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Found 13 results

  1. So I saw the mega-thread had some Nin/Nin builds, but I think they're all from before the Teleport rework. Does anyone have a Ninja Blade / Ninjutsu stalker build that uses Teleportation? Would be even cooler if it had Weapon Mastery.
  2. This build was the first one I made upon returning in 2019 and was an awesome experience to level/main. I primarily use it as my Crafter, but I would like to get it in a better place than it is currently (basic IOs) Currently running everything from Necro minus the attacks, Everything from Kin minus Repel, Leadership (Man, Assault, Tactics, Venge), Stealth, TP Target, and Everything from Soul Mastery minus Night Fall. All slots are basic IOs except for 6-slot Zombies/Knights with the two full ATOs in them. I am not object to changing things up fully to play a more involved characte
  3. Happy Tuesday, Paragon! Let me start by saying that I've yet to fully play and keep any type of Scrapper for very long. I'm a big fan of the Energy Aura set and this was the final AT that I needed to test them all (Kin/EnA Stalker, NRG/EnA Sentinel, Savage/EnA Brute so far), so I'm fairly decent and comfortable slotting/using it. I usually take the entire set except for Overload, but I do appreciate it for being another LotG mule and a hefty "Oh Crap!" button. I'm mostly looking for ideas with Psi Melee. I've searched through the forums and the general consensus is to t
  4. Hello Brute Community! I'm wondering if anyone has tried out the new Energy Melee paired with Bio? From what I hear it would be a very good and damaging (single target at least) combo. I have very limited experience / knowledge on both, so I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share there experience. What are the limitations of the combo? Any thoughts on why most ppl seem to be opting for Energy Armor or Willpower with it? Any build advice or build shares that could be provided? (I'd like to be a wrecking ball that is still tough, but when it comes do
  5. Hello Scrapper Community! I have a concept for a Dark Melee / Shield villain, but I'm unsure of how to build it and hoping you can help. I'm going to be duo'ing with a buddy of mine on the way to 50. We plan to lvl them completely on the villain side, though they may freelance once 50. One thing I'd like to have is the ability to stealth through missions as we plan to be able skip things when we want. Wondering if anyone who has experience can share their build and any advice?
  6. Hey guys, looking for a Rad/Rad build that can handle any content with good res and def. Price isn't an issue. Thanks,
  7. So I stuck with the Staff primary despite that long taunt animation and I'm struggling reallllly hard on a build for this guy. It looks like Both Rad and Staff can justify picking every darn power. In my opinion, you can either leave out precise strike or serpent's reach but need everything else. Regarding Rad armor, I think everything has value except maybe meltdown if you are already tough enough. Anyone up for some charity work to showcase a sturdy Rad Armor/Staff build? I think foregoing an epic power pool is the play here so I can still get tough/weave, hasten, combat jumping,
  8. Anybody have, or can come up with, a softcapped build for Sonic/MM? Would like to try Blapping, if that works with Sonic/MM, but am fine doing standard ranged Blasting if not. Inf is not an issue. I could try to work on a build myself, but I have no clue which powers in either set are good and which are skippable, so any info regarding that would work, too! Thanks in advance!
  9. So yeah, I know Energy Melee is in desperate need of tweaking (which may be coming soon, fingers crossed!), but I'm a slave to the thematic first, stats second. Funnily (or perhaps predictably) enough, that mega-build post someone was kind enough to put up had only ONE build for an Energy/Energy Brute! Thankfully it was at least a flier, which also went well for my concept. The build I've got now is pretty durable against anything other than Psi or Toxic, but doesn't have Taunt. As a result, the lack of any way of getting the attention of crowds reliably (no Punchvoke, only Pokevoke on one
  10. Anyone have suggestion for an earth/thorny assault/fire build? I"m not 100% sold on fire for the epic pool. I'm really aiming for permadom. Haven't been using travel powers because of his concept. Not worried about money because I have farmer friends 🙂
  11. Does anyone have, or is willing to make, a build for a psi/elec stalker? If not, which powers are good, which are skippable, in each powerset? (Goals would be softcapped defenses, decent AoE, but still ST focused. Nothing out of the ordinary. :))
  12. Anybody have, or is willing to make, a Fire/Thorny Dom build? I don't know Doms very well, and have found very little info regarding Fire/Thorny. =/
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