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  1. I'm trying to make a deep pool that people can swim on the surface and see underwater ruins. Initially I put a glass floor just beneath the surface so people wouldn't fall through, but the glass floor is really opaque and hides the ruins. I noticed glass floors are only visible from one side, so I flipped a bunch of them upside down. However, walking on upside down floor tiles causes the camera to glitch and zoom in on your character's heels. Is there a way to prevent this glitch? Alternatively, is there a type of floor more transparent than the glass floor? I'm trying to put down window panes but I have to manually rotate each one 45º and that's not practical on this scale.
  2. Between the forums and the Discord channel, I see a lot of folks confused about setting up base teleporters. It's easy to do once you understand the principles, but since there are things that aren't self-evident, I decided to put together a little guide. (With pictures and everything! Ooh! Ahh!) I've separated my lame jokes from the main text by using a different font color for your convenience. ;D Contents: The Basics The Components Setting Up a Zone Teleporter Setting Up an In-Base Teleporter Troubleshooting Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits #1: The Basics (or, What's All This Hullaballoo About Teleporters, Now?) Base teleporters are, in the simplest terms, a base item you can click that will move your character to somewhere else. Because real heroes & villains don't take cabs, and car insurance in Paragon is just outrageous. What base teleporters can do: They can transport a player to any city/hazard/trial zone that has a beacon and matches their alignment. They can transport a player to another spot within the base, a new function since the old days that's super-cool. What base teleporters cannot do: They cannot transport you to zones you can't access. (i.e., Heroes can't go to villain zones or vice-versa, and low-level Praetorians can't go to Primal Earth.) Silly baby goldsiders, you can't escape Cole's utopia that easily, muahaha! They cannot transport you from city zones into the base. (Though, as noted by justicebeliever--thanks!--you can get a base teleporter power by collecting badges or purchasing it from the P2W vendor.) They cannot change where you zone in to the base when you use a base portal, or make it so different people will zone into the base in different spots. No making the peons turn up in the back alley by the dumpster while the CEO shows up in the penthouse suite; sorry. A note on "Secret Entrance" Portals: Despite being a type of portal, the "secret entrance" is an entirely different beast than a teleporter, with different rules. The secret entrance cannot be deleted. So much for that Poe-themed base idea. There can be only one secret entrance. ...#highlander... If you ever see more than one, it's a glitch; leaving the base empty of people for 20 minutes should reset it. Though the secret entrance can be moved anywhere in the base, the entrance room can't be resized or deleted. Typing /stuck will return you to the secret entrance. Anyone entering the base through the secret entrance will always be facing south. And it just goes south from there! Haha! A-haha...ha...*cough* 😒 Leaving via the secret entrance will return you to the zone you were in before you entered the base. Déjà vu, or a glitch in the Matrix? You decide. If you entered using a base portal, you'll reappear beside it; if you entered any other way, you'll reappear at the zone's designated teleport spot. (Thanks to justicebeliever for the clarification. :) ) Okay, so now that we know what teleporters are and aren't, how do they work? #2: The Components (or, 'Porters & Beacons & 'Port Points, Oh My) Regular teleporters (i.e., the "teleport to zone" types from the live era) have two parts: Teleporter Beacon (the thing you click) (the place you go) Arcane Example: Tech Example: PI Paragon's VP of Engineering, Karen, agreed to be in these photos to provide a sense of scale. She's a shapeshifter and a bit of a clothes-horse, but so dependable and dedicated--I never see her leave her office! For in-base teleporters, there's one other component, a teleport point...but we'll come back to that in a bit. #3: Setting Up a Zone Teleporter (or, Transportation by IKEA) To make a working zone teleporter, all you need is a teleport device and a beacon of the same style placed within range. That's it! Back in my day, we only had one basic and one advanced 'porter for each style...and you needed a special Transportation Room and enough power to run the thing...and even then, the basic 'porters would only go to two places, uphill, BOTH WAYS! These young whipper-snappers and their free, pretty, 10-destination porters don't know how good they have it! Muttergrumblemumumble... (I'm totally kidding about the grumbling, to be clear. They can pry the new porters from my cold dead hands.) The beacons, up to ten per teleporter, can be placed anywhere...above the porter, behind it, buried in the floor, wherever...as long as they are within range. You can tell if a beacon is in range in two ways: Click on the beacon, and make sure there's a yellow box around the teleporter (or vice versa). -or- Click on either the beacon or teleporter, and check the object description box (the "Info" tab for beacons, or the "Aux" tab for the teleporter). The attached items should be listed. #4: Setting Up an In-Base Teleporter (or, "But I Don't Wanna Go Outside, Mom!") For teleporting to another area within the base, there's one more piece you need: a teleport point. Regular beacons teleport you to zone points the game already knows how to find. So, to make an in-base teleporter work, you need to explain to the game where you want people to end up. That's where this tab comes in: Currently, there are ten points available to place inside your base. When placed, they look like this: VP Karen not included. So, let's say you want to teleport from your office to your bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go, amirite? To do that: In your office, put a teleport device. In your office, put an Aleph beacon. In your bathroom, put the Aleph teleport point. (Teleport points don't have a style, and can be used with either arcane or tech devices.) And voila, you can teleport directly from the office to the potty. Base Teleporters: Bringing you proper hydration without fear since 2019. Note, the above setup will only get you to the bathroom. If you want to teleport back, you'll need to repeat the steps above, except in the opposite direction and using a second teleport point. #5: Troubleshooting (or, LIEZ!! It doesn't work!! UR AY FRAUD AN SHUD B ASHAYMED!!) I hope that amused someone because typing like that made me die a little inside. If you've placed a teleporter and it doesn't work the way it should, there are a few things to check: Did the beacon connect to the wrong teleporter? If you have two teleporters close together, the beacon may have linked to a different one than you expected. And next thing you know, the teleporter and the beacon are arguing about infidelity on Dr. Phil. Are you trying to connect more than ten destinations to a single porter? Any beyond ten won't connect. That's what happens when you let the henchmen do the math. Are you using a functional teleporter? As one might imagine, teleporters labeled as inactive or destroyed won't work, but it's an easy mis-click. Now where do I get a portal repair tech at 3 AM on a Saturday?!? The second-most common problem: Is your character the right alignment to see the zones in question? A villain character can't go to hero zones, and vice versa, so the list will be blank even if the beacons are connected and working properly. Nice try, Lord Recluse. And--*drum roll*-- the biggie: Is your beacon the same style as your teleporter? Items from the tech tab will not connect to items from the arcane tab; the styles must match. Arcane & tech elements in the same teleporter ensemble is so last season. Remember... goes with goes with #6: Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits (or, Things You Wish You'd Known Before Wasting That Last 3 Hours) The order zones appear in any teleport listing is according to the zone's ID number in the internal database. The only way you can affect the list order is to link beacons to separate teleporters. We won't discuss how long I tried to alphabetize the teleport beacons before I learned this. I (like a number of other folks, it seems) like to set up my zone 'porters with one for blueside city zones, one for blueside hazard/trial zones, one for redside zones, and one for everything else (although our current base has them split up slightly more for aesthetic reasons). If you aren't sure/can't remember which zones are which, this wiki page may help; it has zones separated by alignment, and you can sort the list by type or level. None of the teleporters are tintable, except the Oranbegan Portal in the Arcane tab. That one lets you recolor the runes that circle around the edge of the portal. I see a red portal and I want to paint it black... There are currently no doors in the base builder that open/close...but you can simulate one using in-base teleporters. You'll need two teleporters (the Interdimensional Shard is a popular choice because it's small), two beacons, and two teleport points. Place the Shards as far inside your doors as you like, as long as enough sticks out for people to click on. Place Beacon A on one side of the door, and Point A on the other...then place Beacon B on that side, and Point B back on the original side, as noted in this high-quality illustration: [Point A, Beacon B, Teleporter] {[DOOR(S)]} [Point B, Beacon A, Teleporter] Great, there goes our whole graphic design budget. Note, you'll want to use two teleporters and make sure your beacons connect the way you intend, because otherwise both destinations would show up on the same teleport list, and someone could inadvertently teleport to where they already are. Ha ha, suckers. Er, I mean... :-X Whatever direction you're facing when you click an in-base teleport point, that's the same way you'll be facing when you come out the other side. (As ajax34i observes, the points -- and the Secret Entrance, for that matter -- do have directional arrows you can see using the Hidden Markers option...but they don't seem to actually be correct or do anything.) Turn around, bright eyes... Since you're actually teleporting instead of using the door like a door, you have the option of putting the "other side of the door" anywhere in the base you like. It doesn't have to be physically near the original door. And they'll never know they've been fooled! MUAHAHAHA!! ...well, unless they look at the map. If devious hidden doors are your jam, you can easily bury your teleporter almost all the way inside pretty much anything...secret door hidden in the bookshelf, anyone? From Catgoyle: "For semi-secret in-base teleports, the globes are about the right size to fit the "interdimensional shard" into (and I hide the beacon under the floor -- enable room clipping)." Just make sure Alfred doesn't set it off accidentally while dusting Wayne Manor. There's no way to re-name the in-base teleport points. What you see is what you get. Fun Fact: I learned that the point names are letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Thanks, Google! Clicking a teleporter always brings up a pop-up destination menu, even if you only link one beacon. At present, there's no way to make it click-and-go like mission doors. Some of the flatter teleporters (the Carnival of Light portal, etc.) are difficult to select once they've been placed. In addition to the usual camera angle shuffle, it can help to hold shift, which helps you click objects hidden behind other things. If all else fails, you can choose "Current Room," sell off the portal, and start over. If a sound/visual effect remains after you delete a teleporter, leaving the base for 20 minutes should reset the map. Anybody else entering the base in that time will prevent the reset; stowaways walk the plank. WanderingAries adds that if you've read all this and decided it's too much work, you can always coalition with someone who's built zone teleporters already and use theirs. 😉 So there you have it, everything you need to be a physics-defying location hopper. Did I leave anything out? Did something get added/changed since this post was written? Did I...*GASP*...get something wrong? Or worse yet...HAVE A TYPO?!?!? :-[ Let me know, and I'll get it fixed. Happy base building!
  3. I am loving the new base item additions of street trash and broken furniture. I would appreciate even more versions of items that are broken, damaged, dirty, moldy, etc. for use in "ruined" supergroup bases. For example, I wish I could place the moldy couches and wall details found in flooded office instances. It also feels like many of the ruins pieces available (such as building rubble) are too large. Some smaller variants and additional rubble/rock piles would be fantastic!
  4. Anyone else experiencing this menu bug when trying to tint base items? Top one is only showing half and there is no slide or amount of middle mouse button scroll that will give you the full pallet.
  5. Journey to a faraway land this Halloween and come stop by Nightcastle on Torchbearer. There should be plenty of treats to be had, and maybe a few tricks. A mythical island abandoned long ago- a tall castle looms over the grounds below. Explore the keep, jump into an arena, navigate a hedge maze, or even climb a mysterious witchtree. Legend has it a dragon slumbers somewhere beneath the castle grounds, it would be unwise wake him. If you would like to join in for fun giving out treats, participating in a scavenger hunt, or maybe just want to see some cool Halloween bases- send Dacy or myself a message on the forums or on Discord. If you want to tour the castle or pet a dragon, come stop by @ Pizza-2544 (Dont forget to use /visscale 7!) More details for Halloween Coming Soon™
  6. Hello, I noticed some weird behavior when using the base editor. (Re)posting this here hoping it gets extra visibility, workarounds maybe... I remember having posted a ticket about something similar months ago but i found extra info in between. Combining multiple reports in one thread since they're all on the same topic. A. Item move by themselves after a bit If you let your base with no one in, items are going to be (badly) automatically realigned after between 5 and 10 minutes by a distance of about 1/8 of the 1/4 grid (= 1/32). Seems to be a modulo, one may be fine, other will have 1/8 unit offset, the next one 2/8 (=1/4) and so on, so it more or less resynchronize after 8 steps. It's more annoying on the vertical axis when items put on a table suddenly go below it for no apparent reason. I am still unsure about what triggers it. My first hypothesis was the use - even a single one - of pixel-aligned items (with grid disabled). Probably wrong. The one i'm working on has none of these and still bugs. Nowadays i'm thinking about the use of non-default attachment (floor, ceiling, ...). But can just one item mess up the whole thing ? It's going to drive me nuts, i won't redo this keyboard a 4th time. Sorry little organ, you're going to stay distorted ! 🤪 Local time: is 00:04, outdoor temperature 19°C. Please fasten your seatbelt and keep it until complete landing. Pretty neat, heh ? Then i log off, switch to an alt, and come back less then 10 minutes later (00:12) and this is what i find. Huh... ? B. FPS when moving or dropping items gets completely destroyed the more item you put in. This one is going to be easier to explain. Simply put: the more items (per room) you go with, the slower is the edit. ... Except if you have a dummy room - most likely the entrance in my case - selected and you *only* place items in. As soon as you want to select something, rotate stuff and what not it gets super laggy. I tried to lower graphic settings to min but it barely do anything. I'm aware "lag" has fuzzy meaning so here's a comparison chart: Non-combat FPS: 25-60 (Pocket D light beams hate me) Room with <= 300 items: null to barely perceptible lag (it take me 21*21 = 441 wood floors to create an "off bounds" constructible surface) Room with about 1000 to 2000 items: heavy but manageable Room with 6k+: FPS is below 1 Room with 9k+: mouse clicks don't react more than one per 4 attempts. Patience, you need to learn. (I don't want to try to picture 20k items, but maybe i'll reach that point some day !) Whatever it is trying to calculate on every frame it seems it is rendering everything, even -and especially- what is outside of the field of view. I'm no expert, but maybe if the floor tile was not auto-selected when editing an item, it could stay fast and reliable on a dummy room. To hell with room stats. Animated items and especially water surfaces seem to make it worse, quicker. Anyone knows tricks, tips, anything that can improve it ? I'm all ears. I love creating stuff 🙂 Feel free to ask for passcodes, i don't want to turn this into advertising my stuff, that is highly WIP anyway 😛 (Thanks for reading this wall of text)
  7. Hello fellow base builders! I have fallen in love with running on obstacle courses/race courses, and I wanted to start a thread/master list of bases with obstacle courses! Please reply to the thread with your base code and server, and I will update this list as often as possible. Thank you! Excelsior: @goldenstriker (@GoldenStriker) - GOLD-14927 @Halewin (@S A X) - TITANLEGION-13370 @CaptA (@Dr. Feedback) - Twilight-15136 @Sunfire Heaven - CELESTIAL-18153 (an escape experience), MEOW-9752 (mazes and a puzzle) Indomitable: @candles flame - LASERRANGERS-7198
  8. First things first, the Inf. paid will be discussed between the two parties. I'm looking for someone that is an experienced builder to build a location that will be used both as a public location and a place for RP's that make part of one of my character's lore. Bonus points if the experienced builder knows how to build both outside and making floors since at least, I'd like to have a second floor. I have a general idea of how I want things to be placed but I'm not just good enough at base building for that. I have a lot of Inf. stored up and after seeing a prototype +/or previous builds from the builder, will be willing to discuss the payment. You may contact me here via message or @Krithlyn on Everlasting.
  9. Hello, I would like to make some suggestions to the Homecoming developers. First of all, I would like the construction options to have a clearly visible “undo” button for our last change. I think it would also be a good idea that when we were in the bar to place objects the option to change the base would be locked, so that we could not change the base unintentionally while we are trying to place the objects. If it were possible I wanted some NPCs from the main heroes in the game, I would love for Statesman to be taking care of my base (and yes, I know he is dead). I would also really like if people to be able to make those big statues much smaller, to fit on small bases. If we had more options for letter fonts to be able to write the name of our base it would also be really cool. And lastly, I would love for us to have some more futuristic walls to choose from. Tyvm. Walls like this for example.
  10. For over a month now, I have been working hard on a very special, top-secret base editing project, and now that it has been completed and tested I am delighted to introduce to you the Evermaze! The Evermaze is a combination maze, scavenger hunt, and escape room. It has many areas which could be utilized for roleplaying or for thematic screenshots, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends. There are portals hidden throughout the maze which lead to other areas, and within those areas more portals are hidden. I have written clues to find the interactive objects, which can be found here attached to images of the areas in which they are located. The last clue refers to an object located within the maze itself. I left the top of the maze open so that you can choose to fly, jump, or teleport over it to access different areas if you so choose. Please be aware that this can be dangerous as you could potentially fall to your death, Management will not be held responsible for injury or death caused by crossing the boundaries of the maze. You can visit the Evermaze using the base passcode EVERMAZE-8637. Please feel free to send me an in-game e-mail at @kyothinks if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!
  11. Video Guide to Base Building This is a series of videos geared towards helping people with base building. All basics are covered, such as getting started, basic editing commands, building above and below the base, and dealing with some of the challenges the editor sometimes offers. There are more specific topics, too, such as guides for putting things together, what items to use, and where in the editor you will find those items. The videos are kept as short and concise as possible, and are not the highest quality to keep download times and memory usage to a minimum. Videos subject matter is selected based on questions I've seen or answered, or common problems facing anyone who's building a base. I've tried to include any tips or shortcuts I've discovered which have made my life easier when editing. Enjoy! Feel free to suggest a topic you'd like to see included. Introduction to Base Building Info on how to get started, video covers selecting a plot, placing rooms, and opening sky. Basic Base Editing Commands A look at how to rotate and place items, and basic base editing commands. Does not specifically include how to stack; I recommend just skip this and instead look at “Another Look At Base Editing Commands”. Another Look At Base Editing Commands Improved to cover slightly more, more concisely. Looks at setting up the editor to make editing as easy as possible, which keys to use to manipulate objects, and placing your base entry portal in or out of the base, and how to deal with the error when people get stuck in the entry portal when entering base. Building Above or Below Your Base A look at what you need to do and consider when choosing to build in, above, and below your base. Base Lighting Options It might seem unimportant as a topic you should visit before you start building, but how you choose to light your base has a big impact not only on how it looks, but impacts the decision on whether or not to build outside of the base walls. Know exactly what you're choosing if you choose to build above or below. Wall and Ceiling Options in Your Base A look at what your options are for walls, both as part of the base itself, or as in what items make good walls and ceilings, and where to find them. Dacy shares her favorite way to make straight white walls and ceilings. Make Your Base Work For You Setting up base functions: Storage, Rez Facilities, Teleporters, Services and Buffs. Dacy shows you what is available and where to find it, and how to set it up. She includes a trick she picked up to make storage units disappear. Making Base Function Look Fabulous A short tour of some bases for samples of what Dacy spoke of in "Make Your Base Work For You", in making your functional pieces look good, or seem to be part of your design, or even completely unnoticed. (Soon to be replaced, sound/video out of sync somewhat due to YouTube's garbage editor). Getting Familiar With The Editor The editor has quirks and outright bugs. This segment is a bit longer than others, but deals with negotiating these bugs and quirks. Why is your item jumping around? What do you do when things have shifted around from where you put them? How can you get rid of flicker? These and other problems are sorted out. Quick Tips to Fix Editor Errors For those who don't want to watch the longer, more complete "Getting Familiar with the Editor" and just want to know what they can do to avoid or fix a problem. Kitchens! A guide to putting together the appliances you've seen in my kitchen, with some options other than what's been shown. Windows You Can See Through, Plus More Construction tips for making windows you can see through, and a look at options the base editor offers for ready made windows; which walls are best for the outer walls of a house, and different door options. Creating Different Levels in Your Base A look at the different items you will need to create different levels in your base, how many levels you can put into the base within the walls, and different items you can use to achieve different looks. Base Sky Options Goes over some of the different base-wide sky options, and how they effect objects you place, plus, the place-able skies found in the "Skies" tab in the Place Item category. Terraforming Making higher grass hills, rock formations, and floating islands. Advanced Base Editing Techniques A few things I’ve learned that should help you edit some trickier things more easily. (references Building Material for the Outside of Bases, and/or Powergirls Base Tour) Roads and Cement Surfaces A look at good materials in the editor you can use for roads and other cement surfaces. Building Material for the Outside of Buildings A look at some materials good for the outside of buildings in actual finished buildings in a base. Both house and city buildings shown. Complete Guide to Building Above and Below Base Specifics on building above and below, including how to open the ceiling, move the entry portal, things to consider when deciding where to build, commands to use to edit when you are outside of the entry room, and how to lay down grass and water without flicker. Working With Water Placing water so it looks good, without flicker or gaps, which water plates need solid surfaces under them to prevent characters from falling through them if they are placed over air, and making pools and rivers and lakes. Building Complex Items Shows techniques I use in making complex items, with a demonstration build using the techniques. It seems like I almost always forget to mention something! Sometimes I will redo videos to include this information. Feel free to comment on what I missed. -Dacy
  12. No real reason to make this a long topic like my previous ones. Nova Praetoria beacons for our Supergroup Bases are needed stat! Why have First Ward and Night Ward ones and not have Nova, Imperial City, and Neutropolis beacons! It's something that has to be done ASAP.
  13. My base skills need enhancement and a theme you are looking far is interesting for me. Came look over my two basses so far. I am cheap. Membership in your SG for one of my alts with base building permissions. Let me know by contacting me through this account. Samples Come see my bases on Excelsior. Hero base /macro_image "Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport" "Teleport: Grant City Rangers" "enterbasefrompasscode GRANTCITYPD-6840" Villain base /macro_image "Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport" "Teleport:Candles Flame Gang" "enterbasefrompasscode CANDLESPARTY-6841" And on Indomitable Mixed Hub /macro_image "Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport" "Teleport to Base" "enterbasefrompasscode COSMICARROW-6780"
  14. I'm positive I'm just reinventing the wheel here! But I've been doing some base-touring and seeing the amazing work folks have done with the existing base-building system, especially in constructing objects out of carefully clipping random pieces through each other/walls/floors just so. Stoves out of counters plus flipped over trash cans and lampposts and npcs turned upside down so just soles stick above, etc. The kind of stuff that makes me feel badly about my own creativity in a good way! And I had this thought: I think everyone could do even better work along those lines if they had pieces available that were simple geometric solids, ideally at a few different size-ranges (I know re-sizing pieces would be even better but is probably a long-range recoding nightmare goal), and color-tintable. Spheres and cubes and cones and tetrahedrons and such--a variety of those available would really open up the possibilities of what builders could do with clipping objects through each other.
  15. Listen, I know it's not even Halloween, but *dodges the pumpkins* LISTEN it's not too early to think about winter! and maybe the winter time holidays! Can we please have the fairy lights hanging in the Null the Gull winter area and the christmasy type trees (whatever holiday light things you wanna call them) and the one big tree with the bird on it in the middle of the frozen lake, and maybe some snow for icy themed bases, and the ice slides, and the hanging fairy lights, and the candy cane things? The gazebo in that area. But really just snow? And the different tree types. It already exists in the game, it's not like new code would have to be implemented. And I know it's not even Halloween but I have to get the idea out there!
  16. Okay, I've tried this with multiple items during multiple sessions (although always on the 64-bit client), and it's consistent. When I get an object that is lying down, such as a floor piece, statue base, etc, and I try and angle it so it is upright, I cannot get the piece to align at a 90 degree angle (upright) facing south. It will align facing north, at which point I swivel it around so it's facing south, but this is an annoying extra step. I've tried it at all angle snaps, thinking somehow I was maybe going too fast to get that angle that's between slightly under and slightly over rotated, but nope. That angle does not seem to exist, if I'm rotating the north side of the object to the top, so the object's top is now facing south. I hope this is clear...I tried to take pictures to illustrate, but the print screen function didn't seem to work this time (I took pictures yesterday with the same settings, outside of the base, and it worked fine). -Dacy
  17. So something seriously wacky has occurred. Somehow, the bounding box on my Secret Entrance has... inverted. I draw your attention to Exhibit A, a screencap of the portal in question. And for reference, I draw your attention to two other portals for two different groups, B and C. As you can see clearly, the portal on the top has somehow magicked itself to the top of its bounding box, which causes all sorts of accessibility issues. They aren't insurmountable, but they're a PITA. For the moment, until I can figure out a way to remedy this situation, I've isolated my entry portal into its own little room with an intra-base portal leading to the *actual* main entrance. To date, I've tried moving the Secret Entrance to different rooms, playing with different floor and ceiling options, sinking or raising it above the ground, all to no avail. The portal just seems stubbornly stuck to the top of its bounding box when it should be on the bottom, as with the other two pictured portals. So, ya know. Any ideas on how to resolve this would be great! Thanks.
  18. I click it, I move it to the area of the grid I so desire... I click to place it and nothing. 🤷‍♂️
  19. So, I was in the middle of editing my SG base when the screen flashed (like it typically does when editing now), a d suddenly the entire base's building space had inverted on the map. The doorways became the normal available build space, a the rooms filled up all the tiles and disappeared from the map. Now, I have the secret entrance portal moved into the broken teleport room so members can access the teleports. But even zoning into that room, the floor is now that red lined plot space we are supposed to build rooms on. Occasionally I am able to fly underneath the base and get lucky by selecting a single room tile and then I can open it up like normal, and suddenly that tile appears on the map. But, while this might seem like the solution, this new glitch means I can't have door ways between rooms. The only solution I haven't tried yet is to delete the entire thing a d change the base plot and start over. That hasnt been tried yet because there are already so many hours poured into the base build. Anyone have any thoughts?
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