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  1. So I am torn... or would it be shredded?... do I continue my love affair with Tankers and go Bio/Claws for the added survivability, or do I go Claws/Bio Scrapper for the added damage? Now, Bio is absolutely mandatory here because of the theme and look I am going for, so while some things may pair better with Claws, in this case it must be Bio. I have a couple of /Bio Scrappers, and the set works wonderfully on them for reactive survival (it feels very much like what my main back on live, /Regen, should have been), I have also done Claws before on a Scrapper. Additionally, I have a Bio/SS
  2. Hello all. I am considering leveling up an Electric Melee/Shield character. What would be the difference between Scrappers, Stalkers and Brutes, as far as DPS (ST vs AoE), survivability? How about at Incarnate lvl, have they different usefullness? I thought Stalkers would deal more damage, but on Mids, Scrappers seem to do more? Ty
  3. So in my pursuit of more chaos with my beloved necro pets, I made a necro/electric....yes call me DOKTOR FRANKENSTEIN. Not the Gene Wilder type...well maybe a little of that and and some Von Brunn....for the muahaha! Well without further adieu my build...and YES be savage in your critique. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1427;696;1392;HEX;| |78DA6594DB4E13511486F7D0A9950296528E520EA5506A5B0AF5010439992835241| |8A257CD643A8509ED0C694B221EC3537
  4. Hello Brute Community! I'm wondering if anyone has tried out the new Energy Melee paired with Bio? From what I hear it would be a very good and damaging (single target at least) combo. I have very limited experience / knowledge on both, so I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share there experience. What are the limitations of the combo? Any thoughts on why most ppl seem to be opting for Energy Armor or Willpower with it? Any build advice or build shares that could be provided? (I'd like to be a wrecking ball that is still tough, but when it comes do
  5. I've been going crazy trying to make a new character, I've tried to make another character but always restart for stupid reasons like if the secondary is to cluttered visually, or will it really benefit a damage dealer., I have been looking at Dark Armor, and it seems to have a lot going for it, but would it be good for a AT that's meant to do a lot of damage, is it good for soloing? I'm hoping for any advice for Dark Armor, or really any secondary that would work well, and hopefully look nice on a psi melee character.
  6. Hey community, wanted to get some ideas from you guys about what you think of the question posed in the title of this thread. I currently have a level 40 Dark/Storm Corruptor that I am currently wondering if I should have rolled as a defender. I got into this conundrum by realizing she was due for a respec, but not really having an idea of how to go about doing so. Couldn't really find any builds for dark/storm or storm/dark, so this is another area I could use advice in because I just have no idea what I'm doing in that regard. Now, reason for the powersets is that I
  7. Hi all! I've yet to roll either a Savage Melee or Radiation Armor toon, so I thought "why not combine them both?" 😄 So I've creeped the forums and, for the life of me, I can't find a sample build for this particular combo. Does anyone who has played this combo have any insight/advice that they'd be willing to share? I'd appreciate it!
  8. Hey heroes! Specific question for you Scrapper Studs and Studdetes (can I coin that term?) out there. I'm looking to build a second scrapper after LOVING my Stj/Bio @nihilii shared with me. I'm looking at /Rad secondary (since it seems pretty well rounded and has a T9 that is actually worth taking). I'm just trying to determine which primary to pair it with: Claws or Katana? Both seem really cool and could fit the build with what I'm trying to make. I've only rolled Claws once, as a Claw/Elec Brute. Haven't messed with Katana much at all, besides
  9. Hi all. I want to start a new scrapper, with Spines. I am unsure about the secondary, either WP or Invulnerability. Invulnerability is nice but I think spines is a endhog, and so is Invulnerability. WP is more passive, less alpha-survivable, but more endurance. Obviously, at max level with full IOs, every AT is a beast. But my question is: during leveling, will I suffer too much from Invulnerability? Will WP pair better with Spines? Ty in advance
  10. hi all, i'm gonna to try to make a build for pvp, but i have 3 small problem. 1) new to pvp 2) new into build 3) almost new in english. Could you tell me if this is wrong? and what i can do for optimize this build please? thx a lot edit: i'll make it again, not good for pvp the new one Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Magic Scrapper Primary Power Set: Broad Sword Secondary Power S
  11. More than just a Ninja - A Guide to Stalkers Index Introduction AT Powers inherent to Stalkers Primaries Secondaries Basic slotting Combat, Tricks Beginer Nin/Nin Build The ATO Synergy Advanced slotting Incarnates Advanced Nin/Nin Build Introduction Hello all, i have played a Stalker back in the day and was thrilled to play one here on homecoming. I mostly played on redside only before the ATs and alingnments allowed everyone to switch side and go rogue. Stalkers used to be good in P
  12. I just made a villainous Fire/Martial Combat (with plans for Electric epic) Blaster modeled after Azula from ATLA (plz don't nerf me copyright lawyers). LOVE her conceptually--I can hear the voice actress saying all of the responses to mission dialogue in my head! Fire Breath is a power that I used to love back on live as an intentional 1-2 AOE opener with Fireball, usually following BU + Aim. Perez Park solo farming days! However, I'm now finding it to be a bit more lackluster, perhaps due to MC's lack of BU? Thematically, I can go either way. PRO: I could justify it a
  13. Hi all. Simply put, I am new to this. All of this. Superhero City, and MMOs in general. I've been playing with my GF, and I also have a character I've been soloing with. I'd like to find some people to RP with, maybe set up a regular group? I mean, I know nothing. Meetups, how do? Events, how do? I still know how to breathe, so I have that going for me. Any help would be very appreciated.
  14. Greetings, Heroes and Villains alike! I'm new to building characters - this is only my second - and am hoping to get some guidance on this one: My EM/Shield Scrapper. This is not based on any posted builds out there; I made it from scratch. Given my lack of build experience, I'm sure I've made some errors. I suspect it's not the most efficient build. I don't have a methodology for building yet, and I admit to being a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and info available. But I'm sticking with it, and I mean to improve... This is my first EM/Shield
  15. Hi everyone, So I'm finally getting around to building (re-building) my Mastermind from the Live servers. He was Robots/Poison. Build is linked below; this is a very rough first draft from like, 2011-ish, so I know, a lot of stuff needs to be filled out, and has beaucoup room for improvement. Before I get to it with him, I have a few questions. 1. I never took the last two Poison powers back in the day. Noxious Gas just didn't work well for Robot pets, and I could swear that back then, Poison Trap was a sleep for MMs back then. But looking now, nope, I'm seeing a H
  16. Good morning everyone. I'm transitioning my BS/WP Scrapper into its final phase, and looking for any and all pointers to getting the most out of the build. Looking to be viable in both solo and team play. I just wanna chop through stuff - including high level content - and come out (mostly) unscathed, as befits a Scrapper Took "Cross Punch" and beefed it up on a lark; it's fun but I'm not married to it Took "Body Mastery" because I hate running out of endurance, but if I can squeeze better End management without it that'd be great Void Judgment and Spectral Inter
  17. I’ve been toying with making a dominator - one AT I never really got into - and came up with what I feel is an interesting concept. I want to build a “star” type of character, with magical powers reminiscent of the energies of space. Primarily, the character’s powers center on the idea of shooting plasma and ionized, charged energies, ultimately channeling the vacuum energy of space itself in order to become highly dense (represented by temp invulnerability for example). Thing is, I don’t really know where to start when kitting out an elec/energy dom, because I’m not ex
  18. More than just a Ninja - A Guide to Stalkers Index Introduction AT Powers inherent to Stalkers Primaries Secondaries Basic slotting Combat, Tricks Beginer Nin/Nin Build The ATO Synergy Advanced slotting Incarnates Advanced Nin/Nin Build Introduction Hello all, i have played a Stalker back in the day and was thrilled to play one here on homecoming. I mostly played on redside only before the ATs and alingnments allowed everyone to switch side and go rogue. Stalkers used to be good in P
  19. Hello All, A friend and I created (some time ago) a Force Fielder Defender duo on Reunion (FF/Dark & FF/Energy). These were created for fun, but also as an experiment into survivability & durability vs harder content. Just to see what difficulty settings were a challenge and which foes we could overcome. These creations are now level 50. Unsurprisingly as a buff set duo the survivability is excellent (helped in no small part by Dark Blast). However, lacking debuffs, the duo struggles to overcome the greatest of foes -- Arch-Villains. I therefore n
  20. Hey folks, So I've got an Elec^2 Sentinel with whom I'm quite happy. She's a refreshing change of pace from my Elec^3 Blaster. But I noticed something late last night, and wanted some feedback before I made any changes. On the aforementioned Blaster, I always used Short Circuit slotted for End Drain instead of damage, figuring I had enough other attacks slotted for damage that I could use the utility there. But by definition the Sentinel is a bit leaner in availability of attacks, so I'm trying to be more "efficient" with her. While I was in Mids last night, I realiz
  21. So with the upcoming changes to devices and snipes and beam rifle for that matter, I'm having trouble deciding what primary to roll. All in all these are my assessments if pros and cons of each primary with /Dev with the buffs coming next live patch. I was hoping that some of you here would be able to give me some insight and help me make a decision on what to roll. The Character Concept I have definitely fits AR the best in just being a militia woman, but I currently find AR to be overly endurance hungry for what it gives back. DP would be the second closest and BR seems to clash just a
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