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  1. I'm not sure if the forum shows the Original post in the Unread feed and I don't think many people know about the Club I made in the first place, but here's the discussion I created in search of feedback.
  2. I didn't want to make this part of the other discussion I'm about to start because it would split the focus. I've got a pair of the original style Sony Gold headphones that I really like, but they're getting old and I'm getting to the point of replacing components. I've already replaced the ear cuffs, the band is in a close second for need, and the battery is starting to show its age too as I have to charge it more than a PS5 controller (that's an insult btw). I've found only a couple of options on AMZ/eBay, but they all feel suspect as one has multiple reviews for reverse polarity of all things. Now I'm sure I could figure out how to move wires, but I shouldn't have to. Does anyone have some input for where to find such a thing?
  3. So, if anybody's wondered where I've been (in-game), this is one of the places lately. I'm still learning the game mechanics and such as does anyone on their first play through. I can see the NV aspects loud and clear, but there's a few Fallout things they could have added. I find myself saving way too often because I'm trying to keep my nose the appearance of clean, but it's too easy to get caught. More to say, but this is a start for those who've already done so. My Observations: Your health sucks at first and armor only partially helps when not 1:1 While zones may be level based (not sure yet), IDK HOW many times I was too easily overwhelmed by animal types in combat Yes, you have stats, perks, etc that'll eventually help, but you'll get your butt kicked if you're not planning ahead and even then you may miss something The game must assume that you're taking responsibility to Constantly check your surroundings, especially during a fight This is while playing without a helper NPC You Can heal during the fight and even Pause to heal during the fight, but your first play is going to be a rude awakening until you understand it Unlike the Fallout games, there's no "easy" indicator that you're hidden when trying to say pick a lock The game has a way to tell you, but it's one of those things where you generally can't pick the lock And know you're still hidden at the same time Sometimes you Think you're hidden, but you're not and That is near impossible to tell quite often Most of the above is likely a side effect of being spoiled as it's actually more realistic Saving Auto-Save is a thing and works for most situations Save before you do ANYTHING that could change the perception others have of you if that's something you care about Save before you venture anywhere new as it's easy to get into trouble/dead Save DURING your dialog choices. I've not quite tested this, but trying to follow the logic of dialogs can be rather acrobatic. I've found that while not truly dynamic, your choices can easily remove past options even though you're presented choices. Many RPGs at least have a static set of choices, so this could simply be a more realistic methodology and someone needs to learn to adapt. Mods Honestly, while I don't hate them, they can cause me a headache sometimes (like trying to understand Enh here for the uninitiated) They're not reusable. Once they're in, the next one you place basically overwrites the first They're easy enough to get, so don't stress so much about getting what you want Buying/Selling Crap is expensive to buy and you get even worse back when selling/recycling You can buyback what you sell, but IDK if that only extends to that vender and/or that transaction, time wise Junk / Scrap Can be confusing as it doesn't keep that designation if you choose to change it In most games, something that's only there to sell stays in that category. Here I can designate something to be junk or the reverse at will. This makes it too easy to forget that something has no other value It's easy to bulk sell Armor There are no Light/Medium/Heavy armor Classes. IE: Anyone can wear anything Everything has weight and the above doesn't relate to that L/M/H actually refer to the Density of the Armor and affect the ability to mod it as well as the stats it already comes with Shops do appear to have specific level scales that are locked, but the variety may change as you buy things Keep a spare set for swapping between characters as you can't just remove something from a helper character (yes, I know I simply forget the term) They take repairable damage, but do so rather easily Weapons Anyone can use anything (I think), but I 'believe' that some do better with some weapons. IE: I've observed that helper characters begin with different types of weapons, but all characters start with a Melee and a Ranged weapon They can be modded, but not as much as Armor They take repairable damage, but do so rather easily Consumables This is what gets me the most as you can't group things the way I'd like. You can sort many ways, but not by type/effect which would be WAY more helpful than say by name I really can't tell (yet?) when something has warn off or if it's necessarily being effective during combat beyond seeing my bars go up (if I'm looking) All but ammo have weight and it adds up Try as I might, I've yet to become over encumbered, but that's likely because I've been scrapping/breaking down/selling constantly It's easy to sell something you didn't mean to, so as a tip, I'd recommend marking something as junk first so that it gets moved to that folder for quick sale Visuals You're in first person during most of your playthrough. Sure, you can do a photo like mode, but while playing (most tasks) you're looking through their eyes Nothing overly pretty, but it's Fallout / Borderlands quality Combat No VATS, but you get a limited Slow-Mo type helper It can be hard to tell between things at a distance, especially enemies as there's not a consistent reticle or general outline to point out that this is something to pay attention to Melee is going to piss you off on smaller targets There is NO locking on a target and sway is a thing, but not horrible
  4. Finished a first playthrough of the game and...damn, Naughty Dog went above and beyond with their story technique, covering all angles from what I can tell. Confused me for a while about just When I'd finished the game for sure...until I Did, then it was obvious. It'll make you Angry, Happy, Horny, and Sad (probably many times over). But it'll be fun and you WON'T want to keep the sound down. Cool controls too as it has a HUGE amount of game customization and assisted playing features too for those with restrictions.
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