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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy folks, As the topic title says, I need help deciding whether to make a Blaster or a Dominator for PvP. Will be for mostly 1 on 1 and small team fights, as well as zone stuff when and if the opportunity presents itself. The choice for me is narrowed down to either a Psi/EM or Psi/Martial or Psi/Time for the blaster, or a Dark/Energy for the Dominator. Any help on the pros and cons of which to choose is definitely welcome, thanks.
  2. I am compiling archetypes so that you can easily find what is already out there and perhaps we can get a discussion going about viability and more popular options moving forward. In terms of formatting, I am starting off with the name and a date stamp which acts as a link. This is followed by the primary/secondary combo, inherent, and a very short description. I am organizing them by primary power set Assault, Melee, Ranged, Pet, Support, Manipulation, Armor, Control, then mashup. Marshal ( Assault/Pet [placeholder]: Scaling resistance for main and pets based on nearby enemies. This is a shock and awe set that focuses on running in and absorbing the alpha and then fading in the background for cleanup. Instigator Take 2 ( Assault/Armor Instigation & Resolve: They have an inherent punchvoke ability, Instigation, similar to Tankers, they also have a secondary inherent that provides stacks of absorb while out of combat. Instigators are mobile meat shields in the truest sense. Tankers are frontline tanks, Brutes are scrapperlocked tanks, Instigators go to where the aggro is (stupid Blaster AoEs). The Duo ( Assault/{Pet/Armor/Support} Partnership: +DMG +ToHit in proximity to pet. Share power effects with pet. The Duo is an AT that is focused on working strongly with a single pet partner and balancing the burden with them. The Warden ( Assault/{Support/Control} [placeholder]: Defensive bonus against status-affected foes. Increased length for status effects. Wardens are jacks-of-all-trades in that they have a little melee, a little ranged, a little support, and a little control. Operative ( Assault/{Armor/Manipulation/Control} Preparation: Low threat level, stealth (weak), and a bar that constantly builds but is reduced by attacks - grants improved secondary effects Operatives are strategic agents that have many skills that they must strategically employ to be effective. They use a Manipulation secondary that has been bolstered by a modicum of armor and control for survival. Instigator ( Assault/{Armor/Control} Toggle (Stalwart, Striker, Support): Stalwart acts like Power Boost, Striker damage bonus, Support converts toggles to AoE and adds an AoE heal chance to attacks. Instigators are less jack-of-all-trades than gapfills. They have the versatility to change roles as per what the team needs. They are what people who don't play Kheldians think Kheldians are. Kamikaze ( Melee/Ranged [placeholder]: Assault on crack. Tankermind ( Melee/Pet Lead by Example: Heals shared with pets, damage bonus for untargeted pets. Tankerminds are frontline generals that bring their own army. Captain ( Melee/Support Tactical Advantage: Enemies within 15' act as a power boost, allies in the range increase regeneration and defense. Captains are frontline fighters that support their teammates from within the fray. Regulator ( Melee/Support* Regulation: Can build regulation through engagement. Upon filling the bar, can activate either a +Res(Self) -Dam(Enemy) or +Dam(Self) -Res(Enemy) aura. Regulators are frontline combatants that optimize their personal and team dynamic for the situation. Defiler ( Melee/{Support/Armor} [placeholder]: A defensive bonus which decreases with teammates paired with a secondary effect bonus which increases with teammates. Defilers are focused on debuffing enemies and buffing allies from the fray. Protector ( Melee/{Support/Armor} Honor & Glory: Glory builds stacks through melee attacks and dissipates through inaction or use of buffs, it grants increased buff efficacy. Protectors juggle between support and dps providing teammates with much-needed support while also helping out with clearing the field. Interceptor ( Melee/{Support/Armor} Full Force: A power boost combined with flat damage critical-like mechanism. Imagine if a scrapper were more of a team player. Assaulter ( Ranged/Pet Group Distraction: Main aggro is diverted to pets. Assaulters are glass cannons that bring their own mobile meat shields. Deadeye ( Ranged/{Support/Armor} Neutralization: Crit while hidden or while enemy is CCed Deadeye are single target snipers that take down their prey before they even know they are prey. The Warlord ( Pet/Melee Elite Guard: Warlord pets have a taunt attached to their attacks. In addition, pets provide a defense and resistance buff to the Warlord. Warlord damage heals pets. The Warlord leads the charge and motivates through example. Tactician ( Pet/Control Attacks of Opportunity: Pets do additional damage to controlled targets. Tacticians focus on disabling enemies for a form of controlled chaos. Dissident ( Pet/Control [placeholder]: A set designed to unleash the hordes onto the battlefield. The Paladin ( Support/Melee Zeal: Provides HoT and Def, which increases with enemy engagement This is a melee support class with sufficient sustainability to be in the fray, but not enough to tank. Guardian ( Support/Melee Coverage: Ally buffs also buff the Guardian. Scaling HP boost per nearby enemies. Guardians offer support from within the fray. Bulwark ( Support/Melee {Positive/Negative} Reinforcement: Use of support boosts the effects of support while decreasing damage and to hit, attacks boost damage and to hit, but decrease the efficacy of support. Bulwarks are front-line support, offering buffs and debuffs from within the fray Zoomer ( Manipulation/Assault Zoom: Personal +SPD for ranged, enemy -SPD for melee, and increased speed cap. Zoomers offer the feel of playing a speedster while providing access to two AT-specific power sets that are versatile an fun. Manipulator ( Manipulation/Control Edge: Non-stacking defense/resistance debuff for specific damage types, with a weak general secondary debuff. Manipulators are a buff/debuff focused controlling AT. The Bastion ( Armor/Ranged Shield Wall: Damage to nearby teammates is shared with Bastion Bastions are backline tanks, protecting the blasters, defenders, and controllers from insurgent line penetrators. Safeguard ( Armor/Support [placeholder]: Safeguards are there to offer you a helping hand and keep you alive. The Commander ( Armor/Control Command: Chance for increased magnitude control based on nearby enemies & increased damage based on how many enemies have been controlled. The ultimate mitigator, Commanders take blows and control the battlefield. Commander ( Armor/{Melee/Pet} [placeholder]: A tanky Wolf Spider. Tank-Mage ( Armor/{Control/Melee} [placeholder]: A tank that focuses on both aggro management and controlling enemies through, well, controlling enemies. Adaptor ( {Assault/Manipulation}/{Armor/Melee*} (it is unclear if this is Stalker Melee with Armor mixed secondary, or a Stalker Armor secondary. [placeholder]: A jack of all trades. Infested Infiltrator ( {Melee/Pet}*/Armor* [placeholder]: EAT similar to a Wolf Spider but with a more alien feel. Mech Commander ( {Ranged/Pet}/{Pet/Support} [placeholder]: (E?)AT that allows you to enhance your abilities through powered vehicles and supportive call-downs. The Incarnate ( {Assault, Melee, Ranged, Pet, Support, Manipulation, Armor, or Control}/{Assault, Melee, Ranged, Pet, Support, Manipulation, Armor, or Control} Undiminished: No diminishing returns on IOs, also has the inherent of the chosen primary AT You wanted OP? I'll show you OP... Rikti Soldier ( Melee*/Armor* Hive Mind: Bonus damage v Rikti (weakness to Rikti damage) A playable Rikti Soldier.
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