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  1. Has anyone suggested a Ouroboros Echo Accolade? If so, I'd like to add to the conversation (or my support to those who may have suggested the folowing). At the former transfer points add either a plaque, exploration badge, or Echo portal. For example: exploration badges in echo zones former transfer points to other indirect zones, e.g., one in Echo Atlas Park and Echo Galaxy City to Perez Park and King's Row; plaques outside or in the zones where transfer points technically still exist, e.g., Faultline, Rikti War Zone (maybe at the Perez Park and King's Row Atlas transfer points as they technically still exist just not to Echo Atlas Park); Ouroboros Echo Portals at former transfer points to zones that are no longer exist: King's Row and Perez Park former Galaxy transfer points. Once all badges are collected from plaques, exploration, and using echo portals at former transfer points, one will unlock the Homecoming Echo Portal Badge which adds a fast travel similar to the Entrusted With A Secret badge.
  2. Hey there, so today we’ll be getting you the 4 passive accolade bonuses. This includes Portal Jockey/Born In Battle, Atlas Medallion/Marshal, Task Force Commander/Invader, and Freedom Phalanx Reserve/High Pain Threshold. You only need to be level 50, no other prerequisites. There are a few ways to get some faster if you have certain missions/contact, but this will be a fully self sufficient guide to getting all 4 passive accolades all on your own. Why would you want these accolades? They give you passive buffs to HP and END all the time. Crucial for PvP and always useful for PvE. You can get all of these in a few hours by yourself so let’s get right into it! PORTAL JOCKEY / BORN IN BATTLE +Max HP +Max End Get this one on Heroes Dimensional Warder: First head to Ouroboros. We’ll need a few different flashback arcs. A Hero’s Epic (Completing this gets you all AVs except Siege and Antimatter) A Hero’s Hero (Do the 3rd mission for Siege) Instant Army (Complete this arc for Antimatter and merits) Shrouded: Do Black Shroud Dimension Arc in Ouroboros. You just need to enter and exit the mission and you’ll get the exploration badge. Multidimensional: Do Hydra Dimension Arc in Ouroboros. You just need to enter and exit the mission and you’ll get the exploration badge. History Badge: Get VidiotMaps. ATLAS MEDALLION / MARSHAL +Max End Get this one on Heroes Spelunker: Get Rescue the Mystic from the Circle of Thorns Arc in Ouroboros. Just need to complete the first mission and you’ll get the badge. The Silver Bullet (Warwolves): Hunt in Striga Isle. The Slayer (Vampyres): Do Moonfire Taskforce. First mission set to -1x8. Repeat until you get badge. Explorations: Get VidiotMaps, seriously. TASK FORCE COMMANDER / INVADER +Max HP Only Exploration badges on villainside. You will need the Hero Slayer Badge. This gives a contact who gives all the mayhem missions on command. He is in Port Oakes. You need to kill 25 heroes to get the badge. You can do this by doing the LRSF, hunting heroes in Recluse’s Victory. Or the fastest way: Go to Heroside to Brickstown, do the signature story arc, on the 3rd mission set it to -1x8. You’ll get the badge after completing this mission once. Go to P2W Vendor and get the Reveal Power also get VidiotMaps if you haven’t already. Now switch to villainside. Go to Port Oakes and talk to your new contact. Get each mayhem mission, use Reveal, and get the exploration badges. Easy. FREEDOM PHALANX RESERVE / HIGH PAIN THRESHOLD +Max HP Get this one on Heroes Tank Buster (Freakshow Tanks): Hunt in Crey’s Folly or Terra Volta. Gearsmasher (Clockwork Gears): Hunt in Echo: Faultline. Unveiler (Fake Nemesis): Do Steel Canyon Signature Story Arc. Set to -1x8. Hunt Fake Nemesis in first mission. Repeat until you get the badge. History and Explorations: Hopefully you have VidiotMaps by now. Congratulations. If you’ve made it this far, you now have all 4 passive +HP and +END accolade bonuses. You are now able to properly compete in PvP and not use “No accolades” as an excuse. Thanks for reading, see you guys in game!
  3. So! one of the lesser explored mechanics in the game was a little thing called Day Jobs, something that provided a nice narrative element for how your characters spend time off-screen, and provided a small reward for spending time logged off in that job location. However, there wasn't really any further exploration of the concept besides adding in a new day job here and there, most of which didn't even have an associated accolade to progress towards to. I figured since the concept hasn't been tinkered with since CoH's final days, I would take a stab at thinking up some new Day Job Accolade badges that a player can work towards, which I think helps with the following problems with Day Jobs, and badges on general; There are day jobs with no accolades. Some day jobs count towards far more accolades that others. Day Jobs are a means of implementing new accolades without the need of new mission arcs or zones to explore. There would be more badges for those who enjoy badge-hunting or looking for that ideal title. There would be more rewards you can earn for logging off in a single location. More temporary powers More character themes to play with! With all this in mind, here's a list of Day Job Accolades I came up with that I think would better distribute rewards and explore more themes! Neutral: Medium - Cold Hand of Death - Mortician Reaper's Touch (Melee, Moderate Cold DoT, Self Heal) Warlock - Cold Hand of Death - Midnighter Magestaff (Ranged, Moderate Negative DMG, Knockback) Commando - D.U.S.T Ranger - Vanguard Recruit Plasma Rifle (Ranged, Moderate Energy DMG, -RES) Therapist - Psychologist / - Caregiver/Pain Specialist Clear Thoughts (Ranged, Ally Mez Protection) Socialite* - Psychologist - Clubber Attract (Ranged, Foe Taunt, -ACC, -ToHit) Vagrant - Scavenger - Survivalist Molotov Cocktail (Ranged AoE, Fire DoT) Raider - Survivalist - Predator Survival Axe (Melee, Lethal DMG, -DEF) Gladiator** - Duelist - Cimeroran Javelin (Ranged Lethal DMG, -DEF) Engineer - Monitor Duty - Architect Gun Turret (Place Turret, Moderate Lethal DoT) Entertainer - Fashion Designer - Architect Disguise (Self Stealth, +DEF All) Hero: Provost (Authoritarian) - D.U.S.T Ranger - Law Enforcer Shockwave Grenade (Ranged AoE Stun) Salvager (Scrounger) - Scavenger - Day Trader Jackhammer (Melee Moderate Lethal DoT, -DEF) Ambassador (Plant) - Clubber - City Official Inspire (Ranged Ally +DMG, +Recovery) Stockbroker (Swindler) - Shop Keeper - Banker Store Discount (Coupon: Discount at Stores) Courier (Mail Fraud) - Shop Keeper - Commuter Rush (Self Teleport (Short Range)) Pathfinder (Cosmic Corsair) - Intern - Dimensional Explorer Scout (Self +Perception, +Range, +Accuracy) Pilgrim (Lost Soul) - Chronologist - Dimensional Explorer Quantum Flux (Self Intangible) Villain: Insurgent (Double Agent) - D.U.S.T Ranger - Arachnos Agent Chemical Grenade (Ranged AoE Toxic DoT, -Res, -Heal) Junker (Recycler) - Scavenger - Marketeer Throw Scrap (Ranged Lethal DMG) Envoy (Defector) - Clubber - Demagogue Manipulate (Ranged, Foe Confuse) Fence (Repo Man) - Smuggler - Thief Store Discount (Coupon: Discount at Stores) Fugitive (Tracker) - Smuggler - Pilot Rush (Self Teleport (Short Range)) Conspirator (Inside Man) - Crey Employee - Arachnos Official Reconnaissance (Ranged, Foe -DEF, -RES) Fateweaver (Unravelled) - Chronologist - Arachnos Official Divination (Self +DEF, +Absorb) *Socialite (Fashion Designer/Clubber) changed to "Supermodel". **Gladiator (Predator/Duelist) changed to "Champion".
  4. I transferred my Commander Chord tank character to the Excelsior server. I hadn't played the toon in 120+ days. When I logged in as the character I immediately set to gathering all the Atlas Park exploration badges to get the Long Range Teleport Accolade power. It never showed after getting all the badges. I then went to Faultine and got all the Exploration badges there, with the same negative results. Today (4/25) I completed the remaining 3 Task Forces I needed for the Task Force Commander accolade. That accolade never showed. I had completed the other 3 Task Forces and the Scholastic Badge on the original server. I also cannot purchase the LRT power from the P2W vendor. It shows it as purchasable for free, but nothing happens when I click it. So it seems that Accolades are not popping for this toon. Please help.
  5. I'm sorry if this question has already been asked at some point, but I couldn't seem to find it. What I'm wondering is about how the powers work with the day job accolades. Now I'm not asking about the temporary passives associated with just logging out at a particular day job, but the powers when having gotten 2 corresponding badges and given the accolade. For instance: Midnighter badge + Caregiver badge = Alchemist accolade which gives an ally healing power. I've been working toward some of these powers and recently completed getting the predator and duelist badges which grant the gladiator accolade which supposedly unlocks a defense toggle skill, however I don't see the skill in my list of powers so I'm not sure if I am missing something. The in game description mentions the power, but there isn't much more information on it in game or in the wiki. my question is, do these powers have some other requirement for activation such as logging off in one those zones for a longer period of time to gain the power just like the passive buffs, or is there certain restrictions like the architect vitalize which is only available in those missions, or is this simply a bug and the power just hasn't shown up for some technical reason?
  6. Was going through to get the Field Crafter accolade/badge unlocked, and finished off all the tier 1 through tier 4 recipe badges, but didn't get the accolade, even though there was no longer a popup text giving a percentage to completion, the progress bar showed full. Rechecked the guides and was reminded that still needed the 1000 craftings as well. Once I got the 1000th crafting, it unlocked the accolade, so not broken, just not including the Master Craftsman badge in the progress bar from what I can tell. Thanks for looking at this.
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