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  1. So, something I noticed when playing my Thug MM is that when you use the "Equip Thugs" ability to upgrade your minions and their LOOKS, they keep their new looks when traveling around wherever you go. However, when you apply "Upgrade Equipment" to your minions, it upgrades their abilities and LOOKS, but, whenever you travel through a door or to a new location/mission they lose their new look, except for the Bruiser. The first picture is them having both upgrades on them, except I traveled to a new location, and again, only the Bruiser kept his look (it's hard to see, sorry about that). The second picture is what they look like normally right after the upgrades and should continue to look like. It's definitely a bug, and a costume mishap with the minions--not sure if it's happening with any other MM pets though. Hopefully this is the right section to put this in since it is a costume issue, just not with my character.
  2. This is something that I had asked myself as I started to carve myself a niche in enhancement crafting and selling. As a chronic altoholic, I needed a way to fund my severe altitis. Crafting is my jam, and my bread and butter. As of this moment, I have crafted 24,078 enhancements total, with 22,474 enhancements sold on the Auction House, 80-85+% of those were IO sets. (If you are curious as to how I know this, it comes from the information kiosk near the train stations) I got interested in the random number generator (RNG) when I thought I was seeing certain trends in my converting large groups of the same enhancements at a time to another set. I could not tell if it was one of the cognitive biases, like the gambler's fallacy, that i was thinking I was seeing a pattern in the conversion results. Since I was converting massive amounts of enhancements, I also wondered if there was a way to game the system. That certain sets converted better than others. So all in all, for the sake of this post, I tracked 4708 enhancement conversions, of one to another within the same category set. All of these conversions were of the "out of set" but within the "category." That is to say, conversion of one ranged damage enhancement to another ranged damage from the same category set. The nice thing is that if you stick with the same category sets, in this manner, your results are always the same. I am going be deliberately vague with details, because I do not want to reveal too much of what I am doing for fear that I will lose my niche. But, I will explain as much as I can. Some enhancement sets will convert to only two or three different sets within the same category. This makes it very easy to track the odds of the conversion. So, for example, I have a ranged damage enhancement and I convert it in category, there are certain sets which convert to two or three different sets within the same category. If each of those sets have six varitions of enhancements each (ie. damage or damage/endurance, etc.) then the odds of converting to one specific type of enhancement is ONE out of SIX. If I convert a ranged damage (accuracy/damage) enhancement it would have a one in six change of being another ranged damage (accuracy/damage) in another set of the same category. (If you change within the set, and there are six different varieties in that set, you have a one in five chance of getting what you are hoping for. But that is another story, especially if you do not get what you were hoping for the first time. Seriously, look up the gambler's fallacy.) My crafting niche was generally two completely different enhancement categories, buying in bulk recipes that I crafted and then converted regularly, to get certain resulting enhancements that I would sell on the AH. (For a decent price, of course. Seriously, you cannot sell 22K IO enhancements if you are trying to gouge players. I know the going rates very well, by now.) I will call these sets Set A and Set B, for simplicity and secrecy's sake. When I first started tracking these conversions, Set A was more consistantly tracked, meaning that I did large blocks of the same recipe, around 70 at a time, and converted them wholesale. Set B was more of a mixed bag, where I would craft 70 of several varieties from the same set, 30 from Set B2 and 40 from Set B5 for example. But since they were always the same recipes, they would all convert in category to the same sets, so tracking was easy and consistant. Later, I found Set B to more lucrative and always sold much faster, so I switched to almost exclusively crafting Set B. At that point I started crafting and converting pure stacks of the same enhancement, for example 70 enhancements of Set B4 at one time. In each of the three data groups that I collected, I would note one particular enhancement type (ie. ranged damage (acc/dam)) of the resulting conversions to track the odds of each conversion. NOTE: I know there are a lot smarter people than me, especially with statistics, if I made any errors please tell me! My statistics professor in university was totally boring! 😄 Nitty Gritty details: Best group conversion: 20 out of 70 (11.666 is 1 out of 6 odds for a stack of 70) Worst group conversion: 4 out of 70 Set A (1-6): Set B Mixed: Set B (1-6): Combined Totals: Results: Set A. Set B (pure). Set B (Mixed). Set A and Set B (pure) combined. Set A and Sets B (mixed and pure) combined. Ultimate Conclusion!: TL;DR version: BUT! (for the DEVs eyes only!)
  3. I've got a DP/Martial blaster with Knives of Vengeance Radial Lore. When the buff pet uses its Rallying Cry buff, Burst of Speed's teleport component won't go off. I'm pretty sure it's because of the TP Prot and TP Res in Rallying Cry. Burst of Speed's TP is unresistable, but so is Rallying Cry's TP prot and TP res. Rallying Cry also seems to suppress friendly TPs such as ATT and Incan Destiny. I haven't tested with Teleport (as in the pool power) or Sorcery's Translocation, but I'm fairly sure I'd see similar. No other TP Prots (eg orange inspies, Glad Armor +Def/TP Prot, etc,) seem to do this. Suggested fix: Remove the TP Prot and TP Res from the lorepet version of Rallying Cry, or somehow flag it to ignore friendly TPs. In PVE, enemies TPing you is virtually (if not entirely!) nonexistent, and I don't know about PVP - or TP Prot's usefulness there. The TP Prot/Res seriously detracts from Rallying Cry by breaking friendly- and self-TPs for no good reason, which also makes KoV Radial less useful for no good reason. It is very, very sad to completely wiff Hail of Bullets because Burst of Speed didn't TP me because Rallying Cry was up.
  4. If you open a second popmenu with a command inside a submenu of another popmenu your character will freeze in place. Everything else seems to work except that you can't move until you restart. I tested it and if the command to open a second menu is in the main part of the popmenu then you'll be fine, it only keeps your from moving if called from inside a submenu. You can still move by slash commands and following somebody, but not by mouse or keyboard. Other characters on the same session are effected as well. Example/Demo: //Required Line Menu "SubmenuFreeze" { Option "This doesn't freeze you" "popmenu SubmenuFreeze2" Menu "SubMenu" { Option "This does freeze you" "popmenu SubmenuFreeze2" } } //Part two, it makes no difference if this is a separate file or not. Menu "SubmenuFreeze2" { Title "The character may be frozen now" }
  5. Hey guys, Not the first that happen to me. My respec count is negative, and i can't respec at all. First time, some months ago, i had to wait for weekly maintenance, and my respec count was reset to zero. Do you have any solution to counter the problem or prevent it ?
  6. Not much else to add. I feel like it might have been caused by accidentally killing one of the mechs while it was pathing to merge with another in its spawn, but I can't be certain.
  7. more specifically when you use Genomic Evolution with Offensive Adaption it is supposed to give you a range bonus and it does not, I tested the other two adaptations and the auto power works fine with them according to Mids its supposed to give you around an 15% range bonus but it gives nothing in the combat attributes (and yes i for sure have the auto power that gives the ranged buff i triple checked) these screenshots are from the beta x64 server if that matters i was trying to get max range possible for fun based on a Mids build I did
  8. Anyone else experiencing this menu bug when trying to tint base items? Top one is only showing half and there is no slide or amount of middle mouse button scroll that will give you the full pallet.
  9. For those who haven't seen yet we got a treasure trove of fun data today about all the AT's and combos. One set I have always loved thematically, and was very excited when homecoming launched was some changes to the set for Sentinels. Can't say I was surprised that Ice Armor was the least seen defensive set at 50 especially when compared to the top 3 and Ice Armor being near the bottom with every AT it is available to, but I do still feel like it would go a long way if this bug with Frigid Shield was addressed making ice armor more attractive to Sentinels.
  10. Updated today, and now my mouse camera controls no longer work. I've tried updating drivers, reinstalling the game, restarting my computer, swapping keybinds around, ect. No change what so ever. The mouse buttons still work for interacting with everything, I just can't turn without using the keyboard. I'm kind of at a loss here for what else to do.
  11. I have a profile for my Fortunata and one of the powers I chose is Foresight. When I try to add an enhancement to increase Resistance, the Info box says "res: 0%(self)" but the Enhance box says "Resistance: 25.50%". Which one is correct?
  12. Just a weird visual issue with the incarnate slots. The progress bar was longer than the borders of the bar itself. Not super annoying just figured I'd put it out there.
  13. I had a villain in Reunion I created a while back with various teleportation powers. Now that the travel powers have changed, she has Fold Space (I created her before the change). I tried the power several times yesterday for the first time, but it never teleported the selected enemies nor anything else. Is there some kind of bug? I haven't thought to check the roll odds in the Combat tab until just now to see if anything is registering there when I use it. EDIT: If it means anything, my character is a level 22 Widow.
  14. Whenever a thug mastermind enters a new zone, their pets "equipped" look disappears, and you have to "equip" or "upgrade" them again just to get the appearance back.
  15. OK, I really, really like running the SBB. I think it's an excellent example of the newer TF style. Two nights ago, I encountered a weird bug. I've run this event dozens of time and never saw it before, so I just blamed Verizon ("Mine ancient foe!") and moved on. In fact I repeated the run with the same character, chose the same role, and all was normal. But it happened again tonight. Same character, different role. So I'm posting: In the Heist mission, twice now, the leader has been left in the warehouse instead of being teleported to the room where the mission is. First time was the Hacker, second time the Hitter. Both times the rest of the team managed to deal with the extra obstacles, but I was left feeling like an idiot whose agent sent him to the studio when they were actually filming on location. This was on Torch, 3/18 and 3/19 around 9pm. Character was the Real Doctor Ditko, an Ill/Rad controller. If you have any insights, please provide them. If a player has had this happen to you, please share. Thanks for everything, and thanks to my teammates who cheerfully put up with a partly absent lead!
  16. Just finished up leveling a Beast Kinetic mastermind, and I noticed a bug with enhancements increasing the incorrect attributes. I slotted my direwolf with SMoS, for 26.5% damage, SBA for 26.5% damage, and SBA for 53%. After diminishing returns this should work out to somewhere around 96% increased damage to its abilities. How ever, when I hover over the power in my enhancement screen it shows +62.9% damage, and +62.9% resist Damage. I thought that maybe this was a visual bug, how ever, when I compared its vicious bite damage to that of the lioness, it is indeed of a much lower value. Where as my lioness does show it has the full 96.1% damage enhanced. The lioness does get a better 5 second cooldown version of the power, so that might be why its values are that much higher. So I checked the wolves who have the same base recharge, and base damages of 21.02, and 3 seconds recharge on their vicious bite, and it shows the values of, 38.09 Lethal damage, with an enhanced damage of 81.2%. Where as the direwolf has damage of 49.46 Lethal damage, with an enhanced damage of either 96%, or according to my enhancement window, 62.9% enhanced damage. (double checked, and the direwolf version of vicious bite has a base value of 30.36, which means the damage of 49.46 is indeed being enhanced with 62.9% and not the intended 96%) Mids shows the direwolf power Terrible Howl as having a base cold damage of 37.54, and my direwolf has the power at doing 54.22 cold damage. if the base of 37.54 is multiplied by 62.9% it should be at 61.15 damage, and if its multiplied by 96% it should be at 73.58 damage. Neither of these are what its actually at. It could be that the base damage for these powers for the direwolf in mids is off, but after checking the math for both Lionness, and Wolves, the base damage in mids is correct. After further checking on the test server, it appears that Tame, and train beasts do not include the enhanced damage of your pets into the values that they show the powers doing. So who really knows if those are being enhanced properly. How ever, I do see that my direwolf is still using only 62.9% enhanced damage with vicious bite, even though it is enhanced to 96%. (Edit, the base value for Chilling Howl is 39.46 cold damage, and 3.06 cold damage DoT, and Vicious bite is 30.36 lethal damage, and 3.61 lethal DoT. These values are According to a fresh 50 MM on the test server. the Direwolf on my live MM is showing 49.46 lethal, and 5.89 Lethal DoT, which is 30.36 enhanced by 62.9%, and not 96% as it should be. Chilling Howl is at 64.27 which is enhanced by 62.9%, and not the 96% that it should be.) So I guess what it comes down to, is for what ever reason the game is pulling 95.9% enhanced damage, and splitting it into enhanced damage and damage resist, when it shouldn't be.
  17. Yesterday, I played my dark blast/electric manipulation blaster. I finished the Keith Nance arc with hunting my evil mirror self. I have Dynamo (LOVE that revamp, thanks), and so did she-- but both times I encountered the EVIL version (not the good me), she was very low (at about 25%) on Health, and I saw her taking damage from her floaters. The amount and timing seemed to indicate that she was taking damage from her Dynamo power, not healing. I dropped a note to Support, and GM Aurarius was able to confirm my suspicions, and suggested I post here. Hope this is useful.
  18. When saving color modifications of some enemies in AE, the texture breaks. In the mission, it will display certain parts of the enemy model as uncolored, textureless shapes. The color change displays correctly in the costume editor, the texture only breaks once the recolored model is saved. Changing the color of any part of the enemy breaks the textures of these parts, even if the parts that break are not changed. One example is the WarWorks BCU and ACU. Attached are images of a BCU being recolored, the missing textures appearing in the preview, and the enemy spawning without textures in the mission. The same bug occurs with the WarWalkers, and some Rikti as reported here.
  19. There are three issues with this power right now. Two are probably bugs (#1 and #3), and the second is tuning depending on the fix to #3. This defensive currently drops when you are mez'd in PvP. Minor fix. If one of the devs could also review the numbers on this ability. It seems very low for being a toggle & currently it is 5% of max hp. 5% is less than most +hp passives. Even frost protection, in the same set gives +10% hp as a passive. For comparison look at Ice Armor vs Regen. Ice Armor's tooltip doesn't show even show the absorb amount so Ive had to calculate in game (5%) absorb and not any more over time. The tooltip description implies the absorb builds over time but it doesnt. This just adds to the poor ranking of ice armor.
  20. Horrible Game Breaking Design Flaw - Protector Bots first shields Everything and only then Caster - reason found! The reason of this has been found, and since that requesting IMMEDIATE fix (as We're always Nice n.n, so Fix it #RITENOW!!! Protector Bots first shields literally EVERYTHING - Other Bots, Seeker Drones, Acid Mortars, Incarnate Pets, the Demon, the Devil (also the whole list down)..., gracefully ignoring the only thing - its owner. It has been known for so long time, and now l looked in Dev files and found the actual reason of this Atrocious, Horrendous, Horrid code error: It's located in "%CoHDevSourceFilesFolder%\coh-server-original-master\MapServer\ai\entaiCritterActivityCombat.c" 1835 Entity* aiCritterFindTeammateInNeed(Entity* e, AIVars *ai, F32 range, AIPowerInfo* info, int targetType) 1836 { 1837 Entity* weakest=NULL, *myowner; 1838 F32 dHP; 1839 F32 weakestdHP=0; 1840 F32 rangeSQR = range*range; 1841 F32 distSQR; 1842 1843 // myowner only allows owner as target. This section tries to buff teammates 1844 // the following section, targets the owner. it is after so that it can replace the teammates 1845 if(ai->teamMemberInfo.team && (targetType != kTargetType_MyOwner) && (targetType != kTargetType_MyCreator)){ 1846 AITeamMemberInfo* member; 1847 S32 isTitan = ai->brain.type == AI_BRAIN_MALTA_HERCULES_TITAN; 1848 1849 for(member = ai->teamMemberInfo.team->members.list; member; member = member->next){ 1850 // valid ents to buff are entities that aren't self and alive. 1851 // targettype_mypet requires that the ent is a pet 1852 Entity *entMember = member->entity; 1853 int isValidEnt = (entMember != e) && (entMember->pchar->attrCur.fHitPoints > 0); 1854 if (targetType == kTargetType_MyPet) 1855 { 1856 isValidEnt &= (entMember->erOwner == erGetRef(e)); 1857 } 1858 else if (targetType == kTargetType_MyCreation) 1859 { 1860 isValidEnt &= (entMember->erCreator == erGetRef(e)); 1861 } 1862 if(isValidEnt){ 1863 AttribMod *pmod; 1864 AttribModListIter iter; 1865 bool bActive=false; 1866 const BasePower *ppowBase = info ? info->power->ppowBase : NULL; 1867 1868 if(isTitan){ 1869 AIVars* aiMember = ENTAI(entMember); 1870 1871 if(aiMember->brain.type != AI_BRAIN_MALTA_HERCULES_TITAN){ 1872 continue; 1873 } 1874 } 1875 1876 if(info) 1877 { 1878 if(!aiPowerTargetAllowed(e, info, entMember, true)) 1879 continue; 1880 } 1881 1882 1883 if(info && !(info->groupFlags & AI_POWERGROUP_HEAL_ALLY)) 1884 { 1885 EntityRef myRef = erGetRef(e); 1886 pmod = modlist_GetFirstMod(&iter, &entMember->pchar->listMod); 1887 while(pmod!=NULL){ 1888 if(pmod->ptemplate->ppowBase==ppowBase && pmod->erSource == myRef){ 1889 bActive=true; 1890 break; 1891 } 1892 pmod = modlist_GetNextMod(&iter); 1893 } 1894 } 1895 1896 if(bActive) 1897 continue; 1898 1899 distSQR = distance3Squared(ENTPOS(e), ENTPOS(entMember)); 1900 if (distSQR <= rangeSQR) { 1901 dHP = entMember->pchar->attrMax.fHitPoints - entMember->pchar->attrCur.fHitPoints; 1902 // Prefer weak members, otherwise prefer those in melee, 1/X chance of just skipping a guy, so that not everyone heals/buffs the same guy 1903 if (!weakest || rand()%3 && (dHP > weakestdHP || (dHP == weakestdHP && ABS_TIME_SINCE(ENTAI(member->entity)->time.wasAttacked) < SEC_TO_ABS(5)))) { 1904 weakest = entMember; 1905 weakestdHP = dHP; 1906 } 1907 } 1908 } 1909 } 1910 } 1911 if ((targetType != kTargetType_MyPet) && (targetType != kTargetType_MyCreation)) 1912 { 1913 EntityRef owner = targetType == kTargetType_MyCreator ? e->erCreator : e->erOwner; 1914 if(owner && (myowner = erGetEnt(owner))) 1915 { 1916 AttribMod *pmod; 1917 AttribModListIter iter; 1918 bool bActive=false; 1919 const BasePower *ppowBase = info ? info->power->ppowBase : NULL; 1920 1921 if(info && !(info->groupFlags & AI_POWERGROUP_HEAL_ALLY)) 1922 { 1923 pmod = modlist_GetFirstMod(&iter, &myowner->pchar->listMod); 1924 while(pmod!=NULL){ 1925 if(pmod->ptemplate->ppowBase==ppowBase){ 1926 bActive=true; 1927 break; 1928 } 1929 pmod = modlist_GetNextMod(&iter); 1930 } 1931 } 1932 1933 distSQR = distance3Squared(ENTPOS(e), ENTPOS(myowner)); 1934 if (!bActive && distSQR <= rangeSQR) { 1935 dHP = myowner->pchar->attrMax.fHitPoints - myowner->pchar->attrCur.fHitPoints; 1936 // Prefer weak members, otherwise prefer those in melee, 1/X chance of just skipping a guy, so that not everyone heals/buffs the same guy 1937 if (!weakest || rand()%3 && (dHP > weakestdHP || (dHP == weakestdHP && ABS_TIME_SINCE(ENTAI(myowner)->time.wasAttacked) < SEC_TO_ABS(5)))) { 1938 weakest = myowner; 1939 weakestdHP = dHP; 1940 } 1941 } 1942 } 1943 } 1944 return weakest; 1945 } This function consists of 2 main subroutines - one starts at #1845 and ends at #1910 and another starts at #1911 and ends at #1943. First of them searches all targets those need the buff except for the Owner, and another one looks at the Owner. Problem is - the value "weakest" will likely be non-zero at the moment it gets to the second subroutine, and as it's coded now it won't be overwritten thus it results that Owner gets support from the pets from the LAST order, when it should be receiving buff in the FIRST order, otherwise the robots are a junk that worth only recycling. Thea'z "positronic matrix" salvage in game, so robots shud obey laws of robotics, first of which is NOT TO LET THEIR CREATOR BE HURT (2nd is obey the Creator), and only 3rd of which is NOT TO LET THEMSELVES BE HURT. Yet robots those're in game put the 3rd law above the 1st, which's total blastheadness in its crystallic solid form. Interesting to note that according to how it's coded if your character has LOW HP, the robot may prefer shield the character over other pets, you can test it on live, do major injury to yourself, then summon protector bots, they may shield you first at that case. In order to fix it Devs need to swap these subroutine places. In my experimenting on private server it did the trick. Also it's possible to make even stronger assumption, for instance if do this: 1937 if (!weakest || rand()%3 && (dHP > weakestdHP || (dHP == weakestdHP && ABS_TIME_SINCE(ENTAI(myowner)->time.wasAttacked) < SEC_TO_ABS(5)))) { replace to 1937 if (!weakest || (dHP > weakestdHP) || (dHP == weakestdHP) ) { (it's what l have on private server) then the need of buffing the Owner will be stronger, and the other members will be buffed only when they have Higher HP delta (maxHP-currentHP) than the owner (or special effect is unable to be cast onto owner, bots for instance have NOT lost ability to cast shield on other robot after this replacement FYI). If completely skip the string: 1937 if ( true ) { Then the Owner will be buffed/healed even when he (or Nice Beautiful She, or Our Imperial Majesty) has 70% of maximum HP, when there might be teammates with 10 HP and they won't receive the buff/heal that would otherwise save their lives. So it's double edged sword... But what is clear is that it IS a bug that bots cast FF on Owner in the last order, and it IS to be fixed, and it IS to be fixed this instant. It's the Merry Christmas, so letz be nice & fix it now!!! 😊
  21. Has anyone else had issues with Malta Sappers not being credited towards the new running on empty defeat 200 Malta Sappers badge in Ouro arcs? I defeated over 30 in a Black Scorpion arc through Ouro and zero were credited towards the badge.
  22. I went to check which character someone was on, that I was chatting with in a global channel. I clicked their name, hit "Get Local Name", and got back: This persisted for every attempt I did, including for other people. I then manually ran /getlocalname THEIRGLOBALNAME, and it worked. And now, the click option's working, too. Not sure what caused it to break like that, but figured it's worth putting in the bug report, in case it happens to other people.
  23. I'm running CoH 64-bit using Island Rum on Catalina on a 21.5 iMac. Issue is new - within the last 24 hours. Island Rum no longer actually launches the game. It seems to think it is doing so - If I have "Close after game launch" set in the Options menu then pushing the button to launch the game will close Island Rum after a small delay. If "Close after game launch" is off I can tell when it's given up because the green checkmark disappears after a few seconds. No known updates/installations that would have caused this. At one point it opened an Xquartz window that said a default had changed. I didn't write it down at the time and haven't been able to get it to open Xquartz again. I've tried the Re-Scan option - no dice. Can anyone else on 64-bit chime in letting me know if their game is working? And more generally, does anyone have any ideas on getting it running again? It seems likely I'm back to "full uninstall/reinstall" but I'd rather save that for last if there are faster solutions to try out first.
  24. ***Tested on Catalina So I decided to test out dual boxing real quick and ran into an interesting issue. Making sure to have the appropriate setting checked, I double clicked the Play button (because it works that way) and waited for the first one to load. It didn't let me interact right away as I had to manually bring it to focus (it appeared to be waiting for the other instance to fully launch). Finally, it let me login and load an alt. Went to launch my 2nd account and even WITH the window in focus, it won't let me do ANYTHING except click things or delete the contents of the input boxes. It absolutely refused new input. I tried launching them one at a time, no change. I tried launching two different Types of games (Beta, Pre, Live) and That worked fine, even though I clicked them right after another. I then tried launching one account and waited until it was fully in the game before launching a second instance and absolutely no issue. Takeaway: One at a time and WAIT until you get to the Map before launching another instance. Thoughts behind the issue: I 'think' the game/emu doesn't like the same actual file being accessed like this for some reason. The different game type test likely worked because (I believe) they're using separate application files, so less likely to confuse the variables in memory. Again, a guess.
  25. My character, Mara, is a Praetorian. When she reached level 14, Calvin Scott became her active contact. Instead of introducing her to Crow, he gave her his mission arc. It turns out his story arc involves killing Crow. As soon as she accepted Scott's mission, Crow's and Dr. Helix's story arc became inaccessible. I thought I had an easy fix for Mara. I got her level up to 22, ask someone to open Ouroboros Portal. It's not working. The portal said that it rejects her. Come on! I know she has done many dirty/questionable things, but she is level 22. Why would it bar her from entering? Later I realized her supergroup has a Pillar of Ice and Flame. How stupid I am. She ran the story arc, completed her first mission, and then got stuck. Because she is a loyalist, the resistance gate will not open and let her speak with Crow. She didn't have his number at that time. I guess her last option is to ask one of her supergroup members. That member must belong to the resistance group and roughly at the same level as Mara, or higher. Let us imagine this. A loyalist is asking her colleagues if they are a resistance member. If they are, they will bring her into their hideout deep underground. I hope this is going well for her. If anyone has a better solution, please let me know. Thank you.
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