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Found 5 results

  1. This would be a totally new AT, with an attack set couple with a defence secondary, based on the DE mob types in game. A LOT of the praetorian and incarnate story follows Hamidon and the DE, and they basically overrun Prae Earth. And are clearly gonna come here next. Looking into the existing Lore, specifically that of Pyriss, a poor hero who was given up to the DE and devoured, but still has some degree of autonomy. Going by this, I think it is totally feasible that a super powered person, particular with Incarnate powers, somehow wins back control on their body and mind, albeit having to exist is a reshaped state. Once you go Tree you never go back. Or whatever. The AT on a whole would sorta play like a Sentinal (attack/def) but with more controlling and team buff powers too, and some evolution mechanics, with the Attack set being influence by Evolution, in the secondary. Using the DE creatures and their animations would (maybe) make the set up and animations easier. Feasibility: 7 (a lot of teh models and animations are already there) Niche: 5 (we already have sentinels and khleds) Interest: 7 (could be super fun, but not much need to make multiple ones) Primary. Each attack has a changing damage type and effect based on Evolution. Changes from smashing/toxic/stun, lethal/toxic/slow, energy/toxic/to hit debuff. Fire/toxic/small –res. Devouring Earth Tier 1 - Sting Moderate damage ranged attack. Tier 2 – Assault. High damage ranged attack. Tier 3 – Barrage. Moderate damage cone. Wide arc, medium range. Tier 4 – Morphing Strike. High damage melee. Changes from smashing/toxic/stun, lethal/toxic/slow, energy/toxic/to hit debuff. Fire/toxic/small -res Tier 5 – Commune. +Regen/to hit/damage, extra toxic damage. Tier 6 – Devour. Superior ranged, foe hold/stun Tier 7 – Spore Cloud. Aoe Mez Tier 8 – Hamidon’s Fury. Extreme damage ST melee. Tier 9 – Devestation. Superior damage PBAoe. Devoured Earth Tier 1 – Evolution. Must have. Lets you toggle between Thorn, Boulder and Quartz forms, each influencing the attacks. Thorn is lethal/tox slow (think spine/thorn attacks), Boulder is smashing/tox/stuns (thing earth melee/assault) and Quartz is energy/toxi/to hit buff (think quartz attacks). The animations would change, with the aoe mez before like spore burst/staligitites or Flash, same for the single target mez (stone prison, will dom, blind). Tier 2 – Earth’s Embrace. Auto. +hp, regen, recovery, resist regen, slow (almost max) +resist to all. Tier 3 – Shield of Hamidom. Toggle. +Resist/Def, resist slow. Tier 4 – One with the Hamidon. Toggle. Mez protection, all but Fear and repel. +regen, resist - regen, -to hit. Tier 5 – Emination. Place a DE emitter on the ground. Quarry gives a Cairn (+resist, minor hp), Thorn gives Tree of Life (+regen, recovery), Quartz gives +acc/def. Tier 6 – Blessing of the Hamidon. Click. Self Heal. Extra effect based on Evolution. Quarry gets +hp, Thorn gets +regen and recovery (living tree) and Quartz gets +def and acc. Tier 7 – Devouring. Aoe debuff, -res, -regen, -to hit. Tier 8 – Undying Earth. Self Rez. Can also be used as a Click based Heal, for 70%, giving a large +res/def bonus and regen. Tier 9 – Hamidon’s Avatar. Become one with the Hamidon. +resist, regen, damage, periodic aoe heal pulse.
  2. This is adapted from a suggestion by Bradley_IFV on the original CoH Forum. Basically, it's a more offensive Archetype intended to have aspects of a Scrapper, Mastermind and Defender. The primary is Assault, with some modifications for the main gimmick of the class, the Partner, a single, powerful, melee-oriented pet that benefits more from your support powers and shares your clicky buffs. The Defense/Support powers are mostly PBAoE so it encourages the player to wade in alongside their pet, but the AT could reasonably be played with a focus around supporting their pet from a distance. Duo The Duo is a somebody who knows that going it alone is foolish in a world of aliens, sorcerers and super-science. Your offensive power may be lesser than that of other melee combatants, but with your Partner in tow, you make an army of two, combining your own melee attacks with the offensive and support capabilities of your partner. Primary: Assault (with a Partner pet) Secondary: Defense/Support (with a Partner Pet) Inherent: Partnership Base HP: ~1020 Max HP: ~1610 Okay, so there's been a lot of changes to this archetype as I've been prototyping and testing it. I'n not gonna delete the original post, just spoiler it at the end for reference's sake. Primary Power Sets A Duo's primary power set is centered around both the character's Partner pet and both ranged and melee combat, having access to Assault powersets resembling those of the Dominator, except for a few small differences. First, they do not have the Build Up style powers found in Dominator Assault sets, as the burst damage from the Duo and their Partner's alpha strike should be about the same as the burst damage from blasting them with a Built Up attack. Also different is that they have two powers that Upgrade their Pet, providing it additional powers from your Assault powerset. These work like the Upgrades of the Mastermind's primary sets, but are divorced from the Pet, allowing you to give your pets powers that match yours instead of ones that match their theme necessarily. The Duo's damage values are equivalent to a Dominator's during current testing. Powersets: Dark Assault Earth Assault Electricity Assault Energy Assault Fiery Assault Icy Assault Martial Assault Psionic Assault Thorny Assault Secondary Power Sets The Duo's secondary sets are a combination of personal defense and team support, as well as determining their pet. Most of the personal defensive toggles in Duo's sets are converted into AoE Auras that provide the full effect to you and your pet, and half reduced effects to all other friendlies in their range. Their resistance and defense values are equivalent to a Stalker's during current testing. Powersets: Natural Instinct: Nature Affinity/Regeneration (Dire Wolf) Hellfire Aura: Thermal Radiation/Fiery Aura (Demon Prince) Super Serum: Poison/Invulnerability (Commando) Netherforce: Dark Armor/Dark Miasma (Lich) Ninjitsu: Amusingly enough, this could probably be ported from the Stalker set on its own without too many changes. It's a weird set. (Ninja) Robotics: Force Fields/Traps (Assault Bot) Street Smarts: Willpower/Leadership (Bruiser) Ancillary Power Sets Duos have the following Ancillary pool powers. Blaze Mastery Darkness Mastery Power Mastery Weapon Mastery Inherent Power The Duo's Inherent Power is Partnership. As long as the Duo and their pet are within 60 feet of each other, both receive +10% DMG and +10% ToHit. Additionally, you share the benefits of your defensive powers and any click powers from your primary or secondary sets with your pet within this range. Sample Primary: Electricity Assault Electrical Assault grants you several electrical ranged and melee powers. Electrical powers can drain foes' Endurance and can often temporarily halt their Endurance recovery. This can be quite effective against higher level foes and Bosses. Some Electrical Assault powers can even sometimes transfer this Endurance back to you. Charged Bolts 1 Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Charged Brawl 1 Melee, Moderate DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Disorient, -End, -Recovery Lightning Bolt 2 Ranged, High DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Charge Partner 6 Ranged, Grant Partner Charged Brawl and Lightning Bolt Havoc Punch 8 Melee, High DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Sleep, -End, -Recovery Zapp 12 Sniper, Extreme DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Static Discharge 18 Ranged (Cone), Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Electrify Partner 26 Ranged, Grant Partner Havoc Punch and Static Discharge Thunder Strike 32 Melee (Targeted AoE), High DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Disorient, -Recovery, Knockback Sample Secondary: Netherforce Whether through arcane knowledge or dimensional tampering, you have forged a connection with a powerful being of the Netherworld known as a Lich. In exchange for allowing it to bind itself to the material plane through you, it offers you the ability to protect yourself and others with the powers of the Netherworld. Netherforce offers very good resistance to Negative Energy damage, and is one of the only defensive sets that offer some resistance to Psionic damage. However, its resistance to Energy is weak and it offers no protection to Knockback. Lich 1 Summon Lich Dark Embrace 2 Toggle (PBAoE): Ally +Res(Smash, Lethal, Negative, Toxic) Murky Cloud 4 Toggle: Self +Res(Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative, End Drain) Obsidian Shield 10 Toggle: Self +Res(Psionic, Sleep, Hold, Disorient, Fear) Twilight Grasp 16 Ranged, Foe -Regen, -DMG, -To-Hit, Team Heal Cloak of Darkness 20 Toggle: Self Stealth, +DEF(All), +Res(Immobilize), +Perception Fearsome Stare 28 Ranged (Cone), Foe Fear, -To-Hit Oppressive Gloom 35 Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Disorient, Self -Max Health Soul Transfer 38 PBAoE, Moderate DMG(Negative), Foe Disorient, Self Rez
  3. Just under two and a half hours left for voting in the Great Archetype Concept Battle, and before we go to the semi-finals, I would like to take a look at the breakdown of the quarterfinal ATs... Manipulation/Assault Melee/Support Assault/Armor Assault/{Pet/Armor/Support} Melee/{Support/Armor} Assault/{Armor/Control} Support/Melee Melee/{Support/Armor} Just taking a look at that, every set is either melee or assault (half and half) and six of the eight are paired with a type of support. What I'm reading is that the type of new AT people would want would be either a Melee or Assault set paired with a Support-like secondary. Five of the proposals have armor mixed into the secondary (only one is pure armor). In other words, the voting thus far suggests that the community would like an assault or melee primary with a mixed secondary that is some combination of armor and support (with either control or pets mixed in). While I am going to continue the Great Archetype battle, I thought that this would be a good time to start putting together a community-designed Archetype proposal. I would like to start off with a short discussion of the Powerset composition that we think would be the best. The goal here is to aim towards a consensus, not to make personal proposals or tear eachother down. Our goal is to come together as a community and talk about what would be the best new Archetype to expand into City of Heroes.
  4. As some of you may have noticed, I have been compiling a list of all proposed Archetypes. This has actually raised my awareness of two unique power sets. The first is more commonly brought up when discussing new ATs, and that is Assault. Many people have proposed making an AT with an assault primary (or assault/pet). Manipulation, on the other hand, was only brought up once. So, I got to thinking, what if you put these two versatile sets together. You would have a mix of melee and range for one set, and a mix of self-buffs, minor CC, some more melee, and a dash of sustain. Take the two together and you have a wonderful mix of abilities. But then the question is, how do you conceptually merge these two sets together. Then my son was talking to me about the prevalence of speedsters in superhero comics, television, and movies. It all came together, my answer is the Zoomer. This is an archetype that is seemingly all over the place. It is wonderfully complex, slightly difficult to play well, and, at the same time, quite versatile in the right hands. So, the manipulation primary allows the Zoomer to have a selection of soft control tools and buffs that are very useful for shaping the character. At the same time, the Assault secondary really helps out, especially getting through the early levels. The problem is, to take full advantage, the Zoomer will need above average mobility. That is where I came up with the inherent, Zoom. I know, not exceptionally creative, but hear me out. Zoom has three elements. First, it increases the default speed caps for running, jumping, and flying. Second, it applies a self +SPD buff for ranged attacks. Finally, it provides a -SPD debuff for melee attacks. These buffs/debuffs are scaled to attack time so a 1.188s attack would provide a 10% buff/debuff for 4s while a 1.848s attack would provide a 15% buff/debuff for 6s (numbers are approximate and open for discussion). The set is designed to keep your enemies in one place while the Zoomer is all over the place. It maximizes the synergy between two unique power sets, while providing a different feel for either set as compared to playing a dom or a blaster. While it is most likely to be favored by solo players, it does provide a unique role in groups, penetration. In theory, it would be the best class at reaching deep into enemy lines and hitting the blasters in the back, using speed and manipulation's sustain as their primary defense. This AT will give you the feel of playing a speedster in a way that current ATs can't match. At the same time, it is not overpowered, difficult to balance, or difficult to implement.
  5. Yes, another one. (I figure the more people ask for an Archetype like this, the more likely it will happen, also the more people tackling the idea from different angles the better the end result will be) I am not as familiar with all the underlying math, (I am an artist not a mathematician) so I hope someone will be willing to help me with it. Funnily enough I started with an attempt to simplify this popular Idea, but ended up getting a little over ambitious. (This is the story of my Life) Furthermore, their are a few half-formed ideas here that I am going to need feedback to sift thru. Let's start with the basics. Protector The greatest figures of history often lead by example. Inspiring Awe, and often Terror in others with great and terrible deeds. Thus is the way of the Protector charging headfirst into the fray as a shinning example to their allies, and an undeniable threat to their foes. Primary: Melee Secondary: Buff/Debuff (Variant) Survivability: 7* Melee Damage: 7 Ranged Damage: 2 Crowd Control: 4 Support: 5-10* Pets: 2 See Glory and Honor* Inherent Power: Glory & Honor Honor is a Passive effect that grants the Protector a stack of glory evetime they land a Successful Melee Attack. (Up to 5 Stacks), as well as applies a on hit Taunt similar to the Scrappers. No one Melee Attack can grant more than 1 stack of Glory, even an AoE will only grant a single stack of Glory. Glory is a buff which increases the Protectors health regeneration & damage resistance as well as the potency of all the Protector’s activated (Non-Passive, Non-Toggle) support powers. With no Glory stacks the Protector's Support Powers should be on par with a Mastermind, while with five Glory stacks they should be on par with a Defender. Stacks of Glory fade somewhat quickly, but are refreshed every time you get a new stack of Glory. A Stack of Glory is Consumed every time the Exemplar uses an Active (Non-Passive, Non-Toggle) Support Power. Primary Power: Melee While the intention is for support to be the Protectors primary Focus, I wanted to leave room for the existing support classes, The Defender being the pure support class, and Corrupter it's more aggressive counterpart, with the Protector being a tougher front line variant. It just feels natural to build the class more like a melee Corrupter (with higher damage and survivability to compensate for it's higher risk playstyle) as I feel like that will grant more merit to the archetypes existence overall. All that being said the classes melee powers should be Somewhere in between the Tanker and the Brute, with the only real difference from other Melee AT's being a unique power they get instead of Confront, Taunt, or Placate (See Below). Dauntless You muster your indomitable will and stubborn pride to stand against your foes in an inspiring act of courage. Consuming all stacks of Glory to increase your resistance to all damage based on the number of stacks consumed, and immediately breaking free from any Sleep, Hold, Immobilization, Disorient, Fear, Confuse, or Knockback effects. Cooldown: Slow. Effects; Click, Self Special +Resist (All). Of course baring this they could just get Confront. Secondary Power: Buff/Debuff (Variant) I am currently planning to give a treatment to an array of mostly dissimilar power sets to serve as examples of how Protector Buff/Debuff Powersets work such as: Kinetics Empathy/Pain (First Draft) Storm Summoning (Third Draft) Forcefields A Mostly new Set made mostly from the Shields and Soldier/Widow Secondary Powersets. And at least one other based on community feedback. Should I maybe do these in a different Thread or maybe a google doc? Breath Control (Empathy) Qi, Chi, Prana, Breath all names for the animating energy of the spirit. Breath Control grants you dominion over this fundamental energy. Allows you to heal and empower allies as well as yourself. Breath Control's Healing is output is unmatched. (I still haven't figured this one out yet. It's so selfless which is great for a defender, not so much for this AT, yet Empathy is so desired by those wanting this AT concept that it feels wrong not to do it. Need someone with more knowledge of the power, as well as Regeneration, or any other useful Def powers that might act as a substitutions for it.) Psychic Vampirism Psychic Vampirism gives a character the ability to manipulate, nullify and amplify pain via the manipulation of psychic energy. Ultimately this grants the user powerful healing, buffing and debuffing powers. Its healing output is considerable! Storm Calling You are a force of nature; Storm Calling allows you to call upon the raging storm within to aid your allies and wreak havoc upon your foes.
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