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Found 4 results

  1. Totally Random Task Force Marathon for December 2019 The bus will be back on the road this weekend, and adding more stops to the Marathon. And with 9 stops already 'blacked out' there are plenty of chances of a Re-Roll coming up. Each time a 'Blacked Out' stop is rolled, a random team member will receive 10 MILLION Influence! On Sunday December 8th at Midnight, the Generator will reset, and all stops will be back on the list for the next week. Feel free to add me to your Global Friends List: "@MTNSide" Week of December 02, 2019 - December 08, 2019 Name of Event Time Completed 01) Justin Augustine 57m 02) Ernesto Hess 27m 03) Leader Renault 48m 04) Moonfire 35m 05) Dr. Kahn 47m 06) Penelope Yin 22m 07) Positron 2 33m 08) Imperious 25m 09) Abandon Sewer Trial 20m 10) Dr. Kahn (Player's Choice) 25m 11) Ms. Liberty 36m 12) Tin Mage Mark II 42m 13) Jane Halloway (1st Hero Respec) 18m 14) Lady Grey 35m 15) Ice Mistral 30m 16) Numina 44m 17) Sara Moore 1h 4m 18) Capt. James Harlan (2nd Hero Respec) 21m 19) Death From Below N/A 20) Admiral Sutter 32m 21) Ada Wellington (Market Crash) 33m 22) Virgil Torikoss 37m 23) Katie Hannon 23m 24) Speratrial (1st Villian Respec) 23m 25) Karsis (Cavern of Transendence) 6m 26) Synapse 1H 06m 27) Richard Flagg 30m 28) Tresparciel 13m 29) Positron 1 33m 30) Penelope Yin (Player's Choice) 21m 31) Apex 23m 32) Woodsman (Eden Trial) 16m 33) Manticore 34m 34) Lady Winter (Special Event Roll) N/A 35) Ractespriel 12m 36) Lord Recluse 34m 37) Karsis (Player's Choice) 8m 38) Citadel 41m 39) Faathim the Kind 1H 02m 40) Dr. Q 1H 35m
  2. Hey guys! Thank you so much to everyone that showed up today for our group costume contest in Kallisti Wharf. It was groups of 2-5 people and we saw so many creative costumes! Check the link at the bottom to see EVERYONE! Here are our winners! 🏆Overall winners: Jalopy Golem!🏆 Its four separate people stacked together! Everlasting: Finalists: Freakshow of the Bins & Freedom Furlanx Winner: Jalopy Golem! Excelsior: Finalists: The Cooties of the Apocalypse & Roadkill Heroes Winner: The Food Fighters Reunion: Finalists: The Magicians & The Orks Winner: The Sirens Indomitable: Finalists: The Fantasy Green Gang & The Undead! Winner: The Holiday Crew! Torchbearer: Finalists: Debt Collection & Legion of Atlas Winner: The Aliens Contact me on discord for questions. Miss#1337! Here is the imgur link to all our pictures from the event! If you have any you would like to share: Add them here or on our discord in your shard channel! If you missed our fun - stay tuned for more events just like this one (and more) right here!
  3. Hello! As I'm sure you're all aware, the past 14 years worth of anniversary badges were available for a short time in May. Many players were actually new to CoH, too busy to gather the merits, or did not realize these badges were of limited availability. Due to the fact that this is the first winter holiday season with CoH back up and running, I feel it would be a nice little gift to the community if these badges were available for the month of December. Maybe not as an every year thing, but I feel that giving a second chance before May to nab these badges, now that people have established characters and built up merits/knowledge of the game/etc would be a nice gift with very minimal effort on the part of the devs. I honestly don't see why they aren't available year round--but I can respect the rationale enough. With that in mind, I know this woul dmake a lot of people happy, would not require new content, and would be more useful now than it was in May. Thank you for the consideration! 🙂
  4. I've long been trying to make a character based off of the ghost ship that appears in Independence Port and Talos Island. I finally did by taking the name of the only "survivor" of the ship, Ryan Mallory (I hope this is okay?) When writing his back story, I got to thinking. Why isn't this an event? It could easily be made into one based off of the story presented here. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Paragon_Times/20041201 You've got the AV in Captain Kale, the ship itself or FO Dole (maybe an EB.) You have the minions in the crew and even have the boss and lieut level mobs in the 30 "special" passengers. This would have to be taken out of IP since there is already an event there. Move it to Striga Isle (while also keeping the roaming version in Talos?) where the wreckage was found. You can even make this a rareish "tip" triggered mission event by doing missions in Talos or Striga. This would also be the perfect time to introduce actual underwater travel and combat. Once the event notification is given, players have a specific time to get to Striga and locate the ship, go 168 feet below the water line and destroy the ship (while it's being defended by Captain Kale, the ghosts and maybe aquatic life deranged from being so close to the ship) before it can surface for badges, loot w/e. Let it rise for more badges (AV kills, mob kills etc.) So that the event isn't over and done within 5 minutes, let it phase out and then back again in a different but close location once a certain threshold of damage is taken similar to Lusca. The fact that the ship spawns and spits out ghosts along it's path surely justifies this as "event" level of the coolest factor. The lore that surrounds it needs to be expanded upon. What really was the cause for its disappearance and sinking? Was Captain Kale in with the mob? Who where the special passengers and what was the cargo Moraine was carrying? Why didn't either Captain Kale or FO Dole make a sailing plan? Why wasn't the cargo manifest inspected? So many questions that I really hope have not been answered yet because then I would have a sad face. Thoughts?
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