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  1. Issue 27, page 2 is bringing an overhaul to the Sorcery pool. If you're just after a list of changes, they can be found at the end of this post or in the main patch notes thread. Our updates for the Sorcery pool are aimed at making the pool more viable for the widest majority of builds without causing it to be too strong for high-end builds. Specifically, we've aimed at reducing Sorcery's reliance on large amounts of +recharge, ensuring the powers in the pool are useful without heavy build investment. Spirit Ward Spirit Ward is now a toggle, allowing you to fire-a
  2. I did that on myself, simply because my original plan was do work on the other powers did the set after page 2 (be it a 2.1 patch it page 3. I just wanted to get it into the test cycle ASAP. This does not mean releasing the page ASAP, just getting it out there so we could gather feedback. That was litterally the only time that has happened, to my knowledge anyways. The people on the discussion. Are just a subset of those commenting in these threads, and I assure you we have the same ratio of dislike for RoP among them, and the fact that they had a similar ratio is why I
  3. I'm sorry about my brevity but it's extremely late and posting from a phone. The team spent hours discussing what potential alternatives to test based on all the feedback gathered here, in the forums. Option B was actually taken directly from the feedback threads and A was more of a mix of things. The discord survey was simply done to gauge, from a small sample base, what approach to test. The point of the survey was not to have that vote define what goes live, but to pursue the test path that had the least potential friction alongside the other power changes to the s
  4. Better take is that it is a minor flaw or concession in the design of some IO category enhancement sets to simply allow flexibility of the set in powers that can actually make use of the recharge provided. Else it would require a whole bunch of enhancement categories that only apply to resist toggles, or resist passives, ones that cost no end, or ignore recharge, or have zero recharge, or what not. End of the day, if there is a flaw, its in the design of the enhancement set. Personally I prefer to think the live team called it a concession.
  5. OK, I'll change all Resistance passives in the game to allow Recharge enhancements...
  6. Enflame pet did not proc at all before. That said there is only one other power that has this behavior, and it will be seeing the same treatment on page 3.
  7. Enflame wont be doing that. The power was implemented in such a way that the pets would not bypass the 10s recharge timer by resetting it on every pet summon. The pet itself is incapable of applying procs, the procs are applied by the Enflame Toggle itself. Edit: I see Number Six already beat me to this explanation.
  8. That is not how that works. Passive resistance powers dont accept recharge enhancements either, and you can slot Damage Resistance IOs on them too. This simply means you cant slot a simple Recharge TO/DO/SO or crafted IO into the power, simply because on it's own it does nothing for the user. Set enhancements can be slotted even if they only offer recharge, because those add up value via set bonuses.
  9. Clarification: currently it is being affected by recharge enhancements, but not by recharge buffs. Next patch it wont be affected by any form of recharge.
  10. We understand that this change is not one that most people will like. The patch notes are, I am afraid, a bit misleading. The duration of the power was changed to 60s, something that matches the duration of other origin pool T5s, but this is not done to match those. Internally, the team has agreed Rune of Protection has been an over-performing power for as long as it's been around. It is one of those powers that made it out a bit unfinished due to the circumstances of the game shutdown (specifically, it never actually graduated to the live servers). All new Origin Pool T5s have been de
  11. You customize the Stance under Inherent > Stance This passive power sets your stance regardless what power you are running.
  12. -Run/-Fly resistance was lowered in Defensive stance and removed from Rested stance. Edited the post in an attempt to clarify that. This wont prevent Rest from preventing movement, it is now handled via rooting.
  13. It would had been caught regardless, just a bit later.
  14. Oversight, it will be addressed in the next build.
  15. Hide grants 150ft stealth, Stealth provides 55ft. 55ft is usually enough for most content, but not all, and there might always be more content that gets you there. Players already could add Super Speed with one stealth IO for identical results, better results, really, since its extremely faster movement power than Infiltration would be (and at this time, you cant use Infiltration with Stealth.) On top, Super Speed is already on a pool almost everyone takes due to hasten. This does not make it "ok", but I find it unlikely there will be a mass adoption of Stealth jus
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