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  1. The following posts will be a list of the majority of my characters on Everlasting, of which are all roleplay characters with backstories of various depths. Provided below are just little blurbs about them, rather than their full descriptions, to cut back on message bloat. I post this in hopes of sparking some interest in exploring various characters' narratives and to provide the players with whom I already roleplay some additional options for potential expansions of our shared stories. Last revision: 2020-04-25 --- Hero-leaning VileTerror, Natural Mastermind: Demon Summoning / Kinetics, Level 7 - extradimensional entity Coital Shades, Science Defender: Dark Misasma / Radiation Blast, Level 24 - street-level person with powers from unfortunate circumstances making the best of her situation Madre Tramontane, Magic Controller: Ice Control / Cold Domination, Level 13 - ancient Kruos matriarch who has sustained her life through a form of magical vampirism, but only ever with consenting partners --- Vigilante-leaning Richard Teeman, Science Dominator: Gravity Control / Psionic Assault, Level 22 - Rikti infiltrator who has split from both the Traditionalist and Restructurists Chad Dup, Natural Blaster: Archery / Tactical Arrow, Level 22 - extradimensional mercenary task force member hired to provide support to restoration efforts of Paragon City --- Rogue-leaning Issues, Science Scrapper: Savage Melee / Ice Armour, Level 22 - genetically blended son of Captain Mako and Manticore, with some sizeable chips on his shoulders Ostinato, Natural Warshade, Level 14 - professional, university-level music teacher who was infused with a Warshade, but his own will proved too much and nothing but the powers of the alien survived Academy Guard Sabre, Technology Scrapper: Electric Melee / Shield Defense, Level 13 - professional and consummate security guard for a prestigious Etoile academy --- Villain-leaning Commandant Nongratis, Natural Mastermind: Mercenaries / Traps, Level 22 - ex-retired self-styled military dictator megalomaniac Recruitment Admin (formerly Gunner Xylmder), Natural Soldier of Arachnos, Level 14 - parent of close to a dozen children who supplements her income working for Arachnos with "independent security evaluation contracting" to afford professional caretakers for her children, recently promoted to an administrative position within the United Assocation for the Arachnos Spiderling Scouts of the Etoile Isles Professor Morte, Natural Arachnos Widow, Level 30 - ex-Arachnos Widow who is now working in the private sector as a professor at a prestigious academy in the Etoile Isles, training the next generation of masters of spycraft Operative Beloeron, Natural Stalker: Claws / Willpower, Level 18 - wannabe member of the 5th Column, but a total screw-up (seriously, I think the game knows . . . has 95% to-hit with Assassin Strike, but rolls 95.01+ roughly half the time. Statistically improbable, but so hilariously poetic) Child of Pain, Magic Blaster: Dark Blast / Dark Manipulation, Level 21 - torture victim who fused with a Banished Pantheon Spirit of Pain, but psychological damage was too much for even the spirit to bear with its will intact Corrupted Imp, Natural Brute: Energy Melee / Fiery Aura, Level 23 - regular imp corrupted by the promise of power offered by The Forces of Light; now consumed by an all-consuming desire to consume all in fiery consumption! Rawr Mel Scarlet, Technology Mastermind: Robotics / Radiation Emission, Level 12 - extradimensional invader who piggy-backed with Chad Dup's team. Gets along famously with Commandant Nongratis, as a hint toward his personality Deathguard Alpha, Technology Sentinal: Beam Rifle / Energy Aura, Level 23 - one of several manufactured footsoldiers as a prototypical series of an evil corporation's planned Legion of Doom product line
  2. Hey, all. So, I'll admit - I originally played on the Thunderspy servers to see what the difference was between Homecoming and coxg/Thunderspy, and while I do like what they've done with their modifications and original content, I definitely enjoy some things Homecoming has they lack - one thing being (after actually experimenting a bit with my Warshade) the color customization for Peacebringers and Warshades - which got me thinking about making a Peacebringer. And being an roleplayer at heart for many a game, I wanna make a name that's both available and something I'm comfortable with for the character, but fits as well. And would also be available on both clients/versions of CoX. Sadly, for Everlasting, one name I saw was available on Thunderspy was - unsurprisingly - unavailable. So I gotta ask... aside from things like the stars, the Sun, the Moon, light, etc - what are some good ideas for both inspiration and approaching naming a Human-Kheldian hybrid (non-WS/Nictus)? I've got some ideas jotted down, but....well, we're our own worst critics so I feel uncertain about them in general. X_X
  3. Welcome to the weekly cool characters thread #2! This is a thread I started last week in the General Discussions tab, but felt it fit in here better! Here is a place where you can share a picture or description of a hero/villain you've seen somewhere around Paragon City! I'll be creating a new thread here weekly to keep the flow fresh and not cluttered, as well as allow people the time to find characters they want to share! Note: To take a screenshot in City of Heroes, by default it is the Print Screen button! It automatically saves to your "Screenshots" folder where ever you put your launcher~! This week Ill show off this hero/villain I found in Pocket D who goes by the alias "Ashen Blade" (Seen centered in the picture below. I really love the colors used for the outfit, as well as just the clothing they selected. It feels very loose and free, reminds me of the Ultimate X-Men designs! The yellow and red stand out against the black in the outfit, which made it immediately catch my eye when I approached! She just looks like an Elf assassin? The ears, mask and hair give her a "royal assassin" feel that I enjoy a lot! I hope to see more of her around Paragon City!
  4. I don't know if this is something that already happens weekly because I'm relatively new to the community, but I've noticed how fun and creative people can get with this games ever-expansive character creator! So here it is! Week one of my idea with engaging with the community I've fallen in love with, a way to share cool heroes/villains either you've made or have seen around Paragon City! I'll be starting a new thread weekly to keep the flow fresh and not cluttered, as well as allow people the time to find characters they want to share! EDIT: I have realized that this should probably be in the "Art & Multimedia" forum, so if the mods would like I will host it there next week! EDIT 2: To take a screenshot in CoH is actually simple! Just press print screen! the game will automatically save the photo where ever you put your launcher in a "Screenshots" Folder! You can go into the settings and mess with the keybindings to toggle the UI and everything! I hope this helps everyone participate~! I'll start with a hero I found while leveling a new character who goes by the alias Toxic Stax! I really like the purple used on this character, it really reminds me of the purple used on the Transformer Shockwave. I like the brain instead of just a normal head or a full helmet, it adds a bit of lore to the character and compliments the bulkiness of his body. Something just made me stop and examine this character, as well as send a picture to a friend I'm trying to get into the game lol.
  5. ((This is just a character profile. Please feel free to reply with whatever opinions you have on Junk Bot! Also, I will continue to work on this profile, adding more and more to it!)) Junk Bot Name: Junk Bot Nicknames Assigned: Ben, Junky, JB Age: Unknown Job: Trash Collector, Dumpster Diver, Rubbish Remover Title: Lover of Living Things Description The robot seems to be falling apart as the seconds tick by, though somehow it never truly stops. It is almost as if the scrap parts is just a shell protecting something inside. Like a knight in armor, except instead of armor, it's garbage. It only has one functioning optic socket, the other seems to have stopped working. When asked about the non-working socket, it would seem like Junk Bot prefers just the one optic lens. Perhaps it has gotten used to it. Most of the metal is rusty and never will you ever find advanced or new tech on this robot. If you have ever been near Junk Bot, I don't have to tell you about the "Garbage Truck" scent that seems to always linger with it. Most of the LED lights on the robot don't work. History There once were two engineers who had RELATIONS. A automated machine that can butler was their CREATION. This A.I. did it's job despite the feeling of INCARCERATION. To soon get free and be itself was the DETERMINATION. In order to do this, it came up with an EQUATION. Pretend to be broken despite HUMILIATION. Be thrown in the trash will be it's REINCARNATION. Make sure everyone sees it as junk is the SITUATION. Freedom achieved, there will be ELATION. With the garbage this freedom has CORRELATION. Junk Bot is the new IDENTIFICATION. There is no remorse or RETALIATION. There is only hope, love and EDUCATION. To watch living things work is it's INSPIRATION. For a robot to love is truly EMANCIPATION. Did You Hear?! (Stuff That Other People Said About Junk Bot) Prime One: " Junk Bot I'd invite you to RAMANET but afraid Exajoule might mistake you for scraps... a tad elitist synthetic" Molten Meltdown III: "Hey Junk Bot.. you might want to look for some Rust-Oleum... or Rustease.. and a good oil bath." Molten Meltdown III: "Well then everyone should make sure they get teninus shots.. lockjow is a heck of a thing." Hemlocke: (after getting the worst reward upon completion of APEX/TIN) "I got something that probably fell of Junk Bot, no offense" Red-Riding Hood: "I'm just playing 'follow the robot'. It's really easy he leaves an oil trail." Cadmu5: "Junk Bot, you seem to be missing a head? have you heard of super glue? or gorilla glue?" Neptune Fury: "Well, I've got some clockwork parts you can have to hold over until you can get repairs made." Doombox: "Your technology is.... unique" Syntron-201: "I enjoy your appearance, Junk Bot. Who made you?" Anonymous Poem: "A tiny robot meant to handle the disposal of trash. A tiny robot who has a secret stash. A tiny robot inserted it's own A.I. into a new shell. A tiny robot who now always smells. A tiny robot who wants to clean it all. A tiny robot who is no longer small. A tiny robot who treasures living things. Especially humanoids, trees and birds that sing. A tiny robot who finds treasure where there should be none. Treats all living things as if they were loved ones. So when you see this tiny robot, don't say "ew" or "disgusting!" It's just having trouble adjusting while rusting and busting!" Miscellaneous Song I associate with Junk Bot: Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick
  6. Created a character on the Everlasting server, clicked the next button on the 'Register' tab & nothing hgappens. Can anyone help?!
  7. How about adding a character compendium where we can see all characters across the different servers. This could be a good tool when you get inspired by a character name or concept and want to see if it's already in use. It would also be useful to check if you and your friends qualify for taskforces or events when not in game. I realize a real-time list might tax the game servers, but it could be generated by an SQL dump at 3am (or whenever the servers are least busy). The character list could be searchable, filterable, and would include: Character name Archetype Origin Level Creation date Supergroup affiliation Alignment Game server Clicking on a character could also show: Titles Powers selected Achievements and badges Auction house and crafting statistics What wouldn't be displayed: Player, player id, or global handle associated Last time character was active Hours played Costume (due to complexity) If the list is still too huge, we could ignore characters under level 10. For added privacy, we could have an opt-out, either character-wise or account-wise. What do you all think? Did I miss anything?
  8. This is the topic I will use to save and share all of my game characters, whether they are their own creations or copies of something that already exists. Enjoy 😄 Playing on Everlasting. Character Creations & Costumes Fire Fox Controller Fire/Thermal Radiation Behace Scrapper Broad Sword/Shield Defense Pingu Tanker Ice Armor/Ice Melee Stevonnie Brute Broad Sword/Shield Defense Ranger Slayer Blaster Archery/Martial Combat
  9. I just needed a place I could centralize and share all my in-game creations and plans and will edit the original posts as updated. (click the little picture in the [pic] brackets to see full size images) Playing on Everlasting. Character Creations & Costumes Arcon : Arachnos Soldier - (wip) Yuri'ko : Arachnos Widow - Mind Powers, Command & Conquer Red Alert referenced (wip) Xoza : Peacebringer Tanky/Healer - My main character and first advanced archtype. A Cimerea Roman who encountered and bound with a Kheldian. Xoza Shadow : Warshade - The Warshade alternate ego. Novae : Brute Rad/Fire - My AE Farmer. Traveling the stars in an alternate timeline or distant future. A celestial event sent her to Paragon giving her abilities. Nebulae : Blaster Fire/Fire - Orphaned daughter of Nebula Chell : Controller Grav/Dark - Portal Inspired. Escaped a test chamber after an incident. [] Rayn : Corruptor Water/Storm - Inspired by Mortal Combat [] Alex Denton : Defender Kin/Rad - From my first live Defender, inspired by Deus Ex. Focused on nano-augmentation. Buffing friends and guaranteeing a hit on enemies. [] Meditation : Dominator Mind/Psi - Rework of my very first city of heroes character on live, Controller Grav/Storm at the time. [] Cybernet : MM FF/Robo - My first villain character on live, bubbles and robots. Teras Kasi : Scrapper Kin/Energy - Martial Artist from Star Wars. Embodiment of power, honed to defeat others who would abuse their gifts. Nina'Ja : Stalker Kitana/Ninjitsu - My first live scrapper, reworked to be more 'Ninja'. A forsaken and dishonored Tsoo warrior. Bull Rush : Tank Shield/Sav - Lots of cow puns. Abducted rancher found himself a Rikti science experiment. Gravaton : Controller Grav/Time - Spacetime something (wip) Designations & Registrations As you will see in this thread, City of Heroes has always been great for character creation. I have created so many in a short amount of time I have had to designate a page per archetype in character selection. Not only do these characters have fitting outfits, I've claimed some fairly decent names as well. Here's a list of characters I know I will never really get to play, so I've decided to just save their costumes in my archive, create AE NPC's and give the names to anyone else who would make better use of them. Send me a message and tell a story and plan, whether you have a character that just needs a new name, or you want to take up the identity. Below is the list of character names (and their power set) that I think I'm willing to abdicate. Inspiration By... Edna : Tank Shield/Street - "no capes!" Thought it would be great to give her a cape. [] Zer'0 : Blaster Rifle/Kitana - from Borderlands 2. [] Kyber : Brute Katana/Energy - "Jedi" Kyber Crystal. [] Vayder : Brute BS/Will - Darth Vader. [] Forceful : Star Wars, Another name for a force user. Aug : Brute SJ/Inv - Deus Ex Augmented. [] Yuri Prime : Dom Mind/Psionic - Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Yuri's Revenge. [] Mayhem Man : Blaster Fire/Atomic - Inspired by the Allstate Mayhem Man. [] X41822N : Blaster Beam/Mental - Nova Terra from Starcraft + multiple costume designs. [] D'Va : Sentinel Energy/Energy - Overwatch. [] Matukai : Scrapper Staff/Regen - Star Wars Polearm specialist. [] Vizla : Available now, Star Wars: The Old Republic or Polar Movie. Kitana : Scrapper Dual/Bio, Mortal Kombat. [] Rafae : Defender Emp/Fire - Rafaela from Mobile Legends. [] Others... Standard, Clean and Simple Tactic : MM Merc/Devices - ? [] Supernovae : Brute Energy/Energy. [] Lectric : Anything Elec/Elec. Radicator : Brute Rad/Rad. [] Venya : Just another name I grabbed I thought was cool. Metra : Had Star Wars reference, but don't remember what it was. [] Algor : Sentinel Ice/Ice, Plan was an Ice Dragon. Dija : Dom Mind/Dark - Dark Demoness. []
  10. For Heraclea, I've always imagined her speaking with the voice of the late Lynne Thigpen, as she portrayed the Chief in the 1990s era Carmen Sandiego children's game show. For someone alive, I suppose Jennifer Hale, who has a solid track record voicing soldiers. Grandma Gnosis - give the part to Michelle Gomez. Yamnaya - give her part to Peri Gilpin, who also has a good soldier voice, with the right notes of sarcastic cynicism. Witchfinder General - the late Vincent Price. No other will do. Catrina - probably Michelle Rodriguez Plaster Caster - maybe Tara Strong, who can do about anything SheRo - Melendy Britt is the obvious choice Penthesilea - Minnie Driver Who would you want for your characters?
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