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  1. I nevers had issues with this specific powers. however, and that's a known issue powexeclocation is sometime capricious, and it seems (to me) related on surfaces / maps ex almost never work in cimerora outdoor map on the high ramparts, (oil slick arrow, carrion creepers) You may try there, and compare with ground level at pi for example
  2. Mind control Loved the set, untill plant control... I dislike pets, never use them except PA on illu (and strangely no one ever seemed to notice it at least I nerver had any complaint about that). so mind control was my thing. power >> issue with it >> suggestion mesmerize >> ok with it mostly >> I'd made it a Mag 4 on first apply ==> garanteed boss sleep, but with the sleep effect unstackable on secpnd apply : 1 apply on the target sleep + damage, second apply within the sleep duration only does damage levitate >> fine with it >> I saw a smal
  3. Assault riffle In my opinion, assault could use something reflecting the penetrating effect of bullets, schrapnel,etc. Also only in a movie you'll see a guy hit by a bullet being pushed away like this. Power >> my issue with it >> my suggestion Burst >> I don't use it >> 20% chance of mag 2 stun (multiple impacts) or very minor unresistible dot (internal injury, no idea what amount) Slug >> KB >> change it to KD, saving a slot and a keeping soft control tool Sniper Rifle >> standard AR issue vs S/L res >> negate part (10%, 20
  4. Could be very usefull fore some boring powers, like repel. Started a synapse tf, repel on, it take only 05 min for teammates to "complain" about it. Then I find myself "stucked" listening to it at each pack. Finallye respeced to remove the power, who was part of the concept off my toon.
  5. Very fun to play with. Throw spine and rippers seem allow a lot of procs for assassins mark. My guess is every hit and not hjust every attack as a chance to proc So its common very common to have two and sometimes three builds up stacked. In several occasions i was auto buff to400 % damage Though, one need to wait an potential proc and not spam attacks to benefit from this mechanic. A conséquence is that attack chain is erratic, and tend to maximize throw spine for proc and ripper wich in my case also get the guile proc Paired with / rad, solid res and someth
  6. Claws pool, schockwave, 3 nucleolus, Scrapper +50%crit proc, 1 KBto KD, last one FF chance of recharge or 1 -res io. With a decent but not crazy recharge in the build, shockwave is up every 3 or 4 sec, proc 9/10 in medium or larges pack, then spin for a nice massive crit attack. As schockwave has a very quick cast, you can effectively benefit from the 3,5 sec to put 2 or 3 attacks
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