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Found 13 results

  1. Defeating Dragon Blue Ink Man minions in the level 15-40 Tsoo villain group does not award progress toward the Ink Man gladiator badge. (Note: All other Blue Ink Man minions correctly award progress. Checked level 30-40 Eagle, Serpent, and Tiger Blue Ink Man minions, and all Blue Ink Man minions in the level 50-54 Tsoo villain group.) Steps to reproduce 1. Have a level 20+ character without the Ink Man badge 2. Go to Siren's Call or St. Martial 3. Observe Ink Man badge progress under Gladiator badges 4. Find and defeat Dragon Blue Ink Man minions (but not Eagle, Serpent, or Tiger) 5. Observe Ink Man badge progress under Gladiator badges Expected results Each Dragon Blue Ink Man defeat adds 1 to the Ink Man badge progress bar. Actual results Dragon Blue Ink Man defeats do not affect the Ink Man badge progress bar.
  2. Hey heroes, vigilantes, rogues, and villains! So y'all know how there's an "Achievement" badge for Mastery, for no deaths on the team and no temp powers, yes? But if you didn't know, that doesn't take into account for the level. But that means, you can run it at +0/x1 (enemies at your level and # of enemies for 1 player), instead of +4/x8 (enemies +4 levels above the mission normally, with enough enemies for a full team of 8); and still get the "Mastery". Kind of cheesy, but it counts the same. The suggestion is leave any existing "Master of..." badges, but add a NEW set of achievement badges for "Grandmaster of..." that you only get for running the mission in +4/x8 with NO deaths and NO temp powers. That way it's an actually ACHIEVEMENT that you can do with your friends. It's very do-able, especially with incarnates, but even then it's no guarantee as one slip up in teamwork can result in a death. It happens, no worries, but it's actually a real achievement to pull it off as a group.
  3. Mayhem missions are great, aren't they? It's incredibly cathartic to be able to wander through a neighborhood and bust stuff up—sort of the City of Heroes equivalent of popping bubble wrap. And what's more, there's a contact, Lord Schweinzer, who will give you access to all the Mayhem missions without having to complete five newspaper missions first, if you earn the "Hero Slayer" badge. "Hero Slayer" requires defeating 25 heroes, of the sort found in Mayhem Missions, tip missions, the Lord Recluse Strike Force, and a few other places. It can take forever to grind those out if you're just relying on those missions, even with the occasional LRSF thrown in. But someone told me about a really speedy way to get it, and I tested it, and it works. So, here it is for you! Go to Pocket D and have Null change your Alignment to Hero or Vigilante. Go to Brickstown and talk to contact Dakota Berg, who offers part 4 of the "Who Will Die" signature story arc. He's the red storybook icon east of the hospital. You must be at least level 30 to do this. Do the first two missions of the arc at -1/x1 for speed. When you get to mission 3, set it to -1/x8. (If your character class isn't good at damage, you might want to bring a damage-class along to help with this.) This mission spawns bunches of dream-ghost-images of Malaise and Aurora, who count as "heroes" for purposes of the badge. Defeat them until you get the "Bloody Hands" badge; it shouldn't take too long. You can then quit the TF, go back to Pocket D, and have Null change you back to Rogue or Villain. "Bloody Hands" will become "Hero Slayer," and you should get Lord Schweinzer as a contact as soon as the alignment switch completes. This also offers a speedy route for heroes or vigilantes to get the "Invader"/"Task Force Commander" accolade power if they don't want to have to do all the Task Forces to obtain it. Just get "Bloody Hands," then change to Rogue and get the exploration badges from all the Mayhem missions. (You don't even have to complete them; just go into each mission, get the badge, then exit and drop the mission.) Once you have all of them, you will get "Invader," which will magically change to "Task Force Commander" when you return to Paragon City. (Sadly, there isn't any similarly speedy way to unlock the equivalent badge for the all-Safeguard-missions contact, Villain Disruptor. You just have to grind those out, though the Statesman (Miss Liberty) Task Force can certainly help.)
  4. While I'm not really up on the experience yeild and level requirement calculations, I'm pretty confident in saying that I shed more levels with the noxp option than I earn. I am content in doing this. I don't expect or need any reward for it. My reward is that I stay in 'comfy' level ranges longer, learn my powers better, and experience more content on a single character. It occurs, however, that there is an opportunity for a badge or a series of badges here. My suggestions: Shed 1 level of exp: Local Hero / Small-time Crook Shed 10 levels of exp: Neighborhood Hero/Neighborhood Nuisance Shed 50 levels of exp: Small-town Savior/Familiar Menace Ideally, the tracking mechanism for this would count entire levels shed rather than just exp shed. This would have the benefit of making it easier for lower-level characters to earn. To avoid a situation where higher-level and max-level characters can't earn the badges, include any veteran levels they earn that don't have a built-in incarnate reward.
  5. A silly suggestion, you should add a badge called "You swiped left" for the AV Tinder in DFB. Let's say you have to defeat him in under a minute.
  6. Hey all! It's me! Spazz! Here to hopefully make a post in the right place! I've had these badge ideas for ages and always thought it was a shame they weren't in the game. So...here they are! 1. "Bad With Secrets": I've always been amused that Ouroborus is supposed to be this super well kept secret but all it takes is for someone to throw down a portal and you're given instant entry. Thought a funny nod to that would be if you were awarded this badge if someone else who did not have the "Entrusted With the Secret" badge used your Ouroborus Portal. My personal choice for the description would be: "You had ONE job!" 2. "Trick or Terror": Did you know that the seasonal instanced mission for Halloween where you roam the mansion and beat up a roided up Frankenstein's Monster actually has a hidden Easter egg where you murder two innocent civilians (regardless of alignment) and summon a literal demon from the depths of hell? It's true! Just off to the left, there's a few witches hanging around a ritual site. One of them can be spoken to and, if you do, you have the option to help them complete a ritual! How you ask? Well, like I said. You poison large containers of candy, tell a random civilian to eat from it, murder them, then return to the witch for the ritual. It's real anti-climactic. The summoned creature is only a boss and goes down like a chump. Still, it's always confused me why they'd throw that in there and not have a badge for it.
  7. Alright, so I recently got through the entirety of Shadowstar's arc, and was kind of surprised to see that it comes with no badge. To anyone not in the know, Shadowstar is the Warshade-specific contact who has a giant, overarching set of missions; the first set unlocks at level 1, and the last set unlocks at level 45, so it's huge. I believe Sunstorm, the Peacebringer equivalent, acts the same way, too, and I believe he also lacks a badge. Getting a badge for completing the whole set isn't something all that important, just a bit surprising with how long these arcs are.
  8. I'm sorry if this question has already been asked at some point, but I couldn't seem to find it. What I'm wondering is about how the powers work with the day job accolades. Now I'm not asking about the temporary passives associated with just logging out at a particular day job, but the powers when having gotten 2 corresponding badges and given the accolade. For instance: Midnighter badge + Caregiver badge = Alchemist accolade which gives an ally healing power. I've been working toward some of these powers and recently completed getting the predator and duelist badges which grant the gladiator accolade which supposedly unlocks a defense toggle skill, however I don't see the skill in my list of powers so I'm not sure if I am missing something. The in game description mentions the power, but there isn't much more information on it in game or in the wiki. my question is, do these powers have some other requirement for activation such as logging off in one those zones for a longer period of time to gain the power just like the passive buffs, or is there certain restrictions like the architect vitalize which is only available in those missions, or is this simply a bug and the power just hasn't shown up for some technical reason?
  9. [edit] I just checked one of my alts and that doesn't have this problem. ... but I checked my main again and it DOES. In one of the Homecoming patches, a mistake was made on the Info panel. The one where you right click someone to look at their badges. If I look on the info panel at badges, it looks fine, but it's NOT. When I mouse over any badge on the info panel, the badge enlarges and the name is supposed to be displayed below it. BUT somewhere along the line, the name has been put BEHIND the badge, so you can't read it very easily.
  10. I created a small program for myself to collect badges from chatlogs and list any badges still needed and as its almost useful I thought I would upload it. It reads in chatlogs and creates a text file with for each character that logs in with all their badges. You can then read those in and it will give lists of badges required sorted by the type of badge. It has some issues. If you start chat logging in game while a character is logged in it won't know who the badges belong to so you need to log out then log back in again. It is best to enable logging for all characters by default. If there are any badges earned at the start of a chatlog file before a login message the program will prompt the user to select which character they belong to. There are a few badges which do not give messages when given (Such as Multidimensional), these need to be selected as badge titles. I put the sourcecode on github if anyone wants it, a windows binary should also be attached. https://github.com/Treboroops/badgeextractor Its written in Lazarus so can be built for Mac or linux easily. The SQL database of badges was compiled from the spreadsheet by KeyboardKitsune and released with permission. Instructions After running the program use the options button to set the location where the CoH chatlogs are and where you want it to output badge lists. The parse chatfile button will let you read those in one at a time. It will list any badges collected or set as badge title. (Its likely that it will fail to find some badges if the badge description is slightly different from the database) The load report button will let you read in one of the badge lists produced then you can use the dropdown box to list any badges needed. ETA: Updated 25/10/19 Missed the Event badges from the drop down list somehow badgeextractor.zip
  11. The 'Pursuer' badge has been showing up on many level 50 characters. The text indicates that it has to do with the Brickstown prisoner zone event. Most of the characters it shows up on have never started, much less finished, this event. It may represent a different badge that got the wrong text. The badge itself is a large one that looks like an accolade of some sort.
  12. In doing the second story arc from Provost Marchand (Primal Earth), I failed to get the badge Pendragon's Ally as I failed to keep him alive. The mission ended, and I got the badge for the mission, but not that particular badge available only in that mission. Provost isn't available in Ouro, to the best of my knowledge, but only via phone in Brickstown. So I'm left wondering, did missing this badge mean I cannot go back and get it ever?
  13. No offence to KeyboardKitsune, your spreadsheet works and is nice. Thank you. But is anyone working on a badge tracker like Badgewhore or other?
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