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Found 6 results

  1. Done in the style of The Philotic Knight's and Trickshooter's powerset buff threads. I've been meaning to collate my thoughts on Mind Control for a while, and now with some added time on my hands, I can. I'll start with some general points before diving into the powers themselves. Reasoning Behind Presented Modifications Mind Control is a very utility driven powerset in a game where force can easily substitute for finesse. On smaller and lower level teams this is perfectly fine, and very potent - it's easy enough to spot a sleeping enemy so as to not attack it, or take some time to herd a group of enemies in the right direction for example. I personally enjoy the fact that Mind Control works this way. However, this doesn't invalidate the fact that it has the potential to make the powerset feel less fun to play in other conditions. While many control powersets in general can feel this way in similar situations, Mind Control especially stands out. As such, the changes below are made with these thoughts in mind. They will attempt to maintain the current feel of the set, and provide improvements that should hopefully be very acceptable. Additionally, they are quite inspired by the improvements that Gravity Control received in Issue 22 - conservative in the 'feel' of the presented powers, while clearly improving on them. As such, I will refrain from: Changing the order of available powers Invalidating or making unappealing playstyles currently available to the powerset Altering powers to prefer a different enhancement slotting setup Making powers behave entirely differently Both of them being in the game from the start, I would not be surprised if Mind Control might have been next to receive some updates. It's in that style that I present the changes below. Mesmerize & Mass Hypnosis: Sleep on the Ground Sleeps are fairly conditional by nature - they take a good amount of finesse to use well: taking an enemy out of the fight and refraining from attacking them is harder than it sounds, especially in a game with a lot of ways of accidentally causing damage. As such, they tend to be much more potent in smaller teams, reducing the likelihood of such accidental damage. A discussion thread about making Sleeps feel impactful in situations outside of these scenarios generally seems to agree that secondary effects alongside the status effect tend to help a good amount in larger group content. One suggestion of which caught my eye, as it fitted very well with Mind Control's theme. Sleeps are flavored in a lot of different ways - enemies convulsing in electric shocks, being trapped in fragile salt, and of course, actually falling asleep; the last of these is what Mesmerize and Mass Hypnosis fall under. Given that this is the case, I think it makes sense that enemies inflicted with a Sleep caused by either power would lay prone on the ground (i.e. knockdown). This would mean that to actually act after waking, forceful or otherwise, an enemy would need to stand back up. I would assume that this would be implemented in a way that means enemies already resistant to knockdown would not succumb to this effect, the same as how Ice Control's slows are resisted for example. By implementing this, Mesmerize and Mass Hypnosis remain useful, even in conditions other than what is suitable for Sleep-inflicting powers. While their main strengths will always be in strategically taking enemies out of the fight, they will definitely have a good amount of use elsewhere. And I'm not done with them yet either. Introducing... Levitate, Terrify, and Mass Confusion: Number Adjustments All of these powers in Mind Control are perfectly fine. However, this is muddied somewhat due to other, similar powers which in a lot of ways replicate the same effect, but better. While I am not certain on the specific numbers involved, it does mean that some adjustments might be in order to boost them up to the level of equivalent ones. ~~~ Levitate is exactly like Gravity Control's Lift, except it takes a little longer to cast, and deals a bit less damage. I would not be surprised if Lift dealt the same amount of damage as Levitate before its Issue 22 patch as well. Considering that Lift is strictly better in every way, I think duplicating Lift's changes and transplanting them onto Levitate makes a lot of sense. The other two powers are slightly less clear cut. As such, I'll endeavour to list some changes least likely to cause debate, and leave any further numerical changes for other posters. ~~~ The closest equivalent to Terrify is Darkness Control's Fearsome Stare - they are both cone-based powers that inflict the Fear status effect with the same recharge time and duration. They have their comparative pros and cons: Terrify costs much more endurance (more than double) and is less accurate, but it has a wider cone arc (90 vs 45 degrees). It also deals some damage, while Fearsome Stare does not. However, Fearsome Stare also provides -ToHit, and its range is higher (70 vs 60 ft). While there are some benefits to what Terrify provides, I personally think they don't outweigh the cons to that choice - Fearsome Stare's -ToHit debuff is an excellent boon for survivability, and its range is plenty enough to affect enemies. As such, I think that bringing its accuracy up to Fearsome Stare's level, and reducing its endurance cost to some degree sounds reasonable. If others think that the power ought to have more, feel free to add on suggestions! ~~~ Mass Confusion is a very good power, allowing multiple enemies at once to turn and switch to the Mind Controller's side for a long amount of time. However, it can also feel overshadowed at times due to Plant Control's (perhaps slightly overtuned) Seeds of Confusion, along with Electric Control's Synaptic Overload. These are all powers which confuse multiple enemies at once, though with some pros and cons of their own. Here is a breakdown of the three: Mass Confusion Seeds of Confusion Synaptic Overload Area Type Targeted AoE [Ranged and Immediate] Targeted Cone [Immediate but Close] Targeted Chain [Ranged but Gradual] Draws Aggro? No Yes No Duration Higher [37.25s] Higher [37.25s] Lower [27.94s] Level Access Highest [Lv. 32] Lowest [Lv. 8] Middle [Lv. 26] Endurance Highest [26] Middle [15.6] Lowest [8.53] Recharge Long [240s] Slow [60s] Slow [60s] Accuracy Lower [60%] Base [75%] Base [75%] While it's not without its advantages, the comparative drawbacks that Mass Confusion has are fairly impactful. There's no reason for it to have lower accuracy when the other powers are higher, especially since the powerset itself claims to be very accurate! It should at least be as accurate as the others. Along with this, it has a recharge time four times higher than both powers. While I don't advocate having its recharge time adjusted to the same level as the others, having it recharge somewhat faster would be nice. The actual numbers I'll leave to other users to discuss! Telekinesis: Omnidirectional Movement (Alternative Implementation Here) Telekinesis is a very fun power to use, hampered by a few things. At its core, it's a power that is designed to Hold a group and push them away from the user in the process - reshaping the battlefield while rendering the enemy helpless. There are a few issues with this. It's difficult to control where the group should go The power can only affect 5 enemies at a time The high endurance cost (3.12/s!) is not worth these effects The power comes at the same level as Gravity Control's Dimension Shift, and likewise could do with a good amount of changes. However, I did not wish to make it so that the current applications of the power (e.g. bundling a group of enemies up into a corner) are invalidated in the process. With this in mind, here is my proposal: Targeting an enemy with Telekinesis will Hold and Immobilize them, along with other enemies surrounding them (potentially lower Immobilize magnitude). The original target should not be able to move of their own volition - instead, the Mind Controller has the ability to move them wherever they like, dragging the enemy, and other enemies Immobilized/Held with them. The controls would be akin to a Mastermind's pet, except without commands to attack a target - everything else (e.g. GoTo, Stay, Follow) would remain. Essentially, Telekinesis becomes a toggle-summoned pet that surrounds an enemy with a field of holding. While not everything is helpless in that area, they would all be moveable (via Repel), allowing a Mind Controller to rearrange the battlefield in a way that only Gravity Control can really match. To clarify: An enemy targeted by Telekinesis will be Immobilized, and will be moveable regardless of rank They may be Held (mag 3) depending on their level of protection All other enemies are affected as usual by magnitude for Holds (mag 3), Immobilizes (mag 3), and Repels (magnitude pending, open to suggestions) If they are Held/Immobilized, they will move along with the enemy targeted by Telekinesis Finally, the target cap for Telekinesis would be increased. I'd say bringing it in line with the other AoE Holds would make sense - 16 in other words. Here is my reasoning for these changes: Making Telekinesis a toggle-summoned pet means that it gains increased flexibility - enemies can still be shoved into a corner, but they can now also just stay in one spot, follow you around, or even be hovered around in circles Adding the Immobilize status effect also provides Controllers with a way of taking advantage of Containment against tougher enemies Affecting only 5 enemies is quite low, and ought to match the other AoE Holds for better potency These two changes are made with the aim of making the high endurance cost worthwhile (no changes there) This is probably the power with the largest amount of modifications to it. I did my best to increase its potency while keeping the 'feel' of the original Telekinesis, similar to how Dimension Shift was altered in a way that made it more flexible, but its core remained the same. As such, it's also the power that I'm least certain about in terms of changes - did I go too far? Not far enough? Just a bit off the mark? I'll look forward to the responses. A Fictional Patch Notes Summary Issue 2X updated the way Mind Control powers work: Mesmerize and Mass Hypnosis can now cause enemies to lay prone on the floor when Slept, forcing them to stand up upon awakening. Levitate's damage and animation times are now identical to Lift's. Telekinesis is an enemy-targeted toggle Mastermind pet that holds and immobilises all enemies around it. Held/immobilised enemies move wherever the pet is directed to move. Target cap has been raised . Terrify's accuracy has been increased, and its endurance usage decreased. Mass Confusion's accuracy has been increased, and its recharge time decreased. Dizzied! mechanic introduced: enemies slept by Mesmerize or Mass Hypnosis will have a Mag 3 stun applied to them when hit by Levitate or Terrify. Duration is dependant on remaining sleep time. And there was (hopefully) much rejoicing. I did my best to keep within the spirit of the powerset, increasing its utility/fun while not dramatically modifying the general feel of them - even Telekinesis does the same thing as before, just more flexibly. A good amount of that involved some number passes, while other parts of the powerset were looked over for additional functionality and flexibility. So with this all said, I turn to the rest of the forums. What do you think? Any changes that you'd do differently, or disagree with? Changes that you really like? I look forward to everyone's responses!
  2. Playing an Archery/SR Sentinel I really have not had a hard time playing this character, it's been a smooth but slow ride. I cannot help but feel that Sentinels were undertuned for fear of them being OP from the gate. Range + mitigation has a recipe to be the Titan Weapon/Bio of ATs. So if you were part of the homecoming team, how would you buff, if at all, Sentinels? For starters I would like to see them have their range brought closer to Blaster level and have the same AoE cap.
  3. Alright kiddos, this has been done a hundred times in the forum already, but buckle up cause I'm going to throw my own two cents in the ring anyway because my brain is unbelievably big and my heart swells with love for this game. I present to you, a long ass post going over the top sets of each category, after cultivating through the forums, hours of napkin math, and my own opinions, that deserve to be buffed. Maybe not to steroid levels, but maybe they won't be consuming questionable foodstuffs at the bottom of the dumpster. IMPORTANT: This is an opinion wishlist and is in no way a directive for the devs to 'get on it', plus the changes I am proposing are only my ideas. BUT, based on the criteria I will be laying out forthwith, I confidently believe the following sets deserve the most scrutiny and candidacy for buffness. Cool? Cool. PREFACE: THE CRITERIA So, turns out there's a lot of power choices in Homecoming that do a lot of different things, at varying power levels and niches. Huh. It's almost like personal customization and diversity is a huge appeal to the game or something. So, how do we narrow down which sets need the help? Basically, the set had to fit the following description: "Not only is my set underperforming from a numbers standpoint, in which other sets beat me on a mechanical level, but I'm also relatively unappealing/unfun to play." Therefore, I will be excluding reasonably powerful sets that are unpopular (Ice Armor was a candidate in this vein, but because I couldn't find any evidence that the set is BAD, just kinda meh, I skipped it), or popular sets that are relatively underpowered (sorry, Regeneration diehards). However, unpopularity isn't the best indicator of power level and this is first and foremost a power level suggestion post. So, if you feel like Regeneration absolutely needs to be looked at by the devs before my armor choice, please, respond in the thread! There are existing threads in the forums that go over the nitty gritty numbers for these sets, and while I will try to cite MOST of them, my suggestions are going to be more general than numbers charts. I determined set popularity by going over the Flavor of the Month posts Cipher compiled and looked over sets that were consistently low-picked among archetypes, fairly straightforward. Another important note; my buff suggestions, and especially my suggestions to REPLACE powers, must keep in line with the perceived strength or focus of the set. (example; Regeneration is, you guessed it, a health and regeneration focused set. Swapping out one or more powers to say, buff defense, is outside the intention of the set, even if it would make it more powerful) Now that we've established criteria, OP should get around to his damn point someday. Well, look no further. CATEGORY 1: RANGED SET Category Winner: Assault Rifle Assault Rifle is one of the original blast sets in City of Heroes, and its age shows. Old ass animations that give me the nostalgia butterflies, simplistic attacks with at most one secondary effect, no fancy combo system or flashiness. And really, AR should be that; it's a gun that should deal solid damage with nothing too fancy. But, it kinda sucks in modern times. Not only is it consistently one of the least-picked ranged sets among 50s per the FOTM post, it's kinda known the raw effectiveness of the set is lacking, and the lack of good secondary effects these days kinda kills it, nevermind the fact its base damage type is one of the worst (although lethal as a damage type is a whole other balancing discussion). In buffing Assault Rifle, some of the set's big points to stick to: Lack of a true Build Up power. Yeah, it'd be nice if it had one, but let's keep this constraint, even if we're gonna bend it a little. It's an AoE machine. Over half the powers in the set are cones or TAoEs, let's focus on that strength. Secondary effects should be few, focus should be on pushing damage. With that, the proposed changes: Burst - fine, keep as is. -- Slug - fine, keep as is for the most part. Suggestions: Add -Res(Smashing,Lethal) Reasoning: This would emulate an armor-piercing round and shore up one of the set's biggest drawbacks (primary Lethal damage). -- Buckshot - fine, keep as is. -- M30 Grenade - fine, keep as is. -- Beanbag - Needs a rework, low damage output and a light mez aren't useful. Suggestions: 1) Replace with Calibrated Shot Ranged, Moderate Dmg(Lethal), Self +Dmg, Self +ToHit Reasoning: Assault Rifle maybe shouldn't have a Build Up power, but what if we did a Claws and added a Follow Up-style power to the attack chain? This would greatly help Assault Rifle's damage output while technically maintaining true to the set's design. 2) Replace with FMJ Round Ranged, Moderate Dmg(Lethal), -Res(All), -Def(All) Reasoning: Alright, let's say Assault Rifle shouldn't get a buildup power of any kind, and if Beanbag should be replaced, let's replace it with a like power; an offensive debuff tool. This type of power would provide a meaningful type of debuff that's kind of the inverse of Calibrated Shot (-Res equivalent to +Dmg, -Def equivalent to +ToHit). -- Sniper Rifle - Pretty good power, but could use some extra oomph. Suggestions: Add -Res(Smashing,Lethal) Reasoning: Even more so than Slug, a high caliber bullet should probably be armor piercing. -- Flamethrower - Long ass animation, slow DoT, and no secondary effect. Suggestions: Replace with Plasma Flamethrower Ranged (Cone), Extreme DoT(Fire), -Regen Reduce the number of DoT ticks by one half to one fourth, while boosting the damage of the ticks so overall damage output stays the same Reasoning: You know those robotic dudes in Praetoria that are super annoying for lower level characters to deal with? Clockwork Sweepers have that cone attack which is the inspiration of what I want here. Regeneration debuff is a good tool to have, and reducing the number of ticks helps how the damage is actually dealt with this power. -- Ignite - Always been considered bad. Need to preserve the theme of the power while buffing it. Suggestions: Replace with Incendiary Grenade Ranged (Location AoE), Moderate Dmg(Lethal/Fire), Moderate DoT (Fire), Foe Knockdown Reasoning: Inspired by the Destroyer Blast Master/Scrapyarder Demolitionist and Assault Bot incendiary swarm missiles, this would keep the "burn patch" intention of the power, but adds extra frontloaded damage and additional utility with the knockdown. -- Full Auto - Just needs a couple improvements to get it in line with other nukes. Suggestions: Increase cone arc from 20 to 30 degrees, increase target cap from 10 to 16 Reasoning: Word on the street is this power was overlooked when the endurance crash was removed from blaster nukes. If AR is going to be an AoE machine, its best power should probably have a cone equivalent to Soldiers of Arachnos Heavy Burst, and have a target cap equivalent to other nukes. That about wraps up my proposed changes for Assault Rifle. Keeps what I believe is the spirit of the set while providing the tools it needs to become viable. CATEGORY 2: MELEE SET Category Winner: Battle Axe Another set from the beginning of time, Battle Axe is part of the infamous trio of weapons sets that constantly get compared to one another in an endless quest to definitively show off how great War Mace is. If anything, If anything, Battle Axe should probably FEEL like the heaviest hitter between the three; you're not cracking skulls and breaking bones like mace, and you're not elegantly dueling your foes with swordplay, you've heroically taken up a giant heavy meat cutter designed to dismantle body parts in ways the Vahzilok surgeons think about in their wet dreams. Unfortunately, it suffers from a crippling case of being meh. The lumbering animations don't really have a powerful payoff, and it has the unfortunate combination of one of the weakest damage types coupled with the most polarizing secondary effect, leading to a lackluster set. Points to stick to: Knockback and knockdown should still be integral to the set in some way, it's currently the big defining trait of Battle Axe. Battle Axe should be utilizing the other weapons sets as a reference, NOT Titan Weapons. TW is its own beast, even if it is a "modern" weapons set. Also, it goes against the original design of the set. There was a pretty great forum post I came across that highlighted the average DPA of Battle Axe and gave me some numbers to work with, but I disagreed with that OP's solution of making most of Battle Axe's attacks cones. To me, the way to improve Battle Axe is to incorporate Resistance Debuff into its attacks, shared with Knockback, much like War Mace shares disorient and knockback. Plus, it makes Battle Axe a nice mirror to Broad Sword's defense debuff theme. Beheader - Needs secondary effect port and increased DPA Suggestions: Add -Res(Smashing,Lethal), remove knockdown, reduce cast time Reasoning: Resistance debuff conveys that your big ass axe is actually hacking away at your opponent's armor (aka what axes do), and leads to better damage in follow-up attacks, conveying that Battle Axe hits hard. -- Chop - Needs secondary effect port Suggestions: Add -Res(Smashing,Lethal) remove knockdown -- Gash - Needs secondary effect port Suggestions: Add -Res(Smashing,Lethal), remove knockdown -- Build Up - fine, keep as is -- Swoop - fine, keep as is -- Taunt/Confront - fine, keep as is -- Whirling Axe - Needs secondary effect port and increased DPA Suggestions: Add High -Res(Smashing,Lethal), remove knockdown, reduce cast time Reasoning: Opening a big mob with PBAoE and setting up mobs for taking increased damage over your next attacks would be a great way to boost this rather underwhelming power. -- Cleave - Needs the Shatter buff that allows it to actually hit multiple targets Suggestions: Increase cone arc from 20 to 45 degrees Reasoning: This gets the power in line with the gold standard of this power in the weapon sets, Shatter. -- Pendulum - fine, keep as is The above buffs technically violate the cottage rule by removing knockdown from a few powers, so if necessary to compromise, the knockdown chance could be reduced to make room for the resistance debuffs. Someone better than me would have to run numbers, but that suggestion sounded like TOO strong of a buff to the set. For additional information on Battle Axe numbers, please refer to the handy dandy spreadsheet in this post: Will be working on the proposals for Armor and Pets soon, for now I'm going to play the game. Later, a separate proposal will be made for the other categories; Assault/Manipulation, Control and Support. Thanks for listening to some nostalgic, overly passionate dude venting about how great certain powers in the game could be!
  4. My questions are specifically about buffs. Do the pets have high base damage/def/tohit/recharge/other attribute that is easily buffed or lower base attribute with a built-in buff? What are their caps? If someone has tested this or numbers are available, please post a link because I have been unable to locate the info. If the answer to the previous question is very complicated, a simpler question is what buffs are "transformative" in how they boost the pet. (like SB/FS on fire imps or bubbles on bots) Thank you for any insights. I hav
  5. TL;DR Mercs damage and survivability are both horrible. Recharge seriously needs to go down on CC powers for them to be worth anything to Mercs survivability, and damage needs to go up for Soldiers and Commando so stuff actually dies in a timely manner. For a more in-depth rework, keep reading. When City of Villains first came out, my penchant for soldier themed characters naturally lead me right to Mercs. Mercs/Traps, to be specific. Since that moment Mercs has been... fairly behind. Many consider it the worst of the lot for Mastermind primaries, though I won't at all refute that Ninjas needs help as well, possibly even Beasts though I'm not experienced with them at all. I would leave suggestions for fixing Ninjas and Beasts to those more knowledgeable, but I do know Mercs, and I have played Necromancy, Robotics, and especially Thugs to contrast Mercs and their overall strength against some of the best Masterminds have to offer. Before we really get going though, any talk about getting rid of brawl invariably steers into dealing with AI, so let's not worry about that. As nice as it would be, this is a topic for Masterminds as a whole rather than just this set. So, for this thread at least, let's get started on retraining the old Mercenaries, getting them back through boot camp if we gotta, and making them fighting fit, because they sure as heck ain't cutting it now. What's wrong? So, what have I gotta say. First I guess we should introduce what's wrong with them into the conversation, and that can be summed to low damage and survivability. Well, I believe it would be possible to help Mercenaries to at least a passable state with some numbers tweaks, however it would be preferable to involve more effort in giving Mercs some better defined strengths, for in their current state they have none. There's really a lot of things that can be done, and I do recommend several, if not all, of the measures I'm about to put on the table be at least considered. T1 Fixes. Comparing Thugs and Mercs in T1, Soldiers are behind Punks and this gap can be shortened by dealing with Soldiers' activation times. As far as damage per activation cycle, for the T1s three attacks, Punks are at 2.07, 1.6, and 0.88 while Mercs do 1.39, 1.34, and 0.81. So I figure the best way to do this is a Soldier of Arachnos treatment: change their attack progression to single shot, burst, and heavy burst. Activation times become 0.9, 1, and 2.67 respectively, and that would help much but alone it might not be enough because just doing this without touching total damage or recharge, their damage per activation time goes to 1.76, 1.58, and 0.96. The third attack is helped somewhat above Punks' empty clips, but its 5' arc is still pitiful, and the third attack remains well behind Punks' single pistol shot. I might go so far as to say that we should just make them all single target and, in addition to changing the powers to the activation times and animations of single shot, burst, and heavy burst, upping the damage of the first and third attack to a target damage per activation cycle of about 2 and 1.6 respectively. I would then put the full duty of area effect damage on the shoulders of the Commando. As for the Medic, I would have him follow the same attack string, and that would certainly mean losing Frag Grenade. I might even go so far to suggest that his Stimulant be given an area effect and regeneration component even if it must replace the status protection and/or his heal power be given a self heal component as well. I believe this would go a ways to making slotting healing in Soldiers be worth more, and helping with survivability. T2 Fixes Spec Ops powers imply they should help survivability in the same way the Lich does: debuffs and CC. I do not think damage should be their primary focus; these men should stun and cripple enemies so the Soldiers and Commando can focus on inflicting casualties with a minimum of return fire to survive through. You can do much for Spec Ops by simply making their attack chain like what was suggested for Soldiers, going single shot -> burst -> heavy burst all single target instead of burst -> heavy burst -> snipe, and shortening the recharge time on their CC grenades, especially tear gas and stun so they can more consistently weaken the enemy's offense, but if it's possible I would rather suggest an overhaul, and I'll do my best to explain each power I pick for them: Base: Brawl: You know the drill. Single Shot: Same as Soldiers. Use that amazing sound from the silenced snipe here. Cryo Grenade: Replaces Web Grenade for a 15ft or so area effect power that focuses purely on being a movement and recharge debuff by 50% for 30 seconds and at 30 seconds of recharge, slowing the enemy's pace of fire and weakening their offense and with almost permanent up time. Equip Mercenary: Burst: Same as Soldiers. Stun Grenade: Plain mag 2 stun, devoted entirely to being a hard CC that shuts minions up by itself, or bosses as well with the second Spec Ops, for a base duration of 6 seconds and a quick recharge of 30 seconds. Much, much better up time than Flashbang Grenade, and almost as good as Protector Bots' Photon Grenade. Tactical Upgrade: Heavy Burst OR Rifle Butt OR Shockwave Grenade: (Heavy Burst) Same as Soldiers. (Rifle Butt) I edited this in after work, okay, but just hear me out on this. We already have stun, slow, and either -damage or -to hit, possibly both, but Air Superiority has taught us that Knockdown is excellent soft CC as well. That's exactly what this new Rifle Butt will do: guaranteed knockdown on a very fast recharge, maybe 6-8 seconds, with trivial damage. Two Spec Ops will just juggle someone. It'd be hilarious. (Shockwave Grenade) Basically the Rifle Butt I suggested but in targeted area effect form. No damage at all, strictly knockdown, on a fairly quick recharge of, say, 16-20 seconds or around that ball park. Tear Gas Grenade: Loses CC to focus solely on being a strong debuff not subject to the binary on/off nature of CC, crippling either damage by -25% or ToHit by -12.5% for 30 seconds and at 45 seconds of recharge. This is to provide a weakening effect on the enemy's offense between hard CC, with greater up time, especially against enemies that might be outside the realm of being reliably stunned anyways such as arch-villains. Doing -To Hit would mean something to enhance, but also possibly additional slot pressure. T3 Fixes Commando, to me, could use better AoE damage. I imagine damage should be this one's singular focus. You can accomplish this by simply taking down LRM Rocket's absurd recharge and upping the damage of M30 Grenade; the end result should be much better damage per second on area effect. Activation times should also be reduced to match those endured by Assault Rifle players. However, if at any point a rework becomes worth considering, I have a personal attachment to the idea of replacing the Commando's weapon to a grenade launcher and giving him... this: Base: Brawl: Except it's a good attack now. Anti-Tank Grenade: This shaped charge bores through its target with a jet of molten copper for extreme single-target fire damage. Frag Grenade: Single hit of decent smash/lethal damage in an area around the target. Equip Mercenary: Pummel: Rifle butt style attack, straight smashing damage. Incendiary Grenade: Long-lasting and very high fire damage-over-time applied to enemies in an area around the target. Tactical Upgrade: "Bayonet" Smash: Straight smashing damage melee attack by ramming the grenade launcher into the target like a battering ram. Poison Gas Grenade: Assault Bot's incendiary missiles but with poison instead of fire, potentially devastating to mass groups of immobilized enemies. Well, that was a lot to read through and I thank you if you did. Really, though, I want people talking about this. I love Mercs as a concept but they really do need help. Bring up your own ideas, or perhaps even refine what I've brought up? Well, as long as it's getting discussed really. Truthfully, some tweaks to numbers would be sufficient alone in getting each merc tier to be a functional piece of a successful whole next to the other sets like Robotics and Thugs.
  6. A lot of the powers that used to require numpad binds and frantic repetitious multiple-casts every couple of minutes have been modified to work as AoE casts now. Bubbles, Speed Boost, Increase Density, etc.—these powers now can be cast on one character and affect everyone in the nearby area, too. So why on earth is Empathy's Clear Mind still a single-cast power? Effectively, the power is very similar to Increase Density—a short-term mez protection buff. But trying to protect the whole team with it would take up so much time the Emp Defender might not have time for much else. I wouldn't ask that this change be applied to, say, Fortitude, because Fort is so slow to recharge that you couldn't protect more than two or three people with it continuously—it's not supposed to be applicable to everyone. But, like Increase Density, Clear Mind recharges right away, and could easily be cast on everyone continuously, if the Emp Defender wanted to spend most of their time that way. Could Empathy users please get a little of the same love that's been applied to bubblers and Kinetics?
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