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  1. I've got a DP/Martial blaster with Knives of Vengeance Radial Lore. When the buff pet uses its Rallying Cry buff, Burst of Speed's teleport component won't go off. I'm pretty sure it's because of the TP Prot and TP Res in Rallying Cry. Burst of Speed's TP is unresistable, but so is Rallying Cry's TP prot and TP res. Rallying Cry also seems to suppress friendly TPs such as ATT and Incan Destiny. I haven't tested with Teleport (as in the pool power) or Sorcery's Translocation, but I'm fairly sure I'd see similar. No other TP Prots (eg orange inspies, Glad Armor +Def/TP Prot, etc,) seem to do this. Suggested fix: Remove the TP Prot and TP Res from the lorepet version of Rallying Cry, or somehow flag it to ignore friendly TPs. In PVE, enemies TPing you is virtually (if not entirely!) nonexistent, and I don't know about PVP - or TP Prot's usefulness there. The TP Prot/Res seriously detracts from Rallying Cry by breaking friendly- and self-TPs for no good reason, which also makes KoV Radial less useful for no good reason. It is very, very sad to completely wiff Hail of Bullets because Burst of Speed didn't TP me because Rallying Cry was up.
  2. This bug has been brought up numerous times over the last year. You can check that out here, here, and here. I have not seen much discussion on this by the devs, with the only mention of looking into it came from @Captain Powerhouse where he stated this. However, I have no idea if he actually looked into it. Nonetheless, I decided to look into it by creating large sample sizes of data and hopefully identify a trend (for those who don't like lots of numbers, feel free to scroll down to my conclusion, which is in big-bold letters at the bottom). Here is what we think we know. The DoT does its proc check after each tick and will cancel all subsequent ticks if there is a miss. This means we have the following expected performance numbers for a DoT that has a 75% chance of “ticking”. Probability of 0 ticks: 25% (25% to miss on first tick attempt) Probability of at least 1 tick: 75% (75% to hit on first tick attempt) Probability of at least 2 ticks: 56.25% (75% x 75%) Probability of at least 3 ticks: 42.19% (75% x 75% x 75%) Probability of at least 4 ticks: 31.64% (75% x 75% x 75% x 75%) Probability of all 5 ticks: 23.73% (75% x 75% x 75% x 75% x 75%) This also translates to the following expected performance: Probability of exactly 0 ticks: 25% Probability of exactly 1 tick: 18.75% (75% x 25%: hit on 1st, then miss on 2nd) Probability of exactly 2 ticks: 14.06% (75% x 75% x 25%) Probability of exactly 3 ticks: 10.55% (75% x 75% x 75% x 25%) Probability of exactly 4 ticks: 7.91% (75% x 75% x 75% x 75% x 25%) Probability of all 5 ticks: 23.73% This tells us that on average, for every successful attack we hit, we can expect 2.288 DoT ticks. (0*25% + 1*18.75% + 2*14.06% + 3*10.55% + 4*7.91% + 5*23.73% = 2.288). Now that we know all the math for the expected performance (which was suggested/verified to us by Captain PowerHouse in the similar Bug Report last year), let’s look at the results we get from testing. For this test, I removed all recharge bonuses for my build and used auto-Kick repeatedly. I did this because it would create a 5 second cycle between Kicks, which make all potential DoT ticks play out before I could perform the next Kick attack. This made it much easier for me to parse my combat log to measure the number of ticks generated from each attack (which I will compare to the probability of EXACT results I just provided). Finally, I removed all results where my final Kick attack resulted in the defeat of the enemy. I did this because we could never be sure of how many ticks of damage the target could have had if they remained alive (once they're dead, the ticks stopped). This includes removing results where the death occurred on the 5th tick. Even though we know exactly how many ticks happened, it is unfair to cherry pick (please don't make me explain the math). So those were my test conditions. Now, onto the results. Test 1 (10 Feb 2020): T3 Degenerative Radial (+75% chance DoT only) 313 Successful Kicks. No Ticks: 149 (47.60%) 1 Tick: 29 (9.27%) 2 Ticks: 34 (10.86%) 3 Ticks: 20 (6.39%) 4 Ticks: 22 (7.03%) 5 Ticks: 59 (18.85%) Average: 1.7252 Ticks per Successful Kick Test 2 (11 Feb 2020): T3 Degenerative Radial (+75% chance DoT only) 1192 Successful Kicks. No Ticks: 522 (43.79%) 1 Tick: 178 (14.93%) 2 Ticks: 109 (9.14%) 3 Ticks: 82 (6.88%) 4 Ticks: 86 (7.21%) 5 Ticks: 215 (18.04%) Average: 1.7290 Ticks per Successful Kick Test 1 and 2 combined: 1505 Successful Kicks No Ticks: 671 (44.58%) 1 Tick: 207 (13.75%) 2 Ticks: 143 (9.50%) 3 Ticks: 102 (6.78%) 4 Ticks: 108 (7.18%) 5 Ticks: 274 (18.21%) Average: 1.7282 Ticks per Successful Kick These results show that the actual performance is nothing close to the expected performance. So, what’s going on here, exactly? First, let’s look at the ratio of the test results with the expected results. 1 Tick: 13.75%/18.75% = 0.7335 2 Ticks: 9.50%/14.06% = 0.6757 3 Ticks: 6.78%/10.55% = 0.6426 4 Ticks: 7.18%/7.91% = 0.9072 5 Ticks: 18.21%/23.73% = 0.7672 Average: 1.728/2.288 = 0.7553 There’s a little bit of variance still happening, but it seems there is a pattern, which is the probability of X Ticks are all being weighted by approximately 0.75 (75%). I suspect an extra 75% probability to proc is being applied in the front end and it carries itself through the rest of the ticks. I notice similar behavior with the 25% proc as I performed a small test (using a T4 Reactive Core) of 172 samples and only saw 9 ticks (5.23%, when I expected 25%). I don’t have enough samples with the 25% proc yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is also having the 25% probability to proc applied an extra time on the front, which cascades down to the probability of the subsequent ticks. If my hunch is correct, then the probability of X ticks to occur would no longer be: X: Current Expected | Actual? 0: 25% | 43.75% 1: 18.75% | 14.06% 2: 14.06% | 10.55% 3: 10.55% | 7.91% 4: 7.91% | 5.93% 5: 23.73% | 17.80% And for completion, here are the numbers for the 25% DoT (needs more testing) X: Current Expected | Actual? 0: 75% | 93.75% 1: 18.75% | 4.69% 2: 4.69% | 1.17% 3: 1.17% | 0.29% 4: 0.29% | 0.07% 5: 0.10% | 0.02% As for continuing testing, I'll do so when incarnates become free again on Beta. As of now, I'm limited to the 75% T3 Degenerative and the 25% T4 Reactive. Edit: To be clear with my phrasing. I suspect only the first tick is having an extra 75% (or 25%) check applied to its proc. All subsequent ticks should be working as expected (with just the single 75% proc checked).
  3. I am currently using the new homecoming launcher, this may or may not be related since the folder structure changed. Most likely not. OS: Windows 10 Description: The beta features are not saving between sessions and not in options.txt. Steps To Reproduce (For Options.txt): 1) Menu > Options > Windows Tab 2) Navigate to the "Beta Features" section 3) Change some of the values 4) Click 'Apply now' and 'Save Options to file' at the bottom of the window 5) Navigate to where the options were stated to be saved in chat. Mine is at c:/Games/Homecoming/settings/live/options.txt 6) Open options.txt, see no changes. 7) EXTRA: Repeat steps 3&4, and use some compare tool to see that the file is not changing. Expected Result: Some new values are added/updated to options.txt, such as 'chatTimestamps 24', or 'powerRechargeIndicator center' Actual Result: Nothing is saved, changes lost on reload of client.
  4. In the mission, "Catch the last two conspirators before they leave Striga", which is the final mission of the Sunstorm provided story arc "Fear and Loathing on Striga Isle" the Center has dispatched his troops to eleminate the last of an anti Nictus group that are attempting to escape Striga. During this mission you come across Ascendants who represent the Center's elite forces. The NPC chatter in this mission appears to be mis assigned, giving the lines belonging to the anti Nictus traitors to the loyalist Ascendants. Attached in a snip of the chat log.
  5. On make Jackets option, the vine pattern on bare and bare smooth don't show up at all, even though it can be selected. On sleeveless jackets it works fine.
  6. Screenshot is taken from a Discord conversation between myself and GM Coldspark. I did not test dying.
  7. Players were experiencing multiple errors regarding sidekicking in Peregrine Island while in a league performing the Trick or Treat runs. I was running the league. So far 6 or 7 times players hadnot been sidekicked up on a team despite other members on the team being sidekicked. Photos are difficult to see because they were screenshots that then were taken and sent via Discord to Coldspark that I then had to go and reput into Paint. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. The game won't let me enter the mission. I keep getting an hourglass. I believe the problem may be in part to the fact that it thinks I am in Architect Entertainment.
  9. Came across this fun game crashing bug. So, we all know you cannot create a Stone/Claws Tank. And for those of you who dont, you cannot create a Stone/Claws Tank, or so I thought.. Recently I was looking around for a new toon and had seen Claws. Never trying it before, I decided Id roll a tank. Claws being the obvious choice with Stone for me. Typically, if you try to create a toon that has incompatible powers, the unselectable power will be greyed out. EX: Shield Defense and Katana or Stone and Claws. But if you choose the secondary power first (Claws), the character creator will allow you to select the primary power (stone) second. If you try to go back in to secondaries after selecting Stone, all is as intended and Claws will not be selectable. But if you skip right on to costume creator, you can register your very own Stone/Claws Tank! Sweet. A Stone/Claws Tanker! One of a kind! Bet theres no build for this yet on the forums! It appears the background code does not support this character combo.. at all.. and unfortunately for anyone attempting this method, your game is about to crash. No problem! We can always log back in and just select our new Tank from our vast (thank you Devs) character list. But youll notice that the new Tank is not even selectable. Youll get a fun new error message "InvalidPlayerinfo" with a creation date of 7480 days! Really wish COH was up and running 20 years ago! Sometimes youll get an error report, sometimes the game just spins out and crashes. You wont actually beable to play this new character, but you can brag how you have a permanent missing character on your character list! @Devs, maybe the coding can be updated to include Stone/Claws Tank or at the very least, fix this error in the character creation screen, its kind of a bummer being taunted with the possibility of this great concept toon, just to have to pulled away at the last moment. Ive attempted this bug with other unselectable primary and secondaries, and it appears only "Tank's Stone and Claws" is the magical broken combo. Ingame ticket submitted, thread creation requested by GM Crumpet. Crash report submitted around 1am PST on 06/25/20 Previous thread: Pictures Below
  10. In the first mission (lvl 25 - 29) of “Abused and Scorned Tho’ We May Be 21.16”, after talking to the Hetman and entering the tunnels, you are required to defeat and then talk to Warden Gorzi to get the keycard to progress pass the locked door. However, it is possible to one-shot kill him. You are still able to talk with him but if you are not quick enough, his corpse will disappear and you cannot complete the dialogue. This will prevent you from unlocking the door and completing the mission.
  11. Recently, I discovered that Fiery Embrace for Scrappers in the Fiery Aura set is functioning differently than described. Paraphrasing, the power descrption says that is boots the damage of fire attacks and additionaly gives a boots in damage to other attacks as well. For context, I'm playing as a Battle Axe/Fiery Aura Scrapper, with the Blaze Mastery Pool. What I have found is that Fiery Embrace adds fire damage to my Axe attacks, rather than a damage percentage boost, which is cool, but perhaps not intended. The bigger issue is that it has no effect on my fire based damaging powers in both the Fiery Aura pool and Blaze Mastery pool. I tested this using Gash, without any procs or incarnate abilities equiped, the Blazing Aura, and lastly Fire Blast. Per guidance from my support ticket, I have posted this issue here and linked the images below. https://imgur.com/a/yO8HNWI
  12. There seems to be a bug that was introduced last year. When I look at someone else's badges (INFO panel), hovering over them, when the badge enlarges and the name underneath it appears, there seems to be a dark box that appears over the name.
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