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Found 14 results

  1. [i27] qwy's Razer How I Learned to Stop Wondering and Love the Razer Naga Tray. by qwy Default Layout Naga Tray Basics A closer look at the Razer ● Compact ● Pliable Transformation ● Show & Hide Through Menu ● Scales from .65 to 2.256410. ● Takes over as primary tray. ● No parent or child windows. Resembling the №Pad, pulling the borders creates a variety of shapes. Editing
  2. Currently, the /powexec_location [loc] [power] command allows for location-based powers to be activated without the use of an actual click in a variety of ways: Activated on one's self Activated on one's target Activated on a set distance It'd be nice if it was possible to use one's mouse cursor as an additional way of determining where said power could be activated as well. This would be useful for powers that benefit from a more varied positioning than the current parameters allow for, such as: Using Teleport to move in any direction instead of a separate b
  3. As a player who commonly runs a small number of binds on a large number of alts, I’d like to print the current value of a bound key. Currently, if I type /bind button4 there is no output or any indication that a value is bound to button4. Nor does it alter the existing bind. I suggest the default behavior for /bind [key] should be to print the current bind value to the console. This will let me see what is bound, and then I can also use copy/paste to easily update or alter the bind.
  4. I've been playing a fair number of teleporting toons and have used some binds that used to be quite popular. I am writing this guide to help you take advantage of them as well. Teleport and Mystic Flight There are two main teleportation binds that I use. You know how you have to use the power tray's [Teleport] button, then click into the game world somewhere? One of them removes the need to activate that button! Instead, you can just hold Shift when you Left Click to teleport yourself immediately. This isn't just easier when travelling. This opens up Teleport as a useful comba
  5. Hopefully, this Is the right forum for this bind tech question. I understand that binding two powers to one key (unless they are mutually exclusive like fly/hover) doesn't work. The game processes the first command, but cancels it to execute the second. I noticed that the inspiration combo binds use this to combine insps in order. So if the last command to combine fails for lack of appropriate insps, it falls back to the second to last. Question: does the same "backtrack" logic work if the last command fails to execute because the power is on cool down? I'
  6. i26 The Mastermind's PetMouse by qwy QuickLinks: Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs Preamble This offsets my last mastermind post. I probably use this about 70% to 80% of the time. It's super easy, does what I need it to do and I can keep my hand on the mouse, for the most part. I just use a generic, left, right and middle scroll. Nothing special required. 1. How it's different I've seen other mouse based controls but nothing quite like this. Watching them maneuver through most every environment it w
  7. i26 Mastermind NumPad Controls+ MMPad+ by qwy QuickLinks Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs Preamble: I've only rolled one MM since coming back, Bots. It's fair to say, I might not have rolled an MM at all, if I hadn't seen the original Numpad Controls posted on the Homecoming forum. I had forgotten all about how much fun Masterminds are with them. Before I got out of Outbreak, the Sandolphan's original binds were installed and I was fully reacquainted. So fun! As I leveled up, I kept adding to it every time a new idea came to
  8. i26 Unbindall (Keybindreset) I use it like it's an attack in the chain. A How to Recover Guide. by qwy Preamble Personally, I've found using them often means never really needing them. If you're unfamiliar they wipe your active (Client managed) bind file clean. It's all gone. No more binds you had a hand in. No option for recovering them. They have ceased to be. It probably sounds like I was being facetious with the title and first sentence. I wasn't. Commands adside, the result of a glitch, a hiccup loading a bind or even certain input errors can resul
  9. I have a lvl50 Stone Tank, lvl50 Warshade, lvl50 Peacebringer and other characters with teleport or, mystic flight. Along the way, I've come to know what I like and don't like. I also have a lot of binds and a lot of alts, leading me, like a lot of people I'd guess, to start putting energy in to one global profile to cover as much as makes sense and smaller profiles for toons that develop out of it. I'm up to 11 level 50s in all so, that global has matured a lot along the way. There's great guides on this topic already. They've definitely helped steer me along the way. if this is
  10. I was asked how one could improve dropping Inspirations on MasterMind pets and after giving it some thought and research I wrote the following for anyone with the same questions. I've included the very simple stuff as well since I don't know the level of the reader. Of course everywhere I've put a bind combination (e.g ALT+P ) you can change it to any other convenient key or combo that you prefer. Also at this point I will recommend a document I found that covers so much more of the technical aspects of playing CoX; it's the Tech document at www.shenanigunner.com and is very, very goo
  11. This forum post for (SG) Longbow Syndicate/Titan Squad/Titan Mob, Torchbearer use only please. Thank you. -Longbow Warden 1 (@Longbow Warden 1, @Supercharged Titan) Discord: https://discord.gg/eRvYQfA SG Binds /Titan Squad /Recruitment (May 2020) - Titan Squad /bind f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(SG) Titan Squad is recruiting new members. PST for invite. Base Passcode: TSQD-1606 (Coalition: Longbow Syndicate)$$ e lecture" /bind shift+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(SG) Titan Squad is recruiting new member
  12. I run CoH using Island Rum on my OSX and I don't know what I'm doing wrong when trying to load binds. Can anyone help me please? /bind_load_file /Applications/CoH/binds/hero.txt
  13. If a command in a bind file is followed by an empty line, and the file is loaded, an "error" is printed out in pink in the chat window. The two attached files were both created in Notepad in Windows. working-example.txt loads without outputting the error, bugged-example.txt loads with the error. Interestingly, the binds in bugged-example.txt still seem to work, which I tested by setting the "C" key to "nop" before loading bugged-example.txt. bugged-example.txt working-example.txt
  14. I really like using this key combination to make my character move forwards but after you hold it for a few seconds it locks into auto-run. Is there a way to disable this function ? In my keymappings my auto-run has only 1 toggle set but it still does it. Thanks
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