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  1. This change was only for the Trick Arrow version of the power, not the Tactical Arrow one.
  2. sigh.... I know some here are just tongue in cheek joking, but please, stop spreading FUD. Stone Melee will not be getting any combo or conditional mechanics, and at the same time: scrapper/stalker versions, when they happen, will not be identical to tanker/brute ones. Stone melee changes for ATs that already have access to it, if any, will be minimalist. Edit to add: DO expect special mechanics on completely new sets, though.
  3. I saw these suggestions. Many will obviously disagree, given the feedback, but I dont want to nerf the immob or damage to accommodate a return to the higher range. If a player wants to prioritize range over damage or immob, then they can do this themselves by slotting that way. The boost to 60ft was precisely so that enhancements had an easier and more realistic chance to get a player to the 80ft mark. 2 even level SOs (now a standard at all level ranges) can get any of these powers past the 80ft mark. Now, not a direct reply to you but just a quick few points while i have time: Gymnastics is called that because it was a clone of Acrobatics, and that power does not provide jump buffs. I am not against it getting renamed back to Agility (the other power it was merged with) or something else, but also no time to be holding a long survey or suggestion thread on that. Psi Blast for blasters likely didn't get the 100ft treatment because devs used to be terrified about the impact of that set in PvP, since so many armor sets lacked psi resistance. I thought I had fixed that range thing a long time ago, I'll have to look into it (but we trying to stick to a feature freeze right now so might not get revised until after page 1 launches.) @Jackie I hear you about stealth in Darkness Manip, but as noted, feature freeze at this point. I wrote it down on my list of things to evaluate for future updates [insert standard "not promising it will happen" disclaimer here].
  4. This is actually intended behavior, but was buggy until recently. Since Entropy became an aura, having Energy Cloak on would disable all debuffs and self buffs from hitting enemies. There was a bug where the aura would still notify players of the player being there (without doing anything else) causing them to initiate combat. That bug was fixed. As soon as combat is initiated, and your stealth breaks, foes should start getting debuffed. If they are not getting debuffed at that point, then THAT is a bug. Toggling your aura mid combat should not re-stealth you. I'll look into that.
  5. As Booper noted, this is no longer the case, not in this build. Previous implementation was weaker and required the caster to do some play-around with that lingering effect as you noted. Now, the buff is much stronger and the patch lasts a lot longer precisely aimed at the player not having to be spamming the power to get maximum potential out of the power.
  6. I understand some like the change for these reasons, but if I can figure a way to address pseudo-pet replacing without making it location based before i27 goes live, it would go back to target based.
  7. I understand this, but due to some current engine limitations, the only way to make the pet not-stack is if it either targets location or caster. Foe-focused pseudopet summons cant delete the older pet before summoning the new one, and with the buffed numbers, this power would be too strong if allowed to stack. If it is any help, bind commands are also useful. You can bind a key, like 1, to activate the power at the target location and then place the power on spot 1, it would be visually the same as just having it on spot 1 and targeting the enemy.
  8. Clarification about Glue Arrow: The power should be a location targeted power, but due to an error only the Controller version is doing this right now. Next patch that will be fixed.
  9. For a while now we been looking at means to give players a way to pick the movement animation via power customization, potentially on an inherent power.
  10. For clarity, since it is not visible in the power info: When you do Focused Barrage, the stun is not 10% chance of Mag 2, scale 6, but instead 100% chance for Mag 3, Scale 8.
  11. Quickness is a relatively weaker passive buff more similar to Swift. Run speed buff in gymnastic should also not be subject to the stacking restriction, since it's a copy or the small Quickness speed buff. Shinobi is a full copy of Ninja Run.
  12. Force of thunder will remain separate from the sustain because the players should never be in a position where they need to spend their AoE CC just to refresh or restart their sustain buff, the power shoulf be free to be used as needed to control foes. That was the reason for it to be split from the sustain.
  13. The reason Whirling Hands got the double damage with focus was to compensate for the lack of a cone (second AoE.) Double damage was simply too much for this, since it suddenly allowed too much AoE damage in too quick a burst. Given the goal was to make up for a second AoE, having it auto-recharge allows it to be chained with itself, and delivers the initial result in a much more balanced way.
  14. There is currently a timing bug where the damage comes too late in the animation, a fix for that is in the queue.
  15. The problem is not just combat jumping though, in theory those two buffs could be made to override each-other easily as they are identical movement buffs, but when you enter powers like Super Jump or Ninja Run and many other jump powers into the question, then controlling the stacking becomes extremely challenging as the replacement becomes intermittent, or potentially results in the player getting the best of either power at once, what jump grouping is designed to prevent from the start. It is something that was attempted. If I manage to actually make it work without loopholes, then the movement buff can come back.
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