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  1. Stupid phone... I typed “three”!! Also, I NEVER type “Duck”!
  2. Three things: Please, try to be civil. Thread has not gotten as out of hand as some of the others but it’s starting to slide there. The -regen has already been scrapped internally. Won’t be on the next patch. The self dmg buff modifier will go back to its old scale in the next patch.
  3. Every set gets some benefit at least from the increased target cap. It's being increased a tad for next patch. But keep in mind: if you compare bruise + old base damage + build up, to test, you will get less damage on that one click regardless. The question is: how much total DPS you get through the fight now that the windows outside build up do higher damage, and the T1 is not mandatory in any attack chain.
  4. Stacking -Res can be extremely dangerous, but in the next iteration I'm going to be doing a quick experiment with -regen instead of -res. That is a stat that has a lot more predefined scope and is a lot more controllable.
  5. It's per entity. Any entity (code does not check if it's a player or critter or what) will check the streak breaker code independently based on it's own miss-history. 10 critters, each has to miss 100 times before one hits. However, a minion is very likely to hit a def-capped target once every 20 hits in average. Nature of defense and randomness means this might happen all at once, all spread through, heck, might be the first wave of attacks. Defense was designed as a gamble/luck mechanic. Sometimes, you will lose that bet, and very quickly fall if defense is the only thing keeping you alive. This is the reason Super Reflexes was giving Scaling Resistances, and Ninjitsu has a self heal.
  6. The AI never uses cones from max range, it uses always tries to use them from half cone max range. I think that’s a bit drastic, and 2/3 might be better, but 1/2 is what it is at the moment.
  7. And how many foes can you hit before before it stars expiring on the first foe? My point is you can’t effectively boost AoE damage with bruise. Note: Titan Weapon t1 is a cone, but only bruises the primary target.
  8. No, debuffs have always been resisted by level difference, and part of the logic behind many debuffs being way stronger than the buffing equivalent.
  9. That 9% would mean a lot more after the change, and also to consider: against a +3 purple parch means bruise goes down to 13%, and you can’t spread bruise across multiple foes. I still will likely adjust things a bit more in the next patch. Need to crunch more numbers but might go got .85 instead of .75 for the self damage buff mod.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to test. Keep in mind also, not only are your numbers somewhat higher than on live, but you also get more out of team buffs than before, plus the AoE buffs (that should help with aggro management, your auras are bigger as are all attacks that can taunt. Tanker version of Taunt is back to 5 targets, but it’s -range is still 100%, unlike brute version, this mess enemies will always come to nose distance unless they resist the range debuff.
  11. You will not see the arc increase in power info same as you don’t see the recharge increase from hasten or enhancements there either.
  12. Technically true, but proportionally it’s 10%. I mean: minions normally only hit half the time. Soft cap def take that to 5%. 5%/50% = 10% (compared to no defense.) It’s 5% but when you want to compare it proportionally , it’s easier to say that nearly universally, 45 def makes you avoid 90% of the attacks that would otherwise landed.
  13. Because the set already has too much AoE. Similar story to Titan Weapons and Claws. All 3 sets might be reviewed in the future, but without heavy re-balance that is what they get for now.
  14. As it has been stated, if you have 45 def and the foe has standard tohit, they will have a 10% hit chance and will take 100 attacks from that single foe to kick in the streakbreaker. That said: 45 def still means you get hit by 10% of the attacks even without tohit buffs. That is not streakbreaker, that is just the defense soft-cap. Just like you cant resist 100% of the attacks, you cant ever avoid 100% of the attacks.
  15. The buff is specifically targetted to secondary brutes in groups, a second brute in a group (or a brute that didnt main tank) always had a hard time maintaining decent fury levels. It's something that was never addressed because of how similar of an issue to tankers it was, and fixing it when tanker's secondary tank issues were unaddressed was just not fair. That said: the fury change is still under consideration and will likely be adjusted further (not upwards.) Only this specific one.
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