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Found 9 results

  1. For over a month now, I have been working hard on a very special, top-secret base editing project, and now that it has been completed and tested I am delighted to introduce to you the Evermaze! The Evermaze is a combination maze, scavenger hunt, and escape room. It has many areas which could be utilized for roleplaying or for thematic screenshots, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends. There are portals hidden throughout the maze which lead to other areas, and within those areas more portals are hidden. I have written clues to find the interactive objects, which can be found here attached to images of the areas in which they are located. The last clue refers to an object located within the maze itself. I left the top of the maze open so that you can choose to fly, jump, or teleport over it to access different areas if you so choose. Please be aware that this can be dangerous as you could potentially fall to your death, Management will not be held responsible for injury or death caused by crossing the boundaries of the maze. You can visit the Evermaze using the base passcode EVERMAZE-8637. Please feel free to send me an in-game e-mail at @kyothinks if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!
  2. By this I specifically mean the Praetorian Notoriety NPCs. When you have Praetorian Beacons like First Ward and Night Ward, I like to have an NPC indicating where the teleporters are going to. This would go well with my other suggestion of the new Praetoria Beacons (that should have been added a long time ago). The P2W vendor would also be very nice to have in your SG base.
  3. No real reason to make this a long topic like my previous ones. Nova Praetoria beacons for our Supergroup Bases are needed stat! Why have First Ward and Night Ward ones and not have Nova, Imperial City, and Neutropolis beacons! It's something that has to be done ASAP.
  4. Don't have a SG or have a hard time remembering where your SG's teleporters or a specific zone are? The Tiki Club SG is making available to everyone on the Indomitable server a public teleporter hub. It is bare bones with just the entrance and small doors leading to four teleporter rings, but contains all currently available zone beacons which are sorted alphabetically for easiest usage. Each doorway has helpful letters to tell people what zones can be found in that location. This should make it completely user friendly to anyone who understands the English alphabet for finding their zones. Top letter E bottom letter I for example would house zones Echo: Dark Astoria (Echo: Dark Astoria is included in both A-D and E-I), Eden, Faultline, First Ward, Founders Falls, Echo: Galaxy City, Grandville, Hollows (Also in R-T for The Hollows), Independence Port. That's right you do not need to know whether your zone is blue side, red side, or whatever. All you need to know is the name of the zone you want to get to and the alphabet. If you are pure Hero or pure Villain you will only see available zones for your faction, but Vigilantes and Rogues will see all possible zones. Now for the info on how to actually access it. If you are trying to enter manually from a zone's Base Portal entrance click on the portal then click on "Enter Passcode..." and then type in this TOUR-5307 After type that "TOUR-5307" in the text box click on the "OK" button. You will now enter the hub. Alternatively you can type one of these two codes a single time in each character's text window before pressing enter: /macro TP enterbasefrompasscode TOUR-5307 (or) /macroimage DayJob_Teleport TP enterbasefrompasscode tour-5307 Only need to choose one not both since they each do the exact same thing. Whichever you choose, that command when entered into your textbox will add a grey button with white text on your first available / open hotbar called "TP" for code one or alternatively a bright yellow button of a man teleporting for code two. Click or hot press that button any time and anywhere from any part of a zone to get access to the base teleporter hub from your current location. (Until the devs remove this ability some time in the upcoming future.) Some zones currently can not be teleported to from a base. If you can not find a zone you wanted to teleport to then chances are the game currently does not allow it. But feel free to report any missing zones you run across in case I missed one while putting this hub together for everyone. Thanks to JJ the leader of the Tiki Club for giving me permission to make this available to the community. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or complaints about this base feel free to post them to me either on these forums or in-game using my handle "@Sweet Torment". I hope this will be helpful to some or all of you and that I did not just waste my time setting this all up. xD Edited to add the second code I always had intended on adding but forgot. 😕
  5. Earlier today, some discussions on the HC Discord prompted the idea of being able to toggle PVP inside of SG bases. Some folks even discussed the fun activities they could do. Like Role Playing, Raiding, etc. What are your thoughts on the idea of being able to toggle PVP on and off inside of SG bases?
  6. I'm positive I'm just reinventing the wheel here! But I've been doing some base-touring and seeing the amazing work folks have done with the existing base-building system, especially in constructing objects out of carefully clipping random pieces through each other/walls/floors just so. Stoves out of counters plus flipped over trash cans and lampposts and npcs turned upside down so just soles stick above, etc. The kind of stuff that makes me feel badly about my own creativity in a good way! And I had this thought: I think everyone could do even better work along those lines if they had pieces available that were simple geometric solids, ideally at a few different size-ranges (I know re-sizing pieces would be even better but is probably a long-range recoding nightmare goal), and color-tintable. Spheres and cubes and cones and tetrahedrons and such--a variety of those available would really open up the possibilities of what builders could do with clipping objects through each other.
  7. Listen, I know it's not even Halloween, but *dodges the pumpkins* LISTEN it's not too early to think about winter! and maybe the winter time holidays! Can we please have the fairy lights hanging in the Null the Gull winter area and the christmasy type trees (whatever holiday light things you wanna call them) and the one big tree with the bird on it in the middle of the frozen lake, and maybe some snow for icy themed bases, and the ice slides, and the hanging fairy lights, and the candy cane things? The gazebo in that area. But really just snow? And the different tree types. It already exists in the game, it's not like new code would have to be implemented. And I know it's not even Halloween but I have to get the idea out there!
  8. So, I was in the middle of editing my SG base when the screen flashed (like it typically does when editing now), a d suddenly the entire base's building space had inverted on the map. The doorways became the normal available build space, a the rooms filled up all the tiles and disappeared from the map. Now, I have the secret entrance portal moved into the broken teleport room so members can access the teleports. But even zoning into that room, the floor is now that red lined plot space we are supposed to build rooms on. Occasionally I am able to fly underneath the base and get lucky by selecting a single room tile and then I can open it up like normal, and suddenly that tile appears on the map. But, while this might seem like the solution, this new glitch means I can't have door ways between rooms. The only solution I haven't tried yet is to delete the entire thing a d change the base plot and start over. That hasnt been tried yet because there are already so many hours poured into the base build. Anyone have any thoughts?
  9. I have taken to exclusively using 'poof-to-base' macros to enter my bases (e.g. /macro base enterbasefrompasscode amazon-963). If your SG base has a passcode set up you can do this. It requires no badges or day jobs, is not subject to interrupts, charges, or cooldwns, and can be used from anywhere. How does this work with day jobs? When you exit your base after entering this way, it puts you back where you poofed from (if open world) or by the door (if an instance). Does time spent logged off from in the base count towards the base badge, or from the outside location badge?
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