less impressive as a total percentage of damage with fury, but that's still
  8. It does sound very strong on paper. I think Rad/Dark would be similar, and the heal/absorb on rad is arguably a bit better and you've got multiple end recovery methods. No damage aura with that though, so that'd be the big point in Elec/Dark's favor, but Ground Zero proc bombed might math out to higher damage over time? Just started on a Shield/Dark and it's tough to imagine that any set wouldn't greatly benefit from Dark Melee's utility. I say go for it! I'm betting there's some decent power effect synergy possible with Soul Noir colors and Electric Armor's colorings.
  9. Where's the other 967??
  10. Not at start, but if you're willing to play through to 35+ you can pick up the patron pools and get an armor toggle at that point. With tough+weave+patron armor+cj/hover+IO sets you can get reasonably high on defense/resists. Also Domination gives status protection and can be made perma. The other thought would be the reverse, a melee AT picking up holds/controls in a paron/epic pool.
  11. Radiation Armor/Ice Melee -- 50 Fiery Aura/Martial Arts -- 50 Invulnerability/War Mace -- 50 Bio Armor/Savage Melee -- 50 Super Reflexes/Kinetic Melee -- 50 Bio Armor/Titan Weapon -- 35 Shield Defense/Psi Melee -- 34 Dark Armor/Staff Fighting - 31 Bio Armor/Savage Melee -- 26 (Yes this is a repeat, forgot I'd started this one when I made the other!) Willpower/Super Strength - 23 Shield Defense/Dark Melee - 9 Shield Defense/War Mace - 8 Willpower/Dual Blades - 1 Electric Armor/Electric Melee -- 1 Radiation Armor/Radiation Melee -- 1
  12. Eagle's Claw being a cone or even a targeted AoE like Touch of Fear would do a lot for making the set far more attractive.
  13. That frankenslotting where you just toss things in for the unique effects rather than set bonuses is pretty common and supremely useful. Those two pieces in Resilience are each +3% defense to everything, so combined that's 6% def to all for 2 slots, heaps more than any complete set gives. However, they only go into resistance sets, so that power is a perfect place to park those! Likewise on CJ, you'll see I put 4 unrelated IOs in there. You're getting your LotG recharge, +5% resist all, Scaling Resists (you'll get 0-10% resists to all depending how low on health you are) and +6% to hit. So for
  14. Ran this character a bit ago and have been meaning to share the build, the servers being down seems like as good a time as any! "Budget" here means no Purples, no Superiors, no winter sets. I used this exact build and slotted these in as I was building and it works well at level 50 and beyond. The Build: This gets to 50% Melee, and just over 45% on Ranged and AoE. Kuji-In Retsu and Blinding Powder I almost never use, but I found them on occasion useful when solo or ITF-def-debuffing-me-like-mad situations, and had nothing else I wanted. Focused Accuracy is a personal prefe
  15. Here's something I came up with quickly, which isn't expensive though it isn't super cheap. Quick math says this should be doable in just a few hours of farming for you depending what you already have. This is leaning heavily on some of the same sets over and over to push melee and S/L defense up, and S/L resists to decent levels, and the big uniques that you'll want eventually. I didn't do the full ATO sets, but did get the procs that are most important and slotted them in. Those Kinetic Combat sets are nice for defense, but not the best for actual attacks as they stop at level
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