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  1. I don't think it's a secret that procs and the PPM system is being looked at and I'd like to talk about it, the purpose of procs, the implication a proc change would have and your personal view about procs or how to change them. Overall, I was a big fan of procs back in the day, not because I liked to game them in high recharge powers but rather I liked to have "crits" on my defender or tanker. I just enjoyed the "reward" of occasionally getting something extra...kind of like getting that KB chance in your Radiation blast cone. I'm only aware of the old % chance system and a rudimentary understanding of the current PPM system that was introduced on live (I think) and adjusted with the new formula on HC. I feel that, from reading the prospect of the PPM feedback thus far, that there are a good amount of circumstances that IO procs have outpaced certain aspects of damage that probably weren't meant to happen and that's part of why procs are getting looked at. I would like to keep in mind that damage procs aren't the only thing on the table here that should be considered. Things like KB>KD, debuff procs and buff procs are also in this mess and should be considered when rebalancing is occurring. That all being said, to express my personal views of the current state of procs: ...it's tough to say. As a fan of old procs and using them to either make artificial "crits" for some ATs that don't have them or to specialize in using a particular power that manifests it into a "proc attack", I do enjoy building certain powers to use them. If they redid the balance around procs, I wouldn't be too bummed because I tend to recognize when something is too gameable...BUT....how? Separating my own bias of my enjoyment of procs in this suggestion thread, how would it be possible to alter the trajectory of balance for this particular feature? I think I'll try and outline my own ideas here but isn't @Bopper the expert on them? Anyways...I'll try to organize the propositions from least radical to most just because I want to get some conversation going. Proposition #1: Tweak the PPM formula Probably the easiest and the one I'm least capable of commenting about. I have used the current formula to keep my procs at a decent range of chance but I'm not going to pretend I've mulled over HOW you could tweak the formula to balance it for the many many circumstances and power applications. I will say, if this is going to be the the one used, I'd implore giving special treatment to debuff procs that aren't -res (lol). Things like endurance drain, -ToHit, etc seem bogged downed and underpowered in the current system.
  2. Murcielago

    Regen 3.0?

    The two regen posts that have been floating around the forum recently made me think about regen possibly getting a rework by the New Dev Gods. I want to maintain a lot of the playstyle that it currently has and not turn it into a Willpower or Bio Armor clone. Regen lacks debuff resistance against a lot especially against it's primary damage mitigation, regen. -Regen is prevalent towards end game content, everything seems to have it along with increased accuracy. I am proposing the following: Regen resistance to Resilience Recharge resistance to Integration (credit to @JayboH) Instant Healing changes Reduce Recharge time from 650s to 300s Remove unenhanceable regeneration to self Reduce regeneration rate but I'm not sure how to balance this out, I want to increase the utility of the power rather than use it as an O SH*T button in conjunction with MoG without making the set too bonkers. Increase the duration from 90s to 120s Add -slow resistance to this power, I mean if you're healing quickly why should you be able to be slowed down? Moment of Glory Changes Increase duration from 15s to 22s This will give the player slightly more time to run away and/or click heal rather than a mad scramble to RUN than it currently provides. I haven't really thought of anything else but feel free to poke holes and throw rocks at my ideas or even provide your own!
  3. Hello all, and thanks for visiting this thread! Before I dive into how this proposal might be implemented, I'd like to go over a few points about why I think it's something that might be desirable to have in the first place, by looking at some assumptions about the game's design, along with some conclusions drawn from them. If you're already sold on the idea, skip right to the bottom where I highlight the details about this! Core Assumptions 1. CoX is Balanced Around SOs I don't think this is a controversial statement - indeed, @Galaxy Brain's excellent thread on game balance takes this for granted, and @Captain Powerhouse outright says so here. By limiting the ways a player's powers can be enhanced via enhancement diversification, the game sets in numerous constraints to their capabilities. Under this balance, it's impossible for any one player to permanently maximise their defenses or resistances - naturally, there are some team compositions that can reach such values trivially, but collective effort is still required to do so. Breach this balance, and the game generally becomes much easier (some exceptions notwithstanding). 2. As Survivability Increases, Utility Powers Lose Purpose This is fairly self explanatory - if there is a lower need to focus on not being defeated, then powers that help assist with that - whether that comes in the form of locking enemies down, drawing aggro, debuffing enemies, or healing damage - will naturally decrease in value. As a corollary to this, a player's ability to deal (or indirectly facilitate) damage becomes more valuable as survivability goes up; all other gameplay goals are achieved. Of course, if one could hypothetically deal enough damage to outright defeat enemies before facing any retaliation, one's survivability also skyrockets, but that's usually not the case, and it's easily changed if one wishes it: higher notoriety levels means tougher enemies, making them less susceptible to being immediately mowed down. 3. IO Set Bonuses Dramatically Increase Survivability This is tied into the way in which the game is balanced - many IOs provide enhancement set bonuses that increase a player's defenses or resistances, upping their baseline survivability by sometimes enormous amounts when correctly built. As a result, a player with the right IO enhancements is dramatically more survivable than a player just using SO enhancements. Note that I'm excluding proc enhancements from this assumption - their effect on game balance is comparatively small: Includes things like Numina's Convalescence: Regeneration/Recovery and Celerity: Stealth Does not include things like Steadfast Protection: Resistance/Defense I make the assumption that the largest benefit that set bonuses provide to players is increased survivability (and to a lesser extent for some archetypes/builds, recharge). As such, procs don't really factor into this. 4. IOs Are Accessible and Fun! And I say this as somebody who's made a great deal of builds - constructing an unkillable machine of a character, or some off the wall concept build that works past the inherent limitations of a powerset feels great. Even with all these previous assumptions, I'd never want to go back. At least permanently - and this is where my proposal comes in. Notoriety Option: No Set Bonuses Given these above points, I'm proposing a new Notoriety setting that provides players with a method of playing CoX within the constraints it was balanced around. This would come in the form of suppressing player set bonuses while inside a mission, leaving enhancement values and procs intact. I expand upon what this entails in this post. Check it out if you want some clarification! The reason for preserving proc enhancements as they are is twofold: As mentioned before, they negligibly affect game balance compared to set bonuses Some procs are essential to a player's playstyle, e.g. Stalker's Guile and Assassin's Mark This option is meant to provide players with additional challenge on top of what the Notoriety system currently has, while minimally bothering others who are satisfied with the game's current difficulty. This way, regardless of the kinds of mobs one decides to face, players can always decide whether or not they wish to feel somewhat challenged - even enemy groups with fairly mundane powers can be a problem if enough of them manage to land them. As an added benefit, such a Notoriety option would be a great way of testing out story arcs on characters with IO builds, to make sure that they're not too difficult (i.e. achievable with SO slotting), as expanded upon in this post. Higher levels and larger mobs can only go so far, and doesn't really scale well to players whose survivability is far higher than SOs allow for. There isn't much difference to fighting a +0 enemy and a +4 enemy if they both have a very low likelihood of hitting one's character, outside of the time it takes to defeat them. Currently, Task Forces do have an option to make enhancements have no effect at all, but this is inadequate for a few reasons: This significantly pushes the game balance away from players, and in a frustrating way - missing is not fun This does not apply to regular contact/door missions, meaning that this is an option that is not always available to players So now I'm sounding off to the forums - what do you all think about introducing a new notoriety option to disable IO set bonuses? Is this something that would appeal to you? Would you implement the proposal differently? Have something radical or off the wall? As always, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks for reading through this, and I'll see you all in the comments thread!
  4. I play a Mind Control/Time Manipulation controller in Praetoria. I'm level 19 and have just taken the Resistance mission to recruit Noble Savage. Thing is, I have reached the point where you have your second fight with him ('Meet Once More With James Noble') and I literally cannot out-damage his regeneration. I have tried every possible approach, including popping as many damage and accuracy buffs as I can carry and while that did allow me to bring him close to half health once, he instantly healed everything I had done to him and by then, my inspirations had run out. I am convinced there there is literally zero possible way for a controller to win this fight and there isn't even a warning in place that you may need more than one player to beat the mission. Noble Savage is just a regular boss for crying out loud and I have blown through my entire stamina bar twice in the course of the fight!
  5. I am a sad AT. No one wants me! This post mainly concerns the PVP. Because, in PVP, the performance of the Archetype is more sought after than the exotic and fun side. However, the subject, in general, also concerns the PVE. First of all, I would like to say that I am very grateful to people who take time to make these updates, and I respect those choices. What I particularly like about this game is the variety of powers and archetypes. But I have often the feeling that changes always go in the same direction : Improve things that are already working well (from the point of view of combat effectiveness) Here is some of the latest changes I have in mind, that were quite unnecessary in my opinion : - Be able to attack under Invisibility ? Why ? Now, 90% players will use this... is the next step is to make this power inherent ? - Add more heal for sentinel regen : Seriously ? wasn't the AT already strong enough compared to the others? In PVP, we see 80% of regen sentinels, 20% with bio armor. Even if the figures were wrong before, it was more consistent with other ATs. - I heard about a possible future boost for the Gun Drone on device blasters. Ok, devices have been less trendy lately, with the arrival of Tactical Arrow (and the Ubber Nature blasters) Also, the interest of having some "to hit" on targetting drone was annihilated by the snipe changes. But devices is still a great choice in comparison to : Fire manipulation, Ice, Electricity... So, what I'd like ? Focus next changes on those who are left out. Make more attractive what no one ever plays, except for a few fringe nutters who have money to spend ! Here is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions I have in mind while i'm writing this. Perhaps some of them have already been posted and debated, I don't know. I will not give any numbers, just various ideas to make these ATs more attractive. - Dark Armor : I suggest something radical, like : Dark Embrace immunize the player against -fly/-jump ! Death shroud can't be detoggle by mezz - Assault Rifle : increase M30 grenade KB to 18 increase duration of Stun on Beanbag - Dual pistols : increase base damage on single target attacks - Sonic Resonance : Increase duration of Sonic Cage Disruption Field can't be detoggle by mezz - Traps : I don't have many ideas for this... more damage on seeker drones ? - Ice melee : Add range (40?) on Freezing touch - Fiery Melee : Increase range (40) on Incinerate - Dual blades : No idea here... I never dared to test that ! - Peacebringer : Thank you for giving us the opportunity to color the attacks, but, could you also open epic powers please ? same choice the sentinels have. - Dominators : Domination also increases the mezz duration in PVP Also, increase duration of all mezz in pvp (except the broken and hated dark grasp of course !) - Super Reflexes, Invulnerability... Maybe the hardest thing to do... : Change/decrease the DR effect ? Defense on a sentinel is a joke for example ! Well, I hope that this topic will open the debate, and that the next changes will go in that direction !
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