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Found 10 results

  1. Basically, I am starting from the connections between the Talons of Vengeance and their connection to Mesopotamian mythology. The idea is that a long time ago a contingent of the progeny of Lamashtu and Pazuzu were sealed into a pocket dimension, Erṣetu. There is, however, a tear which links Erṣetu to Praetorian earth. The tear is too small for the elder, more powerful beings to emerge, however every once in a while a younger member can move into Praetoria. This has been happening for decades, and they have been behind the scenes movers and shakers behind the current conflict.
  2. In light of the delightful remix that is the Sentinel AT, I have been thinking of a new archetype for the game. I have seen others mention the general idea below before, so if there are other threads already covering this, I'd be very interested. In general, I am not a numbers guy. This is a thought exercise and the numbers would need to be developed and scrutinized by those with the technical know-how. Anyway, here is my current idea for a new AT... Guardians. Any feedback would be most welcomed! Guardians live to protect, and as a Guardian, you will revel in supporting your fellow hand-to-h
  3. This is adapted from a suggestion by Bradley_IFV on the original CoH Forum. Basically, it's a more offensive Archetype intended to have aspects of a Scrapper, Mastermind and Defender. The primary is Assault, with some modifications for the main gimmick of the class, the Partner, a single, powerful, melee-oriented pet that benefits more from your support powers and shares your clicky buffs. The Defense/Support powers are mostly PBAoE so it encourages the player to wade in alongside their pet, but the AT could reasonably be played with a focus around supporting their pet from a dista
  4. i'd like to see the forums cleaned up a bit too, like out of date builds archived, a build subforum for each AT at least, but ideally per primary set for each AT if possible, then when someone asks if there's a build for Primary/Secondary, they can see it right away in the AT Forum that they want a build for. and future builds can be added as each player makes one. thus making it easier to see what's been tried vs not for those willing to provide their builds
  5. Hey all! Just making a post about a potential sniper themed archetype; DEADEYE Probably not the first time a sniper based archetype has been suggested!... but I figured I'd dig up some old notes and see if I could maybe figure a way of making one that gives it a little bit of a unique feel that sets it apart from Blasters, Corruptors and Sentinels? First off, I'm sure there's plenty of concepts out there for building 'the perfect sniper' character in many ways, and I'm sure they work quite well! However, I'd like to see the concept explored a little more and refined in
  6. The Following is part of Project Projector a personal pet Project, the idea is to create a working Melee Support AT that could feasibly be implemented in game. This is the first part, an attempt to reimagine and tune Composition powers into something that might feasibly work in game. This is essential for the introduction of a Melee Support AT. For the Uninitiated, Composition was the Power Pool from which the unreleased Guardian AT would pick their Secondary(?) Powerset. It is a combination powerset much like Manipulation, however instead of a combination of Melee and CC
  7. This would be a totally new AT, with an attack set couple with a defence secondary, based on the DE mob types in game. A LOT of the praetorian and incarnate story follows Hamidon and the DE, and they basically overrun Prae Earth. And are clearly gonna come here next. Looking into the existing Lore, specifically that of Pyriss, a poor hero who was given up to the DE and devoured, but still has some degree of autonomy. Going by this, I think it is totally feasible that a super powered person, particular with Incarnate powers, somehow wins back control on their body and mind, albeit having t
  8. Just under two and a half hours left for voting in the Great Archetype Concept Battle, and before we go to the semi-finals, I would like to take a look at the breakdown of the quarterfinal ATs... Manipulation/Assault Melee/Support Assault/Armor Assault/{Pet/Armor/Support} Melee/{Support/Armor} Assault/{Armor/Control} Support/Melee Melee/{Support/Armor} Just taking a look at that, every set is either melee or assault (half and half) and six of the eight are paired with a type of support. What I'm reading is that the type of new AT peopl
  9. As some of you may have noticed, I have been compiling a list of all proposed Archetypes. This has actually raised my awareness of two unique power sets. The first is more commonly brought up when discussing new ATs, and that is Assault. Many people have proposed making an AT with an assault primary (or assault/pet). Manipulation, on the other hand, was only brought up once. So, I got to thinking, what if you put these two versatile sets together. You would have a mix of melee and range for one set, and a mix of self-buffs, minor CC, some more melee, and a dash of sustain. Take the two togethe
  10. Yes, another one. (I figure the more people ask for an Archetype like this, the more likely it will happen, also the more people tackling the idea from different angles the better the end result will be) I am not as familiar with all the underlying math, (I am an artist not a mathematician) so I hope someone will be willing to help me with it. Funnily enough I started with an attempt to simplify this popular Idea, but ended up getting a little over ambitious. (This is the story of my Life) Furthermore, their are a few half-formed ideas here that I am going to need feedback to sift thru. Let's
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