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  1. /signed as many times as possible I have several stalkers that are effectively immortal and this would be amazing for them, same with my VEATs, Sentinels, and even blasters. Nothing like attacking a group of enemies and having them decide to go on a marathon of the mission map, this would make these characters MUCH less annoying to play. This is one of my biggest issue with playing things not a scrapper, brute or tank. I would probably just make a single universal damage set, like overwhelming force.
  2. Just checked on the beta server, this bug still exist though, the lock is no longer a problem, the long animation still plays but you can act out of it properly.
  3. So sentinel rain of arrows has a much shorter cast time then the blaster variant (2 sec vs 4 sec) however if you use the power without the bow already drawn it will use the blaster 4 second animation instead, with the full animation lock. This seems to effect both "No Redraw" and normal versions
  4. If I recall, Travel suppression was added to stop players from "Jousting" enemies, basically just always being out of range. CoH is a much faster paced game these days then when it was added, and while jousting can be a useful tactic in some situations, assuming its still strong enough to limit travel power globally to stop it, is extremely silly. It really needs to go.
  5. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing travel suppression as a whole tossed out, never understood why it's still around. Hell its already removed from PvP.
  6. Good do that too then, it's off topic but that's a slippery slope I would gladly slide down, Granite Armor really needs it. I'm glad to know that the visual effects of stealth and Invis don't bug you. In that case, Don't use the Min FX OPTION. Since for a lot of us it does bug us and we would like the OPTION to not have to deal with it.
  7. I don't think quoting flavor text written in 2004ish before the game was even released and power customization was even on the radar is a really good argument. Alot of powers go against their flavor text, especially after you take power customization into consideration, For example Flash from illusion "Generates a brilliant flash of light around you that blinds nearby foes." But you can make the power Dark and very dull if you like. Not really a Brilliant flash of light in that case. Heck Dark Armor already lets you turn off the fade and the powe
  8. This as well 100%, there are load of concepts for stealth or invisibility that can have your character not being see through. Maybe you have a character whos gimmick is they are supernaturally uninteresting so people just ignore them. Or say you are a psychic and you remove yourself from your enemies vision mentally. You could have a character who really makes use of the 10 costume slot and disguises as whatever they are fighting. Not every character that uses stealth, hide or invisibility needs to be literally invisible.
  9. I find the fact that people are arguing against the idea of being able to see your costume somewhat clearly most of the time on characters that rely on stealth or invisibility odd, as IMO its along the same vein as the Granite armor which people are pretty united about wanting more options for. At the end of the day the current status of "Stealth" is really information only important to the player playing the character so I don't see why giving the option for the player to forgo this info to see their costume clearly (one of the core features of the game) without turning it off ent
  10. I was able to get to towers on my StJ/Bio stalker Aeon caught me off guard and was a bit of a pain but once I figured him out (bubble gives him a huge buff offensive wise, take out the dark pet) he went down without much issue. Unfortunately I had nothing to deal with the repair men in time as they spawn faster then my AoEs cooldown (and this is on a perma haste character) and without respecing I don't have access to anything on the ground based to stop them.
  11. Welp its working now, no idea what was going on, I didn't change anything and I tested right before I logged off last night. When I logged on today I was able to get AVs when soloing.
  12. This issue only seems to effect my Scrapper "Aikao" I can get AVs while solo with no issue on all of my other character Now matter what I do with the difficulty settings I am unable to get AVs to spawn while solo on her. I have tried: -Changing the team size, from 1x-8x - Setting it to EB, entering the missions, resetting and setting it back to AV (I checked it was a EB both times) - Multiple missions (Maria Jenkins Infernal mission and a AE mission with Romulus that I normaly use for testing builds) - Logging in and out multiple times. I reset after e
  13. Personally, I have to agree with OP, we need a way to hide it, at least. I play huntsman, and I really wanna use the crab for the better pets and toggles but I have no plans to actually use the crab back pack at all (I just use my gun). It limits my build since I don't want a ugly back pack ruining all my costumes, no other AT suffers from this issue. Even if its a work around like a invisible back pack but its technically still there, I will take it. As others have stated though this really should be in the suggestions forums.
  14. I definitely wouldn't compare it at all to fury, they work very differently, with fury directly boosting damage by alot. Other sets have stack mechanics like this too, like Street justice and Staff, I just feel like the payoff for spending the stacks vs the reward for keeping them needs to be tweaked a bit, it doesn't quite feel right atm, maybe since its all in DoTs which are hard for the player to track. Either way in my book it's a fine set as is if a little odd.
  15. Your team is part of your raid, so yes, even if you aren't in a raid it will teleport them to you.
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