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  1. Hi Guys & Gals, This is going to be a bit of a niche guide on Fire Farming in the AE, using a Spines / Fiery Aura Brute as your Farmer of Choice. For those of you interested in this topic, there is a Great Thread on Fire Farming, including some amazing builds and results over ----> here Intrigued with the idea, I posted in that thread (here) but, basically being too chintzy to build one of those High-End purpled out builds, I decided it might be a fun project to see what I could build ... on the cheap, and see how it compared. It occurred to me (eventually) that my post might be a bit of a thread hijack in that High-End thread, and would definitely be too long in any case, with the various updates. SO, I decided to make it a separate guide on Low Budget Fire Farming... Hope you find it useful (or even, mildly interesting) 🙂 I'm not going to repost the contents of my first comment here, but I will cover the key points in this guide. You should also read the other thread (especially Warlawk's first post) to pick up some important basics. Meanwhile, a couple Disclaimers... 🙂 First: This is a Fire Farmer... He is designed, built, and expected to spend almost his entire career in the AE running Fire Farm missions at as high a degree of difficulty as he can handle safely. Second: As the title implies, this is going to be a Low Budget, "Farmer Lite" kind of build. If you've never done any AE farming, and you want to dabble, or learn the ropes, inexpensively, this is your guy. Otherwise, the first thread I linked is where you'll want to be for the high-end stuff (and it's a good read, besides). You won't be seeing any Purple, PVP, or ATO sets in this build. My maximum estimate for this guy's build is 50 Million total, and my expectation is that he will be *well* under that. He's going to be entirely self-funded for this project, with the idea that *anyone* who wants to can jump right in and try this with a brand new character and do exactly what this guy is doing. Btw, if you haven't done so, you'll want to get Pine's Hero Builder. I'll be posting the Data Chunk for our Farmer's build(s). Those can be cut and pasted directly into that program, and will be invaluable for knowing how to slot and IO your LBFF (Low Budget Fire Farmer) character. Third: I honestly, have *zero* expectation that he'll seriously challenge the inf/minute numbers of the High-End builds, but he should be able to reach some (decent?) percentage of that, and will well-exceed earning levels of more typical characters. How far he can go remains to be seen. That said, this isn't a "theoretical" build. I am actually playing the exact builds I'll be posting, and we'll see how he does as we go along. Finally: I'm doing this guide in a few installments. While I've done some farming back on the Live servers (way back when), I'm not an expert by any means, so a part of this project is to relate my experiences with these builds, as I jump into the figurative pond of AE Farming, myself. Consequently, I'll be breaking this guide into sections: Phase I -- Beginner Build, Phase II -- Mature Build, and Phase III - Final Build. Currently, I'm wrapping up Phase II as I write this, and am considering what the Phase III build will be... Ok, if you're still here, let's get started.... Create yourself a shiny new Spines / Fiery Aura Brute. Note, I made him as a hero, and after the tutorial, I started him out in Atlas Park. I'd imagine, it would work similarly for a villain, but this is what this guy did. DO take him thru the tutorial, and keep the 2 TO's and the 2 Inspirations he gets from it. That will be your initial shoestring starter fund (although you'll get plenty more, shortly). 🙂 Sell the two TO's to the trainer by Miss Liberty. Dump the two inspirations on the Auction House for 11 each, and take what you get when they insta-sell. (Tip: You can type /ah to access the Auction House from just about anywhere, which I find very helpful, except in an SG/VG base, or inside an active mission). Those sales should probably net you anywhere from 10,000-50,000 inf. While you're in Atlas Park, DO stop by the P2W vendor (on the plaza by Atlas' right foot). You will definitely want to pick up some free perks there. At minimum, you should grab the free attack powers (Blackwand, Nemesis Staff, and Sands of Mu). Note the first two offer a small bonus depending on your origin, so do grab the right ones for your character. You also want the Inner Inspiration power. That will randomly create 3 Medium or Large inspirations (if you have room in your Inspie tray) which you can use, or sell for additional inf. It can be used every 1/2 hour. You'll also want to look at the P2W's Custom XP rates. The last one in the list is Double XP. It's free, you can stack up to 8 of them, and you'll want to do exactly that. Don't be concerned that you earn no influence with 2XP - You *won't* be making your money from killing stuff. Trust me, that *won't* be a problem. Finally, you also want to disable getting Awaken (resuscitate type) inspirations. You have to pay a little bit for that (1000 iirc), but you just don't want those dropping for you and cluttering your tray. I'll also throw in a recommendation for Reveal (it removes "Fog of War" from a map) if you can afford it (10,000 iirc). If you did OK on your inspiration sales, it's worth picking up. Alright, from the moment you stepped into the tutorial til now (after collecting your P2W goodies) should take about 20 minutes, unless you're completely new to the game. In that case, maybe a 1/2 hour, or so... 😉 If you've played in the AE at all, and if you've wandered into a Fire Farm (either by mistake, or out of curiosity), you probably learned, as I did, that those are deadly places for most normal characters. For our guy, that is going to be his office and playground. That means we're going to have to make some very specific choices initially, just to keep him alive, and eventually, to make him a Fire demigod. That is going to take some time. In fact, our first build is designed for L25. Prior to that, he's just not viable at all (imho). It's crazy dangerous in there! 😄 So, let's get him leveled up. This is an AE guy, so I recommend you doing it there. Doubtless, there are several AE missions that will do the trick, but, if I may, I'll give some props to @A Humble Farmer (search on the word Humble in AE). He created some missions that are especially friendly to low level characters. You can run these from L1 onward, and with the P2W attacks, and your first two power attacks, it's pretty easy. My own favorite there is #3297 - Bads' Backyard BBQ. You'll level quite quickly in that mission, especially as a lowbie using the Double XP perk. DO select "Architect Rewards" setting when running this. That will give you AE tickets as you go through the mission. That is your *income*. For every 540 tickets you earn, you can exchange them for a piece of Rare Invention Salvage (from the guy at the top of the stairs) -- that includes Hamidon Goo, Mu Vestment, Deific Weapon, etc. Each of these sells for 450,000-600,000 on the Auction House, and that is substantially more than you'll make by killing bad guys in normal content missions. Initially, you may need to list them low on the Market (due to seller's fees) and take what you get, but once past that point, I generally list them for sale around 480,000 or so to get full value from them. Trading tickets for rare salvage is how you are going to self fund your Farmer, initially. As you're doing this, *don't* train up your character when he levels. You won't need to, and it'll make it easy to make our first build (@L25) Ok... You've been running AE awhile, you've leveled up to 25 (or more), and you've been selling that rare salvage, so you should have several million inf on hand. It is time to commence your Farming career. Here's what we're going to build. L25 Entry Level Farmer | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;982;436;872;HEX;| |78DA9592D94EC2401486A750A86CB20914A3068DA2116DDCEE8D0A181350121EA06| |96084264D216D49E4D217F2CEF5095C12DFC4E50DEAA17320D8C60B2769FFF69BF3| |9F396766EA57E5E8CDE9F521E122279A629AF2B131B0A870AE580343D1FC8490D88| |5B65EA82BAD724F57B4B60024E5C4C875AA512A35FBAA4E4D91A132BDA4BA49A5AA| |4A8DA17C042992677A971A54B7A4F147B4D1EB69528D2A60EC849D9F669FD2767CC| |CDBD430BB6A3FE6FC57D54ED782C07CA5AFB6A48A4E8DCE50AE2BA6355AC0595484| |8AD6E0792E121C364FE641449EF89699CE2C328DA2CEA2DE8EC239C743C816632F4| |544908773E5E1D11776E579058F9F79027EF4F0E809BA3C09D414CEDF8104580D81| |007A837FD4EDF666E13804AC5F5862EC1E24C46A21A155C61E40222CCE17C13EE75| |C9A835C31F4C536187B83BEE2C8E27B8CAD405C1259B2C4D823481AEB4863BE77F0| |6670CD0CF6951DD78D7D3C81E49C9DB37DB9026362E9B7DA3048DE79DBFF190BFCE| |43E109664D343763C64D743F63DE4C043AA23C2397DD8B5E959ECB7C14FEE14E1B0| |AF50627267EC8F30CCE3FE71DB6CFE6B9AE1397E4E333CA3EF69867BF8039AA8CA2| |A| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| This build uses L25 Common IO's throughout. It has nearly capped Fire Resistance (88+%), decently slotted attacks, and the basic building blocks for what he'll need as he matures. It should cost about 2-3 Million to build him, and if you've been following along, this should be easily affordable by now. This is a build that can not only survive the Fire Farm, but use it to continue leveling. The Gold Standard for Fire Farms (based on the other Farming thread) are written by @Brigg. He has several of them. Personally, I like his Outdoor farm #11612 which can be run in about 15-20 minutes or so and gives you plenty of XP and AE tickets. Again, until your LBFF hits L50, you should always be running on Double XP - so, you'll need to refresh that from time to time with the P2W vendor. Let's talk about running a farming mission with this guy. This build is capable of safely running a Fire Farm at a difficulty setting of 0/3 (possibly 0/4). You were expecting +4/8 ??? Hold on, Champ... 🙂 This guy is a Beginner! You'll find he has Endurance issues, No DEF to speak of, a sub-optimal attack chain, and significant health issues if he aggroes too much, too soon. Healing Flames and Consume can help with that, but they won't be charged fast enough all the time (esp. Consume). That's ok. You'll need to be attentive, and learn how to actively manage him in the farm. In fact, if you struggle at all with that, dial back the difficulty a bit (0/2, or even 0/0) until you get the hang of it. You'll both improve as we go along. Right now, what you have is a guy that shouldn't die on you in that fire farm if you're paying attention. At this point, I'm going to direct you back to the other posts for a bit (the links are up top). You'll want to understand the section on binds and macros, because those are the keys to running your LBFF more efficiently. I highly recommend that you install them -- they'll help a lot! I did things a bit differently, but the actual binds and macros I'm using are listed there in my post. Take your time, I'll wait. Ok, hopefully, you have the binds and macros covered and set up (if not, ask, and I'll try to help). This guy's play style is quite simple. Turn any travel toggles, except Combat Jumping, off (Sprint and Super Jump) to preserve Endurance. Ensure your Shields and Damage toggles are on, and in you go. It helps to target the Boss and wade in close to him, as he's hardest to kill, and will last longest. If Build Up is available, pop that, then your Spine Burst. Then use your single target attacks (on that boss). As you do that, you'll be creating red inspies if possible and automatically using them when you attack. You don't have a real attack chain, so just fire off whatever attack is ready (Note, you may need to press it a couple times due to the binds making and burning reds, so watch to make sure the attack actually queues). Keep an eye on your health, but especially on your Endurance. De-Toggling by running out of Endurance will get you killed quickly. Use Healing Flames for health and Consume for endurance if needed and available. If they're not available, don't be shy about clicking an inspie in the tray. Currently, the attacks will not use blue inspies, so they're there to help the endurance issue. If you get too many clogging the tray, use the grn/Grn macros to convert them. Early on, you won't get Large inspirations, but eventually they'll drop as well. The macros don't do anything with those, and in the other thread, they recommend turning those off at the P2W vendor as well. I left mine on, and in between farm runs, I sell them (they can sell for anywhere between 5,000 - 100,000 inf typically). If they actually start clogging your tray, don't feel shy about using them. Initially, 100K seems like a nice chunk of change to throw away, but after you get a few million from AE tickets, it won't be much of a concern anymore. I'll leave it up to you to decide how you want to handle the large inspirations. In the meantime, survivability in the Fire Farm is your key goal as this build is just starting to learn the ropes. As you do that, you'll be leveling and earning tickets needed to fund his future progress. After a few runs, I think you'll find it pretty simple to manage, and pretty soon, it should start to go fairly smoothly. If not, dial back the difficulty a bit. Keep it super simple and easy as you're learning and leveling. In the next installment, we'll look at improving this L25 build by using some simple IO sets, a few higher end IO's, which can be bought from AH if you're flush with cash, or, with merits... For that last, we'll have to foray into the "real world" of content, and that presents a different set of difficulties. Stay tuned...
  2. All of the below was tested and replicated in AE using multiple, redundant critter files with different breadths of power. To the extent I was able to verify, none of these appear to be AI issues (with the possible exception of the last issue in this list). I am available to demonstrate/replicate these issues as necessary in-game on the test server if necessary, please send me a DM on discord @Terminal#9300. Broken/Nonfunctional Powersets Assigned By File Powers assigned by file from the Kinetic Melee and Devices powersets, regardless of whether one uses Power Mission_Maker_Attacks or Power Mission_Maker_Secondary, will not appear in the AE interface and will not be used by custom critters. I am certain additional sets have this issue, but have not exhaustively checked all of them. Both of these sets are valid for use in AE normally and are available in the Mission Maker listings. Both of these sets work as intended when selected normally in AE (just not when any of their powers are assigned by file). Broken/Nonfunctional Individual Powers Assigned by File Certain individual powers (such as Energize from Energy Manipulation) from powersets which otherwise function correctly when assigned by file will not appear in the AE interface and will not be used by custom critters. I am certain additional sets and individual powers have this issue, but have not exhaustively checked all of them. Effectively the same issue as the one above, but limited to select powers in certain powersets rather than the entire set. Martial Combat Issues Martial Combat in AE has two copies of Reach for the Limit. The first listed copy works as intended but has a blank AE description. The second listed copy does not work at all but has a detailed AE description. (Verified using Power Analyzer) Burst of Speed for enemies in does not teleport them as it should. It is instead acting as an incredibly ghetto ranged attack. Martial Combat, despite being proliferated into AE for use by enemies, is not available in the listings for Power Mission_Maker_Attacks or Power Mission_Maker_Secondary. Dull Pain Issue Both Dull Pains from Invulnerability and Regeneration, in AE, appear to be calling on the exact same effect from the same source rather than having two identical effects with different listings. Accordingly, it is impossible to double-stack Dull Pain on a critter by assigning both copies by file. AE will only register one of them. This is, one supposes, less a bug and more a lifehack from the past meant to streamline something that now does not play well with the new system. Note that it is fully possible to double up on duplicate powers from other sets, such as having multiple copies of Midnight Grasp (From Dark Melee and Dark Assault) or multiple copies of Drain Psyche (From Mental Manipulation and Psionic Assault) - since, while identical powers, they have separate file listings. Potential Issue with Nondamaging Ranged Attacks Finally - this may or may not be a bug, but it is consistent enough that I think it merits pointing out. Custom enemies are, in a wide set of circumstances, refusing to use nondamaging ranged moves outside of melee range. An egregious example of this would be enemies, given NOTHING but Trick Arrow powers, will not use any of them at range. They will use all of their powers normally only at point blank melee range. This has also been observed across a number of other ranged secondary sets, including Poison, Kinetics, and Radiation Emission. I think this could be caused by two things - either the AI is being dumb (plausible), or the reconfiguring of every ranged attack in AE to have a minimum range of 80 feet (as per the patch notes) may have broken several ranged powers so they cannot be used at range at all. That said, I believe it warrants at least verifying to ensure it is not a bug.
  3. Good day! I, @Scrapbot, have returned to the Everlasting server after a series of unfortunate events oddly timed with a global pandemic. With my return, I am returning to this contest! So, if there are AE mission makers out there, add your submissions here and I will post my non-farm AE contest winners weekly! This is the return, so there might be a few hiccups. Anyhow, for those that don't know, here's the rub: I take submissions for AE missions via the ingame email to @Scrapbot from the Arc's creator (1 Arc per person). Submissions for the week are Monday to Friday giving me time to play submissions (capped at 5 a week because I'm human) Winner is announced here on Sunday but gets winnings via ingame email (I just reply to the submission) Winnings are the INF gained from playing all submissions solo and an additional amount I contribute (Don't worry if you have a low level arc, the winnings still balance out over the total). Basics of my grading I set the difficulty to 0/+2 and solo each Arc on one of my level 50s (this is where the pot comes from) When time allows or missions dictate, I will replay Arcs with a team again at 0/+2 (my part of this also get added into the pot) Grading is after I complete the Arc so that that I can see everything the creator envisioned (some objectives or enemies may not make sense during a mission but make sense by the end of the arc) Generally, how arcs are rated: - Objectives to story (do the mandatory tasks make sense to what the POC is telling me; Why am I pummeling everyone for a B&E? Is it just excessive or is there something more sinister? Are you cleverly masking a farm?) - Enemy group utilization (Was thought put into my enemies? Are you cleverly masking a farm?) - Lore stuff (it doesn't have to match CoX lore, but a story needs some context even if it is self contained. i.e. Why am I fighting the enemy group FLOWER CORP?) - The little things (some intangibles that bleed into the other fields, such as - Writing style should be on par with, or beyond, my 8 year old; Are AE mechanics incorporated to enhance the arc? Why is the super valuable do-hickey being kept in a cardboard box? etc.) - Was it Fun (I feel this is frequently underrated; did I enjoy your arc, would I play it again? Did I want to enter into the story you created? Would I bring other people into your world with me? Was I glad to play it or just glad it is over?) Caveats Not related to the Developer's Choice for AE - This is Scrapbot's Choice. Difficulty is not really a factor unless it is marked solo friendly and is definitely not solo friendly. Notes will contain: Winner Arc ID, all other submission IDs, total winnings, some of my comments. -- I'm still trying to gauge how much of my personal comments will go on here - I want to inform, not flame, about arcs. On team playthroughs, I will take constructive comments from my team members... but they are not Scrapbot and don't have to take heat for the final ruling. On Saturday, I will email the contributors I will be playing to let them know they got in - so, if you didn't get an email, you submitted late and should resubmit the following Monday. -- If I missed a submission for whatever reason, let me know and I will go back and check - if it was missed (not disqualified for being a farm) I will rate it with the following weeks submissions. In rare cases of 1 mission existing per ID but forming 1 arc, let me know and I will rate them together as one arc but it is up to you to provide those IDs, I won't hunt for them.
  4. Hi! A long time ago I wrote a guide exploring some hidden parts of everyone's favorite farm (and I guess story content) creator, Mission Architect. I'm reposting it here in case folks find it useful, and I've also added a few new nuggets of information I've found out. At first glance, Mission Architect can seem rather limiting. Enemies can only spawn in certain places, there’s only so many maps, etc. But with some tips and tricks, an arc built with Mission Architect can be incredibly cool and innovative, and become a really awesome piece of content, on par with everything else in the game! PART 1: THE STORY These are the only tidbits I'll go into about story, and the discussion is simply to help people understand where to best focus efforts when working on an AE story: 1. Keep things simple when you can. - The more convoluted your plot gets, the more difficult it will be for anyone to stay invested in the story. Plus the more brief you can be with your introductions and text, the easier it’ll be for players to follow what is going on. 2. Keep raising the stakes! - You don’t want to frontload an arc. There should be a sense of urgency in your story, otherwise it can be easy to become disinterested. At their longest, Mission Architect arcs can only be 5 missions. It may seem a bit short if you compare it to some of the Task Forces’ lengths, but those were designed with leveling in mind. (i.e. giving players mass amounts of defeat alls so that they’ll gain plenty of experience and reach the minimum level for the next TF). Really though, 5 missions is plenty of time to tell a good story. If for whatever reason you cannot fit your story into 5 missions, there’s always the option to make a part two... too! Your first mission sets the stage for everything. From then on, your missions should build on top of that, upping the ante until you finally get to the climactic final mission which usually involves a big boss fight. It’s basic story structure! An inciting incident occurs which starts the story. The action gets greater and greater as the stakes rise until finally we’re at the climax! After that, the action slowly falls until we’re left with a resolution! Though you don’t really have to make a falling action/resolution mission... (But you can! We’ll get to that later!) If you don’t keep your arc ramping up, it’s going to become repetitive and unexciting. You’ll wind up with the old Positron Task Force: a bunch of missions strung together that don’t really lead to anything satisfying. PART 2: WHAT DOES ALL THIS WEIRD STUFF IN THE UI MEAN? We’re gonna take this step by step. The first thing you see when you create a new AE file is a section at the front of the 'timeline' at the top of the UI, denoted by a pen icon... Story Settings - Story Title: I mean, pretty obvious, right? It’s the story title. - Story Description: Basically the log-line of your story. What is it about? What characters appear in it? It’s a good place to add Elite Boss/Arch-Villain warnings too, if you want. Story Contact - Contact Name: Once again, pretty self-explanatory. - Contact Type: You can select a ton of different stuff to act as your story’s contact. Objects, custom characters, even freakin’ Bat’Zul. Be aware certain mobs will have weird hit-boxes though and may be a bit more annoying to click. - Contact Group: This is an interesting one. It’ll show up if the person clicks “ask about this contact” and serves as a way to show their allegiances. I like to use it as an occupation. For example, if the contact is a detective, it would read “Veteran Police Detective” or something to that effect. - About Contact: A short biography for your contact. Some of the normal contacts/enemies will have bios pre-loaded, but you can always alter them. This also appears when someone clicks “Ask about this contact.” It should be noted that I find it incredibly hard to believe anyone would ever click the 'Ask About this Contact' button (I mean, has anyone ever done that even in normal content?) Still though, fill it out for fun if you want. Story Parameters - Story Arc Status: I’d be sure to set this to Final immediately. You most likely won’t be publishing a “Work in Progress” arc and it’s easy to forget to change this setting when you’re done with everything and ready to publish. - Suggested Alignment: This is a cool setting. It determines the prime playerbase of your arc. Did you make one for redside or blueside? Or Praetoria, even. - Keywords: Pretty self-explanatory. How would you describe what you’re making? Souvenir Clue - Souvenir Name: What souvenir do people take away from this arc? Maybe it’s the skull of their fallen enemy, maybe it’s a toaster. - Souvenir Description: A souvenir in-game typically has you reminded of all the events of the arc. Essentially, it sums up the entire story through a fond, nostalgic lens. The Mission (1) This is what appears when you hit the 1 button on your first mission. The 1 and 2 are separated like pages of a book, here's what you see for 1: Choose Mission Settings - Enemy Group: My advice is to MORE OFTEN THAN NOT set this to EMPTY. This is where Mission Architect really loses its mojo for some people. What this essentially does is set every spawnpoint on the map to spawn a certain enemy group mob. Guess what though. You can make every spawn on the map into a mission detail, meaning instead of a bland mob, you can make it into something MUCH, much cooler, and open up tons of possibilities. More on that once we get to Mission Details and Goals. - Map Type: Choose your map. On the right side you will begin to see Mission Map Details (bear in mind the map pictures are often wonky, but the details in text will be there)... Mission Parameters - Minimum/Maximum Level: This defines the level range of your characters, and can be used to do some very cool things. Usually, you will want to set this to be the level of your primary enemy group (i.e. if you’re doing a Crey arc, you’d make it 35-54). Just because you have an arc set to a certain level range, doesn’t mean enemies from other level ranges can’t appear, they’ll just con as grey or purple! We’ll get into some cool uses for this setting later. NOTE: Custom Characters ALWAYS go from 1-54. - Mission Pacing: If you set Enemy Group to empty, (which you often should, like I said), this setting won’t matter. If you ignored me and set a mission enemy group, this setting has options for different level ranges (i.e. people in front are lower level than people in back). - Time to Complete: Is there a time limit to your mission? Adding this will require a Return Fail Dialogue from the contact, even if you give players 3 hours to click a glowie. - Mission Exit: This makes it so that once the mission is complete, people have to leave using the door they entered with. It’s great for trap missions, which we’ll get to later. Mission Begin Clue/Mission Complete Clue: These clues are good for summing up the events of the mission, but the problem is that there’s no guarantee they’ll be read, especially when your arc is played by teams. Sometimes the New Clue pop-up doesn’t show for whatever reason, or the sound effect might not play. For all these reasons, clues shouldn’t be the most reliable way of telling your story. You should stick to some of the text options below. Write Text - Mission Introduction Dialogue: Your contact’s introduction to the mission. These are best kept brief, just explain the situation and ask for help. A good tip (which is often implemented in CoH arcs) is to have the contact sum up the mission in one sentence and color that sentence orange. That way the player knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. (In order to color something, highlight the text and right click. You can also set things to italic, bold, or even add in the $name shortcut to make the contact address players by name). I like to also bold or color the names of the antagonists. Like say if we were fighting someone known as Baron Evil McJones, every time his name showed up, I’d color it red, meaning he’s going to be important to this arc. - Mission Send Off Dialogue: This is what your contact says after the mission is accepted. It can be a good place to drop more information, but the player will most likely be rearing to start the mission, so it’s best just to constrain it to a single paragraph. - Compass Active Task Text: This is VITAL. Teams may play your arc, and you want every team member to know what is going on so they can enjoy the story as well. It is unrealistic to expect everyone on a team to go into their Missions tab and read the contact dialogue. Heck, it's unrealistic to even expect a single player to do that. When people run content, a lot will almost always zoom through the dialogue. But everybody and I mean EVERYBODY reads the Nav Text. You don’t want to this text to be vague (I.e. Defeat all enemies) you want it to almost echo the orange sentence you wrote in Mission Introduction Dialogue (I.e. Stop Baron Evil McJones from Getting the Magic Crystal). That way everyone will know exactly what is going on in your mission. - Still Busy Dialogue: This text will most likely never be read. I mean who is seriously going to talk to the contact again after they get the mission? But it's required. A good place to be funny if you want. - Return Success Dialogue: The mission was a success, but the contact is going to hint at whatever is coming next... - Additional Text (Unrequired Text) - - Mission Title/Mission Subtitle: This is a cosmetic thing. A good place to see this in action is the Rikti War Zone or the new Incarnate Arcs (i.e. the places where you see individual missions labeled Part One: Dream Doctor's Big Day). It’s just a fun way to spice up the mission screen. Don’t be afraid to change text color here, or bold stuff, it can be very cool. - - Mission Accept Text: How the player responds to the contact/how they take the mission. Typically, you shouldn’t put words in the player’s mouth. It’s best to stick with something like, “Let’s do it” and not write something specific that may alienate players who think ‘my character would NEVER say that!’ - - Mission Entry Popup: This is a great way to convey information to the entire team. Keep this pop-up VERY short, as if it is too long, people may just click OK and zoom past them. If used effectively, this pop-up can remind all players of the mission’s objective by saying something like “Baron Evil McJones must be around here somewhere, searching for the crystal that can cure his impotence.” Or it can also just set the scene for the mission by saying something like... “Pure magical energy courses throughout the cavern.” or “The smell of burning oil permeates the air.” - - Mission Success/Fail Popup: The same as the pop-up above, only after the mission is completed. A great way to hint at what comes next. - - Return Fail Dialogue: This is only seen (and required) if you have an objective that can be failed (like an escort or defend or time limit). You’ll have to advance the story even if they couldn’t complete your objectives.
  5. Happy Holidays time again! It's that time once again, Ladies and Gentlemen! Tis the season for snow beasts and gift giving. Santa has had a rough couple of years - short on workers, supply chains running dry, and joy around the world steadily declining. But this year, things will be different! Santa has a plan to fix everything! But nefarious plans are afoot aswell... Whispers in the night air carry the names of the Sand Man, Jack Frost, and even the Boogie Man (Booger Man?). Who could be behind all these terrible things? We will be taking submissions from now, November 2nd until November 30th for our Holiday AE Contest. 🎅 Contest Rules 🤶 Create a story arc using all the objectives below. Story arcs must adhere to the Code of Conduct. Only one entry per player. Include the following information when submitting an arc. Arc ID Arc Name Author Number of Missions Description 🐾Photo of your pet in a Holiday Costume (optional - will not effect judging, we just like the pictures!)🐾 Only the arcs posted on this thread will be included in the contest. Please do not submit via DM or Discord. Contest Objectives - The story arc must contain all of the following criteria or will be immediately disqualified. Create a 3 mission story arc (only 3 missions - anything longer will be disqualified. Less is okay.) Arc must mention or contain at least one (more than one if you want) of the three bad guys listed above (Sand Man, Jack Frost, and/or the Boogie Man (Jive Turkey Boogie Man?)) Must contain at least one character with Ice themed powers Must include Santa - mentioned or as a character/contact Must include either a defendable object or a battle event somewhere in the arc BE CREATIVE! Prizes - We will be handing out the following rewards as prizes! First Place: 1,000 Reward Merits, 5 Winter Packs, Special Golden Title Honorable Mentions: 500 Reward Merits, 3 Winter Packs, Special Golden Title EDIT: We changed the name of the contest to Winter Holiday Dev's Choice to be more inclusive.
  6. I could not find anywhere for people to post critter costumes that they might want to share because others may find them useful. So I thought I'd start one. Here are Satan, Doc Delilah, and a Kentucky Colonel: satan1.costume Doc Delilah.costume Colonel.costume
  7. Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce we're going to be bringing the AE Dev's Choice back into circulation! If you would like to submit an AE Arc to be considered (either your own arc, or another player's), either send me a DM or post on the thread below. Please include the following information: The Arc ID# The Arc Name The global of the player that created it (i.e. @GM Arcanum) Any arcs submitted will be reviewed by a team of GMs to determine an overall best to be selected for the Dev's Choice for that month. Guidelines: We're looking for quality content, arcs designed for farming are unlikely to be be picked. Contents of the Arc must fall within the guidelines of the Homecoming Code of Conduct found here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/code-of-conduct/ Prizes: Dev's Choice: If your arc is selected for the Dev's Choice, you will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title for one character. Any time a new arc is selected; it will be announced in our next community update. Please let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
  8. When saving color modifications of some enemies in AE, the texture breaks. In the mission, it will display certain parts of the enemy model as uncolored, textureless shapes. The color change displays correctly in the costume editor, the texture only breaks once the recolored model is saved. Changing the color of any part of the enemy breaks the textures of these parts, even if the parts that break are not changed. One example is the WarWorks BCU and ACU. Attached are images of a BCU being recolored, the missing textures appearing in the preview, and the enemy spawning without textures in the mission. The same bug occurs with the WarWalkers, and some Rikti as reported here.
  9. It would be a nice Quality of Life improvement to give rezzing custom mobs xp again, but set it to 25% of xp as opposed to the 50% freakshow give. The clear time would increase to offset the extra xp but it would save on having to zone in and out of the next mission as often. It may be a touchy subject since some folks are allergic to farming, but not everyone is.
  10. I have an AE story mission arc. I was updating and trying to test my mission, but testing only activated the missions as a normal AE task force. I unpublish my story to work on it and see if that lets me test it. The mission is completely deleted and disappears from all records. My previous save slot is missing as well. How do I get my story back? I don't want to start from scratch, and it had 5 stars at 43 votes that I don't want to lose.
  11. I am looking for maps that could with some imagination depict: - An airport of some kind. I have found the Mercy Island map full of Arachnos flyers. I keep thinking I could do better, if only because the Arachnos theme doesn't really work in a heroic setting. I seem to remember there being an outdoor Cap au Diable map featuring a hangar of some sort, but I can't for the life of me find it. Any other suggestions would work too. - A working hospital. I know about Mother Mayhem's ruined hospital maze, but that doesn't really work here. Currently using the University basement. Any better ideas?
  12. This is a very simple one map mission full of custom mobs with one unique feature: all of the author-defined text, including mission dialogs, mob descriptions, and everything else are entirely in Latin. The CoH cstume creator makes astoundingly good fauns and satyrs. For consistency's sake, the whole game interface needs to be translated into Latin. If somebody is going to get on the stick on that, I will help.
  13. Advanced Architect Entertainment Tips & Tricks Just a brief rundown of some tricks to enhance your Story Arcs that you won't find in the Mission Architect Creator. For most of the Mission Arc Creator, there are tips above the text windows that give you a brief description and example. They are pretty self explanatory, but for a more in-depth description, visit the link [email protected] for more information. PERSONALIZED CODES These codes will return a word based on the Player speaking to the contact. $name $level $class $supergroup: will display “No Supergroup” if unaffiliated $sirmam or SirMam $heshe or $HeShe $hishers or $HisHers $himher or $HimHer HTML TAGS You can also use basic HTML codes to enhance your text. Not all text can be enhanced however. Navigator Windows displaying the Mission Title and Objectives cannot be enhanced. And although the preview will show enhanced text for the Story Description, it will not be enhanced in the search window unfortunately. <br> will force a return starting the next line. <color #ffff00>Yellow Text</color> will return Yellow Text <b>Bold Text</b> will return Bold Text <i>Italics Text</i> will return Italics Text If you combine them <b><color #ffff00><i>Combo Text</i></color></b> will return Combo Text. Make sure to cancel out the codes in the exact reverse order. In this case, we do bold, color, and italics. Close them with italics, color, bold. UNKNOWN OR HARD-TO-FIND RESOURCES Contacts There are some Objects you can use as contacts that you won't find in the Contacts/Objects. These objects you have to search in Standard Contacts/All. Aspect of the Pillar - An Ouroboros Crystal Golden Roller - a car Locker - a set of lockers Medicine Cabinet - a cabinet of medical supplies you'd see in a doctor's office Number 204 - a giant spider bot Slot Machine Televisioin - A TV on cinderblocks surrounded by trash The Radio - a boombox radio Twilight's Son - a Nova (squid form) Kheldian In addition, this is also where you'll find the most mundane of NPC's all the way up to the Signature Heroes and Villains. Maps The more popular and/or unique maps. Atta Cave: Unique Maps - Caves (Unique) - Trolls Cavern of the Transcendence Trial Map: Unique Maps - Caves (Unique) - Batzul Hell Tyrant's Throne Room and Lava Pits: Unique Maps - Caves (Unique) - Tyrant's Lair The small space meteor: Unique Maps - Unique - Shiva Fragment The caved-in tunnel: Unique Maps - Unique - Road Tunnel CoV's Breakout Tutorial: Unique Maps - Unique - The Zig Breakout A giant space map in fog: Unique Maps - Unique - Space Island Hope this information helps you creative people out there!
  14. Starcadian


  15. TL;DR: New power sets for custom NPCs in AE, one primary and one secondary. Primary contains every power currently available to them, including toggles and autos. Secondary contains mix-and-match auto powers for partial customization of passive bonuses without worrying about unwanted FX or secondary benefits. I've been playing around with the Architect Entertainment system a lot over the past few months, and though I love the degree of customizability it offers, I can't help but feel frustrated at the areas in which it lacks. Personally, I would love to be able to have a finer degree of control over custom NPCs' powers - and I don't mean recoloring them (though that would be nice too). Let's look at Baron Zoria: if Paragon Wiki is accurate, he uses powers from no fewer than five different sets (Dark Blast, Dark Miasma [or Darkness Affinity], Psychic Blast, Mind Control, and Stone Control). I don't know about you, but to me, it feels unfair that players can't create their own custom enemies that do the same thing. So with that said, here's my idea: add two new power sets exclusively for custom NPCs in AE, one primary and one secondary. No new tabs needed, though the secondary set would likely involve the creation of dozens of new, but simple powers. I'll get to that in a bit; first, I'd like to discuss the primary. The primary set would be a "master list" of all the powers already available to custom NPCs, including toggles, autos, and maybe variants of the same power from different sets (for custom NPCs, Dark Blast's Life Drain does less damage and takes longer to recharge than Dark Assault's Life Drain, for example). I know it would be a pain to scroll through dozens, if not hundreds, of powers just to find the few you're looking for; to that end, I suggest that the powers be organized within the set, first by theme (Fire, Ice, Dark, ...) and second by category (Melee, Ranged, Armor, Support, ...). However, I acknowledge that this could allow players to give enemies conflicting power sets, such as Dual Blades and Shield Defense, or Staff Fighting and Titan Weapons (the latter two of which I believe use the same costume slot). Because of this, some powers may need to be excluded entirely, or relegated to their own separate versions of the "master list" set, e.g. "Master List+Shield Defense", "Master List+Titan Weapons", "Master List+Staff Fighting", et cetera. I don't know if the latter option would be as simple as copy/pasting the code for the "master list" and swapping out a few powers, or if it would be more involved than that. Regardless, let's move on to the secondary set, which I'll call the "passive bonuses" set. As previously stated, it would almost certainly require the creation of many, many new powers. However, every power in the set would be an auto power, have no FX attached, and would only apply a static (de)buff to a single attribute like damage, max HP, recovery, Energy damage resistance, recharge debuff resistance, and so on. Ideally, each attribute would be represented by ten auto powers total - five buff, five debuff - in standardized increments, such as 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, and 80%. Like any other power set, players could choose several of these powers that affect the same attribute, effectively allowing for semi-custom strengths and weaknesses. Let's say a player wants to create a fire elemental: they could give it the +10% and +40% Fire resistance powers for a total of +50% Fire resistance. Next, they make it vulnerable to Cold by giving it the -5%, -10%, and -20% Cold resistance powers, for a total of -35% Cold resistance (or they could pick -40% and +5% to achieve the same effect!). Perhaps you could make a "pseudo-sniper" with bonuses to range and perception radius, or an Arch-Villain with high resistances and regeneration that would almost certainly require a team to overcome. Maybe you could create an ambush of weak but Untouchable enemies that would follow and pester you throughout a mission, or you could make an entire enemy group meant to challenge well-built Incarnates by giving them moderate-to-high buffs across the board. "But what about status protection?" you might ask. "That doesn't come in percentages!" And you'd be right. For those, the increments would need to be different, and would have no "debuff" equivalents. Here's what I picture: 2 (enough to protect against a single application of weaker control powers, as well as certain IO procs) 3 (enough to protect against most control powers) 4 (enough for two applications of weaker controls, or one application from a Controller that procced Overpower) 8 (enough for two Overpower procs) 100, or some other ridiculously huge number (for effective immunity to that particular status effect) Then you could combine 2 and 4 to protect the NPC against a single application from a Dominator boosted by Domination, or 4 and 8 to protect against two such applications. Now, what about farms? Yes, enemies could be given massive debuffs to make AE farms even more efficient than they already are. To counterbalance this, I suggest making the debuffs decrease enemy rewards if possible. As it is, custom enemy rewards (or at least the XP they give) are calculated based on certain "point" values of each power; why not give certain powers negative point values? I admit, though, that I don't have a thorough understanding of how said point values work despite the explanations provided in-game. Negative values might affect the calculations in unexpected ways, or might not even be possible; I never claimed to be a programmer! If it's possible to implement these in the way I've described, I believe they would go a long way in improving the customizability of NPCs in AE, despite the possible tedium of creating these sets. What do you all think? Does this idea hold water, or is it doomed to sink? Would it be more difficult to implement than I believe?
  16. Greetings Everyone! Due to complaints of Content Violation, the Bloody Rainbow Comic Con Fire Farm was banned on September 28th. I was able to republish it with some basic AE critters I had available. However, no GM had actually taken action against it, but instead, discovered an auto-ban within the AE system when complaints would reach a certain number. With this brought to light, it enabled the GM Team to make adjustments to this Auto-ban. But after a discussion, it was decided to err on the side of caution and discontinue the Cosplayers to prevent any legal actions. This allowed me to get creative and come up with a solution. What made the Comic Con Farms so popular, other than the great rewards and alternative gameplay, was recognizable costumes. So to keep that theme and make it more personal to the community, I’ve decided to open it up for everyone's characters and names. The missions will be made up of all of us - our community. I am accepting multiple submissions at the moment, but realize I may have to cut it down at some point. So send me your main character, or your most beloved character, or just the character your friends know you by, and I'll add it to the AE Mission. If you want to be added, send me: Character.Costume File* The name you want – Character or Global Body Type How to contact me: Discord - @Brigg#4571 - This is the easiest for me to manage. Facebook - Robert Jasso - Messenger can be weird, but still doable. You can search for Brigg as well, and I should still pop up. Homecomingservers.com - You can Private Message me your Character.costume file and info here as well *To get your costume file, it's very simple. You'll first need a saved version of it. If you've never saved it, go to a Trainer, Icon Employee, Surgeon, or Trina the Body Sculptress in Pocket D, select the costume you want to save, and in the Tailor Tab (the main costume edit tab), click the save button under the color palette. Your player name is usually the most ideal choice. Next you'll need to go to your Costume folder inside of your Tequila folder. This may be different for some of you, but there's a super simple way to find out exactly where this location is. Simply open the Tequila Launcher and click on the Options button in the bottom right. A popup window will show "Install Path" just above center left. This is where you'll find your Costume Folder and your file. If you saved it as SuperJoe, the file will be SuperJoe.costume. Locate me via Discord, Facebook, or PM me here, drag & drop the file or use the browse option to locate the file to upload it to the message window. Be sure to add the Character Name and Body Type. Body Type just makes my life a tad bit simpler, but not crucial. Remember: I'm asking for the Body Type, not gender. Having the correct Body Type enables I don't have to go back and fix it - which resets the costume to random risking I upload it with your Character name and some hideous random costume with puke-green skin tone, ruffles, monster legs, and a hot pink scaly tale. Apologies if that's your costume. But let's be honest. You chose that outfit for that reason. 😛 This is something I wanted to extend to the whole community. Not just people who use AE. This is for everyone who wants to participate. Here's all the Players I've added! 13th Stranger Doom Lalani Red Radiance Abraxus Dynomight Lambda Lad Redlynne Aceaer Electra Outlaw Laure Reverse Cowgirl Aerial Assault Elemental Charge Learath Riot Siren Agent Kiski Elsbeth Liberty Star Rocket-Cat Agent R22 Eme Lifeshadow Rook Knight Amber Gypsy Emodied Phoenix LightningSmurf Rufus American Eagle Ephyria Little Claw Ruiner Ametrine Erick Luminus Sabre Tooth Anarchtica Ese Luna Cee Sammy Angelic Fire EverStryke (2) Lycon Schnauzer Apocalypso Dancing Evisceratude Maelstrom Finale' Scothail AR1-GAT0 Extremity Magento Scry Me a River Artphobia Eye P Freelea Magic Librarian Sealdy ATAK Fairy Kisses Pink Magus Rauch SeerPhoenix Ath Ferret MAH ShadowPhoenix Athanatos Fever Blaze MakaniNE Shipwreck Atom's Champion Fire OG Malfeasance Shot Into the Sun Atomic Sausage Florence Fightingale Mama on a Mission SinnerSaint Auren Force* Medieval Warrior Skunk Man Autumnal Fox Meta Clone Small Business Man Avonai Creed Freezietude Mightion Snot-Shot Azazela FrierFly Mikha Soul of Saturn Bending Waves Fuji Yama Miko Sovera Big Booty Judy Fuzzy Yum Yum MindPsy Spanky the Loveclown Big Money Hustla Gahd Miss Backdraft Sparks McGee Bionic Flea Gamma Ray Girl Miss Mistakke Spiderbite Black Eclipse Ghetto-Blaster Mister Ice Guy Spinestorm Blood Stark Glamoure Mitternacht Star Fyer BobbyQ Glyphica Molecule Man Stonewall Boiler Gravitating Girl Mr Bear Sunder Arcana Boom Shocka Bee Gravitude Mr. D. Bringer Sunfist Bovine American Green Dwarf Mr. Meanor Tankerbell Brash Blade Gunfighter Ms. Hotflash TankYou Bren H2rO MyJustise Technicolor Brutal Halo Jones Neon Flux Teddie Bear Brutucs Hand of Gaea NeonKnight Tess LaCoell Burning Luv Harlequin Frost NeonN The Best Burnt Reynolds Hartanna Night Prowler The Brown Blur Cacophany Hazey Nightmare Star The Immortal Light Canan Healing Star Ninja Cow The Polaris Patriot Candelstick Heep 3.0 NiteLash Together Forever Candy Crush King Hellion Angel Nuclear Ned Tootboy CandyCorn Hitman Nuklon Total Annihilation Captain Catbirb HoneyGold2.0 Odious Tsunamitude Captain Citadel Hook and Shot Orgo USAngel Captain Dung Beetle Huler Doomgul Orion Star Valkyrie HellFighter Charmer Impericus Pax Americana Veracor Chronometer Impitude Perla Victim Cinderwalker Ironblade Phichaya Vis Viva Cobalt-512 Jacques Frost Pinky Prickles Vixen Combat Girl Joyitude Plague Tale Void Stalker Corax Jungle Janet Plasmic Fire Voltage Valkyrie Crimson Gypsy Jurlique Plowshares VuDu Dawl Crispy Bacon Ka Poison Frost Warbinder Cyber Girl Kalikamata Polarion Warstrider Dakota Sunrise Kallisti Gold Prickly Pyre Wavequake Daksinakali Katara Catjitsu Prism Pandora White Dwarf Dark Canuck Khazza Doom Proc Lobster Who Wants Waffles? Dark Diamonds Kid Viva Psyclown Whomper Darkir Killer Wail Pyrrhic Wit Spark Dazz Marvelous King Pumpkin Spice Quantum Forge Zachariah Pod Der Stadtschutz Kira Kat Rad Platinum Prime ZeroTude Desdinova Knob Goblin Radiation Onslaught Zombie Fryer Discotech Krios Ragganor Thank you everyone for all your support! Brigg
  17. Normally there is a vendor in the AE buildings...but I haven't been able to find one in Pocket D. Is it possible to add a vendor near the AE portal entrance? Would make for easy inspirations and to sell drops. Thanks for taking the time to read this =)
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