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Found 6 results

  1. Adrenal Booster from the new Experimentation power pool is supposed to provide +special, which includes a bunch of "+strength to..." buffs, like a mini power boost. I can confirm that neither the heal or defense boost works, and I'm willing to bet the entire +special is broken. It's easy to double check by turning on a defense toggle and then hitting Adrenal Booster. No effect on the toggle's defense for the duration of Adrenal Booster. Anyone else able to replicate this? Might be an easy fix for the devs if they notice this thread.
  2. Friends informed me that my energy katana was invisible to them, though I could see it. They only saw it during some attack animations but mostly it was awol and I looked like I was gripping something... else with my hands. Similarly, my rifle has been invisible (even to me) on toons with munitions mastery epic pool (powers like LRM and freeze ray). I've noticed that the water blast colours seem to have been changed in the costume file itself. I had saved customization on two toons, and when I tried to load the files to restore the customization I saw that the saved settings were all water blasts in red. The costume creator has been a little kooky as well, changing ear styles and weapons such as dual pistols. Water blast colour changes were reset to red. Most annoyingly, you have to pay influence to change some of these settings back.
  3. Hi friends, posting about an issue I've had a couple of times on Mac where the audio is broken and begins crackling. In the past I've ridden this out and subsequent updates eventually resolved it; however it is currently still broken for me. For fellow mac users, I figured we can use this thread to provide more debugging information to help devs create a fix for this. System Details: macOS Mojave 10.14.6 2.4GHz Intel COre i7 16 GB RAM Audio Format: 48,000 Hz My strong suspicion is that this may be a wine issue, specifically the file "winecoreaudio.drv" which is the driver for wine. Beyond this I am a bit out of my depth. However, I found a solution that works for the time being for me: 1. Open "Audio Midi Setup" app on your Mac (this should be in utilities, but you can also just use finder) 2. Select "Built-in Input/Output" from the menu on the left in the app 3. Change the Output from 48,000 Hz to 44,100 Hz (48,000 Hz appears to be the Mac default--I checked 3 different Macs) So far I haven't noticed any audio degradation from doing this in game or other applications, but again if anyone else has these issues let me/devs know please! x DK
  4. There seems to be a bug that was introduced last year. When I look at someone else's badges (INFO panel), hovering over them, when the badge enlarges and the name underneath it appears, there seems to be a dark box that appears over the name.
  5. There is a bug with LFG Trials it will not let you queue from that tab to start Cavern of Transcendence the only way is to go to the contact to start the trial it keeps giving errors about team member's saying they are queue when they are not hope it helps
  6. Finally got back around to playing my Kheldians again, and noticed something that produced a ... "Well that's odd..." Currently my Kheldians are still (level locked) at Level 6, so I've got Nova (going Tri-Form of course) ... and ... sometimes I can use the T1 Human Form power in Nova Form ... and sometimes I can't. And even better yet, I think I've found out WHY ... So ... this is a "bug report" that about an "unintended feature" which is actually beneficial (overall) for how the Kheldian plays, but which is explicitly not supposed to work. When you shift to Nova Form and you have your Human Form powers still visible in your trays, you will see that the T1 Human Form power is indeed greyed out, as is intentional by the Homecoming team. This part "works" as intended. However, if you have USED the T1 Human Form power while in Human Form ... and then shift to Nova Form, causing the T1 Human Form power to grey out ... if you've got a keybind to access the T1 Human Form power while in Nova Form ... you CAN USE the T1 Human Form power (when you shouldn't be able to) while in Nova Form. So here's 2 screenshots demonstrating this. Peacebringer Screenshot Warshade Screenshot To be honest, this "bug" (when it can be exploited) makes it a lot easier to play a Kheldian, since it gives Nova Form "enough" power to cycle without any recharge boosting, that I'm honestly of a mind to think that "fixing" it would be something of a shame. Furthermore, although the screenshots do not show it, the T1 Human Form power animates an executes "just fine" while in Nova Form without any animation or game mechanical weirdness. I suspect that what's happening here is a matter of premature optimization involved in the underlying coding produced by Cryptic/Paragon Studios that opened a "hole" in the permissions set which the implementation of Homecoming's adjustment that then permits this specific exploit to operate functionally, as demonstrated. Remember, you need to USE the T1 Human Form power on a particular zone map load (shared world or instanced) before you can use that T1 Human Form power while in Nova Form (when you shouldn't be able to). Once that "permission" is set, apparently it doesn't get rechecked, due to how the permissions get checked (and when) as a result of Form Shifting. Unknown at this time if this specific "bug" in the coding will resolve itself once Dwarf Form is taken (since my Kheldians that I can do this on reliably are only Level 6 as of yet, as you can see in the screenshots).
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