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  1. For those looking here for how to get the "Flames of Prometheus" badge (if you are looking at something like Badger & just want to "check it off your list") and can't find the way to "convert" the power (and thus get a Notice of the Well [NotW] Incarnate salvage item), here's how: NOTE: You will lose the Flames of Prometheus (FoP) power once you do this. [Correcting thanks to Veelectric Boogaloo's post - thank you!] Obviously, complete the Mortimer Kal Strike Force (you can be Level 50 when running the Strike Force) - you will get the "Prometheus" badge at this point (not the same badge as the FoP badge) From the Navigation window (Map, Contact, Mission, Clues, Badges), click on Badges From the Category menu at the top of Navigation window, click on the field to the right of Category (it is probably set to "Most Recent" at the moment) From the menu, scroll down & click on Accolades Scroll down the list of Accolade badges to find "Flames of Prometheus Conversion" In the bottom right corner of that badge is a white "Convert" button Click on it to convert your FoP power into a NotW NOTE: Until you convert the FoP power into a NotW, it stays active (you will see the icon for it next to your current power effects) even after you reach Level 50 but as Veelectric Boogaloo notes, the buffs it provides are no longer applied to your character.
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