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Found 5 results

  1. In the central building in Grandville two days ago I noticed the contact version of Magus Mu'Drakhan "standing" around (his name in bold green). He occassionally says lines of text, but can't be interacted with, clicking on him doesn't give a dialogue window. Later I was at the same spot with a different character and the Magus wasn't there anymore; I figured the issue had resolved itself. Today I checked again with the character that saw him, and for her he is still floating there. Checked right afterwards with several other characters and none of them saw him. Pictures attached:
  2. The idea of this thread is pretty simple: If you unlock a contact, you can't outlevel them. Let's say that you're doing two arcs at a time and you abandon one and you finish the other. The only problem is that while you were finishing one, you outleveled the other one and now you can't do the other one anymore. This is extremely irritating to deal with. Some might say that the reason this isn't implemented is because you would have too many contacts. Their are two easy solutions to this problem. You can either finish the arc or there can be a new feature implemented to hide contacts as another option when you right click them. Either way, this would only benefit the player and stop with the annoying issue of losing your contact while you're doing it.
  3. Mayhem missions are great, aren't they? It's incredibly cathartic to be able to wander through a neighborhood and bust stuff up—sort of the City of Heroes equivalent of popping bubble wrap. And what's more, there's a contact, Lord Schweinzer, who will give you access to all the Mayhem missions without having to complete five newspaper missions first, if you earn the "Hero Slayer" badge. "Hero Slayer" requires defeating 25 heroes, of the sort found in Mayhem Missions, tip missions, the Lord Recluse Strike Force, and a few other places. It can take forever to grind those out if you're just relying on those missions, even with the occasional LRSF thrown in. But someone told me about a really speedy way to get it, and I tested it, and it works. So, here it is for you! Go to Pocket D and have Null change your Alignment to Hero or Vigilante. Go to Brickstown and talk to contact Dakota Berg, who offers part 4 of the "Who Will Die" signature story arc. He's the red storybook icon east of the hospital. You must be at least level 30 to do this. Do the first two missions of the arc at -1/x1 for speed. When you get to mission 3, set it to -1/x8. (If your character class isn't good at damage, you might want to bring a damage-class along to help with this.) This mission spawns bunches of dream-ghost-images of Malaise and Aurora, who count as "heroes" for purposes of the badge. Defeat them until you get the "Bloody Hands" badge; it shouldn't take too long. You can then quit the TF, go back to Pocket D, and have Null change you back to Rogue or Villain. "Bloody Hands" will become "Hero Slayer," and you should get Lord Schweinzer as a contact as soon as the alignment switch completes. This also offers a speedy route for heroes or vigilantes to get the "Invader"/"Task Force Commander" accolade power if they don't want to have to do all the Task Forces to obtain it. Just get "Bloody Hands," then change to Rogue and get the exploration badges from all the Mayhem missions. (You don't even have to complete them; just go into each mission, get the badge, then exit and drop the mission.) Once you have all of them, you will get "Invader," which will magically change to "Task Force Commander" when you return to Paragon City. (Sadly, there isn't any similarly speedy way to unlock the equivalent badge for the all-Safeguard-missions contact, Villain Disruptor. You just have to grind those out, though the Statesman (Miss Liberty) Task Force can certainly help.)
  4. A pretty straightforward request, but one that I noticed only recently. Given the "flashback" nature of the Ouroboros system, it makes perfect sense for players to only be able to interact with any SA's designated contact. However, the Ouroboros system is great for retrieving old accomplishment or exploit badges, for instance, especially for badge-obsessed players or completists. Only problem is, some of the more recent story arcs grant specific badges that are only available if the player gets to talk to former contacts. For instance, Vincent Ross's arc gives players the opportunity to get access to several sub objectives if they regularly check in with either Lorenz Ansaldo, Vince Dubrowski or Diviner Maros, which grants the "Connected" badge before the arc's penultimate mission. Problem is, were a player wish to gain the badge through Ourobors, they wouldn't be able to call up those specific contacts. I personally ran into this problem recently while running Mr. G's arc on Primal Earth, when I forgot to call Dean McArthur before the mission with the Carnival of Shadows where, if you call him beforehand, he shows up as a hostage that you have to save, which grants the "Honorary Bro" badge (which is, in itself, a hilarious badge as well). As such, could there be a way to allow players to call up old contacts while in Flashback mode?
  5. I did a random Tsoo mission for an IP contact. She then offered me the Tsoo Coup, which I remembered and specifically did not want. IIRC that story line starts with a street hunt and ends with a series of five chained defeat alls on random maps. She now appears with a book in my list. Am I screwed? Will test again when I'm sure I've outlevelled her. But I really didn't want to run that story.
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