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Found 3 results

  1. There are lots of new and returning players who weren't around with the game all the way till sunset, and many of them have questions about when things happened and whether things are SCORE additions or were added after they stopped playing. So I thought I'd make a (not so) short list of all the big features and changes that came with each issue. I know I probably missed a lot (like Paragon Market items that aren't given patch notes), so please feel free to let me know if something is missing and you think it's significant enough to add a bullet point for.
  2. 1. Stone Armor Make rooted NOT slowing character, and NOT disabling sprints, flight, jump other travel powers. Generally when l first met Stone Armor characters/descriptions (before reading detailed descriptions) l was under impression that Rooted is just Mez protection power any defense powerset has, without horrible disadvantages. l understand that Granite Armor slows character seriously, but its overprotection justifies that. Rooted stats (except for self-slow) looks like an usual Mez-protection power, it's NOT move powerful than any other mez protection of any other set. So yet no other mez-protection gets self debuff, but Rooted has. This leads that any Stone Armor tank is forced to play in a fortress style, with Granite Armor with amazing defenses, but only tiny lil' capabilities to move (or use Teleport), and renders most of Stone Armor powers useless or some IO mules. That's such a waste for all that awesome Visual effects Stone Armor powers have (Rock Armor, Brimstone Armor, Crystal Armor, Minerals)! Yet they are never to be shown, as players are tecnically forced to play Granite fortresses. To play with other Stone Armor armors (non-Granite) is NOT an option right now, as Rooted will slow you anyway, and you CANNOT skip Rooted because tank CANNOT go without mez protection, and there is NO mez protections in the set except for Rooted power. Suggestion: 1. Remove all Slows/Travel Disables from ROOTED. Add the slow that is usually granted by Rooted to the Granite Armor (so its overall speed is not getting buffed, but l don't suggest nerfing any if its stats/capabilities either). Maybe (on dev flavor) make it so, that some bonuses from Rooted are granted only when character touches ground (like Electric Armor's Grounded power), but it's on designers' choice. Example: +50% regen Rooted grants always, and other +50% regen only when character is near the ground (this will cover most cases anyway). Also Granite Armor may get extra looks (e.g. Sardonyx Crystallic, tawny-colored etc...). 2. Assault Rifle/Mercenaries These powersets are generally considered to be very weak. They deal very little base damage, and damage type is Lethal, that gets resisted by many enemies seriously. Once l came up with an idea, that it should get a mechanic that would help with that and be theme fitting at the same time. It's Armor Piercing mechanic. Theme wise, isn't it, rifles really were designed to be able to pierce enemy's armor. That's why having it in game would both add extra impression of the set and boost its usefull ness. And l can imagine it would work without necessity to remake current game engine in a following way. Let's look at example of Slug Assault Rifle power. Currently it does: XX.XX lethal damage on target 25.00%% chance for X.XX magnitude knock on target But how to make it so it would partially ignore enemy's resistance to Lethal damage? Previously there was one bugged effect with enemy's pet Tar Patches, that its -RES effect was Unresistable, resulting bigger -RES effect that it's intended to be. But what if make that Intentional effect for the new Assault Rifle/Mercenaries attacks? Let's see what the new Slug would look like: -30.00%% resistance to lethal damage for 0.50s on target Ignores buffs and enhancements unresistable XX.XX lethal damage on target after 0.25s delay 25.00% chance for X.XX magnitude knock on target after 0.25s delay Making it 0.25 ensures that it will last only couple of time frames and the damage will be applied exactly within that frame when -RES is applied. What would it do at all? Letz imagine you're attacking an enemy with 0% innate Lethal resistance. -RES that applied by Armor Piercing mechanic will make its lethal resistance -30% total, which would make total multiplier of applied damage x1.3 of normal. Now letz imagine we're attacking an enemy, that has 70% resistance to lethal damage (it's what Reichsman has, without his Unstoppable buff he casts at low HP). Because -RES is unresistable, it won't get lowered with Reichsman's innate -RES and won't become 9%. It will stay 30%. And after the subtraction total enemy's resistance will become 40%. That means you will do 60% of listed Lethal damage to the enemy. While without Armor Piercing debuff you would deal only 30% of listed lethal damage. And that makes Armor Piercing mechanic deal damage x2.0 of normal!!! That's why the damage, new Assault Rifle would do would be more effective on enemies with high Lethal Resistance, rather with low Lethal Resistance and effectively reduce effectiveness of their armor. Which is why it's called "Armor Piercing"! Naturally base damage Assault Rifle deals needs to be reduced accordingly, maybe not by 30%, but by about 20%, so it won't become OP. To stay same it needs to be reduced by 1-1/1.3≈0.23%, but it would use some buff, and as you attack mostly level 54 enemies, those are +3 level higher than you (u've level shift +1 from Alpha incarnate in most content) the debuff effectivenesses are usually 0.67%. But IIRC it does NOT apply to unresistable effects, and there's also other flag for that - ignore Level Difference, and yeah don't forget about "Ignore Level Difference" flag for Armor Piercing mechanic. This new mechanic also would have an extra effect that if the 2 or more Armor Piercings occur at the same time frame the attack power will be SIGNIFICANTLY boosted. But lMO that would be not fixed or changed somehow, but compose the extra flawor of the set. It's like - the subsequent bullet hits an enemy in the spot where previous one already had pierced enemy's armor. Naturally that hit will hurt alot more. Burst would become single hit attack, instead of multi-hit, while Full Auto grant unresistable -RES to lethal damage for the whole its duration, as it's the Nuke after all. Mercenary's Rifle and SMG attacks would get these effects as well. As an alternative or addition to the effect, Assault Rifle power may grant a "power" on its target called "Armor Pierced" (+Floating Text). The power "Armor Pierced" would grant its owner unresistable -XX.XX%% resistance to lethal damage as well, and be short-lasting (last 5 seconds or so), but naturally no more than one of that effect from any source could be applied to the target.
  3. Any possibility we may see the addition of a real trade channel to our chat windows? We have "request," but it's barely used. Only time I see it used is during Hamidon raids. I'd like to sell some items sooner than later while providing a discount and avoiding the auction house fees. Bump this thread if you'd like a real trade channel. 🙂
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