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  1. Oops. Sorry, I quoted you. But you might be right...unless you're not.
  2. Why do NPCs get to share names? Even in SG bases. I swear that at least five different women have reported to work in the Control Center claiming to be Susan!
  3. I was in Champions in the dark days between CoH shutdown and HC going public. Never had an issue like this or knew anyone who did. Is it possible? Certainly. Is it likely, maybe not. From my perspective (opinions will vary), the actual upside of the global naming system far, far outweighed the potential downside. Interestingly, even though I had some characters with "obvious" names, I never ran across any characters with the same name. They were undoubtedly out there, but chance meetings with them never happened.
  4. I have 90+ characters and haven't had to settle for weird spellings, odd phrases, or wacky punctuation. There is only one character with an obvious name that I particularly wanted, so I added the initials of my supergroup after his name as a personal identifier. Good superhero names are still available. There are many variations available using traditional comic book conventions (e.g., Doctor, Captain, Scarlet, Silver, Lord, Lady, and so forth), not to mention relevant synonyms (the ones that make sense :) ). I may not get the first name I try, but I can keep the name consistent wi
  5. As a writer and editor, I can say the most difficult text to edit is your own.
  6. No alts--just 95 mains, ranging from levels 2-32 (the 2s are only that level because I created them to team with my wife and daughter and we haven't run those particular teams yet). I solo or duo/trio with my family.
  7. This. If you are just trying to get an autorun instead of holding down the W key, the R key is autorun. It works for flight as well.
  8. Those effects aren't on sprints, those are auras found in the costume creator.
  9. I understand both the wish the OP has to remain in KR via radio missions and the fact that this is not feasible because of game mechanics. I was just pointing out that the game was designed for much of it to be soloable; it is not an anomaly, it is a design choice--and a good one. Scaling to group size (solo and up) is a great mechanic that reaches a much broader playerbase than if the game required full groups to accomplish anything. Most of my time in CoH is spent either solo or running with my family (wife, daughter, occasionally brother) That was true on the original servers as
  10. CoH has always had a strong solo component and is one of the most soloable MMOs I've ever played. There are aspects that are certainly geared to teaming, but CoH was designed for much of it to be soloable as well. That is one of the things that makes this same so great; it caters to a variety of playstyles.
  11. Just a point of clarification for those unfamiliar with trademark/copyright: companies have to defend trademarks to protect their ownership. They do not have to defend copyrights to protect their ownership.
  12. How about a 5-mission AE arc where you rescue Percy in each mission, but he gets rekidnapped as he escapes from each one? We could call the arc "Where in the World is Percy Winkley?" Or we could have an arc called "Help Fusionette Rescue Percy Winkley" where you end up having to rescue both of them--each mission.
  13. Agreed. Either or both would be great. Different story options. Of course, back on the "live" servers I stopped muggings quite a bit when my daughter was little. She would watch me play and say "but, Daddy, you have the save the citizen!" How could I not? Then I got her an account and she helped me save the citizens. She just turned 21--and is still saving Paragon City with me and my wife. 🙂
  14. One option might be random spawns on the street that give you missions (similar to the side missions in the safeguard missions).
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