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  1. Yeah, I'll never understand people who make alts in this game. Me, I currently have 59 mains. And counting. 🙂
  2. That's an opinion, not a fact. I enjoy the pre-20 levels as well as higher levels. For me, if "the real game starts at 50," it's not a game worth playing. That is, if 50 levels of journey is not enjoyable, why bother to play the game at all? I do not raid or PvP; I find both repetitive and boring. I want a story-filled journey. As to Champions Online, my family played it after CoH shut down. As recently as a month before we found out about Homecoming, while we were finishing up a mission in CO, my daughter commented wistfully "I miss City of Heroes." CO has some definite pluses, but for overall fun factor--from level one forward--CoH wins hands down for us. Opinions may, and do, vary. And that's okay.🙂
  3. Undoubtedly a question for the dev team and most likely will result in a "no" answer, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I published a mission on the live servers titled "Granny Granite and the Senior Moment Gang." I have my old custom critters/custom villain groups folders, but cannot locate the missions folder or my old design sheets. Would the old published AE missions be stored in the data the Homecoming team has, and if so, can they retrieve and/or release them by request from the original author?
  4. I had a story arc on live called "Granny Granite and the Senior Moment Gang." Most people who played it gave nice reviews. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have saved the mission folder from my old PC. I have the custom critters/custom groups, but not the mission text itself.
  5. CoH is my favorite MMO in part because of the fact that it does not feel all that grindy to me. However, I realize that different players have a different take on what constitutes grind. Playing through storyline missions is where the fun is for me, much more so that repetitive raids or PvP. Yet I often see players talk about "grinding missions." If something feels like a grind to me, I don't do it all that much. I'm not here to work, I'm here to play. I think one thing I like is that it does not feel like there is a *required* grind. That is, if I want to craft, I do. If I don't want to, I don't. Same goes for most aspects of CoH. The game is perfectly playable whether one chooses to grind specific things or not. Variability of playstyle is one of the great strengths of this game.
  6. One thing to bear in mind is that not all people approach AE the same way. For myself, if I play AE, I play story-based missions. Never farms. I actually level more slowly than in regular content that way. Personally, I am in no rush to level. I just play, whether solo or duo/trio with my wife and/or daughter, and enjoy the game as it unfolds. I'm not a raider or pvper; I just like story content more. Different players have different playstyles. That is okay. It means more things for a wider variety of player types to do. I'll take my time leveling (many characters); others can find a variety of faster paths to leveling as they choose. It's all good. 🙂
  7. This was actually addressed by one of the devs in a thread (I do not remember which one, but I remember the conversation). It was not intended to restrict you from using your creations in your own work (book, comic book, what have you), but to protect their rights to use images and video of your characters in their promotional materials. Of course, the specific costume designs. etc., created from their assets would need to be modified for personal use, but the character concept itself still belonged to you. I had a vested interest in this conversion when it took place because I was using one of my own story characters in game. I have not recreated him in this iteration of CoH, and I have published work with this character (with my own original costume design). I was assured directly that I owned my character concept.
  8. There only character I have (out of 58 so far) that might be in danger is named Paladin TW (TW for our supergroup). I know Marvel has a character named Paladin, but my character is in no way related to that one. I have been going on the assumption that the term "paladin" is a generic term for hero and cannot be copyrighted in itself. Would it be prudent to open a ticket on my character to verify? I'd hate to waste a GM's time, but don't want to break the CoC either.
  9. I've played CoH, Champions Online, and DCUO. CoH wins for graphics (for me) hands down. I like the look of this game better than any other superhero game I've played. I also enjoy the overall gameplay more than the other games. Opinions may (and will) vary. 🙂
  10. My wife, daugher, and I are all in the same boat as well.
  11. Marvel Heroes was Gazillion, not Cryptic. It was a fun little change of pace game, but I agree that it could not replace CoH.
  12. My daughter has this issue as well. While the attack animation is going off, my wife and can see her katana. When the animation is finished, her katana turns invisible.
  13. Ah, so I logged in after the last announcement. Thanks for answering this for those of us who missed the announcement.
  14. Energy/Energy is still my favorite blaster. :) However, I do not often play in large groups, so it is not that big of an issue. When I solo, all that knockback is great. If I'm running with other ranged characters, ditto. If I'm running with melee characters, I try to choose targets more carefully to maximize my usefulness without negating theirs.
  15. Sometimes it takes me a bit to come up with a name I like if my original thought is already taken. There are no limits to the number of names available, but it can take some modification and imagination to create one that has not already been taken. For myself, back in the original CoH I created synonym and word lists associated with different powers and/or concepts. Now just applying synonyms does not always cut it (if I want Fireball, Incendiary Spheroid is just not a suitable replacement :) ). So I added titles to the list (e.g., The Mighty, the Amazing, Captain, Lord, Lady), or choose parts of words to combine with others to capture the concept. Sometimes the powers don't come into play, but the personality of the character (courage, protection, fighter, etc.). In the old CoH, I wanted to name a character Atomstrike. Somebody else beat me to it. I ended naming him Atomstryke. On Homecoming, I recreated him as Atomstryke right out of the box, not even attempting to name him anything else. It had character (pardon the pun), so I stuck with it. This is a long-winded way of saying there are a lot of options for naming; you might just have to apply a little extra creativity to it (which does not mean one has to get silly, unless you want to. :) )
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