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  1. It may not be a big issue but every time I'm out here in Fort Hades, the mobs that spawn on this edge specifically, always spawn about a quarter into the floor. Every once in a while the player avatar also sinks. In the screenshot, I'm not sinking but the mobs are sunken in. Don't really know if it really matter, just letting y'all know. Excelsior: Server Port Oaks: Fort Hades Map Coordinates: -3726.4 227.2 -1724.2
  2. Hello fellow Triumph folks!! I'm super sorry for being late to the party. I actually joined Homecoming in May of 2019 but I didn't know they had a reconnect section in the forums!!!! In Triumph I was know as Gata Michu Michu and was part of the Feline Fellowship. Now I'm know as 331(Eel) in Excelsior. I'm glad to see so many of you made it back home!
  3. Hi there!. I've been using Mid's for quite a while, but as of yesterday I've been getting an error message. Has anyone experienced this? I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I'm running Windows 10.
  4. I keep missing the Banished Pantheon dance in the Tiki VIP lounge. I thought I just had bad luck and kept zoning at the end. I finally looked it up and it turns out that they leave as soon as a player loads in through the lounge. But it mentioned that you could buy the dances from the bartenders at bar. However, when i try to interact with the bartenders nothing happens. They're suppose to sell inspirations too, but no window pops up when you click on them. Did this get disabled by homecoming? Or was it shut down on live and I just don't remember?
  5. Hello! I'm looking for members of the following SGs: Triumverate Heroes of Paragon City UltraAssassin's Justice Eternal Wardens WP4L If someone from any of these SGs could reach out to me via forum email or in game global tell @331. I have a few questions for you. Thank you in advance!
  6. 331

    Double Twinshot

    No joke, I'll take Twinshot any day over that diva lol
  7. While doing the "Meet the Gang" mission from Twinshot, I came across a bug of some sort towards the end of the mission. I was heading from the 3rd floor of the map to the first floor to help Grym fight the Arachnos, with Twinshot, Flamebaux, and Dillo following me. They dragged a bit behind since I was using super speed so they didn't arrive until close to the enemy being defeated. When the enemy was defeated, the next step was for me to speak to Twinshot, when I was about to talk to the original Twinshot NPC that was following me, another Twinshot spawned at that time. Has this happen to any
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