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  1. Hello everyone. We just launched our first comic offering on Kickstarter. Please stop by and check it out.
  2. How can you get a permit to do a damned illegal thing? Look, price you name, money I got. HC: Place *you* name, money *I* name, otherwise bargain, no.
  3. Probably as long as they have email accounts and a VPN.
  4. They were here before and it really didn't impact me. Some people are not playing this not to achieve anything other than have fun. Some people don't want to play like you. However you play does not bother me anymore than how others play.
  5. I don't care one way or another. If someone has more money than time have at it.
  6. For example. Some people may ONLY like to PvP and PvE is painful for them as they have 0 interest in it. So someone with money and limited time may opt to buy Inf so they can insta build their PvP toon.
  7. I don't think the Windfall temp power is even offered anymore. I haven't seen one in a long time and I buy these packs dozens per week. The packs have kind of been a wash lately. Mostly break even. Probably better off to just buy items you want off the market.
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