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  1. Using Propel -- old school, super long animation Propel -- to bonk skulls or hellions off a rooftop and thinking "Man, the physics in this game. I love this. Can it get any better?" Then the game world went kind of dark, and these freaky alien ships showed up and my framerate dropped to slideshow as everyone ran out to see what was going on... Well, I think some of them knew the end of beta meant a Rikti event, but I SURE DIDN'T.
  2. Oh man I love that one. "Be more positive, Lady Grey!" *nuclear cloud* "NOT THAT POSITIVE!"
  3. It's a shame some of the better TFs (IMO anyway) are locked behind zone completion. Do things like Drowned in Blood and The Sky Is Falling count as TFs, as well?
  4. I found the Shining Stars during a Paladin event nobody seemed interested in. They were standing on the street clustered up, with Twinshot popping leadership every few minutes (as she tends to do). They weren't actually doing anything, and nobody was guarding them. Maybe if you kite the Paladin to them something happens?
  5. I posted here before but while time-traveling I undid the circumstances that caused me to post, rendering the post nonexistent.
  6. There's a door that leads you to a different area of the map, at the far south of the Faultline zone. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/File:Map_Faultline_(old).jpg "Pristine" is in the area with the four large circular things, in front of the building at the very bottom of the map.
  7. VidiotMaps is downloadable from Sourceforge. https://sourceforge.net/projects/vidiotmaps/ I've noticed some people have problems with it. Installing it directly to the CoH folder worked for me, but others have had issues with the maps not showing up.
  8. Each character has to earn them, but some are automatically triggered. Every character made right now is getting VIP and the 15th Anniversary badge, for example.
  9. Oh my lord, that Lore AMA. I know what I'm reading for the next... *scrolls* month.
  10. To me I feel like Khalisti has to be either a PVP (and at this point... why?) or a co-op zone, given the hero and villain sides. I'd probably run with something involving the Shivans, but I haven't read up on their lore. I do know the interior maps are available on the AE mission maker, and they are lovely things.
  11. Never fear, we are constantly vigilant against the menacing threat of jerk hackers. If a jerk hacker is found, we reverse hack-jerk, and they are actually the ones who well be gone to the americans! (not actually a dev or affiliated with the server team, but SOMEBODY had to post the countersign)
  12. Ugh. Hey, Skele, sorry I dropped off mid-badge hunt, but my net went out. I did save this, though: One plaque is 514 yards north of the Reservoir marker, at the bottom of a chasm, behind a chunk of stone fence and a bunch of CoT. Loc is -75.6 -610.7 -21.8 And there's a second 393 yrds North of Reservoir next to a large building leaning heavily. Loc at -19.4 -576.2 356.3
  13. I'm glad someone else is working on this too because Old School Faultline is a horror story of a zone. The "Pristine" badge is near the fence on a large building in the back of the zone, in the Reservoir Area. The /loc is 573.8 0.0 4438.0 . And on the bridge between the southeast and southwest ... dam turbines? big circular things, at loc 332.4 -90.8 3489.0 is "Forsaken".
  14. I sorta know how you feel, because after I was done with this guide I was sort of hoping I could find more zones that weren't on the Live server to go badging in. ... Does anyone know if Khalisti Wharf has badges?
  15. Updated the post to reflect what "The Constant" is. You're welcome, I'm just glad this helped!
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