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  1. I recently completed a goal I'm rather proud of. I collected enough resources to craft all 468 incarnate abilities. That, combined with having all badges (with the exception of the anniversary badges I missed last May), yes, I'm fully aware I need professional help.
  2. Apologies in advance that I did not take screenshots. I beat up Veles and listened to his speech. When I had to rescue the facility manager and get him out before the building burned down, I ran out of time and got booted from the mission, but it didn't give me a "mission failed" advisory. When I re-entered, thinking I had to try again, the building was still on fire, but there was no timer and the only mobs that attacked me were Veles' henchman (Veles himself was just standing mid-air where I'd defeated prior) and the skulls guarding the facility manager. **Edit: added lack of timer upon re-entry.
  3. Bobjob813

    T4 worksheet

    Just download yourself a copy. If you want to work on a specific T4, copy the name from the "Table" tab and paste it into the indicated field on "Worksheet" tab. If you want to see what's left for all T4s, leave that field blank. Populate the fields in column D, K4 and K6 with your current counts (I didn't bother include calculations for Astral merits because you can't craft rares or VRs with them). Once you craft an ability, just delete it from the table. I haven't gotten the "Max Heather Townshend runs needed" field worked out just yet. I'll post an updated version if/when I do. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bq4lkEzGpMmfvj-AbpAbaRmimJyPoDFrBiNnbcIU_sQ/edit#gid=413277645
  4. Would it be possible to make the prior anniversary badges available for purchase year-round? Maybe it's just me, but it seems a little silly for purchasable badges like this to only be available for a short period of time, especially for those of us who are badgers. Maybe make them a little more expensive when it's "out of season" as a drawback?
  5. Yep, Heather Townshend. Probably around 1,000 times, all said and told. 8-9 minutes per arc, including the stop in Ouro to restart and update my spreadsheet (bunch of formulas, I'll throw it up on google docs and post the link once I have time to re-populate the deleted T4s). 1 guaranteed common + 1 emp merit + 1 random incarnate table every run. I used the emp merits to create the Rare and Very Rare components I was missing, and the extra EMP merits I converted to threads for use in crafting commons (I already had all the uncommons I needed through the runs). Once I had enough of everything, craft craft craft craft craft until my joints ache and my fingers bleed.
  6. Wasn't sure if I should post this under badges or what, but here goes. All 104 T4s. Had "Live to Win" playing on loop for the last hour or so while farming/crafting. My poor mouse hand =(
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