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  1. Was about to bring up playing a kheld. We basically avoid all the defense buff toggles on our warshade specifically because of the lack of this feature making us need to repeatedly tap a bind every time we shapeshift.
  2. ...It totally does. How the hell have we missed this? Sorry, lmao.
  3. Huh! We'd never managed to notice this at all, thank you! It would still be nice to see it on the reticle/hover at the same time as you'd see an enemy's name color, and maybe have a dedicated indicator for "too high" and "too low" to distinguish away from "same level as you", but. Yeah, this is good to know, thank you.
  4. This, of course, does nothing for the times where someone can't actually see the difference between a red and a purple enemy all that clearly. And the tutorial also teaches you how to move with Q and E and WASD - it's full of both incredibly obvious information to many people with any pre-existing gaming experience, and tutorializing based on things not strictly Useful Yet. We just walked someone through a bit of the Praetorian tutorial yesterday and it was honestly a pretty rough time for information retention due to just how much was thrown in all at once, so... "It's in the tutorial" isn't the most helpful. (That said, we appreciate you pointing that bit out, we didn't know it was in the tutorial because we skip the tutorial a lot due to our pre-existing game experience.)
  5. Currently, when enemies are a certain number of levels above or below your own, they have a name with a specific color above the targeting reticle. This is a useful feature, but only if you can distinguish between all the colors used (never a guarantee), and you know what the colors mean already. It would be nice if, maybe just between the name and healthbar, or next to the name, there was maybe an indicator in addition to name color? Something like a "+1" for yellows, "+2" for oranges, etc. This still requires a hint of knowledge, but should hopefully be a bit more obvious as to *why* that enemy who has a different marker under their name is murdering you much faster, or dies in one hit.
  6. Hi! We've done web development off and on since 2015, and gravitated more towards front-end design recently. We've got strong experience and love for making things pretty and accessible in HTML and CSS (hopefully our website is a good show of this), and we are relatively comfortable with Javascript. We've worked with SASS a little, and can learn pretty fast, but usually just make simple enough CSS and use features like vanilla CSS variables, that we haven't needed it. We use git relatively regularly, but definitely will need help in some areas, as we've basically used it for solo projects mostly. Haven't used React or Next at all. We'd mostly like to work on the HTML and CSS side of styling things. We don't have any hangups with signing a legal agreement or communicating over Discord, but we will note that our time and availability may be limited or sporadic, as we're in a slightly turbulent life situation right now, and disabled.
  7. A Weightless Thought Resting Between Two Trajectories (or, if you wish to be concise, (the) Weightless), are an inseperable, yet sometimes-separately-communicative pair, running with the hero name Resting Witchface. She use plural she/her pronouns (fuck grammar), and she are made up of Avery Andrews (she/her), a witch living out of her studio apartment, and Lagrange Point (they/them), a Kheldian Warshade who's bounced around the galaxy a teensy bit. Avery is a bit of an awkward loner, who tries to be friendly but feels like she can't really manage that all on her own. She tried to summon a demon to make a more desperate pact to have some real super abilities (instead of just, being Super Tall), in the hopes she could get out there, be likeable, and do some good. Her spell failed, and instead she got Lagrange Point (or, if you're done being concise, One Of Multiple Ideal Equilibrious Points), a Kheldian warshade who seems to really want to atone for some of the messes they've gotten into as Nictus. To that end, they're a little overly helpful towards Avery, trying to help their host break out of their shell and such. Generally, though, a lot of the conversations going on between the two are internal, and she will speak as one combined entity, until there's something that isn't quite consensus. (tiny side squeaking: this is our first character we've, ever RPed with in an MMO or anything, so we're shy and kinda just aaa about it, be nice please okay thanks aaaa)
  8. hiya! we go by the Weld, but our handle's @Fidgetcetera, and you can find us pretty much mostly on Everlasting. we're a plural system, and that'll show in these characters. first post will be, cape name (and a link to the post downthread if we make one) - pronouns - non-cape name, if available - short sentence of description. We'll probably RP more with some than others! Assume all of them are gay and trans unless stated otherwise (we won't state otherwise). Resting Witchface - She/her (plural) - The Weightless - Warshade, the result of a Kheldian (Lagrange Point) in need running into a witch (Avery Andrews), just as she fucked up a summoning spell. She came to believe Lagrange was a demon. You'll see them individually chat with [AA] and [LP], with different colored chat bubbles. Sanguine Seeker - They/them - Currently not very fleshed out gay vampire. We'll get back to you on that one. Sapphic Steel - They/them - Giant swordfighting lesbian robot from Praetoria, lightly inspired by a song we like. Praetorian clockwork gone rogue who repainted and replaced their parts and joined the resistance? Disaster Dykes - They/them - Group of sorta-hiveminded supervillains. Blatant selves-insert, and OC we had before coming to Homecoming. They share a mind but each have individuality, and can shapeshift into each one of the Disaster Dykes at whatever time is needed. Buns of Steel - She/her - Exercise training bunny entertainment robot who popped into awareness and realized she could just go do whatever to make humans happy, which mostly meant building several robots and fighting crime, to her. Access Violation - They/them - Witchy techy idea, not at all thought through. The Lab's Perf(ect, it was too long) Pipsqueak - Jenny Larson - Shey/They - Psionic assistant to an evil scientist, who failed to properly practice lab safety (too busy flirting with the scientist) and got turned into a very small mousegirl. She has yet to complain about this.
  9. Befitting name. We think the request is probably for mastermind *pets*, since it's pretty obvious to anyone that you can make your own character look and gend however you want.
  10. Our characters' heights very much vary, but sometimes we have to make a Tall Lady, because we are Very Gay. And then an 8 foot tall plural space witch warshade is created.
  11. been working on an apartment for our character Resting Witchface! took a lot of effort to actually make a *small* base, lol Bonus, a pocket dimension accessed by that portal in the kitchen:
  12. Took a little time to edit this together, and it was a great time.
  13. Both silly and 100% serious and self indulgent - I have Sapphic Steel, a pink/orange (one of the newer lesbian pride flag color sets) giant robot lesbian with a sword and shield. Basically was an excuse to bring the phrase "sword lesbian" into a character concept.
  14. This is helpful advice if you already know about the bug before you get to that point in the story. Which, presumably, most people will not.
  15. I have a similar story, though in my case it didn't leave a queued mission because I killed Crow, then took Scott's mission later. I used my every 3 days mission complete button, but it feels worth chiming in anyway. Maybe there should be a requirement to have gotten through the Neutropolis crusader/warden questlines before Scott offers you the mission that leads to killing Crow?
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