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About Me

  1. Maj

    Farm Build Help

    Looking for some critiquing on this build i had thrown together for fire farming, looking to make a build that doesn't care about how much inf it uses want an expensive build that can comfortably and easily farm well as a tanker, any critiquing and criticism of the build is welcome, not the greatest at doing this <small><code>|&nbsp;Copy&nbsp;&&nbsp;Paste&nbsp;this&nbsp;data&nbsp;into&nbsp;Mids'&nbsp;Reborn&nbsp;:&nbsp;Hero&nbsp;Designer&nbsp;to&nbsp;view&nbsp;the&nbsp;build&nbsp;|<br&nbsp
  2. Looking for a Corruptor Dual Pistol Fire Farming build that can do it comfortably, inf is no issue. just looking for a build that can do it comfortably and is fun
  3. Hi looking to get some help with my build, looking to make it more streamlined for fire farming, looking at making it quicker in the farms and just generally alot better <small><code>|&nbsp;Copy&nbsp;&&nbsp;Paste&nbsp;this&nbsp;data&nbsp;into&nbsp;Mids'&nbsp;Reborn&nbsp;:&nbsp;Hero&nbsp;Designer&nbsp;to&nbsp;view&nbsp;the&nbsp;build&nbsp;|<br&nbsp;/>|-------------------------------------------------------------------|<br />|MxDz;1584;747;1494;HEX;|<br />|78DA65944B4F135114C7
  4. Started playing this Blaster a few weeks ago. Its a lot of fun to play. I've decided I'd like to spend some capital on it. I'm absolutely rubbish at builds and can seem to find a build on the forums that isn't just ranged damage. DM requires a lot of play within melee as does the nuke in the primary. If anyone has one or suggestions it would greatly appreciated. TIA
  5. Expensive is fine, just not good with the numbers and would like to see if anyone has any builds they can share?
  6. Hey all, Played for years but quit a while before it went F2P, am now returning and it's fair to say I've forgotten more than I ever knew about builds and slotting out chars. Can I get some well-deserved criticism on my Earth/Earth/Fire Dom build please? This is supposed to be like a cheap-ass no-purples build hence the lack of them, and I'm fairly unfamilar with the Archetype Sets and what they offer/cost. Not even sure if a cheap build is worth it these days or if influence drops enough to go straight for purple? I feel like I have enough recharge for perm
  7. Been messing with mine and it is just hard to figure out slotting for me, I have respec'd so many times and seem to fail either in end, or soft capping. INF isn't an issue just tired of waiting it on this toon.
  8. Hey forum, I have a strong theme in mind for a scrapper but don't know enough about to the game to make an educated decision about what powersets to run. I have a list of candidate primary and secondary powersets that fit my theme and would like some advice about how the sets would play together and which combinations would perform well. Primary: Claws Street Justice Savage Melee Secondary: Energy Aura Invulnerability Radiation Armor Regeneration Willpower
  9. I have been racking my brain on how to build this. Radiation armor just has too many useful powers. I cant seem to get away from taking the whole set. Could use some help.
  10. Hello I am a player returning from live and just started playing a MA/WP Scrapper for fun. I am currently level 35 and struggling a little on the character planning at this point. I keep questioning my existing decisions and therefore am finding it hard to plan what I should invest in next. (or what I should fix about mistakes I've already done) I am just playing solo for now in case that matters. I barely even remember details from live much less homecoming, so I'm not sure the proper way to slot things (like 6 slotting no longer being a thing, etc) or what powers I should be prioritizin
  11. Hey everyone! Just rolled a new Scrapper and created a build. Don't know alot about making builds so combined some i have seen and feel like I did decent. Would love any tips or changes to improve this character. Looking forward to soloing AVs and other high level content! Thanks! Royal Champion - Scrapper (Katana).mxd
  12. So, I'm looking for a bit of help rebuilding a toon that I used to have as my main for PVE on live. As far as powers go, I'm only really married to the "most common" primaries & secondaries, although for my playstyle Superior Invisibility is pretty important. All the pools including Epic could pretty much be switched up if they'd help, but I REALLY would love to keep teleport. Anyone think they could lend a hand with helping me smooth this out a bit? Edit: I did see my MIDS was woefully out of date, and have updated since. 😉 This Hero build was built using Mids Re
  13. Just made this build for my ss/dark brute, looking for any advice and improvements I can make to it. Thanks in advance. This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Science Brute Primary Power Set: Super Strength Secondary Power Set: Dark Armor Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery Villain Profile: Level 1: Jab -- (A)(3)(3)(5)(5)(7) Level 1: Dark Embrace -- (A)(7)(9)(9)(37) Level 2: Death Shroud -
  14. So I'm usually in controller/defender-land, and wanted to make a foray into the wonderful world of mass destruction. My original character on Live was a D3 (Dark/Dark Def) (before the nerf which made them worse at controlling than most controllers) so Dark holds a special place in my heart. Hence, THIS MONSTROSITY I'm comfortable with the level of defensiveness for everything but Psi, and even then it's just not widespread enough for me to be overly concerned. I've made some weird IO choices that may not be smart, so any advice from longer-term weapons of m
  15. Looking for tips from y'all about this build, because I always feel like I'm missing something. This is a concept build, so I'm only looking to min/max within those parameters. Note the teleport powers: they're placeholders for the new equivalents (Combat Teleport, Fold Space, etc.). I just want a fairly survivable build that packs as much punch as possible. Given that I hate running out of endurance and don't like relying on Ageless, I went for Cardiac Core, but if there's IO choices that can net me some better recovery I'll take it! Let me know any and all thoughts! Villain Plan
  16. Hello fellow HCers. I am going to start a new toon, a Fire controller. The idea is to solo quite a bit but whenever I have the time I also enjoy being useful in teams. I am undecided about the secondaries: /Kin , /Cold , /Dark. Fire/Kin is obviously a possibility, although I've played a Kin Defender till 32 back in the day. Of course, a Kin Defender and a Fire/Kin troller are probably very different in playstyle. /Dark and /Cold are also ideas, although I think that /Cold is not that good of a combo with Fire, especially early on and soloing (every shield woul
  17. Hi folks, been working on my Sonic/Sonic Defender a bit, looking for some feedback! Without any incarnates I've managed: 168% recharge, 45% ranged defense, (36.8% E/N, 22.8% to others) >33% res all, 71.6% s/l res without tough running I'm a little concerned about my recovery, 3.32/s with about 1.71/s drained with everything I need running. I'm also unsure of which Incarnates to take, Cardiac seems to be a good fit, what are your thoughts about Destiny? And finally, I'm not sure I've made the most of my attack powerset. Whe
  18. Hi gang, I just downloaded Mids Reborn to attempt to make a SavageMelee/Willpower Brute build for my main and I am so overwhelmed, I don’t even know where to start. On live, I never played with set bonuses, ect. (hell, I never made it past level 30, my alt-its was strong) and I don’t know what to do... If anyone was a SavageMelee/Willpower Brute Build that I can see, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
  19. Maj

    Build Help

    Hey looking for help/ a full build for a solo electric/storm/elec mu controller that will be able to solo content well but also play and run in tf's and other general mission content on the game, influence is not an issue, just looking for a build that can solo well and also help in tfs, any help is appreciated.
  20. Maj

    Help wanted

    looking to make an alternative/ fun farmer that is good for solo farms and also following another farmer looking at making a dark melee/fire aura brute, any and all help is appreciated and yes i understand it won't be as fast as a spines or rad fire, but already have a rad fire want something different. want to try. i want to try and make it as efficient and good for solo fire farming Version 1: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1512&c=685&a=1370&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594D94F135114C66798A940A13B8502B2D52208525A40E39610156B549A9098F85A471961A429A4
  21. Maj

    Help wanted

    looking to make an alternative/ fun farmer that is good for solo farms and also following another farmer looking at making a dark melee/fire aura brute, any and all help is appreciated and yes i understand it won't be as fast as a spines or rad fire, but already have a rad fire want something different. want to try. i want to try and make it as efficient and good for solo fire farming Version 1: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1512&c=685&a=1370&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594D94F135114C66798A940A13B8502B2D52208525A40E39610156B549A9098F85A471961A429A4
  22. Hey guys, rolling a Brute. The stats say I have a decent thing going here, but I beseech ye build experts for any tips. Still new at this y'see. The character is not a farming character - it's built for concept more than anything. Let me know your guys' thoughts and if I'm missing anything or can slot something better than I already have. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Hellscaper: Level 50 Magic Brute Primary Power Set: Stone Melee Secondary Power Set: Fiery
  23. Disclaimer: I don't play many squishies, but I'm working on it! Just started this new guy and, given the above, want to make sure I have a clear plan before I really get into it. I cobbled this build together from a few different posts. It hits Ranged/E/N softcaps, S/L rescap (and juuuust misses E rescap). Hasten is a couple seconds off perma without Alpha; Heat Loss & Benumb are a little further away but still close (close enough?). I'm concerned my end use and recovery are too close together & will be unsustainable. I am NOT overly concerned about damage (tho
  24. Hi all, I was hoping to get some tips on how to improve my build (see below). Right now, I have perma Hasten and 50% defense to melee, ranged, and AoE. What I'm looking for is to boost my damage output and trim some of the unnecessary powers in order to maybe fit in Netherworld Grasp and maybe Hover/Fly/Afterburner (Hover for an extra defense IO slot, Fly and Afterburner are optional). Thank you in advance for the feedback. Please note that the 2 empty slots in Enduring are slotted with Power Transfer: Change to Heal Self and Synapse's Shock: End Mod/Increased Run Speed
  25. Hello everyone! I'm trying to dip my feet into Dominator again and I would really appreciate my build getting a once over from people who know more than I do. I managed to soft-cap S/L/E and get PermaDom without Hasten. I didn't enjoy how Endurance hungry my other Dom was with Perma hasten. I felt like I was constantly out of Endurance, even with the Cardiac alpha. So I decided to try and forgo Hasten completely and I'm pretty satisfied with the results! Also since I am going without Hasten, Ageless shouldn't feel as necessary for the build to function. Though I may be
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