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  1. Notes from the Author Play History of this build What is this character supposed to do (Design Goals)? Play entirely in Granite Armor (with the exception of traveling great distances outside of combat) Be surviable: Softcapped Defenses (45+% to S/L/E/N/F/C), Capped Resistances (90% to S/L/E/N/F/C/T), Capped HP (3534 HP), Solid Regeneration (400+% Regen when Rooted, 60+ HP/sec) DPS, single target and AoE. Solo a Rikti Pylon in under 4 minutes with no inspirations. Under 3 minutes with Hybrid Assault Clear a +4/x8 Briggs Moon Map in 6 minutes with no inspirations Accurate (with single stack of Rage) All ST attacks can hit +4 enemies 95% of the time (KoB, Gloom) All Taunt attacks can hit +4 enemies 95% of the time (Mudpots, Taunt) All AoE attacks can hit +3 enemies 95% of the time (Cross Punch, Foot Stomp, Dark Obliteration) However, all AoE attacks can hit +4 enemies only 86% of the time (with single stack of Rage, 2x Rage it hits 95% of time) High recharge. Some from set bonuses, but mostly FF procs and Cross Punch are engines for high recharge. Move fast...enough. In Granite Armor: 30+ mph run speed Out of Granite: 80+ mph run speed, 70+ mph jump speed What is this character NOT supposed to do? Exemplaring. This is intended as an end-game build. It can run level 27+ content with Granite Armor, but without Ageless the character will need outside recovery options (buffing teammates, recovery serums, base empowerment +Recovery temp power, etc). Ideally this build is for 45+ content. Face Psionics. Unless the enemy ONLY uses Psionic (in which case you can switch to Minerals and enjoy softcapped defense), there won't me much for mitigation against Psionic attacks. Self Sustaining outside of Ageless. It was already said, but I'll say it again, this is an endurance hungry build and the +Recovery buff from Ageless is very much the engine that allows this build to work. Additional information for this build: Slotting between Foot Stomp and Cross Punch are interchangable. For Single Target emphasis, I slot Cross Punch with the Armageddon and FotG procs. For AoE emphasis, I move those procs to Foot Stomp. E/N Resistance technically sits at 84.33%. However, the Tanker ATO in Mudpots should always keep one ATO active. It is a 6 PPM proc that can stack up to 3 times and lasts for 20s each stack. In Mudpots, that is a 52.6% chance to proc every 10s. Assuming 95% chance to hit, the probability of missing the proc is exactly 50%. So worst case scenario, there is only one enemy that you can engage with, the probability of missing the proc twice in a row (thus opening up a 10s window without the ATO) is 25%. This will rarely matter in game play, as having only one target on you is going to be rare. However, if there is a situation you feel this will be too much of a hindrance, I highly recommend grabbing a +5% Energy Resistance and +5% NE Resistance temporary power from Base Empowerments. Using Base Empowerment Temp Buffs, the Jumping Speed and Running Speed is 75.35 mph and 82.88 mph, respectively. This is when Sprint and Ninja Run are on. So although I don't take a traditional travel power, this is why. In Granite Armor, the Running Speed becomes 32.24 mph. In Rooted and Granite, the Running Speed becomes 19.45 mph. The Nitty Gritty Details: If you followed along this far, then you have a true interest in the build despite the limitations of Granite Armor. So welcome, I'm glad you're here. Below I will go into math and additional details on what the build can do. I'll break down the amount of Even Con damage from each attack, and I will break it out by 0x Rage, 1x Rage, 2x Rage, Rage Crash. I will include the enhanced damage with Musculature alpha, and global damage bonuses (including Assault). I'll also show the average proc damage, chance for FF proc, and chance for Res Debuff Proc. Power Base DMG Base + Glob DMG Enh. DMG 1x Rage 2x Rage Rage Crash Proc DMG Avg FF Proc -Res Proc Cross Punch 87.22 99% 118.56% 361.50 431.28 110.69 101.97 27.07% --- Knockout Blow 188.07 99% 98.52% 843.84 994.30 340.72 321.91 90.00% --- Foot Stomp 75.02 99% 74.41% 324.99 385.01 142.38 134.88 27.41% 47.97% Gloom 78.30 99% 119.80% 440.00 502.64 213.87 206.04 --- --- Dark Obliteration 40.04 99% 74.41% 307.04 339.07 209.58 205.57 --- 61.40% Info about the table The slotting shown in the table is slightly tweaked from the build. The build I offer up has two versions of slotting: Max Damage, and a somewhat friendlier Endurance Management build. If you'd like to see the alternate slotting, go to Slots/Enhancements > Slots > Flip All to Alternate. The table above uses the max damage version of KoB while using the Endurance friendly version of CP*, FS, and DO. *Technically, CP's endurance friendly version is more endurance hungy, but that is because it is swapping enhancements with Foot Stomp to make Foot Stomp more endurance friendly. So the net gain is CP adds 0.45 end/cast while Foot Stomp subtracts 5.09 end/cast. The big take away is how hard the attacks hit. With one stack of rage, each attack will do 300+ damage on average, and with two stacks of rage each ST attack does 400+. Even during the rage crash, the procs will allow for your attack chain to still do over 100 damage with each attack. No need to pull out the Black Wand or Sands of Mu during the crash...although it's not a bad idea just to have all your attacks off cooldown when the crash goes away. Single-Target Attack Chain There is no set-in-stone (pun not intended) attack chain with this build as the recharge procs will make the cooldown of attacks very dynamic. But overall, my attack chain tends to be: C.P. > Gloom > D.O. > KoB > C.P. > Gloom > F.S. AoE Attack Chain For AoE attacks, Foot Stomp becomes my engine, providing me a reliable FF proc (80% chance to proc when hitting 5 targets). Dark Obliteration and Cross Punch round out the AoE attack chain with KoB used on the biggest target whenever off cooldown, and Gloom is sprinkled in whenever there is a gap in the chain. F.S. > C.P. > D.O. > KoB How can I not slot recharge, fight in Granite Armor, and still maintain a fluid attack chain? Answer is simple: Force Feedback procs in 3 of my attacks, Hasten, Ageless, and Cross Punch. But let's break it down further than that. The build only has 73.75% recharge from set bonuses, and combine that with -65% recharge debuff from Granite Armor only nets the build +8.75% recharge. However, when Hasten is up, we add +70%. With Ageless, we have atleast +10% (+20.83% on average). If needed, there is a +20% recharge buff from Base Empowerment I can use for 90 minutes. So let's average that out, that's +119.58% recharge on average (+108.75% half the time). So right now, if nothing else changes, we know that the cooldown time to all my attacks are a little bit less than half of their base values. This gives me the following: Power Base Cooldown Global Recharge New Cooldown Cross Punch 8.00 108.75% 3.83 Knockout Blow 25.00 108.75% 11.98 Foot Stomp 20.00 108.75% 9.58 Gloom 12.00 108.75% 5.75 Dark Obliteration 32.00 108.75% 15.33 Those numbers do not factor in the FF proc nor Cross Punch's 10% recharge buff. If we were to factor in the 95% chance to hit, each of the following attacks would add the following amount of average Cooldown points: Avg Cooldown points = (Chance to Hit) x (Chance to Proc) x (Amount of Recharge) x (Duration) KoB: 95% x 90% x 100% x 5s = 4.275s CP: 95% x 27.07% x 100% x 5s + 95% x 10% x 6s = 1.286s + 0.57 = 1.856s FS: 95% x 27.41% x 100% x 5s = 1.302s What do those numbers mean? Basically it is equivalent to reducing the Base Cooldown of a power by those numbers...so long as a power that is on Cooldown is on Cooldown for the entire duration. Let's apply this to practice. KoB has a Base Cooldown of 25s. On average, when KoB is cast, it will average a 4.275s CD reduction, so KoB's "new" Cooldown becomes 20.725s. Take that value and divide by the recharge, KoB now recharges in (25-4.275)/2.0875 = 9.93s. So KoB having the FF proc now reduced its average Cooldown to 9.93s which is equivalent to having +152% recharge (effectively a 43% global recharge buff to KoB, as well as other powers). Ok...I admit...that's a vomit of math and I didn't really try to make it clear. The point of showing that is the fact the procs and buffs act as equivalent global recharge...and when we can chain together many of these procs, we can help close the gaps of the build. I won't bombard you with the math...instead, I'll let a combat log do the talking. This is simply me against a Pylon. One on One. No AoE benefits for Force Feedback, just non-stop attacks. My slotting for this run is slightly different than the build, but not by much. But in terms of analyzing the recharge capabilities of the build, it is exactly the same. This test includes the 20% Recharge Buff from Base Empowerment, and Cross Punch is fitted with the Armageddon DMG/END, Armageddon Proc and FotG Proc, while Foot Stomp has Armageddon DMG and 4 3.5 PPM procs. I had T4 Degenerative Core Interface slotted, and T4 Assault Radial Hybrid slotted (but not used). I say this all because in an effort to simply do a pylon test as a means to show the fluid attack chain of the build, I did something I didn't think was possible... I defeated the Pylon in 3:01 (340 DPS). I repeat: 340 DPS for a GRANITE TANK!!! This wasn't necessarily an outlier either, as a few runs prior I hit a 3:03 time, however my combat log didn't save...so I had to try for it again. Cleaned up Combat Log Table. Full Combat Log CSV file embedded beneath the table. The purpose of the analysis is to try to identify major gaps, so I parsed the combat log to find any instance where the time between the HIT/MISS of a previous attack and the activation of the current attack is 2 or more seconds. I highlighted those in yellow, and I scrubbed anything that wasn't a problem as green (like attacks following the activation of Rage...where it did not have a HIT/MISS for me to check. For the entire run, only 4 times was there a gap of significance, and I could probably chalked half of those as human error. Also worth noting, Hasten was nearly perma on this run...and it might have been and I was too focused on my attacks. This is not atypical, I regularly have Hasten reaching perma-levels on pylon runs. It just goes to show how much of an engine the FF procs can be. Final Thoughts: I'm not sure what else to say about the build. It's fun, if you can work with the movement penalties. It's different...which is why I wanted to make it in the first place. But most importantly, it's not cookie cutter. This build is a nonconformist take on how to be a DPS character without being a DPS AT. To be a DPS character in a powerset that tries to prevent you from doing so. This build isn't just Punk Rock, it's Proc-Rocks. Build Data Link: (Full Damage version, and slightly more Endurance friendly version) Build Details: (my version...KoB max dmg, the rest balanced) (Original Build for this topic, kept here for historical purposes) Build Data Link: Build Details: Build Totals: Proc-Rocks - Stone-SS-Soul-Run Version Page5 - Offensive Build v5.mxd
  2. I’ve been getting a lot of PMs lately requesting to see my builds. Normally I don’t advertise them (not recently anyways), but since I expect Time Manipulation to get tweaked/nerfed in the future, I figure I might as well share before the builds become irrelevant. My builds aren’t for everybody…they’re for me, technically, and how I want to play. But I happily will share what I built for those who want to consider outside the box options. Some minor backstory, these builds actually were designed back before I wrote the PPM Guide, in fact these builds are the motivation for why I wanted to learn about PPM. I saw potential in Dual Pistols doing awesome damage (for a defender) by incorporating procs, as well as the FF proc for high recharge compensation. I also saw amazing potential with Time Manipulation covering holes where a proc build would have (accuracy from Power Boosted Farsight, defense from Power Boosted Farsight, and Recharge/Recovery from Chronoshift). So, these builds have been around for a while, but I’ve been adapting them recently after the new enhancements from Page 5, in fact I’m pausing as I write this to make some additional tweaks to my */Soul build. At end game, when I have Clarion Radial combined with Power Boost, I reach some awesome levels of team buffs with Farsight…so incarnate softcap (58.75% defense) is also easily reached with that combo. I said it previously, but I’ll say it again, these builds aren’t for everybody. First off, I don’t take Travel Powers…I won’t waste a power selection on something I don’t need. Hover+Jump/Steam Pack = Fly speed, and my Ninja Run can reach decent enough speeds as well. I also have Mission Transporter, Team Teleport, and Base Teleport for additional transportation options. If you feel the need to have a Travel Power, have at it, but I’ll leave it to you on what to cut out. I will also compensate my build with Base Empowerments. For those that don’t know, Base Empowerments give a 90-minute buff for practically nothing (common and sometimes uncommon salvage). You want damage type resistance (5% to cold, smash, whatever), it’ll cost you a couple common salvage. If you want some mez resistance (~15% to stun, hold, whatever), it’ll cost you one or two common salvage. If you want movement speed boosts (jump speed boost will improve Ninja/Beast run) it’ll cost you one common salvage. For me, I like getting the 20% recharge boost, the 17% recovery buff, the 20% strength to jump speed, and the +10 KB protection. When the situation calls for it the 20% endurance drain resistance, 20% slow/recharge resistance, and 100 ft perception increase are also useful. These builds are mostly end-game centric. It is capable for exemplared content, but it’s not optimized for it and I haven’t wasted brain cells trying to optimize for it as most exemplared content is done in teams and I feel less of a need to do all the heavy lifting. As mentioned earlier, these builds center on Power Boost (or Power Buildup) for survivability and accuracy, so exemplared below those power’s availability will be limiting (but not impossible… you still can do awesome proc damage solo, and you still have Farsight). Finally, I don’t take Time Crawl in my builds and Time Stop is only taken as a mule. The regeneration debuff is not strong enough to interest me and the animation times are slow, so I skip them. I also usually don’t take Temporal Selection because honestly, I think I bring enough to a team already and Temporal Selection doesn’t help me in solo play…but don’t worry, I have a build that uses it that I’ll share. Alright, over 600 words have been wasted, let’s just move onto the stuff you care about: Build 1: Time/DP/Soul – AoE (with Temporal Selection) This is an AoE-centric build. Almost every AoE power is proc’d out, with Slowed Response being your fight starter, Soul Drain and Hail of Bullets being your nuke, and Empty Clips + Bullet Rain are your main AoE rotation attacks. Even Distortion Field will do so proc damage while it serves as a nice soft/hard control power. Highlights of the build: everything has 95% chance to hit against +4s when using Power Boost + Farsight. Your have a strong AoE rotation with Bullet Rain and Empty Clips, with Executioner’s Shot and Pistols sprinkled in the gaps. You have a strong ST rotation with Executioner’s Shot, Pistols, Empty Clips, and/or Bullet Rain. AoE attack sequence: Slowed Response > Soul Drain > Bullet Rain > Hail of Bullets > Bullet Rain > Empty Clips, then cycle through your BR and EC with Executioner’s Shot and Pistols filling the gaps. ST attack sequence: Executioner’s Shot > Pistols > Empty Clips > repeat. If Empty Clips doesn’t have the range (40 feet), use Bullet Rain. ES > P > BR > P > ES > P. If by that time you haven’t closed the gap on your enemy, maybe you have better things to do. As for the ES > P > EC rotation, that’s on average 880 damage in 4.95s (178 DPS before resistance debuffs). Resistance debuffs: Slowed Response with an Achilles’ Heel proc gives you a 90% chance at 20% resistance debuff for 10 seconds and comes with the additional 30% resistance debuff for 30 seconds (which can be perma). Pistols also carries an Achilles’ Heel proc to potentially sprinkle in the debuff again during Slowed Response’s downtime. It would be perfectly acceptable to remove a damage proc from Empty Clips to add the achilles’ to it (and remove the one from Pistols). That would give you an extra slot to consider elsewhere. Bullet Rain provides an Annihilation debuff proc and is the reason why I go Slowed Response > Soul Drain > Bullet Rain > Hail of Bullets, because I hope to have both the Achilles’ and Annihilation proc trigger and get to 62.5% resistance debuff before I drop Hail of Bullets, which has its own Fury of the Gladiator proc that will bump that up to 82.5% resistance. The beauty of having FotG proc in Hail of Bullets, HoB does up to 12 ticks of damage and the proc will fire on the first tick, so you’ll still have up to 11 ticks of damage that will benefit from the FotG proc. In the less than 10 seconds after applying Slowed Response (when Achilles is active), you could have done 129.15 damage from Slowed Response, 247.1x1.50 = 370.60 from Soul Drain, 211.8x1.50 = 371.7 from Bullet Rain, 107.1x0.90x1.625 + 35.70x0.60x1.625 + 11x35.70x0.60x1.825 + 5x15.73x1.825 = 764.98 damage from Hail of Bullets. That’s a total of 1636 damage over ~12 seconds, per target in your AoE. Those numbers are just approximate, as I have some minor errors in the math, but it’s still a good ball park of what you are likely to do. Also, those numbers assumed Incendiary Ammo, but no Vengeance. Defense: With no defensive toggles turned on, Farsight gives 19.68% defense and Power Boost will turn that into 31.98% defense. With 6% from global IOs, this leaves 7.02% defense needed to reach softcap. Weave (5.8%) and Hover (2.9%) will get you to 45% softcap defense. When you have Clarion + Power Boost + Farsight (in that order), you will get 50% defense from Farsight (capped at +300%), 6% from Global IOs, and 2.9% from Hover gets you to 58.9% defense (incarnate softcap). Fun side note, you might wonder why I take Stealth and Grant Invisibility instead of Maneuvers. One, Stealth + Stealth IO gives me full stealth (nice for …stealthing missions), but also Clarion + Power Boost + Grant Invisibility is a strong combination. I can give any teammate +9.32% defense (plus stealth) with that combo for 2 minutes…and that’s assuming they’re attacking (double it if they’re staying hidden). Maneuvers can’t do that. Sure, Maneuvers is easy mode, I like the extra utility I gain by letting my teammates stealth with me. Without Power Boost, you will sit at 37.28% defense with Hover, Weave and Stealth active. Combine that with the -22.44% ToHit debuff from Time’s Juncture (purple patch makes this 10.77% against +4 enemies), you will still feel safe in any exemplared content. Resistance: You have capped S/L resistance (75%), with solid F/C resists (29%), NE resists (33.4%), and Toxic resists (31.2%). Energy and Psionic will be your biggest problem, but you have defense and Base Empowerments to help with that. Perma’s? Yup, Hasten is permanent with just one +5 Recharge IO. Chrono Shift is easily perma’d with a recharge of 86s. This does not include the FF proc in Hail of Bullets (which I leave mostly as a recharge enhancement for Hail of Bullets, as its 0s cast time allows for immediate recharging benefits…also, it’s nice having a backup if I get debuffed with slows. Overall: This is my favorite build to play. I can farm with it, I can solo with it, I can team with it. Endurance consumption is a problem, but I welcome it as I don’t always want to feel like I’m playing on easy-mode. It keeps me from getting complacent. I could shore up some of the endurance issues by taking out a single proc from each attack…but what’s the fun in that? This build I went unconventional by putting Miracle in Temporal Selection, which basically means I am only getting its benefit if I have a teammate/ally (when cast, it will last for 120s…but I need to be able to cast it). If I feel I am not teaming enough to warrant this slotting and/or power selection, I could move the Miracle to Chrono Shift (will still be perma with FF proc) and slot Temporal Selection differently (or sub in Time Crawl as a one-slot wonder). Build #1a: Time/DP/Soul – ST (no Temporal Selection) There is a variant you could do with the Time/DP/Soul, which is make it ST centric. This will substitute Empty Clips to be more of a set mule, without neutering its AoE uses. I replace Temporal Selection with Suppressive Fire, take the procs out of Empty Clips and turn it into 5-piece Ragnorak, then turn Distortion Field into a one-slot wonder that grants a 15% absorb shield every time I cast it (well, 90% of the time). Benefits…Single Target attack chain just got an upgrade. SF > ES > Pistols > BR > ES > Pistols > repeat. Suppressive Fire is a proc monster that offers up a 36% chance at a 5.25s Build Up window. That window is just long enough to fit in Executioner’s Shot twice, plus Pistols and Bullet Rain as 1.848+1.188+1.848 = 4.884s, leaving just enough gap to let Executioner’s Shot get the +80% damage bonus when you activate it. This chain actually isn’t gapless with Executioner’s Shot (need 3.036 recharge, ES has 3.1s, so it would require the 20% Recharge buff from Base Empowerment to ensure gapless chain. The chain (gapless) is 9.768s long, and will average (assuming no Vengeance and Incendiary ammo), 359.5 + 425 + 179.9 + 211.8 + 425 + 179.9 = 1781.1 (182 DPS). Now let’s assume we did Slowed Response and got the Achilles’ Heel proc to fire, that number goes up by 50% (2671.7 Damage, 273.5 DPS). This does not factor in the Buildup Proc nor Vengeance (if you’re playing solo), nor interface proc damage. That’s a nice chain…and I will often sub in the Slowed Response for Bullet Rain when it comes off cooldown during the attack chain. FWIW, the Buildup Proc will add on average 28.9% damage enhancement to all the Executioner’s Shots in the chain, the Bullet Rain, and one of the Pistols. Detriments… The alpha AoE stays the same (SR > SD > BR > HoB > BR), however when you get into your Empty Clips and Buller Rain cycle, the Empty Clips is only 56% the damage it used to be when proc’d out (but you gain a chance to knock down and use less endurance). Build #2: Time/DP/Power This build is very similar to Build #1a. It has the same ST attack chain, however we lose Soul Drain but gain Conserve Power. Also, we gain Power Buildup (which mostly mimics Power Boost for my purposes) at level 35, which makes for exemplaring down to level 30 all the better. The biggest trade-off with this build comes from losing the AoE alpha attack of SR > SD > BR > HoB > BR. That beefiness of Soul Drain for that combo is a big reason why I prefer playing the /Soul version, despite the fact all Endurance issues are gone with Conserve Power in the mix. We also gain a proc’d out Empty Clips again, which is nice when cycling Bullet Rain and Empty Clips together…but again, it’s just not the same. Beyond that, nothing much changes as you will still hit the Defense caps using the same Power Buildup + Farsight combos, however the Clarion + Power Buildup + Farsight is not as strong (this is because Power Boost can be enhanced by outside buffs, whereas Power Buildup ignores them). With all your defensive toggles on, you will come just short of the incarnate softcap (58.3% when you need 58.75%), but with Time’s Juncture you won’t notice it. The S/L resistance is still capped at 75%, while F/C remains at 29%. Everything else is 10.3% or less. Hasten and Chronoshift is still perma’d, and Conserve Power has a 63% uptime (assuming no FF procs). In the 53 seconds (or less) that Conserve Power is down, you should be able to manage not running out of endurance, which is why I changed the slotting of Chrono Shift to 5-piece Panacea instead of Synapse’s Shock. With all that, there’s not really much else to add. But just in case, I made some guesses as to what questions you may have for me, which I provide below. Do I use Piercing Rounds? Nope. It’s a mule for 10% recharge. It’s there for situational purposes only…mainly applying a 15% resistance debuff while on a team (of course this requires me to switch to Standard Ammo, then back to either Chemical or Incendiary). What Ammo do I use? Mostly Incendiary, but for harder content I go with Chemical Ammo. My Resistances and Defenses are good, so the next layer of survivability to add is damage debuffs, which I do with Chemical Ammo, Time’s Juncture, Paralytic Radial Interface and Void Radial. Combine that with all of the resistance debuffs (which effectively buffs damage debuffs, shout out to Frosticus for detailing that one) I can achieve the cap of 90% damage debuff on +4 single targets, and sometimes entire mobs (it fluctuates, honestly). What Incarnates do I use? Alpha I almost always go with Musculature Radial for the Damage, ToHit Debuff, Defense Debuff, and Endurance Modification. However if I’m on a team where endurance won’t be an issue, I will swap out for Intuition Radial as I still get the same Damage, ToHit Debuff, and Defense Debuffs, but I also gain Hold Buffs (Distortion Field), Range (Empty Clips), and Slow Movement (almost everything). My preference is obviously Intuition Radial, however Endurance issues will cause me to go with Musculature if solo’ing. Really, the range is what I mainly lose out on as Distortion Field isn’t much of a hold power and I usually already floor my enemy’s movement speeds. Judgement, I almost always go with Void Radial because I love the Damage Debuff and a PBAoE fits my Soul Drain/Hail of Bullets playstyle, and Negative Energy matches my */Soul Mastery theme. The only other option to consider is Ion, because it’s the easiest to use and you can hit up to 40 targets. Interface, I get almost all of them and switch them out for what I need. Paralytic Radial is used when I am going for Damage Debuffs to pair with my Chemical Ammo. Reactive Radial is used for max damage. Degenerative is also used. Lore, I go with Longbow. Debuffing Regeneration is my only hole (self-inflicted as I don’t take Time Crawl nor Time Stop), so I go with Longbow solely for that purpose. Destiny, I go with Clarion Radial. Come on, it gives me a second Power Boost and it gives me status protection for 90 out of 120 seconds. Things can get dicey in those final 30s, but Farsight helped keep me safe while mezzed, and Clarion works as a break free once it is back up. Hybrid, I go with Assault Core because I am AoE heavy and most of my attacks are relatively quick recharge. When I’m not trying to DPS, Support and Melee both can offer up options that fills holes or amplifies what I’m already doing. Can I solo an AV or GM? Eh…probably not. I haven’t honestly tried. I think I tried to take down a Rikti Pylon solo one time, and in my sloppy attempt at a rotation, I think I killed it in about 6 minutes. Nothing special, but nothing I was trying to optimize. It was more a survivability test.
  3. I introduce to you my Super Strong Rock Star with just a touch of Soul: Proc-Rocks, my first tanker Proc-Star. Upfront Disclaimer: This build is intended for level 50 content only and has no cost/influence limitations. I would love feedback, but any criticism in regard to how it plays while leveling or its massive Psionic hole is not needed here. We get 3 builds for our characters, and content that pertain to either of those two matters can and will be solved in other build designs. Highlights: 45% Defense S/L/E/N/F/C, 90% Resistance S/L/E/N/F/C, Capped HP (3534 HP), 476% Regeneration, 225+ DPS I had been away from the game for awhile due to a bad luck streak of illnesses (pneumonia followed by flu), a change in job positions, fantasy football, and fatherhood in general. Due to that, I have not logged on much over the last couple months. Nonetheless, I started getting the itch again and decided I wanted to theory craft a tank that I could turn into a Proc-Star. My main goal was to maximize survivability…I mean truly maximize. Soft-capped defenses, hard-capped resistances to everything, capped HP, and very good regeneration (hey, can’t have it all…regeneration benefits linearly wheras defense and resistance benefits exponential-like, so I don’t mind not maximizing regeneration). My secondary goal was to be adequate at damage. I’m not trying to solo AVs/GMs or anything, but I do want to impose my will on anything below that. For me, the obvious choice was to make a Granite Armor Tank. Sure, it comes with major hindrances (can’t move, -30% damage debuff, -65% recharge debuff), but in as little as two power selections (Earth’s Embrace and Granite Armor) you can achieve capped defenses, capped resistances, and capped HP. Sure, it will take some IO bonuses and Weave to get there, but that’s a relatively small price to pay for that much survivability. Throw in the fact Granite Armor comes with 43.3% defense debuff resistance (DDR), there is nothing to take it down. Well… psionic attacks can, but as mentioned in my disclaimer I will leave that for a non-proc based build. For what it’s worth, I have designed Stone Tanks that can swap out of Granite and still achieve over 80% psi resistance with capped psi defense… but it comes at a cost of damage. To pair with Granite Armor, I wanted to go with something that can counter the debuffs from Granite Armor and the obvious choice became Super Strength. Rage is unpopular for its crash, but the crash won’t be enough to take down a Granite Tank. Plus, with all the procs I’ll be using, I won’t be completely worthless when attacking while crashed (those procs aren’t subject to the damage debuff from granite armor, which is more reason to not be scared off). Also, Super Strength comes with the 2nd most efficient power for using the Force Feedback (FF) +Recharge Proc: Knock Out Blow (KOB). To achieve at least 90% probability to proc, FF needs to be used in a power that offers up a Modified Recharge Time (MRT) + Cast Time of 27 seconds. KOB has a 25s base recharge and 2.23s cast time, so if I don’t add any recharge enhancements, it will proc FF 90% of the time. Throw in the fact Foot Stomp is already an FF proc darling, I should be able to achieve consistent levels of +100% recharge boost. Since I have used so few spots to achieve my survivability goals, and I had no need to take Tough, but still needed to take Weave, I decided to go ahead and take all 3 attacks from the Fighting Pool to maximize the abilities of Cross Punch. When used, Cross Punch will give me a temporary 10% recharge boost and will have its base damage increased by 30%. It can also take the FF proc and numerous damage procs to help make it a viable attack power. Once the tanker AoE changes go live, it could become very useful in the right situations. For Ancillary, I decided to stick with my theme of a max survivability Proc-Star by selecting Soul Mastery. Darkest Night is a no brainer for a Tanker as it basically acts as additional resistance despite being resistance capped while also debuffing the enemies’ damage which will be useful in incarnate content. For a Tank, Darkest Night affects enemies in a 25 ft radius with -30% damage debuff and -15% to-hit debuff(-23% when enhanced). Pretty sweet. On top of that, Gloom is a fantastic attack as it has a high enough recharge to provide strong Proc performance but low enough recharge to fit it into almost any reliable attack chain. Dark Obliteration provides similar Proc performance as gloom (~72% probability) and hits in a solid 15 ft radius. To top it off, each use Negative Energy which is fairly exotic when it comes to enemy resistance. With all that said, I still had a ton of powers to pick. So I went with the standards: Hasten (gotta make up for the granite debuff), Teleport (gotta make up for the granite debuff), Rooted (if I can’t move anyways, why not regen like crazy…and get some set bonuses and DDR out of it), Mud Pots (let’s face it, I was always gonna take mud pots), Summon Widow (free DPS, why not), and finally Taunt (yeah…I was always gonna take this too, obviously). In the end, I also wound up taking every power from Stone Armor as they were needed mules for LotG and Uniques. For Incarnates, I have gone with T4 Intuition Radial for its enhanced damage, range (makes teleport more effective), slows (makes mud pots more effective), and to-hit debuffs (makes my Soul powers more effective). For Destiny, T4 Ageless Core was the obvious pick. Running toggles and focusing on Procs makes for a very endurance hungry build, so the boost to recovery and endurance makes up for it. Not to mention, the recharge boost is important given the granite debuffs. For Judgment, I went with T4 Vorpal Radial Final as the +30% defense will come in handy during a rage crash (note, the build shows Vorpal Core only because I didn’t want the +30% defense to show in the Totals). As for the other incarnates, I left that to personal preference. Assault Core Hybrid for more damage, Longbow Superior Core Lore for -regen. That’s it, basically the entire thought process behind the build. With nothing left to say, here it is: Build Data Link: Build Details: Build Totals:
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