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  1. Ouch! If I get back into creating AE arcs again, I too will have six available. Three on my account and three on my wife's account.
  2. Yeah, that's what I figured. I didn't know if publishing it on the servers would create a server copy or not. I've been scouring my saved files and apparently did not save the mission folder. Ugh and other comments.
  3. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I missed "those" and just read "most people.' My apologies.
  4. That's kind of a generalization. I rarely do generic radio missions unless I'm close to finishing out a level to get a new contact. Story missions are the primary part of the game for me. However, going with full teams for story missions is a bit overkill. Solo, duo, trio seems the best fit for story missions (in my playstyle; opinions and playstyles certainly vary 🙂 ). One great thing about CoH is that both the new and old tutorials and missions are still available, so there is a great variety of content to do--including radio missions. Using the search button for contacts instead of taking whatever contact is next in line based on your current quest line gives even more options.
  5. I have characters that play both the Hollows and Faultline, but I mostly solo or run with my wife and/or daughter. I like to spread my characters around so that not every character is running the same content (e.g., different zones, some focus on newer content, some focus on old school content, and so forth).
  6. This. In anticipation of the policy, I've tried to make a habit of logging in characters when they are reaching the "danger zone" for their level, but a good heads up announcement will help.
  7. One thing you can try is refining your search parameters with the options in the search tool. Another would be to search for [sfma] (player acronym for story-focused mission arc). SFMA is held over from live, but may not be widely used. None of these are perfect. I, too, wish there was a list available, but at least the search tool in AE gives us some options.
  8. I currently have 59 characters and none are for name-camping. Some are soloers, some were created to team with specific people so that we level together, some are open to PUGs, etc. There are so many power and costume combos available in this game that it is ripe for creating many characters. 10-30 characters is nothing in CoH. I had over 170 when CoH shut down before. There were times it took me a little effort to find a name that was not taken, but I never settled for a "bad" name. Even when Paragon implemented a timed name reuse policy, people still complained that all the "good" names were taken. I don't expect that to be any different when HC implements their policy. Limiting players' creativity is rarely the best answer.
  9. Yeah, I'll never understand people who make alts in this game. Me, I currently have 59 mains. And counting. 🙂
  10. That's an opinion, not a fact. I enjoy the pre-20 levels as well as higher levels. For me, if "the real game starts at 50," it's not a game worth playing. That is, if 50 levels of journey is not enjoyable, why bother to play the game at all? I do not raid or PvP; I find both repetitive and boring. I want a story-filled journey. As to Champions Online, my family played it after CoH shut down. As recently as a month before we found out about Homecoming, while we were finishing up a mission in CO, my daughter commented wistfully "I miss City of Heroes." CO has some definite pluses, but for overall fun factor--from level one forward--CoH wins hands down for us. Opinions may, and do, vary. And that's okay.🙂
  11. Undoubtedly a question for the dev team and most likely will result in a "no" answer, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I published a mission on the live servers titled "Granny Granite and the Senior Moment Gang." I have my old custom critters/custom villain groups folders, but cannot locate the missions folder or my old design sheets. Would the old published AE missions be stored in the data the Homecoming team has, and if so, can they retrieve and/or release them by request from the original author?
  12. I had a story arc on live called "Granny Granite and the Senior Moment Gang." Most people who played it gave nice reviews. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have saved the mission folder from my old PC. I have the custom critters/custom groups, but not the mission text itself.
  13. CoH is my favorite MMO in part because of the fact that it does not feel all that grindy to me. However, I realize that different players have a different take on what constitutes grind. Playing through storyline missions is where the fun is for me, much more so that repetitive raids or PvP. Yet I often see players talk about "grinding missions." If something feels like a grind to me, I don't do it all that much. I'm not here to work, I'm here to play. I think one thing I like is that it does not feel like there is a *required* grind. That is, if I want to craft, I do. If I don't want to, I don't. Same goes for most aspects of CoH. The game is perfectly playable whether one chooses to grind specific things or not. Variability of playstyle is one of the great strengths of this game.
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