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  1. The Hero Corps Information Exchange Since its inception, the Hero Corps has been dedicated to providing heroes the resources they need to create a better tomorrow. ™ Part of this ongoing task is connecting the various great heroes of this fair city with the tasks that need doing, and that's exactly what we intend to do in our next Information Exchange! What: The Information Exchange is our monthly event where we do lore-friendly AE missions, made by the community, with the community! The intention of this event is to be a friendly, open roleplay experience! If you wish to interact with your fellow heroes in some mission-based RP, now's the time! If you want to see what all your fellow community members have been able to create with the Architect system, now's the time! Or, perhaps if you have a mission you'd like the whole world to see and get a guaranteed audience... Now is the time! When: August 1st at 6 PM EST/5 PM Central/3 PM PST! Where: Kallisti Wharf by the Hero Corps field analyst! You can access Kallisti Wharf through any train station if you're a hero, or through the Smuggler's Submarine if you're a villain. If you're at least level 40, you can also use the LFG system to queue up solo for Market Crash, which will drop you very close to where the event takes place. (You don't have to actually do Market Crash if you use this method.) What We Need From You: If you have an AE mission or arc you would like promoted, please directly message me either in game or through discord with the name of the mission, name of the contact, primary mission enemy group, and the location it takes place in. Otherwise, all we ask is that you feel free to show up and have a good time. Contact Information: Hero Corps Discord: https://discord.gg/5PuHX7T Aviel global handle: @PresidentDSG Aviel discord: PresidentDSG#0916
  2. The final drafts of all three parts of The City of Dread have finally been released to the mass public. I have worked for countless hours on this trilogy to give the player the finest experience! Without spoiling anything, all three parts have a different goal that must be achieved by the final mission, but everything's connected from the start to the finish so continuity is not absent. Dialogue and clues are very important throughout this trilogy and I suggest you read everything to properly understand the storyline. Below this paragraph will be a bunch of details regarding each part! If you have suggestion and feedback, please email me on the Excelsior shard to the global @Savantir07 🙂 Have fun!!! 🙂 The City of Dread [Part One] Arc ID: 10860 Enemy Groups: Malta Operatives, Crazed, Council, Arachnos, Longbow Description: Embark on a journey to unveil the mystery. Figure out who is behind everything, test your limits, and do what you have to in order to save the world. This part of the story is only the beginning... The City of Dread [Part Two] Arc ID: 11104 Enemy Groups: Family, Crey, Council, Arachnos, Custom Group Description: Continue the journey to cripple the ** Spoiler ** and ensure the safety of Rhode Island. Test your limits again with new allies, new enemies, and a whole lot of kickass! This story continues... The City of Dread [Part Three] Arc ID: 11332 Enemy Groups: Devouring Earth, Ghosts, Reflections, Talons of Vengeance, Snakes Description: The ** Spoiler ** has detonated, and Paragon City is under dire threat. You must be Paragon's Hero, you must finish the journey and destroy all those who threaten the world! (First mission has a defeat all task, have fun and be patient. Final boss in the fourth mission is tough! Be prepared.)
  3. Good day! It is I, @Scrapbot, from Everlasting and this is where I will post my non-farm AE contest winners weekly! This is the first, so there might be a few hiccups. Anyhow, for those that don't know, here's the rub: I take submissions for AE missions via the ingame email to @Scrapbot from the Arc's creator (1 Arc per person). Submissions for the week are Monday to Friday giving me time to play submissions (capped at 10 a week because I'm human) Winner is announced here on Sunday but gets winnings via ingame email (I just reply to the submission) Winnings are the INF gained from playing all submissions solo and an additional +25k per Arc (Don't worry if you have a low level arc, the winnings still balance out over the total). Basics of my grading I set the difficulty to 0/+2 and solo each Arc on one of my level 50s (this is where the pot comes from) When time allows or missions dictate, I will replay Arcs with a team again at 0/+2 (this may also get added into the pot) Grading is after I complete the Arc so that that I can see everything the creator envisioned (some objectives or enemies may not make sense during a mission but make sense by the end of the arc) Generally, how arcs are rated: - Objectives to story (do the mandatory tasks make sense to what the POC is telling me; Why am I pummeling everyone for a B&E? Is it just excessive or is there something more sinister? Are you cleverly masking a farm?) - Enemy group utilization (Was thought put into my enemies? Are you cleverly masking a farm?) - Lore stuff (it doesn't have to match CoX lore, but a story needs some context even if it is self contained. i.e. Why am I fighting the enemy group FLOWER CORP?) - The little things (some intangibles that bleed into the other fields, such as - Writing style should be on par with, or beyond, my 8 year old; Are AE mechanics incorporated to enhance the arc? Why is the super valuable do-hickey being kept in a cardboard box? Do my enemies have information to who I'm fighting?) - Was it Fun (I feel this is frequently underrated; did I enjoy your arc, would I play it again? Did I want to enter into the story you created? Would I bring other people into your world with me? Was I glad to play it or just glad it is over?) Caveats Not related to the Developer's Choice for AE - This is Scrapbot's Choice. Difficulty is not really a factor unless it is marked solo friendly and is definitely not solo friendly. Notes will contain: Winner Arc ID, all other submission IDs, total winnings, some of my comments. -- I'm still trying to gauge how much of my personal comments will go on here - I want to inform, not flame, about arcs. On team playthroughs, I will take constructive comments from my team members... but they are not Scrapbot and don't have to take heat for the final ruling. On Saturday, I will email the first 10 submitters to let them know they got in - so, if you didn't get an email, you submitted late and should resubmit the following Monday. -- If I missed a submission for whatever reason, let me know and I will go back and check - if it was missed (not disqualified for being a farm or some such) I will rate it with the following weeks submissions. In rare cases of 1 mission existing per ID but forming 1 arc, let me know and I will rate them together as one arc but it is up to you to provide those IDs, I won't hunt for them.
  4. Hey guys and gals did they reduce the amount of influence in ae missions? I am running a +4 / x8 exemplared fire farm with hubby and a sg mate who is sitting at the door. SG mate was saying how the influence is not the same. At the end, even though we had 3 players, it only gave 18 mil each. Where as it use to give more like 24 mil each for the same farm. We are all level 50+ and no xp boosters on. I checked previous patch notes and saw nothing, but not sure if that kind of note would be with patch notes.
  5. Hey guys and gals did they reduce the amount of influence in ae missions? I am running a +4 / x8 exemplared fire farm with hubby and a sg mate who is sitting at the door. SG mate was saying how the influence is not the same. At the end, even though we had 3 players, it only gave 18 mil each. Where as it use to give more like 24 mil each for the same farm. We are all level 50+ and no xp boosters on. I checked previous patch notes and saw nothing, but not sure if that kind of note would be with patch notes.
  6. TL;DR: New power sets for custom NPCs in AE, one primary and one secondary. Primary contains every power currently available to them, including toggles and autos. Secondary contains mix-and-match auto powers for partial customization of passive bonuses without worrying about unwanted FX or secondary benefits. I've been playing around with the Architect Entertainment system a lot over the past few months, and though I love the degree of customizability it offers, I can't help but feel frustrated at the areas in which it lacks. Personally, I would love to be able to have a finer degree of control over custom NPCs' powers - and I don't mean recoloring them (though that would be nice too). Let's look at Baron Zoria: if Paragon Wiki is accurate, he uses powers from no fewer than five different sets (Dark Blast, Dark Miasma [or Darkness Affinity], Psychic Blast, Mind Control, and Stone Control). I don't know about you, but to me, it feels unfair that players can't create their own custom enemies that do the same thing. So with that said, here's my idea: add two new power sets exclusively for custom NPCs in AE, one primary and one secondary. No new tabs needed, though the secondary set would likely involve the creation of dozens of new, but simple powers. I'll get to that in a bit; first, I'd like to discuss the primary. The primary set would be a "master list" of all the powers already available to custom NPCs, including toggles, autos, and maybe variants of the same power from different sets (for custom NPCs, Dark Blast's Life Drain does less damage and takes longer to recharge than Dark Assault's Life Drain, for example). I know it would be a pain to scroll through dozens, if not hundreds, of powers just to find the few you're looking for; to that end, I suggest that the powers be organized within the set, first by theme (Fire, Ice, Dark, ...) and second by category (Melee, Ranged, Armor, Support, ...). However, I acknowledge that this could allow players to give enemies conflicting power sets, such as Dual Blades and Shield Defense, or Staff Fighting and Titan Weapons (the latter two of which I believe use the same costume slot). Because of this, some powers may need to be excluded entirely, or relegated to their own separate versions of the "master list" set, e.g. "Master List+Shield Defense", "Master List+Titan Weapons", "Master List+Staff Fighting", et cetera. I don't know if the latter option would be as simple as copy/pasting the code for the "master list" and swapping out a few powers, or if it would be more involved than that. Regardless, let's move on to the secondary set, which I'll call the "passive bonuses" set. As previously stated, it would almost certainly require the creation of many, many new powers. However, every power in the set would be an auto power, have no FX attached, and would only apply a static (de)buff to a single attribute like damage, max HP, recovery, Energy damage resistance, recharge debuff resistance, and so on. Ideally, each attribute would be represented by ten auto powers total - five buff, five debuff - in standardized increments, such as 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, and 80%. Like any other power set, players could choose several of these powers that affect the same attribute, effectively allowing for semi-custom strengths and weaknesses. Let's say a player wants to create a fire elemental: they could give it the +10% and +40% Fire resistance powers for a total of +50% Fire resistance. Next, they make it vulnerable to Cold by giving it the -5%, -10%, and -20% Cold resistance powers, for a total of -35% Cold resistance (or they could pick -40% and +5% to achieve the same effect!). Perhaps you could make a "pseudo-sniper" with bonuses to range and perception radius, or an Arch-Villain with high resistances and regeneration that would almost certainly require a team to overcome. Maybe you could create an ambush of weak but Untouchable enemies that would follow and pester you throughout a mission, or you could make an entire enemy group meant to challenge well-built Incarnates by giving them moderate-to-high buffs across the board. "But what about status protection?" you might ask. "That doesn't come in percentages!" And you'd be right. For those, the increments would need to be different, and would have no "debuff" equivalents. Here's what I picture: 2 (enough to protect against a single application of weaker control powers, as well as certain IO procs) 3 (enough to protect against most control powers) 4 (enough for two applications of weaker controls, or one application from a Controller that procced Overpower) 8 (enough for two Overpower procs) 100, or some other ridiculously huge number (for effective immunity to that particular status effect) Then you could combine 2 and 4 to protect the NPC against a single application from a Dominator boosted by Domination, or 4 and 8 to protect against two such applications. Now, what about farms? Yes, enemies could be given massive debuffs to make AE farms even more efficient than they already are. To counterbalance this, I suggest making the debuffs decrease enemy rewards if possible. As it is, custom enemy rewards (or at least the XP they give) are calculated based on certain "point" values of each power; why not give certain powers negative point values? I admit, though, that I don't have a thorough understanding of how said point values work despite the explanations provided in-game. Negative values might affect the calculations in unexpected ways, or might not even be possible; I never claimed to be a programmer! If it's possible to implement these in the way I've described, I believe they would go a long way in improving the customizability of NPCs in AE, despite the possible tedium of creating these sets. What do you all think? Does this idea hold water, or is it doomed to sink? Would it be more difficult to implement than I believe?
  7. Imagine the possibilities of being able to play as your favorite character during an A.E. mission! You could also play as a custom created character with your mishmash powersets with your own custom backstory. Just imagine playing as Statesman, fighting off blockades of Elite Bosses in Space or Master Midnight killing the Midnight Squad! Anything possibility would be fun to make and do. Architect Entertainment is a world of endless possibilities and this would only serve to make dreams more of a reality.
  8. Even though it's not required anymore, you've decided to undertake the old ritual of undertaking a task in memory of the Omega Team to earn your cape. As usual, you talk to the City Representative, and she sends you to talk to Paco Sanchez, Sgt. Bernhard and Justin Greene, who each tell you about Hero One and how he helped them. When you call the City Representative, she directs you to return to City Hall and pay your respects at the Omega Team memorial. As you do, however, you find that you're not the only ones visiting today...
  9. I just needed a place I could centralize and share all my in-game creations and plans and will edit the original posts as updated. (click the little picture in the [pic] brackets to see full size images) Playing on Everlasting. Character Creations & Costumes Arcon : Arachnos Soldier - (wip) Yuri'ko : Arachnos Widow - Mind Powers, Command & Conquer Red Alert referenced (wip) Xoza : Peacebringer Tanky/Healer - My main character and first advanced archtype. A Cimerea Roman who encountered and bound with a Kheldian. Xoza Shadow : Warshade - The Warshade alternate ego. Novae : Brute Rad/Fire - My AE Farmer. Traveling the stars in an alternate timeline or distant future. A celestial event sent her to Paragon giving her abilities. Nebulae : Blaster Fire/Fire - Orphaned daughter of Nebula Chell : Controller Grav/Dark - Portal Inspired. Escaped a test chamber after an incident. [] Rayn : Corruptor Water/Storm - Inspired by Mortal Combat [] Alex Denton : Defender Kin/Rad - From my first live Defender, inspired by Deus Ex. Focused on nano-augmentation. Buffing friends and guaranteeing a hit on enemies. [] Meditation : Dominator Mind/Psi - Rework of my very first city of heroes character on live, Controller Grav/Storm at the time. [] Cybernet : MM FF/Robo - My first villain character on live, bubbles and robots. Teras Kasi : Scrapper Kin/Energy - Martial Artist from Star Wars. Embodiment of power, honed to defeat others who would abuse their gifts. Nina'Ja : Stalker Kitana/Ninjitsu - My first live scrapper, reworked to be more 'Ninja'. A forsaken and dishonored Tsoo warrior. Bull Rush : Tank Shield/Sav - Lots of cow puns. Abducted rancher found himself a Rikti science experiment. Gravaton : Controller Grav/Time - Spacetime something (wip) Designations & Registrations As you will see in this thread, City of Heroes has always been great for character creation. I have created so many in a short amount of time I have had to designate a page per archetype in character selection. Not only do these characters have fitting outfits, I've claimed some fairly decent names as well. Here's a list of characters I know I will never really get to play, so I've decided to just save their costumes in my archive, create AE NPC's and give the names to anyone else who would make better use of them. Send me a message and tell a story and plan, whether you have a character that just needs a new name, or you want to take up the identity. Below is the list of character names (and their power set) that I think I'm willing to abdicate. Inspiration By... Edna : Tank Shield/Street - "no capes!" Thought it would be great to give her a cape. [] Zer'0 : Blaster Rifle/Kitana - from Borderlands 2. [] Kyber : Brute Katana/Energy - "Jedi" Kyber Crystal. [] Vayder : Brute BS/Will - Darth Vader. [] Forceful : Star Wars, Another name for a force user. Aug : Brute SJ/Inv - Deus Ex Augmented. [] Yuri Prime : Dom Mind/Psionic - Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Yuri's Revenge. [] Mayhem Man : Blaster Fire/Atomic - Inspired by the Allstate Mayhem Man. [] X41822N : Blaster Beam/Mental - Nova Terra from Starcraft + multiple costume designs. [] D'Va : Sentinel Energy/Energy - Overwatch. [] Matukai : Scrapper Staff/Regen - Star Wars Polearm specialist. [] Vizla : Available now, Star Wars: The Old Republic or Polar Movie. Kitana : Scrapper Dual/Bio, Mortal Kombat. [] Rafae : Defender Emp/Fire - Rafaela from Mobile Legends. [] Others... Standard, Clean and Simple Tactic : MM Merc/Devices - ? [] Supernovae : Brute Energy/Energy. [] Lectric : Anything Elec/Elec. Radicator : Brute Rad/Rad. [] Venya : Just another name I grabbed I thought was cool. Metra : Had Star Wars reference, but don't remember what it was. [] Algor : Sentinel Ice/Ice, Plan was an Ice Dragon. Dija : Dom Mind/Dark - Dark Demoness. []
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