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  1. Hey gang, we're back for more adventures with Elle! If you didn't catch Issue 1, it is complete here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/35565-legion-six-comic-issue-1-complete/ You can catch Elle on the Everlasting server as LGN-06, and I'll try to update the comic panels below when I have time. Enjoy!
  2. Hey gang, this is a whimsical experiment in introducing my main RP char, LGN-06, in her own words. No idea if I'll do anything more with it, but hope you enjoy! And you can catch Elle on the Everlasting server as LGN-06, always happy to meet new folks
  3. <Comic is currently on hiatus as I grow into my role as a Homecoming content developer and balance my workloads, processes, and time allocation. It is a project I hope to circle back to once I'm in a better position to fulfill my vision without compromising in other areas of my work.> THIS COMIC IS UNAFFILIATED WITH HOMECOMING. It is an independent and personal passion project of mine. Hello! As a player, many of you know me as Lady Nayreia of the Everlasting server! I have a City of Heroes fan webcomic I do called Fragmentary Veritas; I figured I'd share it here, as a relevant place to do so and centralize updates. This Rogue Isle refugee was rescued at a young age by hero mercenaries; Even so, Nayreia never cared much for the superhero world but it was a world determined to ensnare her; Trapped in a web of treachery spun before she was born, she continues to find herself under attack from super villains she's never met who all claim to know her. Despite this, she endeavors to shine light on the shadows of her past while claiming the strength to fight and carve out her place to belong... Original character story based in the City of Heroes universe; Narrative influenced by in-game roleplaying and player community interaction; This comic is a living project of bringing my character's writing to life and chronicling their journey. http://fragmentaryveritas.com Always open to thoughts and opinions! 😄 Thanks for your time! Hope to see you in the City! -Nayreia
  4. Recently I stumbled on ALL the Comic Books released from the Promo until i12.. 2002-2008... I have them in Vol 1(12) and Vol 2(20), the Promo release from 2002 and when Manticore got Hitched... All free to download, in PDF/ePub with JPG Covers on My GDrive.. Oh this wedding... It ALL Began Here.... And Ended here....
  5. Finally got my last issue from the US today to complete my collection of physical issues. That was a fun year collecting those. Now to break them and give them a good read. Happy Christmas me 😋
  6. Hey all, I'm new here. And already love the community. This place is great! Figured while I am here I may as well also advertise my webcomic! It's called... "A grief stricken young woman discovers inner strength and kicks ass in a modern-day monster-filled fantasy reality!" I'm inspired by One Piece, Pokemon, Godzilla, and kung fu films; for reference. It's all on www.phantasos.ca (For anyone having trouble, here is a direct link, though eventually my url will be the the above proper. https://phantasoscom.wordpress.com/ ) Still working on the site. Not really my forte... The comic is updated Mondays and Fridays!
  7. https://discord.gg/9hsDa38 PARAGON COMICS! An all-new ACTION PACKED comic book roleplay initiative on the Everlasting server! Harking back to an era of printing-press weekly issues, PARAGON COMICS aims to provide a home for spandex-clad heroes and villains. Roleplay as your own characters, help others create their own heroes and villains, or work together to create server-wide plotlines for all to enjoy. The possibilities are endless! Many writers are already there, working together to bring the roleplay community back to its roots. BUT THEY CAN'T DO IT ALONE! Join today to be part of something new, exciting and bigger than all of us! https://discord.gg/9hsDa38
  8. Greetings Everyone! Due to complaints of Content Violation, the Bloody Rainbow Comic Con Fire Farm was banned on September 28th. I was able to republish it with some basic AE critters I had available. However, no GM had actually taken action against it, but instead, discovered an auto-ban within the AE system when complaints would reach a certain number. With this brought to light, it enabled the GM Team to make adjustments to this Auto-ban. But after a discussion, it was decided to err on the side of caution and discontinue the Cosplayers to prevent any legal actions. This allowed me to get creative and come up with a solution. What made the Comic Con Farms so popular, other than the great rewards and alternative gameplay, was recognizable costumes. So to keep that theme and make it more personal to the community, I’ve decided to open it up for everyone's characters and names. The missions will be made up of all of us - our community. I am accepting multiple submissions at the moment, but realize I may have to cut it down at some point. So send me your main character, or your most beloved character, or just the character your friends know you by, and I'll add it to the AE Mission. If you want to be added, send me: Character.Costume File* The name you want – Character or Global Body Type How to contact me: Discord - @Brigg#4571 - This is the easiest for me to manage. Facebook - Robert Jasso - Messenger can be weird, but still doable. You can search for Brigg as well, and I should still pop up. Homecomingservers.com - You can Private Message me your Character.costume file and info here as well *To get your costume file, it's very simple. You'll first need a saved version of it. If you've never saved it, go to a Trainer, Icon Employee, Surgeon, or Trina the Body Sculptress in Pocket D, select the costume you want to save, and in the Tailor Tab (the main costume edit tab), click the save button under the color palette. Your player name is usually the most ideal choice. Next you'll need to go to your Costume folder inside of your Tequila folder. This may be different for some of you, but there's a super simple way to find out exactly where this location is. Simply open the Tequila Launcher and click on the Options button in the bottom right. A popup window will show "Install Path" just above center left. This is where you'll find your Costume Folder and your file. If you saved it as SuperJoe, the file will be SuperJoe.costume. Locate me via Discord, Facebook, or PM me here, drag & drop the file or use the browse option to locate the file to upload it to the message window. Be sure to add the Character Name and Body Type. Body Type just makes my life a tad bit simpler, but not crucial. Remember: I'm asking for the Body Type, not gender. Having the correct Body Type enables I don't have to go back and fix it - which resets the costume to random risking I upload it with your Character name and some hideous random costume with puke-green skin tone, ruffles, monster legs, and a hot pink scaly tale. Apologies if that's your costume. But let's be honest. You chose that outfit for that reason. 😛 This is something I wanted to extend to the whole community. Not just people who use AE. This is for everyone who wants to participate. Here's all the Players I've added! 13th Stranger Doom Lalani Red Radiance Abraxus Dynomight Lambda Lad Redlynne Aceaer Electra Outlaw Laure Reverse Cowgirl Aerial Assault Elemental Charge Learath Riot Siren Agent Kiski Elsbeth Liberty Star Rocket-Cat Agent R22 Eme Lifeshadow Rook Knight Amber Gypsy Emodied Phoenix LightningSmurf Rufus American Eagle Ephyria Little Claw Ruiner Ametrine Erick Luminus Sabre Tooth Anarchtica Ese Luna Cee Sammy Angelic Fire EverStryke (2) Lycon Schnauzer Apocalypso Dancing Evisceratude Maelstrom Finale' Scothail AR1-GAT0 Extremity Magento Scry Me a River Artphobia Eye P Freelea Magic Librarian Sealdy ATAK Fairy Kisses Pink Magus Rauch SeerPhoenix Ath Ferret MAH ShadowPhoenix Athanatos Fever Blaze MakaniNE Shipwreck Atom's Champion Fire OG Malfeasance Shot Into the Sun Atomic Sausage Florence Fightingale Mama on a Mission SinnerSaint Auren Force* Medieval Warrior Skunk Man Autumnal Fox Meta Clone Small Business Man Avonai Creed Freezietude Mightion Snot-Shot Azazela FrierFly Mikha Soul of Saturn Bending Waves Fuji Yama Miko Sovera Big Booty Judy Fuzzy Yum Yum MindPsy Spanky the Loveclown Big Money Hustla Gahd Miss Backdraft Sparks McGee Bionic Flea Gamma Ray Girl Miss Mistakke Spiderbite Black Eclipse Ghetto-Blaster Mister Ice Guy Spinestorm Blood Stark Glamoure Mitternacht Star Fyer BobbyQ Glyphica Molecule Man Stonewall Boiler Gravitating Girl Mr Bear Sunder Arcana Boom Shocka Bee Gravitude Mr. D. Bringer Sunfist Bovine American Green Dwarf Mr. Meanor Tankerbell Brash Blade Gunfighter Ms. Hotflash TankYou Bren H2rO MyJustise Technicolor Brutal Halo Jones Neon Flux Teddie Bear Brutucs Hand of Gaea NeonKnight Tess LaCoell Burning Luv Harlequin Frost NeonN The Best Burnt Reynolds Hartanna Night Prowler The Brown Blur Cacophany Hazey Nightmare Star The Immortal Light Canan Healing Star Ninja Cow The Polaris Patriot Candelstick Heep 3.0 NiteLash Together Forever Candy Crush King Hellion Angel Nuclear Ned Tootboy CandyCorn Hitman Nuklon Total Annihilation Captain Catbirb HoneyGold2.0 Odious Tsunamitude Captain Citadel Hook and Shot Orgo USAngel Captain Dung Beetle Huler Doomgul Orion Star Valkyrie HellFighter Charmer Impericus Pax Americana Veracor Chronometer Impitude Perla Victim Cinderwalker Ironblade Phichaya Vis Viva Cobalt-512 Jacques Frost Pinky Prickles Vixen Combat Girl Joyitude Plague Tale Void Stalker Corax Jungle Janet Plasmic Fire Voltage Valkyrie Crimson Gypsy Jurlique Plowshares VuDu Dawl Crispy Bacon Ka Poison Frost Warbinder Cyber Girl Kalikamata Polarion Warstrider Dakota Sunrise Kallisti Gold Prickly Pyre Wavequake Daksinakali Katara Catjitsu Prism Pandora White Dwarf Dark Canuck Khazza Doom Proc Lobster Who Wants Waffles? Dark Diamonds Kid Viva Psyclown Whomper Darkir Killer Wail Pyrrhic Wit Spark Dazz Marvelous King Pumpkin Spice Quantum Forge Zachariah Pod Der Stadtschutz Kira Kat Rad Platinum Prime ZeroTude Desdinova Knob Goblin Radiation Onslaught Zombie Fryer Discotech Krios Ragganor Thank you everyone for all your support! Brigg
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