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  1. I've done all the above, and yet it still randomly chooses the intel card, and never changes it from the default like it will for any other program. I manually select the high performance one every single time I launch, and still sometimes it doesn't launch (As I can tell very soon into playing as my FRs just die no matter where I am, and also the laptop doesn't run very hot either, which is admittedly a different issue when things are working right) What would really be nice is a command to put in launch parameters in the launcher to force it for sure. Or something to select the card it uses like a lot of games have (If such is even possible with this launcher)
  2. Here's the thing, it wasn't an issue with my Warshade. Or any other alt... until my recent Sentinel in Praetoria. It's just weird.
  3. I seriously had the same issue as a PB for my first arc or two, come to think of it! A weird bug, but seeing this written up, it made me think that yes, it happened!
  4. A BIG thank you for this guide! I've been wanting this badly, and yep! It tells me what I needed to know. The mindsets really are as important as anything else. Just because you can emulate a build doesn't mean you get how to make it work, and you've explained that! So thank you again!
  5. This is Ninja Blade in my case. But it hasn't mattered what costume part represents the weapon either. I've legit set to original on all my costume slots too, both primary and secondary.
  6. Well, I removed no-redraw from the weapon skills, because it was in fact set, but even after doing that it still has the same issue. I then made sure no-redraw was not on my secondary set either, same deal. So at this point, not a clue. It's there for me. Just no one else except in the moments a power is active, they MIGHT see an outline. Like during Build Up.
  7. I don't actually remember, I take it that can cause it?
  8. On my Ninja Blade/Dark Stalker, for some reason I'm the only one who can ever see my weapon. At our group RP night yesterday, fully 7 different people all couldn't see it. While today testing with not only that but changing up the models to different ones, same issue with lots of random people checking in Pocket D. I'm not sure what exactly is causing it. I can still see it. But no one else sees anything. Apparently it just looks like I'm standing there holding nothing but in the fighting stance. It is of note it can be seen VERY briefly as I draw it, but after that is when it disappears.
  9. I'd love to see a model for an Electric Guitar for the 'Axe' Powerset myself... because there's just great concepts using that!
  10. Ahh, darn then! And a real shame about no animations, but it is understandable then! I was hoping maybe they'd have had some leftover from the beta servers or something.
  11. I was wondering if there is any plans to add the power pools that didn't quite get implemented but are mentioned on the wiki, but which we had data and such for? (https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Power_Pool) Specifically: Experimentation Force of Will Gadgetry Utility Belt Especially if there is still code and such for them, because a few of those would be wonderful addition to any number of concepts out there!
  12. I'm still being told I have no transfers. Using Tequila.
  13. Can we please add Double Inf to go along with the XP? Otherwise we're just badly screwing over the economy and making it MUCH too easy to outlevel your actual ability to do things like you should.
  14. I hate to be the Debbie Downer here... but seriously? Can you turn on Double INF as well as XP? Because seriously, Double XP is basically a hindrance without Double INF too. It makes getting the necessary enhancements to be able to do things at your level MUCH harder when you have Double XP - especially in a New Chars environment like this!
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