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  1. Yes, that was an intentional experiment (to give taunts a bit more of an AoE “mocking blow that does no damage but agraviantes“ option instead of a “hey yo mama” taunt.
  2. Most mez prot click powers can be used while mezzed. It was added a long time ago to counter balance the toggle-and-forget advantage toggle mez prot have. You still likely want mez prot active are all time, mostly because of knockback, but it still gives some leeway to the user where they can opt to not have their mez prot ok auto, as they can still break free once held/stunned/etc. Even powers like unstoppable should be usable while mezzed.
  3. @Tater Todd If a power has not finished recharging, or not in range, the draw animation will start to play. If mid way through it the power recharges, or the foe gets closer, that draw animation should be instantly interrupted as the attack activates. Maybe that had something to do with it?
  4. Taunt and BU sequencers are just weird. Draw always ends up prioritized over the power's boost up or taunt animation, if the weapon is not drawn. It should not be slowing you down, though, and I kinda liked the result so didn't fight the sequencers too much in fear of breaking more things. I will still look to see if i can get it to do the correct animation.
  5. If possible, I would appreciate more testing with other players around to see if the “visible katana only while animating” thing is consistent or random.
  6. New pseudopets should share the same caps as the caster, and build up should boost its damage (but as before only for the duration remaining at the time of summoning,) unless something is configured wrong.
  7. Due to the current no-redraw themes are a broken mess, they have higher priority.
  8. This was a very arduous process to get working, need to make 100% certain it works before trying to do it for other sets. Still, it will likely be a while before any other set gets the treatment.
  9. Answer to almost all questions is: we need you to test this. Sentinel epic is a bit of a different issue, at least partially. Will have to look at it to see what’s going on there, but just because that is still odd does not mean it won’t fix invisible katana issues with other sets that can actually customize the sword in the costume editor.
  10. Text error, that never made it out of testing but forgot to remove the label. Will be fixed soon.
  11. Working from memory because I don’t know the current meta, but EQ is a game where basically everything is an elite boss and you don’t want to fight multiples. AoE spells are highly disliked in that game as they likely will bring unnecessary aggro and not speed up things much, or they might break sleeps that are keeping everyone alive. You can (or could) also use sleeps there to interrupt powerful enemy spells, if you are attentive enough to see them casting. Overall, it’s just a different game, and sleep just fits under their game structure.
  12. Quote for truth. Sleeps need help, but they are indeed far from useless. One of the many potential fixes is actually look into content and potentially give more situations for sleep to shine, that's not a trivial task, though. But imagine if... for example, sleep could cancel out Nemesis Vengeance.
  13. Why? Wouldn’t it be better just to remove that unnecessary movement penalty from Rooted? Only power that should have penalties is Granite.
  14. What if the maker of the set wants it nerfed because they realized they <bleeped> up big time?
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