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  1. Power Build Up grants ToHit, that’s why it takes ToHit buff sets. Gather shadows and Power Up only grant toHit Str, that do nothing on its own unless you have another power that grants ToHit.
  2. They did not become build-up, they became “Power Up”, basically the same as Gather Shadows (a damage/special booster.)
  3. The pom-poms are not part of the attack itself, they are weird... in that they behave just like weapons. Any energy melee attack will attach them to your hands, independent on power timing.
  4. Vanden hit the nail right on the head. there is nothing on the board at the moment for buff sets, but this has been discussed in the past. Ideally: any changes to improve Time Bomb and Trip Mine on the Traps sets would be oriented towards the goal of buff/debuff. Cottage rule and all that, but damage and usability may be adjusted in ways that allow for additional aspects being added that actually help the sets do their jobs.
  5. There are snipes in Scrapper/Stalker patron pools.
  6. The original intent was for the ring to denote the conditional (that slow snipe was ready) but consensus was that most wanted the highlight when it was on fast mode. There is one change in the next patch.
  7. This is not an intentional change. Power is still flagged to allow stacking. Will have to touch base with the code people, may be something else in the pipeline messing with this. Edit: code people let me know i [bleeped] up. Should be fixed in a future patch [not the next one, that one is in the can already]
  8. Could even give that "Infiltration" power a Ninja-Run like speed/jump buff. Making Invisibility a hybrid-travel-power.
  9. Superior Invisibility should have a much stronger stealth than Invisibility, at a lower end cost, and should retain some defense while in combat. It will cost more endurance than just Stealth.
  10. The current goal is for Stealth and Invisibility to be for each other what Combat Jump and Super Jump are for each other. Stealth should be a low end, low magnitude, stealth that grants some evasion and is ideal for combat. Invisibility is a high end, high magnitude, stealth that grants little to no benefit in combat. Currently it is granting some defense in combat, in a future build, no defense will be granted in combat.
  11. Looking at the numbers, the patch currently on Justin should have auto-adjusted the PvP damage, as the power is now a single target attack that executes a secondary power for it's AoE. Test and let me know if it still looks wrong.
  12. If I had made the set myself from scratch, there would be more melee attacks, the live team decided to go for a more ninja approach with plenty of shuriken throws and caltrops, though. I would have certainly put Eagle's Claw as the set's T9. Anyways, all powers need to be accounted for when balancing sets. I know the desire to be able to punch more often (or kick, in this case) when using Assault Sets, but balance wise, ranged attacks dont become any less effective when used at melee range. That being told, I will look into potential compromises.
  13. The biggest difference between the two sets is that Martial Assault has an easy-to-perma 15% base damage increase power in Envenom Blades. While Envenom Blades is active, the power does 91.98 dps (bit higher than Contaminated Strike.) Note that unlike most other global Procs, Envenomed blades should use any slots in the power, in addition to any +dmg buffs you get. It's an extremely powerful buff.
  14. No snipe sits at 0.67 seconds. 0.67 display on Sniper Rifle was always a display bug.
  15. About endurance cost of stealth toggles: most toggles (stealth included) pulse twice per second. Patch notes indicate new pet-pulse end cost. Per-second end-cost is twice that.
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