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  1. A recently locked thread got me seriously thinking about knockback and how it can be a very viable control. Now I know most players are largely ignorant of its uses and most players groan when an enemy gets knocked across the map. I consider such actions as "fire and forget" there is no thought, meanwhile I intend on using it as oppressing the enemy into the ultimate submission namely their electronic death. I've read the Pinball Wizard thread in the Defenders section, alot of good thought went into the OP thread. There is a stigma regarding this ability, and I for one would like to change it on my small level. Now I know some of you are like "yeah the hell with that I'm not getting stuck on a PUG with that toon as you try your experiment ", have no fear I only team with members of my VG exclusively (except for zone events). So now your thinking ok that was alot to digest but how does that affect me? Well I need help into making the build, I don't know what AT to use or powers. Yeah, there is FF, Nrg blast, Storm, etc but realistically what would be the ultimate king of knockback. Sorry no KB>KD procs either, that's a no no. Now besides bragging rights of being part of something that could seriously change the face of the game as the ultimate form of control (yeah I don't even believe that one). It would be for my amusement obviously. Plus, to sweeten the pot (since being part of history isn't enough for you) I will hand out a random ATO proc as a prize of participation. So any takers?
  2. Yo. I think I heard that Sentinels are going to be getting a revisiting, up to and including their Inherent. I'm all about it. I was just thinking about what to do with Sentinels, and figured I'd share my thoughts, if only to have the discussion. Or...another discussion. I know this has been talked about plenty already. But maybe, if my take is any good, the players - or even the devs - will give it some consideration? I think the question comes down to: "What is a Sentinel"? I'd be interested to hear some discussion on that if nothing else. From where I'm standing I see Sentinels as skin to Scrappers, in that they're kind of tough, do decent damage (Scrappers do pretty damn good damage, I know), and are relatively simple for beginners. No quirks or built in tactics - just shoot the bad guys. So to me their inherent should support this idea. Beyond that, I think an AT's inherent should match that AT's inspiration. Vis a vis, each AT seems to have one or more archetypal character. Tankers have Superman. Br00ts have the Hulk. Scrappers have Wolverine. Blasters have Starfire. And so many more. But most of us can think of one or two characters when looking at each AT. So who do we think of when we look at the Sentinel? They're tough, but ranged almost exclusively. The character that comes to mind personally is Iron Man. Now naturally you could make a version of Iron Man with any ranged AT, given that his suit can have all kinds of unique abilities. But fundamentally, he's one of the toughest members of the Avengers, albeit not the toughest. He's a heavy hitter at range with all kinds of unique weapons, but really isn't the biggest gun on the Avengers either. But he is kind of a swiss army knife too, in that he has tricks for many situations. The current Inherent kind of supports this idea, but I think it falls a little short of the other Inherents in the game. It just doesn't seem to make as much of a difference to my gameplay loop on Sentinels. Whether I use Opportunity or not doesn't seem to make as big a difference, especially when compared to...Domination, Gauntlet, or Rage. On those respective ATs, those inherents are not just fun or unique - they're essential to how the AT plays and factor into almost every reasonable build for that AT. What if the Sentinel's Inherent really was built for any situation, akin to Iron Man? What if it supported a beginner-friendly playstyle, while still having some dynamism involved? What if it made Sentinels an absolute asset to any team, rather than a "Sure I guess"? So here's my idea for a Sentinel Inherent. I call it Adaptation. It has two components, again similar to the current Opportunity. First, I recommend that this be a clickie, similar to Dominators' Domination. Tying it to powers in the Primary tree means you have to grab both the T1 and T2 to get the full experience. This excludes all kinds of builds from taking full advantage of Opportunity. That's no bueno if you ask me. Every Brute can enjoy the benefits of Rage. Every Scraper gets to crit. But not every Sentinel gets to enjoy it's full Inherent. This is how it works: with each attack, your Sentinel would build their Adaptation meter, similar to the Opportunity or Rage meters. The idea is that as they fight an enemy more and more, they get wise to their tactics, their defenses, etc. Once you build your meter, you can hit the clickie! If you hit it while targeting an enemy, that enemy receives a hefty debuff to the damage type of the Sentinel's Primary powerset. So after fighting enough, a Dual Pistols Sent could weaken a boss's Lethal resistance, for example! And we can keep the Sentinel's reticle marker from Opportunity, why not? What's that? Do I hear DP and AR Sents weeping with relief? Or am I just crazy? 😛 However, if you select a teammate and activate Adaptation, you give your entire team a passive buff against your Primary set's damage type. This could represent a learning curve: working with a Sent long enough gives a team insight into a certain danger to watch for, or it could be seen as a literal upgrade bestowed by the Sentinel to get their team through the madness. I think that's very in line with Iron Man, and a nice option to have in many situations. With no target selected? Activating Adaptation gives you the resistance bonus towards your own Primary damage type. Generally, you'd only use this option when facing enemies who use the same damage type as you. To me that makes sense, because a Green Lantern would be quite wise to another Green Lantern's abilities, for instance. So with a single Inherent and a single clicky, Sentinels have three options for any engagement, once they've built their meter. There's your dynamism baby. I think this could be a lot of fun, because it gives you options for both solo and team play. Plus, they can stack, so a team with a couple Sents (or ALL Sents) could really link together some interesting buff/debuff combinations! A team of Psychic Sentinels, for instance, could seriously heap on some impressive damage by combining debuffs to Psi Resist, or vice versa be very hardy during a mission against Psychic foes. Or some combination thereof. Weird example: Did any of you play Diablo 2 back in the day? Remember the Paladin class? It's main deal were the use of Auras, passive effects you could switch between as needed. Some healed you, some reflected damage to enemies, some weakened your foes, dealt magical damage every few seconds, etc. In Diablo 2 multiplayer, as I understand it, Paladins are meant to be a boon to any team. A Paladin giving an entire group Fire Resistance could be pivotal during a given boss fight, for instance. But also, a full team of only Paladins could really stack and combine Auras to make themselves formidable in their own right. You could overlap magic resistances, healing auras, or simply buff the team's damage. All of the Paladins could pick the same aura to stack, or they could mix and match for unique combos. This is what I can see for Sentinels. An AT that's simple to play and get into with an Inherent that helps no matter what you do with it, but has a lot of room for creative use. I'm sure there should be a limit to how much these effects can stack. I also have no idea what the numbers should be for the buff/debuff effects. I leave that to the more number savvy players and perhaps the devs to hash out. But what do y'all think? Is Adaptation better than Opportunity? About the same? Is it worse? LOL
  3. So...I have a build for everything in game, GM killa, team player, solo, farmers, merit farmer, pvp, etc. I figured what better place to ask than here in the Badge section. BUT, I don't have an AT in mind for a badger, and I seriously want to start one. I know you need heals, good aoe for defeat badges, survivability especially against AV/GM, pvp, etc. What do you use for your badger, I had a Demon/Therm MM in mind but, I'm unsure. Thoughts?
  4. This is adapted from a suggestion by Bradley_IFV on the original CoH Forum. Basically, it's a more offensive Archetype intended to have aspects of a Scrapper, Mastermind and Defender. The primary is Assault, with some modifications for the main gimmick of the class, the Partner, a single, powerful, melee-oriented pet that benefits more from your support powers and shares your clicky buffs. The Defense/Support powers are mostly PBAoE so it encourages the player to wade in alongside their pet, but the AT could reasonably be played with a focus around supporting their pet from a distance. Duo The Duo is a somebody who knows that going it alone is foolish in a world of aliens, sorcerers and super-science. Your offensive power may be lesser than that of other melee combatants, but with your Partner in tow, you make an army of two, combining your own melee attacks with the offensive and support capabilities of your partner. Primary: Assault (with a Partner pet) Secondary: Defense/Support (with a Partner Pet) Inherent: Partnership Base HP: ~1020 Max HP: ~1610 Okay, so there's been a lot of changes to this archetype as I've been prototyping and testing it. I'n not gonna delete the original post, just spoiler it at the end for reference's sake. Primary Power Sets A Duo's primary power set is centered around both the character's Partner pet and both ranged and melee combat, having access to Assault powersets resembling those of the Dominator, except for a few small differences. First, they do not have the Build Up style powers found in Dominator Assault sets, as the burst damage from the Duo and their Partner's alpha strike should be about the same as the burst damage from blasting them with a Built Up attack. Also different is that they have two powers that Upgrade their Pet, providing it additional powers from your Assault powerset. These work like the Upgrades of the Mastermind's primary sets, but are divorced from the Pet, allowing you to give your pets powers that match yours instead of ones that match their theme necessarily. The Duo's damage values are equivalent to a Dominator's during current testing. Powersets: Dark Assault Earth Assault Electricity Assault Energy Assault Fiery Assault Icy Assault Martial Assault Psionic Assault Thorny Assault Secondary Power Sets The Duo's secondary sets are a combination of personal defense and team support, as well as determining their pet. Most of the personal defensive toggles in Duo's sets are converted into AoE Auras that provide the full effect to you and your pet, and half reduced effects to all other friendlies in their range. Their resistance and defense values are equivalent to a Stalker's during current testing. Powersets: Natural Instinct: Nature Affinity/Regeneration (Dire Wolf) Hellfire Aura: Thermal Radiation/Fiery Aura (Demon Prince) Super Serum: Poison/Invulnerability (Commando) Netherforce: Dark Armor/Dark Miasma (Lich) Ninjitsu: Amusingly enough, this could probably be ported from the Stalker set on its own without too many changes. It's a weird set. (Ninja) Robotics: Force Fields/Traps (Assault Bot) Street Smarts: Willpower/Leadership (Bruiser) Ancillary Power Sets Duos have the following Ancillary pool powers. Blaze Mastery Darkness Mastery Power Mastery Weapon Mastery Inherent Power The Duo's Inherent Power is Partnership. As long as the Duo and their pet are within 60 feet of each other, both receive +10% DMG and +10% ToHit. Additionally, you share the benefits of your defensive powers and any click powers from your primary or secondary sets with your pet within this range. Sample Primary: Electricity Assault Electrical Assault grants you several electrical ranged and melee powers. Electrical powers can drain foes' Endurance and can often temporarily halt their Endurance recovery. This can be quite effective against higher level foes and Bosses. Some Electrical Assault powers can even sometimes transfer this Endurance back to you. Charged Bolts 1 Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Charged Brawl 1 Melee, Moderate DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Disorient, -End, -Recovery Lightning Bolt 2 Ranged, High DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Charge Partner 6 Ranged, Grant Partner Charged Brawl and Lightning Bolt Havoc Punch 8 Melee, High DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Sleep, -End, -Recovery Zapp 12 Sniper, Extreme DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Static Discharge 18 Ranged (Cone), Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -End, -Recovery Electrify Partner 26 Ranged, Grant Partner Havoc Punch and Static Discharge Thunder Strike 32 Melee (Targeted AoE), High DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Disorient, -Recovery, Knockback Sample Secondary: Netherforce Whether through arcane knowledge or dimensional tampering, you have forged a connection with a powerful being of the Netherworld known as a Lich. In exchange for allowing it to bind itself to the material plane through you, it offers you the ability to protect yourself and others with the powers of the Netherworld. Netherforce offers very good resistance to Negative Energy damage, and is one of the only defensive sets that offer some resistance to Psionic damage. However, its resistance to Energy is weak and it offers no protection to Knockback. Lich 1 Summon Lich Dark Embrace 2 Toggle (PBAoE): Ally +Res(Smash, Lethal, Negative, Toxic) Murky Cloud 4 Toggle: Self +Res(Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative, End Drain) Obsidian Shield 10 Toggle: Self +Res(Psionic, Sleep, Hold, Disorient, Fear) Twilight Grasp 16 Ranged, Foe -Regen, -DMG, -To-Hit, Team Heal Cloak of Darkness 20 Toggle: Self Stealth, +DEF(All), +Res(Immobilize), +Perception Fearsome Stare 28 Ranged (Cone), Foe Fear, -To-Hit Oppressive Gloom 35 Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Disorient, Self -Max Health Soul Transfer 38 PBAoE, Moderate DMG(Negative), Foe Disorient, Self Rez
  5. today I am restarting my archtype challenge, where I attempt to level all possible powerset combinations to lvl 50 (with maybe some end game progression tacked on towards the end). The goal: To learn how each powerset works and what synergies they have with other each other (all while having fun) The process: Standard leveling for this one, with some TFs here and there. Starting with the Matthew story arc and moving onward from there. Note: There will be no use of p2w utilities. This is meant to reflect the new/average player, using powerlvling strats would only devalue the process. The Toons: Arrow of Lose (Archery/Atomic Manipulation Blaster) There will be updates very once in a while (will aim for once a week, but no guarentee) and some AT combos will be up to vote. I will keep the number of in progress toons between 2-3 to keep variety, which also means all toons will be of different ATs. Suggestions and Feedback are always welcome... just remember to be friendly and have fun!
  6. A couple months back, I started a challenge where I planned to lvl each and every archetype/powerset combination the game had to offer. I ended up putting the challenge on hiatus due to stress and motivation issues that have since been dealt with. Today I would like to ask, would anyone still be interested in me continuing this challenge or potentially restarting it with a new set of rules?
  7. Primary : Nothing Secondary : Nothing If blank powers doesn't work put up brawl with increased damage for primary as for secondary, sprint with increased speed and maybe bit of defense. This AT will available to all pool powers and they can get them even at level 2 from now on and can have more then 4 power pool active. Inherent : Increased effectiveness for day jobs , ability to hold multiple day jobs at will , 1 permanent day job based on what title you wield. Ability to rebuy temp powers that you unlocked on missions. Permanent temp powers on melee only or increased count for melee only temp powers (if mission gives you 60 you have 120 for example) think of like maintaining weapons. That's it. They will also have low perception fit to lore.
  8. This is basically an idea of changing the Mastermind from a supportive ranged DPS to a tanky melee support, focusing on high aggro and working on applying debuffs up close, effectively being an off brand tanker. Of course this sounds weird without any thought into the powersets, which luckily I thought of. Thugs, Beast Mastery, Ninjas, they all work well, just give thugs street fighting or club, beast mastery Savage melee, and ninjas the ninja sword. But that begs the question on what else? I was personally thinking clones (Which could have different edits cosmetically but would have to be as simple as Illusion's clones.), maybe Illusion Mastery, and so forth, they would gain typical mastermind powers geared towards their mobs but their attacks and such would be geared towards debuffs rather than straight damage. With defensive secondary sets that benefit much like a brute's would, and otherwise turn the normally squishy folk into something capable of aggro. Thoughts on this would help, I'd like to see everyone's thoughts on such a idea, and what extra powersets for the primary they could think of.
  9. Hey all! Just making a post about a potential sniper themed archetype; DEADEYE Probably not the first time a sniper based archetype has been suggested!... but I figured I'd dig up some old notes and see if I could maybe figure a way of making one that gives it a little bit of a unique feel that sets it apart from Blasters, Corruptors and Sentinels? First off, I'm sure there's plenty of concepts out there for building 'the perfect sniper' character in many ways, and I'm sure they work quite well! However, I'd like to see the concept explored a little more and refined into its own archetype. This is no way should invalidate the sniper builds out there, but instead it focuses on creating different mechanics and functionality to put a new spin on it. So, why would a sniper-focused archetype make a good addition to the lineup of playstyles we have already? At present, our only option for a decent stealth-assassin style character is Stalker, which is melee focused. So what if we were to make a ranged stealth archetype too? In order to make this work, it would have to play a little different to the ranged archetypes above. So, here is a little plan of attack I had to balance out the concept, weighing its strengths and weaknesses. STRENGTHS High damage output Longer range than Blasters/Corruptors Critical damage when hidden, or against Held/Sleeping/Immobilized targets. Highly mobile and positional. WEAKNESSES Single target focus Poor close range skills. Low health Less personal protection So with this laid out, we need to figure out how to set it apart from the competition in terms of powers. Originally I was planning this to be very similar to Blaster, using Blast/Manipulation, and substituting a power from Manipulation for 'Hide'. However, many of the Manipulation powers rely on close range, which would defeat the purpose of a class like this. Going Blast/Support like Corruptor was also an idea, once again putting 'Hide' into the secondary again, but the focus on aiding teammates was again a little counterproductive. And lastly Blast/Armor like Sentinel was considered, but I think it may prove overpowered as you would have much greater range and thus less strain on your armor abilities. So, I decided to take bits and pieces from all of the above and amalgamate them into a new powerset style; Trickery. Trickery focuses primarily on being a Mez/DeBuff combo, with a few self buffs thown in. The two key themes in play in this secondary is mobility and visibility. This paired with slightly changed blast powersets aims to keep the Deadeye out of danger's reach and rewards proper positioning, relying on improving your own mobility and visibility while reducing that of your foes. This is the 'winning formula' I came up with, allowing for deviations of course; STRUCTURE INHERENT: NEUTRALIZATION If a Deadeye is hidden, or his target is held, immobilize or slept, his next attack is a guaranteed critical. If the Deadeye uses a sniper attack while hidden, there is a chance that he will still remain hidden if the attack hits. If the sniper attack misses, he will always remain hidden. In addition, when the Deadeye is not attacking, his accuracy increases by 1% per second, up to a total of 10%. This effect occurs even when in combat. BLAST (DEADEYE) Light Ranged Attack - Having a light ranged attack is good for sustaining damage over time Standard Ranged Attack - A normal ranged attack should follow second, giving a choice for higher damage over longer intervals. Ranged Cone or Chain Attack - A cone/Chain attack would be third, but unlike normal cone attacks, the spread has been reduced. Sniper Attack - The signature Deadeye attack, the sniper attack is available much earlier, around the same level as Assassin's Strike. Deadeye's Aim - A slightly better version of Aim, which also increases the range of all attacks. Disengage - This is a ranged AoE Placate effect, causing a small mob of foes to lose track of you allowing you to continue making stealth attacks, disengage also increases hte chance of your next sniper attack keeping you hidden. Heavy Ranged Attack - A higher damage ranged attack, helping build upon the damage output you already have. Ranged Light Mez - Since many ranged attack sets have a mez attack mixed it, I figured it would be suitable to keep it, ensuring you have a little more survivability and opportunity. Narrow Cone Sniper Attack - A new kind of attack, replacing the 'nuke' of blast sets. This power is a narrow cone sniper attack that delivers great damage to several foes in a direct line. TRICKERY (V2): Hide - Much like Stalker, Hide is crucial to this archetype as a means of setting up stealth criticals with your two sniper attacks. Immobilize or Sleep - Much like Manipulation sets, an immobilise or sleep power helps keep a foe immobile and vulnerable to attack, or helps you retreat. Debuff - Keeping your foes debuffed is crucial to your own survival, ensuring you aren't as vulnerable to their ire. Self Buff - This power should likely be a self buff that improves your own abilities, likely a mix of (light) positional defense and mez protection. Debuff - A means of keeping aggro off you is pretty handy, so a power that debuffs or deals light mez works here. Hold - A single target hold power is perfect for keeping a foe helpless against your attacks, allowing for additional critical attacks Self Buff - The inclusion of additional positional defense and mez protection helps round off the class' self buffs. Debuff - depending on what powers are already in play, this power would likely serve as a heavy debuff AoE Hold - an AoE hold should be present in the powerset in order to give yourself critical opportunities or a chance to retreat. ANCILLARY POWERS (V2): AoE Melee - A AoE melee attack to ensure that when things start to look bad you have a means of fending off foes. Build Up/Power Boost - Since the powersets lack much damage/mez boosting potential, I figured it would go nicely here. Defense or Resistance Buff - A simple defense or resistance power to give you a little more survivability. Special Buff - A power that perhaps increases Health, Endurance, or a little more protection would work well. Pet - Having a pet is pretty standard of Patron Pool Powers, but I think including them as a first in Ancillary Power Pools will be quite handy for drawing aggro and dealing damage not tied to crits/AoE. So! Here's a little look into the powersets I had in mind for this Archetype. I didn't want to exclude any powersets that did not possess a sniper power in its original conception, since I feel people would want them to be available for use regardless. KEY: Existing Power - A power that is already implemented in the base game, and is being reused to suit the purposes of the Deadeye Archetype. Archetype Power - A power that is universal across the Deadeye Archetype, and is present regardless of powerset choice. New Power - A power that is created especially for each individual Deadeye powerset, so that it follows the intended structure of the Archetype. PRIMARY POWERSETS SECONDARY POWERSETS (V2) ANCILLARY POWERSETS (V2) ARCHETYPE ENHANCEMENTS What Archetype would be complete without Archetype Enhancements? Here's an idea I had for what could be done for it; ENHANCEMENTS Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage Deadeye's Watch: Damage/Recharge Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage/Control Duration Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge/Control Duration Deadeye's Watch: Recharge/Chance to Hide (20% Proc) SET BONUSES Two enhancements improves the Accuracy of all powers by 7% Three enhancements increases the Range of all powers by 7.5% Four enhancements increases the Damage of all your powers by 3% Four enhancements increases Ranged Defense by 3.75% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Immobilize effects by 3.75% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Sleep effects by 3.75% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Fear effects by 3% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Confuse effects by 2.21% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Hold effects by 2.21% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Stun effects by 2.21% Six enhancements increases Energy and Negative Energy Defense by 1.575%
  10. I was looking around and playing with power set combinations and was sad to see that there isn't a tanky support class. I am kinda enthralled by the idea of a Bio-armor/Nature affinity character that I think could be really fun to play. I haven't given too much thought to how the synergies would work or if it would be even remotely balanced (in either direction...I can see it being possible to make a character that cannot deal any damage, which would obviously be a problem.) Anyway, what are everyone's thoughts on this? We already have the Sentinel which is a kind of Tank/Blaster type, so what about a Tank/Support?
  11. The Following is part of Project Projector a personal pet Project, the idea is to create a working Melee Support AT that could feasibly be implemented in game. This is the first part, an attempt to reimagine and tune Composition powers into something that might feasibly work in game. This is essential for the introduction of a Melee Support AT. For the Uninitiated, Composition was the Power Pool from which the unreleased Guardian AT would pick their Secondary(?) Powerset. It is a combination powerset much like Manipulation, however instead of a combination of Melee and CC powers, Composition would be made up of Support and Armor Powers. From what I have come to understand Composition was given to two main problems that ultimately sabotaged the original Guardian AT The following is a list if issues I have heard came up with the Composition Power Sets. They had issues with endurance management. They did not provide enough survivability to the AT. They where difficult to make use of. There are two changes I am going to assume for the theoretical AT to which these powers will be attached. One, it is a Melee AT, and Two Composition will be it’s Primary Power Pool not it’s secondary. Why? The original Guardian was a jack of all trades not only was it splitting survivability and support, but also a split between Melee & Ranged. Apparently, it even had some CC tucked somewhere in there also. While I do think an assault primary AT is a good Idea, I contend forcing that idea on top of a “Melee Support” AT watered down the design too much, creating more problems to solve than was necessary. These two idea’s need to remain separate and distinct. For the Assault Primary AT suggestion, I’d throw my hat behind, check out the Operative. If your heart is set on this combination check out the Duo, which MIGHT just make this general idea work by attaching a Pet. Making the Composition sets the Primary means ensuring that the AT can have whatever numbers it needs to survive/support their group, (The End Goal is around Sentinel/Stalker level Survivability, and around Corruptor level Support) while also communicating that this is not a damage AT. The plan is for this AT to do about the same amount of Damage as a Corruptor (perhaps even less) except in melee. As I feel anything more than that will begin to make the Corruptor feel obsolete. This is where you come in, I need feedback and suggestions, so for all those interested let’s get started. Martial Composition (Shield/Leadership): T1: Deflection- Toggle: Self +DEF(Melee), +Res (Smash, Lethal) T2: Battle Agility- Toggle: Self +DEF(Ranged, AoE), +Res (DEF Debuff) T3: Battle Tactics: Coordination - Toggle: PBAoE Team +DEF(All). T4: True Grit- Auto: Self +Res (Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative, Toxic), +Max Health T5: Battle Tactics: Assault- Toggle: PBAoE, Team +DMG Res (Taunt, Placate) T6: Rally- PBAoE, Team +Res (Disorient, Hold, Immobilize, Sleep, Fear, Confuse, Repel, Knockback, Def Debuff) T7: Battle Tactics: Leadership- Toggle: PBAoE Team +ACC Res (Confuse, Fear) +Perception T8: Shield Charge- PBAoE, Superior DMG(Smash), Foe Knockdown, Self Teleport. T9: Battlefield Control- PBAoE, Foes -To Hit, -Def, -Res (All). Notes: Battle Tactics: Coordination functions more like Grant Cover combined with Phalanx Fighting. Alternatively, Merge the T1 and T2, and try to Find Room for a suped up version of Victory Rush. Psychic Composition (Willpower/Empathy/Pain Domination) T1: High Pain Tolerance- Auto: Self +Res (All), +Max Health T2: Healing Aura- PBAoE, Team Heal. T3: Soothing Aura- Toggle: PBAoE, Team Minor Periodic Heal. T4: Mind Over Body- Toggle: Self +Res (Smash, Lethal, Psionic) T5: Rise to the Challenge: Toggle: PBAoE, Foe -To Hit, Self +Regen. T6: Aura of Clarity- PBAoE, Team +Res (Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Fear, Confusion) +Perception. T7: Aura of Fortitude- PBAoE, Team +DMG, +To-Hit, +Res (All, Placate). (Just World of Pain) T8: Recovery Aura- PBAoE, Team +Recovery. T9: Battle Cry- PBAoE, Foe -DEF(All), -Res (All). (Just Anguishing Cry) Notes: Alternatively, the T5 could be Resurrect. Storm Composition- (Ice Armor/Storm Summoning) T1: Frozen Armor- Toggle: Self +DEF (Smash/Lethal), +Res (Fire, Cold, DEF Debuff) T2: Thunderclap- PBAoE, Foe Disorient. T3: Chilling Embrace- Toggle: PBAoE, Foe -Recharge, -SPD, -DMG. (Maybe add -Fly) T4: Steamy Mist- Toggle: PBAoE, Team Stealth, +DEF(All), +Res (Fire, Cold, Energy, Confuse). T5: Freezing Rain- Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT (Cold), Foe -Recharge, -SPD, -DEF(All), -Res (All). T6: Second Wind- PBAoE: Team Heal, +Res (Disorient, Sleep, End Drain), +Perception. T7: Vortex- Toggle: PBAoE, Foe -Range, -To-Hit, Knockdown, Self +DEF (All but Psionics), +Res (Fire, Cold, Energy, Confuse). T8: Tornado- Summon Tornado: PBAoE, Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Fear, Disorient, Knockback. T9: Lightning Storm- Summon Storm: Ranged, High DMG(Energy), Foe -End. Notes: Second Wind uses Healing Aura’s animation and O2 Boosts v. effects. Vortex: Uses Hurricane’s Animations & V. Effects. Alternatively, Frozen Armor could be renamed Storm Ward and use the Storm Aura from the character creator. Other sets I want to do: Dark Composition: (Dark Armor/Dark Miasma) Energy Composition: (Energy Aura/Kinetics) Radiation Composition: (Radiation Armor/Radiation Emission) Thermal Composition: (Fire Armor/Thermal Radiation) Chemical Composition: (Regeneration? / Poisons) Tactical Composition: (Super Agility/Leadership) Further Notes: PBAoE Mez Protection Power- There has been some fear of granting a Melee/Support AT Mez Protection, and while I cannot entirely agree with most of these fears. I also feel I’d be remiss to completely dismiss them. As such here is a purposed compromise, all Protectors get a PBAoE Mez Protection Power, however for most sets this will be a clicky with a duration to recharge ratio designed to make it difficult to impossible to perma though hopefully not so punishing as to make it all but unusable. (3/4th's when fully optimized sounds pretty good to me) A Possible Inherent for the AT is thus: (Inherent: Stalwart- A Protectors is not daunted by overwhelming odds, when others would flee the Protectors stands resolute spurred on by their convictions. As a result, A Protectors receives additional Damage Resistance and Recovery for every foe with whom he his allies are currently engaged. Notes: The Damage Resistance by its very nature needs to be quite low. Furthermore, the Recovery buff will need to be finely tuned.)
  12. I am compiling archetypes so that you can easily find what is already out there and perhaps we can get a discussion going about viability and more popular options moving forward. In terms of formatting, I am starting off with the name and a date stamp which acts as a link. This is followed by the primary/secondary combo, inherent, and a very short description. I am organizing them by primary power set Assault, Melee, Ranged, Pet, Support, Manipulation, Armor, Control, then mashup. Marshal ( Assault/Pet [placeholder]: Scaling resistance for main and pets based on nearby enemies. This is a shock and awe set that focuses on running in and absorbing the alpha and then fading in the background for cleanup. Instigator Take 2 ( Assault/Armor Instigation & Resolve: They have an inherent punchvoke ability, Instigation, similar to Tankers, they also have a secondary inherent that provides stacks of absorb while out of combat. Instigators are mobile meat shields in the truest sense. Tankers are frontline tanks, Brutes are scrapperlocked tanks, Instigators go to where the aggro is (stupid Blaster AoEs). The Duo ( Assault/{Pet/Armor/Support} Partnership: +DMG +ToHit in proximity to pet. Share power effects with pet. The Duo is an AT that is focused on working strongly with a single pet partner and balancing the burden with them. The Warden ( Assault/{Support/Control} [placeholder]: Defensive bonus against status-affected foes. Increased length for status effects. Wardens are jacks-of-all-trades in that they have a little melee, a little ranged, a little support, and a little control. Operative ( Assault/{Armor/Manipulation/Control} Preparation: Low threat level, stealth (weak), and a bar that constantly builds but is reduced by attacks - grants improved secondary effects Operatives are strategic agents that have many skills that they must strategically employ to be effective. They use a Manipulation secondary that has been bolstered by a modicum of armor and control for survival. Instigator ( Assault/{Armor/Control} Toggle (Stalwart, Striker, Support): Stalwart acts like Power Boost, Striker damage bonus, Support converts toggles to AoE and adds an AoE heal chance to attacks. Instigators are less jack-of-all-trades than gapfills. They have the versatility to change roles as per what the team needs. They are what people who don't play Kheldians think Kheldians are. Kamikaze ( Melee/Ranged [placeholder]: Assault on crack. Tankermind ( Melee/Pet Lead by Example: Heals shared with pets, damage bonus for untargeted pets. Tankerminds are frontline generals that bring their own army. Captain ( Melee/Support Tactical Advantage: Enemies within 15' act as a power boost, allies in the range increase regeneration and defense. Captains are frontline fighters that support their teammates from within the fray. Regulator ( Melee/Support* Regulation: Can build regulation through engagement. Upon filling the bar, can activate either a +Res(Self) -Dam(Enemy) or +Dam(Self) -Res(Enemy) aura. Regulators are frontline combatants that optimize their personal and team dynamic for the situation. Defiler ( Melee/{Support/Armor} [placeholder]: A defensive bonus which decreases with teammates paired with a secondary effect bonus which increases with teammates. Defilers are focused on debuffing enemies and buffing allies from the fray. Protector ( Melee/{Support/Armor} Honor & Glory: Glory builds stacks through melee attacks and dissipates through inaction or use of buffs, it grants increased buff efficacy. Protectors juggle between support and dps providing teammates with much-needed support while also helping out with clearing the field. Interceptor ( Melee/{Support/Armor} Full Force: A power boost combined with flat damage critical-like mechanism. Imagine if a scrapper were more of a team player. Assaulter ( Ranged/Pet Group Distraction: Main aggro is diverted to pets. Assaulters are glass cannons that bring their own mobile meat shields. Deadeye ( Ranged/{Support/Armor} Neutralization: Crit while hidden or while enemy is CCed Deadeye are single target snipers that take down their prey before they even know they are prey. The Warlord ( Pet/Melee Elite Guard: Warlord pets have a taunt attached to their attacks. In addition, pets provide a defense and resistance buff to the Warlord. Warlord damage heals pets. The Warlord leads the charge and motivates through example. Tactician ( Pet/Control Attacks of Opportunity: Pets do additional damage to controlled targets. Tacticians focus on disabling enemies for a form of controlled chaos. Dissident ( Pet/Control [placeholder]: A set designed to unleash the hordes onto the battlefield. The Paladin ( Support/Melee Zeal: Provides HoT and Def, which increases with enemy engagement This is a melee support class with sufficient sustainability to be in the fray, but not enough to tank. Guardian ( Support/Melee Coverage: Ally buffs also buff the Guardian. Scaling HP boost per nearby enemies. Guardians offer support from within the fray. Bulwark ( Support/Melee {Positive/Negative} Reinforcement: Use of support boosts the effects of support while decreasing damage and to hit, attacks boost damage and to hit, but decrease the efficacy of support. Bulwarks are front-line support, offering buffs and debuffs from within the fray Zoomer ( Manipulation/Assault Zoom: Personal +SPD for ranged, enemy -SPD for melee, and increased speed cap. Zoomers offer the feel of playing a speedster while providing access to two AT-specific power sets that are versatile an fun. Manipulator ( Manipulation/Control Edge: Non-stacking defense/resistance debuff for specific damage types, with a weak general secondary debuff. Manipulators are a buff/debuff focused controlling AT. The Bastion ( Armor/Ranged Shield Wall: Damage to nearby teammates is shared with Bastion Bastions are backline tanks, protecting the blasters, defenders, and controllers from insurgent line penetrators. Safeguard ( Armor/Support [placeholder]: Safeguards are there to offer you a helping hand and keep you alive. The Commander ( Armor/Control Command: Chance for increased magnitude control based on nearby enemies & increased damage based on how many enemies have been controlled. The ultimate mitigator, Commanders take blows and control the battlefield. Commander ( Armor/{Melee/Pet} [placeholder]: A tanky Wolf Spider. Tank-Mage ( Armor/{Control/Melee} [placeholder]: A tank that focuses on both aggro management and controlling enemies through, well, controlling enemies. Adaptor ( {Assault/Manipulation}/{Armor/Melee*} (it is unclear if this is Stalker Melee with Armor mixed secondary, or a Stalker Armor secondary. [placeholder]: A jack of all trades. Infested Infiltrator ( {Melee/Pet}*/Armor* [placeholder]: EAT similar to a Wolf Spider but with a more alien feel. Mech Commander ( {Ranged/Pet}/{Pet/Support} [placeholder]: (E?)AT that allows you to enhance your abilities through powered vehicles and supportive call-downs. The Incarnate ( {Assault, Melee, Ranged, Pet, Support, Manipulation, Armor, or Control}/{Assault, Melee, Ranged, Pet, Support, Manipulation, Armor, or Control} Undiminished: No diminishing returns on IOs, also has the inherent of the chosen primary AT You wanted OP? I'll show you OP... Rikti Soldier ( Melee*/Armor* Hive Mind: Bonus damage v Rikti (weakness to Rikti damage) A playable Rikti Soldier.
  13. Just under two and a half hours left for voting in the Great Archetype Concept Battle, and before we go to the semi-finals, I would like to take a look at the breakdown of the quarterfinal ATs... Manipulation/Assault Melee/Support Assault/Armor Assault/{Pet/Armor/Support} Melee/{Support/Armor} Assault/{Armor/Control} Support/Melee Melee/{Support/Armor} Just taking a look at that, every set is either melee or assault (half and half) and six of the eight are paired with a type of support. What I'm reading is that the type of new AT people would want would be either a Melee or Assault set paired with a Support-like secondary. Five of the proposals have armor mixed into the secondary (only one is pure armor). In other words, the voting thus far suggests that the community would like an assault or melee primary with a mixed secondary that is some combination of armor and support (with either control or pets mixed in). While I am going to continue the Great Archetype battle, I thought that this would be a good time to start putting together a community-designed Archetype proposal. I would like to start off with a short discussion of the Powerset composition that we think would be the best. The goal here is to aim towards a consensus, not to make personal proposals or tear eachother down. Our goal is to come together as a community and talk about what would be the best new Archetype to expand into City of Heroes.
  14. SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS FROM EXISTING ASSETS: Pest Supremacy [Control Set] -Toxic Web Spitter [ like web grenade immob, minor tox dmg, arachnoid power] -Cocoon [Hold, -def] [arachnoid power] -Killer Bees[Beast Mastery call Swarm, Ranged ST Slow + moderate dot, +flies aura] -Wide Area Web Trap [like wide area web grenade, AoE immob, slow, arachnoid power] -Sleep Powder [Cone, Sleep, vfx Choking powder + Butterfly Aura on Target] -Spiders [Fear Patch, summons a dozen vanity spiders in area] -Hive Mind [3 temporary pets, Summons Swarms[DE minions]] -Stinger Burst [Cone Hold, fx like fling metal thorns + poison hold, no dmg] -Mutated Spider [Summons Arachnoid pet] ] WILD Blast [Blast Set] -call swarm Ranged, Light DoT(Lethal), Foe -Defense, -Speed -call hawk Ranged, High DMG (Lethal), Foe -To Hit, Knockdown, -Fly -call ravens Ranged (Cone), Moderate DoT(Lethal), Foe -Speed, -Defense, -Fly -Rending Fury PBAoE, Moderate DoT (Energy), Foe -DEF (All) -aim [beast mastery buff fx] -murder of crows[murder of crows costume change fx] Ranged, High DoT(Lethal), Foe Fear, -To Hit -call panther[panther appears, does scratch, disappears] Sniper, Extreme DMG(Lethal)[hardest attack to make for this set] -Pheremone Burst[spore burst explosion fx, dot is butterfl+roach aura on target] TAoE, Moderate DoT (Toxic), Foe -DEF (All) -Summon Snakes [summons uncontrollable 5 snakes for 10s [think Phantom Army]] Wind Control Set [As Is] ---- Placeholder Animation / Suggested Animation: [images of existing powers on other thread.] Updraft [ST knockup] ----- crush / ice armor whirlwind fx for each armor, minus the armor / Gale Up Downdraft [ST Hold] ----- block of ice / terrible howl [direworlf power] centered on target / Gale Down Breathless [T AoE Immob] -----frost bite / chilling howl [direwolf power] + time manip heal 'rings' as immobfx / Shadowfield base white Windshear [PB AoE Slow] ----- arctic air / snow storm on player character Thundergust [Cone KD] ----- shiver / desert winds [npc power, animation only] Microburst [T AoE Stun] ----- flashfire / Hail of Debris [Vortex Pet Power] ** Keening Winds [T AoE Confuse] ----- mass confusion / heart of darkness Vaccum [T AoE Hold] ----- glacier / Dimension Shift OR Shadowfield + ninja sand choke animation on targets Vortex[Pet] ----- ice golem / Storm Elemental w Arctic Fog or Frozen Aura fx OR Haunt-Shade, base color altered to light grey/brown [for this power, def copy what coxg did :P] looks great Pet Powers: Blast of Debris [ST Ranged] ----- Throw Spines / Desert Winds [npc power, animation only] / Gale Whirlwind [PB AoE] ----- unknown / hurricane Hail of Debris [T AoE DoT] ----- NEW WIND ANIMATION [see image] ** Crash of Thunder [T AoE Stun] ----- Thunderclap/Thunderclap ----------Alternate Animation Proliferation:-------------- Dual Pistols to MM Dual Pistols Hydra Heads Poison powers to Poison Support Set [probably more here but these off the top of my head] ---Alternate Pets: [Visual Model Change Only, similar to how Dark Servant can be swapped]--------------- Darkness: Ghosts/Spirits, Darkservant, Haunt Shade, Unseelie, Spectral Daemon, Nictus Earth: DE Rockmonsters + Crystal Monsters, Slag Golemns, Redcaps, Trolls, Minions of Igneous Electric: Outcast, Freakshow, Storm Elementals, Clockwork, Praet-Clockwork Fire: Outcast, CoT Behemoth, Succubus, Fir Bolg, Living Hellfire Gravity: Wisp[rularuu], AnimusArcana-Time Stop, Ice: Snowmen, elves, Outcast, CoT Hellfrost, CoT Blade Prince Illusion:Anything available, Mirror-Self/ Doppleganger, AnimusArcana-Ball of Light Mind:[no pets] Plant:DE Tree ppl, DE Mushroom ppl, Tuatha, Hydras Wind: Storm Elementals Watercontrol: Coralax Guardians, Coralax red/blue/green, Sharks, Hydras Gun Drone: Dikti Drone, Zenith Hoverbot, IDF Battle Orb FF Generator: Skyraider's FF Generator, IDF Battle Orb Triage Beacon: cairn[rock turd], quartz[sm crystal], Crystal of Health[med crystal], Will of the Earth[big crystal] Spirit Tree: cairn, DE tree of life, DE Fungi -------------New ATs:------------------------------------------ 'Safeguard' - Tanke Primary, Defender Secondary 'Dissident' - MM Primary, Control Secondary 'Commander' - Tank Primary, MM Secondary [with meelee instead of blasts] 'Kamikaze' - Melee Primary, Blast Secondary 'Adaptor' - Assault/Manipulation Primary, Defense/Stalker Secondary -----------MASTERMINDS:-------------------------------------- Alternate Pet Models: [From Enemy Groups] -Demons:CoT Demons, Rulu-Shin, Bat'Zul, Wailers, Soldiers of Rularuu -Ninjas:Tsoo, Legacy Chain, knives of A -Thugs: Destroyers, Mooks, Skulls, Hellions, Syndicate, Carnival, Lost, Angry Citizens, Prisoners, Family -Mercs:Knives of A, Knives of V, Longbow, Wyverns, DUST, Arachnos, GoldBrickers -Bots: Clockwork, Prae Clockwork, Council, Crey, Malta, Nemesis -Beast: Devouring Earth, Hydra, Tuatha, Soldiers of Rularuu, Spirit Stalkers -Necro:Banished Pantheon Zombs, Vahzilok, Ghosts, Spectral Pirates, CoT SPectral Daemon/Folloer/Knight New Powersets: -DIMENSIONAL MULTIPLICITY: GravTemporalManip powers for attacks[melee], summons Dopplegangers, has Gangwar type power -OCEAN MASTER: Summons Coralax [red,green,blue t1, warders t2, shaper t3] Lev sharkblast 4 attacks, water for buff/aoe power -GREENSEER: [corrosive enzyme fx but does dmg]/thorn blast, Summons DE Tree/mushroom monsters -DOMINION OF FAE [Summons 3 Fae[buff pet], 2 Tuatha and 1 Tuatha Boss, Redcap like gangwar, tuatha+plant attacks -SERPENT SUMMONING [Summons 3 Snakes, 2Talon Snakes, and 1TalonSnake Boss] plus Dagger Throw powers -CIMERORAN SUMMONING [Cimeroran Soldiers, Spear 2Ranged/1melee Powers] -WICCA MASTERY [Summons Cabal Witches, Elemental Attacks] -EARTH SUMMONING [DE Rock/Rubbles, Earth-Dom +LegacyChainPowers] -SNOW SUMMONING [Winter Horde NPC Models, Ice Attacks] --------------New ATs:---------------------------------------------- 'Safeguard' - Tanke Primary, Defender Secondary 'Dissident' - MM Primary, Control Secondary 'Commander' - Tank Primary, MM Secondary [with meelee instead of blasts] 'Kamikaze' - Melee Primary, Blast Secondary 'Adaptor' - Assault/Manipulation Primary, Defense/Stalker Secondary that is all. for now. i havent even started on mapping epic pool proliferation lol. 🙂 thoughts?
  15. As some of you may have noticed, I have been compiling a list of all proposed Archetypes. This has actually raised my awareness of two unique power sets. The first is more commonly brought up when discussing new ATs, and that is Assault. Many people have proposed making an AT with an assault primary (or assault/pet). Manipulation, on the other hand, was only brought up once. So, I got to thinking, what if you put these two versatile sets together. You would have a mix of melee and range for one set, and a mix of self-buffs, minor CC, some more melee, and a dash of sustain. Take the two together and you have a wonderful mix of abilities. But then the question is, how do you conceptually merge these two sets together. Then my son was talking to me about the prevalence of speedsters in superhero comics, television, and movies. It all came together, my answer is the Zoomer. This is an archetype that is seemingly all over the place. It is wonderfully complex, slightly difficult to play well, and, at the same time, quite versatile in the right hands. So, the manipulation primary allows the Zoomer to have a selection of soft control tools and buffs that are very useful for shaping the character. At the same time, the Assault secondary really helps out, especially getting through the early levels. The problem is, to take full advantage, the Zoomer will need above average mobility. That is where I came up with the inherent, Zoom. I know, not exceptionally creative, but hear me out. Zoom has three elements. First, it increases the default speed caps for running, jumping, and flying. Second, it applies a self +SPD buff for ranged attacks. Finally, it provides a -SPD debuff for melee attacks. These buffs/debuffs are scaled to attack time so a 1.188s attack would provide a 10% buff/debuff for 4s while a 1.848s attack would provide a 15% buff/debuff for 6s (numbers are approximate and open for discussion). The set is designed to keep your enemies in one place while the Zoomer is all over the place. It maximizes the synergy between two unique power sets, while providing a different feel for either set as compared to playing a dom or a blaster. While it is most likely to be favored by solo players, it does provide a unique role in groups, penetration. In theory, it would be the best class at reaching deep into enemy lines and hitting the blasters in the back, using speed and manipulation's sustain as their primary defense. This AT will give you the feel of playing a speedster in a way that current ATs can't match. At the same time, it is not overpowered, difficult to balance, or difficult to implement.
  16. The following additional Powersets could be proliferated as Sentinel Primary Powersets: Darkness Manipulation Darkness Assault Earth Assault Electricity Assault Electricity Manipulation Energy Assault Energy Manipulation Fiery Assault Fire Manipulation Icy Assault Ice Manipulation Mental Manipulation Psionic Assault Thorny Assault I don't want a Blast/Armor toon, I want a Manipulation/Armor toon! Let's make that happen!
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