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  1. Been meaning to reply to this but been swamped: An unrealistic state so keep that in mind when i say this, true sentinel performance will likely never hit this level, its just "on paper": Without offensive opportunity, the sentinel modifier is at .95 if i recall correctly. At even level foes, the additional -5% resist means in solo play this is about 0.9975 equivalent base damage (things go down against higher level foes) With offensive opportunity, the sentinel has procs equal to +20% enhanceable damage (so long the attack obeys the damage formula) for about scale 1.045. The AT also can land it's -25% resist during this window against the single foe, provided it is strong enough to survive a long test, it would bump hypothetical damage to 1.425 scale (again, even foes, if they have enough HP to make that one-shot debuff count) Since the mechanic is designed for an max 50% uptime, the average of these two ends up being an average 1.21 scale damage, actually higher than scrapper + crits, in between scrapper hypothetical 1.18125 scale (vs minions) and 1.2375 (against non-minions) And of course, even then its only valid for single target damage (since the -res is not AoE) but every Sentinel gets a mini-nuke, the same is not true for Scrappers. Now, all this is just a hypothetical optimal that only truly work in paper, but it is basically the center of the balance for the whole feast/famine design. The fact it cant really be practical to leverage in game is why there is going to be a big revamp for everything, at some point.
  2. It isn't purely cosmetic only in the part that the damage and beam were moved from frame zero to frame 28 (for the case of electricity.) Either way, both animations always had 40 rooting frames in them. Only two snipes ever worked correctly (and didn't need to be changed) when skipping the interrupt window were Sniper Rifle and Blazing Bolt.
  3. Brutes are not meant to be 90% of tanks, they are meant to cap at 90% of tanks, with the help of external buffs (or inspiration spam.)
  4. To clarify some things, although I'm sure this will not clear enough since I'm a bit short of time to be too expansive today: The goal is for Sentinels to have comparable DPS to scrappers, but with the following concessions: More Range [obviously], lesser than-stalker survivability. More sustained AoE damage than scrappers, less sustained ST damage than scrappers. The above is, of course, in average. Given the sets are not identical accross ATs, a one-to-one will never be identical (a 3fire sentinel wont be the same as a 3fire scrapper.) The current opportunity design, at it's optimal usage, actually averages at about that (if you always use offensive and never miss an activation.) It just does so in a way that you have ridiculously low damage half the time, and absurd high damage the other half the time (if you managed to be 100% optimal, something that also should is unlikely to happen)
  5. Of the top of my head, only two snipes were faster than they are now: Psionic and Ninja Assaults. Both these were 1 second in fast mode. All other are exactly as fast/slow as they always were. The sequencers were just unfinished and the beams/projectiles would fire damage before the animation would actually fully execute, and arms would do jerky movements, then stand there with arms slowly going back into position for 1.33 to 1.66 seconds. No snipe was ever less than a second. AR fast animation was set to 1.5 second internal cast time as part of the fast-snipe implementation by the live team before the game shut down.
  6. Since I am being quoted a lot: the post that is being quoted is just one of many potential directions for the power. If I was set on thinking that was my definitive preferred approach, I would had already started work on it and it would had been ok a test wave. PA is problematic because not only can it manage aggro too well, but also because it’s basically immortal and easy to sustain perma. The damage is an issue but not as big as the other two factors. It’s the dominators own damage output that makes that a bigger issue than it is for Controllers. Basically, a Dom replacement of the power would either be less effective at aggro management, or killable, or have a much shorter duration, or an in-between of all that. One thing so am set to do whenever I get there, is to make the Dom version of this power a player clone first (by default use player costume and have some powers from the player assault set) instead of a generic phantom with random attack assortment that happens to be customizable as a look-a-like.
  7. I feel a YoYo set would be a ranged set.... (No, Yo Yo Combat NOT confirmed, that would require a crazy amount of animation work, but I’ll admit it would be damned cool.)
  8. Yes, that was an intentional experiment (to give taunts a bit more of an AoE “mocking blow that does no damage but agraviantes“ option instead of a “hey yo mama” taunt.
  9. Most mez prot click powers can be used while mezzed. It was added a long time ago to counter balance the toggle-and-forget advantage toggle mez prot have. You still likely want mez prot active are all time, mostly because of knockback, but it still gives some leeway to the user where they can opt to not have their mez prot ok auto, as they can still break free once held/stunned/etc. Even powers like unstoppable should be usable while mezzed.
  10. @Tater Todd If a power has not finished recharging, or not in range, the draw animation will start to play. If mid way through it the power recharges, or the foe gets closer, that draw animation should be instantly interrupted as the attack activates. Maybe that had something to do with it?
  11. Taunt and BU sequencers are just weird. Draw always ends up prioritized over the power's boost up or taunt animation, if the weapon is not drawn. It should not be slowing you down, though, and I kinda liked the result so didn't fight the sequencers too much in fear of breaking more things. I will still look to see if i can get it to do the correct animation.
  12. If possible, I would appreciate more testing with other players around to see if the “visible katana only while animating” thing is consistent or random.
  13. New pseudopets should share the same caps as the caster, and build up should boost its damage (but as before only for the duration remaining at the time of summoning,) unless something is configured wrong.
  14. Due to the current no-redraw themes are a broken mess, they have higher priority.
  15. This was a very arduous process to get working, need to make 100% certain it works before trying to do it for other sets. Still, it will likely be a while before any other set gets the treatment.
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