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  1. There was a shelved AT called the Striker, it was supposed to have a primary set that would be pretty much Assault-Like and a secondary that would be similar to Blaster Manipulation sets (with armor powers instead of melee attacks) One of the big gimicks of the AT is that Melee attacks would be empowered by stacking buffs generated using ranged attacks from range. If you ever played Final Fantasy XIV, the AT would play VERY similar to Red Mages, only no black/white balance. Instead just build up the meter, and use it as a secondary power source to turn those melee strikes into extremely powerful attacks. For the most part the AT would be playing a DPS role with some hard crowd control on their secondary and some team support on their epics. It is a concept I still hope to realize at some point. If it was to happen, it would very likely start with just 3 or 4 primary and secondary sets, at least at first. Getting sentinels out the door was ridiculously hard, and it still needs lots of work.
  2. Bug found and squashed internally, on the queue now.
  3. WAI, unless someone finds an extremely exploitable use for Sands of Mu and force my arm into nerfing it. It should apply to almost all AoEs, regardless if they are epics, armor powers, power pools, inherents, temps, etc. Pseudo-pet powers should not be affected.
  4. On the Phantom Army zoning issue: Can anyone confirm if this occurs with both, the Mirror and the old power themes? Can anyone verify if it also happens with Fire Control's Imps?
  5. No, burn definitively causes it (ask any scrapper, forever.) The bug is that Blazing aura for brutes should be taunting them to not run, and isn’t.
  6. THAT is very odd, there was no changes to Taunt The Power, that power still has its own taunt, and at a way longer duration than Gauntlet it PunchVoke.
  7. If the power does not say it ignore arc buffs, then it will always end up 1.5x the specified arc. Jacobs Ladder specifically does not ignore the buff, and should be working at an effective 75 degree arc for tankers.
  8. About aggro auras: Good news is i found the bug and fixed it internally. Bad news is it obviously requires a patch and not sure when that will be scheduled for. The bug is exclusively with toggles. Punchvoke should be working on all click powers. Sorry I didn't catch this during the beta period.
  9. Just making sure this is not a typo or I might be misreading: you saying you had enemies run out of burn before this patch? As a Brute? Tank? Scrapper?
  10. Yes, what you saw there is the invisible global proc. Next patch will hide it.
  11. There is no fear component to turn off on Burn. The AI simply will enter a “harassed” mode and start fleeing if too many attacks are executed against it. Burn is a power that attacks extremely often, and due to a bug, also happens to spawn many patches that means exponential increase of these attacks panicking the AI. This behavior *should* be overridden by a taunt, though, although not sure if there is a threshold were taunt won’t out weight the “harassed” mode.
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